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September 30, 2006

Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 02:34:21 EDT

I am pleased and proud to record five new records for for Sept 06, during which a record 171,160 files were downloaded (“hits”) from 17,761 individual visitors. A record 6.958 gigabytes of material were downloaded and there were a record 88, 433 previews. On 9 Sept 06 a daily record 46,195 hits and a daily record 23,159 previews occurred. There were visitors to from 112 countries during Sept 06, led by USA, Germany, Italy, Britain, Japan, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, France, Australia and others. This establishes Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) field theory as the leading unified field theory and the international AIAS as the leading physics institute worldwide. I am very grateful to all staff and to the British Government for my appointment as Civil List Scientist. Prof. Myron W. Evans, Chief Scientific Advisor to the National Assembly of Wales. Diolch yn fawr i bobun!

Omnia Opera, Volume One, Part Three

September 30, 2006

Subject: Omnia Opera, Volume One, Part Three
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 10:47:31 EDT

Attachment: anomniaoperavolumeonepartthree.pdf

This contains a lot of detail about RFR for example and continues my work of the late nineties.

Volume One, Part One

September 30, 2006

Subject: Omnia Opera: Volume One, Part One
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 07:35:16 EDT

I am starting to collect my Omnia Opera and would be grateful if a new Omnia Opera Section of the websites could be constructed with these files. Thanks very much in anticipation, MWE

Attachment: anomniaoperavolumeonepartone.pdf

Elementary Particle Theory

September 30, 2006

Subject: Elementary Particle Theory
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 05:57:26 EDT

Let me suggest a further point. As we know, standard theory of elementary particles is no first principles theory. The points 1) to 3) aim at explaining methods of standard theory by ECE theory as you have already begun in vols. 1 and 2. This is important to make a connection to contemporary research areas, but a fundamental solution to the elementary particle problem would look different to my opinion. We have sometimes discussed that within these dimensions interaction between gravitation and electromagnetism will play a role. So we need a formulation of the ECE field equations (or the wave equation) in which the tetrad as well as the spin connections are variables for which a solution has to be found simultaneously. The solution probably requires numerical methods, but we would be a step further if we first had the correct form of equations. Let me also repeat my suggestion for further steps: Develop the solution into a series of basis functions and determine the coefficients of the basis funcions by a minimalization procedure. In solid state physics it is often done this way. It may come out that for a proton there is a three part substructure which can be interpretet as quarks for example. We cannot reach this goal in half a year but for me it would be a good “vision”.


In einer eMail vom 30.09.2006 06:05:25 W. Europe Standard Time schreibt EMyrone:

ECE theory has replaced string theory by international acclaim, and so it needs to be applied to important problems in physics. These include the following topics. 1) quantum gravitation; 2) replacing the Higgs mechanism because the Higgs boson has not been found experimentally (first attempts at this were made in volume one); 3) quark confinement problem; 4) dark matter problem (this is to be addressed in the cosmological paper in the forthcoming volume three); 5) development of the generally covariant Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle because the work of Croca and others has shown that it is not true by eight orders of magnitude (some inroads into this have been made in volumes one and two); 6) extension of ECE to conductors, semi-conductors and plasma physics; 7) application of ECE to Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein statistics; 8) extension of ECE to thermodynamics; 9) application of ECE to stochastic physics, notably the Langevin, Fokker Planck and Kramers equations; 10) application of ECE to light squeezing; 11) application of ECE to the Lense Thirring and related effects using the Cartan torsion. These ideas continue the systematic application of ECE to physics in volumes one to three. It may also be applied to chemistry through the development of density functional code based on the ECE Coulomb Law. 12) Re-examination of the solutions of gravitation equations in the light of work by Crothers which shows that Big Bang is not true in general, it the result of a mathematical contrivance as shown on Crothers’ website. This is my plan of work over the next few months. Civil List Scientist.

This is a very good suggestion, and I think that the proton could serve as a good first exampel fo such a theory. I will certainly look into this in the next few months.

Many thanks to Dr Horst Eckardt

September 30, 2006

Subject: Many thanks to Dr Horst Eckardt
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 05:06:41 EDT

I am most grateful to Dr Horst Eckardt for arranging to collect my scientific papers. I will now proceed to obtain copyright permission to have them published as an Omnia Opera in softback in several volumes and to have them posted on the and websites. In view of the huge worldwide success of ECE theory it is basically important to have these papers collected because they trace the evolution of ECE theory from the nineteen seventies to present. I first began publishing scientific papers as a second year graduate student in 1973, the first paper was in Spectrochimica Acta on the far infra red spectra of compressed gaseous and liquid propyne interpreted with an itinerant oscillator model. This was followed shortly by my first paper in J. Chem. Soc. Faraday II (Chemical Physics), on the first far infra red spectrum of cyanogen and then the first far infra red spectrum of a liquid crystal, (MBBA), their interpretations with rotational dynamics and the itinerant oscillator. So dynamics is a central theme in my work of the past thirty five years, culminating in ECE theory (2003 to present). The Omnia Opera are essential to follow this continuous development of thought and is a unique scientific colelction for th elate twentieth and early twenty first centuries. Usually for an Omnia Opera, such as that of Debye in Cornell’s Clark Library, or that of Atiyah by OUP, copyright permission is readily granted. Similarly in a Collected Poems volume such as those by Dylan Thomas and my predecessor Vernon Watkins on the Civil List in Wales. Both volumes are displayed either side of the main entrance of the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery in Alexandra Road here in Swansea, next door to the BBC Studio from which Dylan Thomas used to read his poetry.

Fifth New Monthly Record In September 06 for

September 30, 2006

Subject: Fifth New Monthly Record In September 06 for
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 04:10:14 EDT

Yesterday (28th Sept) the fifth new record this month was set at 6.774 gigabytes downloaded in the month. There have been two daily records set this month, and the monthly record for hits, previews and gigabytes downloaded have all been shattered. There will be more than seventeen thousand individual visits this month from 111 countries to date. For full details of the intense worldwide interest in ECE theory see the three feedback sites at the top right hand corner of the homepage.

Some Major Corporations to

September 30, 2006

Subject: 15-29Sept06: Some Major Corporations to
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 04:02:46 EDT

These are just some major corporations that I recognise, picked out of a huge number of corporate visits in the past two weeks: Amazon, Browning, General Electric, Goodyear, H3M, IBM Almaden, IBM UK, IBM Gemany, Intel, Layered Technology (considerble interest), Lucent, Microsoft, Motorola, MSN, Northrop Grummon, Siemens, Sony, Sun. Also a lot of interest from the Japanese corporate sector.

Rest of World Universities to

September 30, 2006

Subject: 15-29Sept06: Rest of World Universities to
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 03:47:22 EDT

Comcare Govt Australia, Fiocruz Brazil, Cidades Govt Brazil, Cnen Govt. Brazil, UFG Brazil, UFPE Brazil, UNICAMP Brazil, ARC Alberta Canada, CRD British Columbia, Canadian Mathematical Society, McMaster, YRBE Ontario, Alberta, Toronto, TIE Chile, UTA Chile, EAFIT Colombia, UO Cuba, IIIT India, Govt of India, RRI India, Chuo Univ Japan, Hokudai, Kyoto, Osaka, Univ Tokyo, Chiba, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST South Korea, PDN Sri Lanka, Govt of Mexico, IPN Mexico, educational net Malaysia, Auckland (*) New Zealand, KMITL Thailand, KU Thailand, MUST Taiwan, NTU Taiwan, Unet Venezuela, Hanoi School of Public Health Vietnam, Yaal Univ Technology South Africa, Meraha Organization South Africa.

15-29Sept06, Europe and Asia Minor to

September 30, 2006

Subject: 15-29Sept06, Europe and Asia Minor to
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 03:12:09 EDT

There is very intense interest in ECE theory in European Universities and Institutes as follows for the past two weeks: ASN Graz, Austrian Academy of Sciences, UIBK Austrian University portal, TU Vienna, Belgian Royal Military Academy, FED Belgium, IMEC Belgium, CERN, EB Zurich, LSNE Switzerland, Masaryk Univ Brno, FGAN Germany, HU Berlin, German Electron Synchrotron, MWN Germany, Freiburg(*), Heidelberg(*), Leipzig, Munich(*). Saarland, Stuttgart, Tuebingen, Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen, Southern Denmark, Tartu Estonia, Autonomous Univ of Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia(*), SPT Finland, Turku School of Economics Finland, Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, OLEANE France, ONERA France, Synchrotron Soleil France, Poitiers, Tours, Salonica Greece, NTUA Greece, TEE Greece, Abacus Croatia, Koncar Institute Croatia, BME Hungary, Eotvos Lorand Hungary, Szeged Hungary, Univ College Dublin, Hebrew Univ Jersualem, Technion, INFN Rome 1, INFN Sardinia, Bari, Florence, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Protagonist Netherlands, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TU Deflt, TU Eindhoven, Twente, Bodo Norway, WSM Warsaw Poland, Jagiellonian Krakow, PKO Poland, Szeczin, Viana do Castelo Portugal, Madeira Portugal, RDSPT Romania, Astrakhan Russia, CATV Russia, Russian National Gas Organization, Russian Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research, Russian Telecom Kovrov, Lipetsk, Molecon Russia, Omsk, Russian Academy Novosibirsk, IRCOP Russia, TTN Russia, Chalmers Sweden, Goteborg, KTH Sweden, Umea, Uppsala, Hermes Slovenia, Ljblijana Slovenia, Hronom Gymnasium Slovakia, VUJE Slovakia, TTnet Turkey, BG Ukraine, EPSRC, Huddersfield, Lancaster, Manchester, Oxford, UW Swansea, Tower University London, York SJ, JET UK, Belgrade.

15-29Sept06; USA to

September 29, 2006

Subject: 15-29Sept06; USA to
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 01:47:09 EDT

These are as usual University, Govt and Military visits in the past two weeks from the USA to, the * denotes multiple visits: US Airforce Institute of Technology, Alaska, Berkeley, Buffalo, DuPage, Cooper, Cornell, Florida Atlantic, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Johns Hopkins Applied Phys Lab (*), Kansas State, Lousiana Tech, Medical College of Wisconsin, Mercyhurst, MIT, Minnesota State Mankato, Montgomery College, North Carolina State, Northeastern, Northern Illinois, NortH Dakota, Northwestern, New York Univ., Oregon State, Pratt, Princeton, Penn State(*), Purdue, Rutgers, San Jose State, Stonybrook, Texas A and M(*), Tufts, UC Davis, Central Florida, Chicago(*), UC Irvine, UCLA(*), UC Santa Barbara, Florida, UMBC Maryland, Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Michigan(*), Nebraska Lincoln, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont(*), Washington(*), WIU, Xavier, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Govt of California, Dept of Energy, Federal Aviation Authority, Los Alamos, NASA, NIST, NOAA, NREL, Oak Ridge, Princeton Aprticel Physics Lab, US Airforce Elmendorf, Wright Patterson, US Navy Supervisor of Ship Building, GPC Services Organization, Indymedia Organization, US Jefferson Particle Laboratory, Kern County Supereintendent of Schools, Mendocino Community Network, Ministry Hosting Organization Georgia, Institute of Internal Auditors Florida, Treca Digital Academy Ohio.