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Dropping the Distinction between Special and General Relativity

February 28, 2013

I think that the distinction between special and general relativity has gradually disappeared with the last few papers, because torsion has been shown to exist in Minkowski spacetime, and force has been known to exist in Minkowski spacetime since 1907. Special relativity is usually taught incorrectly as dealing with a frame moving at constant velocity with respect to another frame in flat spacetime. From feedback to essays and papers it is seen that the Einsteinian version of general relativity has been effectively discarded by the entire scientific community. I suppose it has to be kept going in order to get funding, have a good career, and pass exams, but that has nothing to do with natural philosophy. I could never understand as an undergraduate why the physicists pretended that EGR is precise when it fails completely in whirlpool galaxies. I never took big bang seriously, in fact it was intended to be a joke by Prof. Sir Fred Hoyle. For cracking this joke he was exiled to Cardiff. As an undergraduate I was taught special relativity in a very fuzzy way by Prof. Sir Granville Beynon, who just scribbled down a few notes from scraps of yellowing paper he brought out every year from a dusty cupboard. When I got my D. Sc. he told me I was too young. Relativistically he was too old. Anyway he was about as inspiring as a cold and damp crab in the winter mud.

Some Remarks on UFT238

February 28, 2013

This paper introduces a completely new relativistic theory of orbits based on the four force concept of the Goettingen mathematician Hermann Minkowski, who was a teacher of Einstein at ETH. From 1907 onwards Minkowski developed the contravariant covariant notation used today and the concept of relativistic four force in Minkowski spacetime which he developed after Einstein’s inference of relativistic momentum in 1905. So force and acceleration can be developed without Einstein’s version of general relativity, which looks more and more shaky the more I progress with my own thoughts, always with key help from AIAS colleagues in checking, graphics and animations. Nothing now stands between the theories of AIAS and its vast readership, everything we produce is read with great interest without any interference from censors. There have been some slight changes to the notes, and these have been incorporated in the final paper. The calculations have been checked as usual by computer algebra. There are as many applications of this theory as there are of special relativity itself. This particular paper constrains the applications to planar orbits in which an object of mass m moves relativistically. There are applications also to electrodynamics in which the Minkowski equation is used in the covariant form of the Lorentz force equation. There are unlimited numbers of applications to particle physics and so on, and relativistic quantum mechanics.

FOR POSTING : UFT238 Sections 1 and 2 and Notes

February 28, 2013

This is UFT238 Sections 1 and 2 and fourteen background notes. It introduces a radically new theory of orbits based on the Minkowski force equation, a classical limit of ECE theory and gives all the details needed for graphics and animations. The graphics so far are already producing some very interesting results.
















Preliminary Feedback for for February 2013

February 28, 2013

This is found at the end of this 225 page book of feedback for universities, institutes and similar, showing the usual intense worldwide interest in the site and everything on it. The essay broadcasts in particular are making a tremendous impact now. Robert Cheshire has made seventy nine broadcasts of the essays, which are also available in pdf format, and Alex Hill has translated them and broadcast them in Spanish. All this is like “Novum Organum” by my distant ancestral cousin Francis Bacon, a new method of science as well as a great deal of new science.


Daily Report 27/2/13

February 28, 2013

There were 2549 hits from 555 distinct visits, 49.6% spiders from AHRefs, google, MSN, yandex and sistrix. CEFE78, FPL50, LMEP(Sp)27, CEFEL18, BI16, LMEP11. Instructional Lab Technologies University of Alberta Canada Awards won by the Aberystwyth group, overview of ECE theory; University of Alberta UFT104; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT140(Sp); Mathematics Swiss Federal Institute Zurich (ETH) UFT99; Norte University Colombia F3(Sp); Charles University Prague UFT29; Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research Double Slit theory; Siemens Company UFT237; North Dakota State University UFT206; College of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University UFT48; University of California San Diego Supercomputer Center on behalf of the U. S. National Archives general; Southern Adventist University Tennessee overview; University of Nebraska Medical Center UFT110; Ministry of the Presidencia Spain UFT172; Science Materials Institute Madrid overview; University of Angers UFT88; State of Montana homopolar; Guanajuato University Mexico UFT166; National Autonomous University of Mexico Educational Note 2 (Sp); Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences UFT70; Christ’s College Cambridge UFT41; Astronomy Keele UFT114; St. Edmund Hall Oxford UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.

Reverend Roger Howell, founder minister of the Baran Chapel

February 27, 2013

This is very interesting as usual – I have e mailed CADW many times (without any sensible reply, or without any reply) to try to get the chapels of Mawr listed. Capel yr Annibynwyr Baran (Baran Independent Chapel) is on the border of Mawr and was established in 1805 as you know by a group which broke away on principle from Gellionen Chapel, which is listed and which was founded in the late seventeenth century (1692, by a group that included Sir Busey Mansell). As Armiger of Mawr I am very keen to have all the chapels rigorously protected to prevent them from being “developed”, i.e. colonized and destroyed. It looks as if there is a movement towards this aim. Baran is situated out on the wild mountain because it was centrally located for farms. It was built on land owned by my ancestor and that of Carole and Mary Hopkin, William Hopkin Cwm Nant y Moel on Nant y Moel Uchaf farm. Before that the dissenting group met in the farmhouse. Baran became an intellectual centre for miles around as is well known. It is in danger of being closed and used as a holiday cottage or such similar monstrosity. A huge gas pipeline was driven straight past Gelliwastad Chapel, within yards of it, and massive turbines have been built near Baran, ruining the entire countryside. The unique interior of Gelliwastad was smashed to pieces by vandals but restored by volunteers. Such is the charm of our contemporary society, not exactly the High Renaissance. Stolen cars used to be burnt on the mountainside near the chapels, but some attempts have been made to counter vandalism. The roar of bikers tears the peace apart, and the mountain is deeply potholed by wildly driven horses, trespassing at will off the bridle paths, with complete contempt for the law and tradition. This makes the wild west look like teatime at cricket. The three Baptist Chapels of immediate concern are Salem (1777), Gerazim (1801) and Elim (late nineteenth century). I have been assured as Armiger that Elim will not be sold, but I would rather see a Trust Deed established prohibiting the sale of any chapel in Mawr. The chapels are independently governed and each would have to take this course of action before they are each destroyed by apathy. There are no churches in Mawr, only chapels. Mawr is a very large area of land, almost equal in area to the whole of Gower, and was the land of my ancestral cousin Gruffudd Gwyr ap Cydifor, Lord of Gower. I descend from Cydifor Lord of Glyn Tawe and his son Meurig ap Cydifor as shown in the attached descent from Brychan Brycheiniog. Gruffudd Gwyr (Gruffudd Lord of Gower) was the brother of Meurig. My ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell made a survey of Mawr in 1650. So it has a long and distinguished Dissenter history, many people from Mawr emigrated to Pennsylvania in search of religious toleration.

In a message dated 27/02/2013 00:23:24 GMT Standard Time writes:

Hello Myron. We have been so busy researching the genealogy of the Scottish Newlandses that I have never told you about Reverend Roger Howell being an ancestor. My great grandfather James Newlands, (brother of your great grandfather William Newlands) married Mary James of Rhydyfro in 1896. Mary was the great, great, granddaughter of Reverend Roger Howell, founder minister of the Baran Chapel. You have written a lot about preserving this chapel amongst others and published lists of chapel members in the past (some of whom were your relatives probably without your realising it!) So ‘diolch yn fawr iawn’ from this family member. Vivienne


The poem “Gwaith Argoed Llwyfain”

February 27, 2013

Pleasure, “The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse” contains many items of great poetry, edited by the best Principal Aberystwyth ever had – Prof. Sir Thomas Parry. He also wrote the classic “Gwaith Dafydd ap Gwilym” and attached is my translation of part of the cywydd “Mai” – “May” and my relation to Dafydd ap Gwilym (about 1320 to about 1380, born near Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth). The original cywydd is a tour de force of technique, my translation does not attempt to keep the cynghanedd but keeps to the rhyme, syllabic structure and rhythm – and above all – poetry and meaning.

In a message dated 26/02/2013 15:24:42 GMT Standard Time writes:

Thank you for sharing this Myron, explaining the story/context and advising that there is an English translation available. I often have to struggle with needing to translate some or even most of the words in Welsh poems. But it is usually worth the effort…. Not as difficult as analysing the metre and translating Latin poems……which we had to do for our GCE’s. Still, Latin poetry helped me with alliteration and litotes …and I’ll never forget Catullus’s Boat! Best wishes. Vivienne.


Daily Report 26/2/13

February 27, 2013

There were 2566 hits from 477 distinct visits, 40.3% spiders from AHrefs, google and MSN. CEFE76, FPL48, LMEP(Sp)27, CEFE17, BI16, LMEP10. York University Canada UFT98, Schuler Construction UFT107; California Institute of Technology Experimental Refutation of Heisenberg; Fort Lewis College Durango Colorado UFT205; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Harvard University UFT177; Oklahoma State University AIAS Staff; University of California Riverside “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”; French Government Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Energy and Civil Aviation Fundamental Errors in the Einstein Field Equation; French National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon UFT237; Kyoto University Japan Proof 2, UFT42; The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi Mexico Essay49(Sp); Technical University of Delft Netherlands UFT142; University of Silesia at Katowice UFT177. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.

On Immigration into a Small Country

February 26, 2013

Obviously, the Welsh language with less than a million speakers cannot stand up to monoglot immigration (that of people who are hostile to Welsh, refuse to learn Welsh, or even acknowledge its existence). If they learnt the language fluently that would be a different matter. However, they never do. Even a great big country like England next door cannot sustain uncontrolled immigration without losing its own culture. Many of the unworkable laws of the Westminster or Brussels Government (e.g. wind turbine lunacy) are rejected. They just do not work. Questions must be asked as to why unelected individuals still try to force unwanted housing in areas where a small language on the edge of extinction is still spoken. That is the ugly face of electoral dictatorship and corruption. The People must fight back and enforce referenda.

Status of AIAS in the University Community

February 26, 2013

After eight years of close monitoring (attached) it is obvious that universities, institutes, government departments, major corporations and organizations follow the work of AIAS worldwide and so AIAS has been accepted as an institute. The work is also followed by individual scholars and by spiders from search engines. This process is an illustration of “Novum Organum” by Francis Bacon, an ancestral cousin of mine. Specifically it is an illustration of the Idols of the Market Place, Bacon’s term for false authority. In this case the standard model of physics has become obsolete. So what happens is that the interest in ECE theory has become permanent. A paper such as UFT 225 shows that there are glaring errors in the standard model. This paper was sent to CERN but was deliberately ignored. So the profession reacts by ignoring CERN. In de Valera’s words we defeat despotism by ignoring it. However Dev was no angel himself, as usual with a politician. In Wales we seek to avoid that violence and save our ancient culture. I cannot see anything wrong with that.