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November 30, 2010

The address spin-glass at lycos.comĀ is that of a cyberstalker. He is attempting to reach my blog at present with some childish stupidity, but is beingĀ blocked. If you try to reply to the address it bounces. The cyberstalker as usual uses a pseudonym, in this case “Jake Chambers”. If it continues the police may be able to trace him with specialized equipment.

165(10): New Geometrical Expressions for R and Covariant Mass

November 30, 2010

These are new geometrical expressions for R and covariant mass, incorporating these concepts into the field equations of ECE as intended. I think I will now proceed to writing up UFT 165 – 167 from the notes labelled 165. UT 165 and 166 will incorporate some computer work by co author Dr Horst Eckardt and UFT 167 a single authored paper on pure geometry and the derivation of the Helmholtz equation therefrom.


FOR POSTING: Global Warming Ye Like Sheep

November 30, 2010

This is a photo by my wife Larisa of sheep listening to a broadcast on global warming with background music from Handel’s “Messiah”: “Ye Like Sheep”. No wind turbines turning, approaching minus twenty degrees. Like sheep is a comment on human nature’s tendency to follow unthinkingly.

British University Visits in November 2010

November 30, 2010

Those identifiable were from: East Anglia, Brunel, Cambridge (Catherine’s, Churchill, CSX, Newnham, Computer services, Corpus Christi, Jesus College, NAT), Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glamorgan, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Imperial, Kent, Liverpool, London Queen Mary, London Metropolitan, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford (Churchill, Corpus Christi College, Jesus College, New College, physics (many), St Edmund’s Hall, St Anne’s, St Catherine’s, Worcester College), Rutherford Appleton, Southampton*, Swansea, University College London, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), and York. Also British Library, Royal College of Art London, and some schools such as Westminster School, a leading public school, Bedford, George Watson College Edinburgh. This is the thin edge of a staff / student wedge, because one cannot identify students using a private computer. Each distinct visitor may return many times. So there is a complete rejection of the standard model of physics throughout Britain by staffs and students. Britain is generally regarded as being among the best countries for education. This system was exported through the Commonwealth and many other countries. All this in only one month. The * denotes more than one computer from the same URL.

165(9) : Rigorous Derivation of the Helmholtz Equation from ECE

November 30, 2010

This is the rigorous derivation of the Helmholtz equation and phase velocity and refractive index of a dielectric with zero charge current density. An ab initio derivation from geometry and ECE theory of the electric displacement D and magnetic field strength H is given, and thus of polarization (P) and magnetization (M). A table is given on page two of the geometries of the homogeneous and inhomogeneous field equations of ECE.


Numerical Work in ECE Theory

November 30, 2010

These are excellent proposals by Douglas Lindstrom, who gave a successful plenary in September to the Serbian Academy of Sciences. The conference decided that ECE should be a major part of new physics. I would add only that the Hodge dual in the general four dimensional spacetime involves the metric automatically. This leads to a natural derivation of the ECE engineering model equations in terms of E, B, D and H. If E and B are defined in terms of the tensor, the appearance of the metric in the Hodge dual means that the dual tensor is defined in terms of D and H, where D is the electric displacement and H the magnetic field strength. Here E is the free space electric field strength and B the free space magnetic flux density. There are exact equivalents in gravitational theory to these well known concepts of classical electromagnetism. The Helmholtz wave equation is then defined in terms of D and H for a dielectric where the current J is zero. This in turn defines the refractive index, dielectric permittivity and loss of the dielectric, and links up with notes 165 to date. I am working on these ideas now, and I think that notes 165 are enough for three new papers: one on R spectra, one on the phase and group velocities, one on the Helmholtz equation in ECE. These will be UFT 165 to 167.

Re Crothers:The latest claptrap from Roger Penrose

November 30, 2010

I agree entirely with the leading intellectual Stephen Crothers. The whole Hawking Penrose era was a non-scientific, propagandist era in which ego and the desire to be noticed replaced modest study of nature. The basic error is simple to understand in good schools, and is pointed out in UFT 139 and its accompanying essay and broadcast – it is the use of a symmetric connection. The connection must be antisymmetric because it is isolated by the commutator of covariant derivatives acting upon any tensor in any mathematical space of any dimension. ECE has long ago corrected this error and is making great progress all across physics. Both Hawking and Penrose have done a disservice to science and themselves by replacing it with shallow egotism. Hawking never replied to my critical messages, despite the fact that I was appointed by Parliament. So some curb on the out of control university sector in physics is being initiated by funding cuts. The waste of money on these ideas must run into billions. That should all have been spent on research into new energy. Now it is almost too late.

Feedback for, Nov. 2010

November 30, 2010

There was the usual massive amount of worldwide interest in the site. I estimate about seven hundred university visits during the month.To date, 30th. November, there have been 15,884 distinct visits, 73,205 page views, 110,055 files downloaded (hits), 6.255 gigabytes, 1,919 documents read from 103 countries, led by : US, Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, Britain, Colombia, Canada, …. This month there is a new feature of the feedback, essays and broadcasts feedback. All material on the site was read. Up to today there have been 23,420 visits to the influential blog or diary of since monitoring began a few months ago. Added to this will be returns for the other ECE sites and as usual the total will be added and archived. These returns are posted on quarterly. This month there were visits from the British and Spanish Parliaments, and from schools, showing that ECE theory and its criticism of the old physics is understood at that level. There was interest in all essays and broadcasts, in English and Spanish translation by Alex Hill and colleagues.

cc Welsh Assembly


Austrian Attempts to Leave CERN

November 29, 2010

Austria tried to leave CERN, but I do not think that it succeeded, due to contractual obligations. This means that the Austrian Government is apparently tied to this expensive howler. If there were a PM like Lloyd-George Britain would be out faster than a dog’s nose from a hedgehog.

Dr. Myron Evans Someone subscribed to your blog

November 29, 2010

Anyone can subscribe to the blog, then they get a copy of each posting automatically.