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Westminster Energy Policy in Tatters

July 31, 2016

I have heard an unconfirmed rumour that the Westminster Government has decided to build more gas / steam power stations. It seems that Hinckley Point was discontinued by a unilateral decision of the Prime Minister without consultation of Parliament. There is no constitution in Britain but this is always a dangerous thing to do. I advocate a Commons motion of no confidence in the tory government. The tories are hanging on to power after having been defeated on a major issue, and that is unprecedented and may be illegal. The tories have no right to govern Wales because they have been in a small minority for a century or more and have damaged Wales severely every time they are elected in England by a creaking and ancient first past the post system. They continue to force the closure of small libraries in the Swansea Valley, in Welsh speaking communities. Building more gas / steam stations makes a joke out of wind turbines, because gas steam is a fossil based source of power, what is known in NYC as the same old expletive. The Dissenters, such as those of Mawr, have been persecuted so much because they reject false authority. If England wishes to go down the route of hypocrisy, Wales must not follow, but prepare for hydroelectric power, combined with LENR and SE. It seems that the tories have woken up to the fact that wind turbines do not generate anything but heated wind, or hot air. I urge SOCME tonight to go for an emergency injunction and continue plans to make turbines unworkable, keeping it all legal despite the seething anger. When faced with something that is not democracy, but a mockery of the most cherished values of a People, I reject it, like Yeats, until it is reformed.

Energy from Space (ES) and Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENR)

July 31, 2016

I think that Co President Dr. Gareth Evans might be allowed to advocate these to the more rational members of the Welsh Assembly. The Congress in Washington is already considering LENR and I hope that it will soon consider ES. These are advanced but proven technologies ( and , AIAS Fellow Dr Steve Bannister, a development economist and assistant professor in the University of Utah, has selected ES as having a potential economic impact far greater than coal in the first industrial revolution. Dr. Bannister describes ES as the second industrial revolution and his Ph. D. Thesis is on this subject. Dr. Bannister’s reasoning is that ES has no moving parts at all, its circuits take energy from spacetime with conservation of total energy. This source of energy will never be depleted. The theory for ES was developed largely by AIAS / UPITEC, a lot of it was developed in Mawr with close international coordination. I have received two high honours for this work, a Civil List Pension in 2005 and a coat of arms in 2008. This shows what a Bro Iaith could do given half a chance. I emphasize once again that wind turbines are an unmitigated fiasco, an insult to intelligence and the People of Mawr and Gower.

Myron Evans, Co President AIAS

Tidal Lagoons

July 31, 2016

Agreed with the Co President of AIAS, Dr. Gareth John Evans, who is a senior member of staff of Ceredigion County Council and a member of an all Wales committee and other advisory committees. It should be possible to build tidal hydroelectric power stations, large and small, all the way down the Severn from its source on Pumlumon to the sea, using the same thirty foot tide both sides of the Bristol Channel for gigawatt hydro power stations. China already has a hydro capacity of thousands of gigawatts, and the U. S. and Canda have a hydro capacity of hundred of gigawatts. Today, hydro for all Britain is a laughable 0.29 gigawatts. Many hydro power stations can be built all over the South Wales coast, and the opposite coast. The largest mean tidal range in all Britain is at Avonmouth, Bristol, 31.5 feet, and the second largest is at Burnham in Somerset, 29.9 feet. Swansea also has a very high mean tidal range and a large bay. There are smaller bays like this up the Bristol Channel to Newport and beyond, and to the west in Gower and so on. A few lagoons in the Bristol Channel would supply the entire demand of the countries of Britain, and there would be no need for wind, nuclear or any fossil fired power station. “The Ecologist” has recently reported enhanced cancer downwind of Trawsfynydd, which was experimental and placed in Trawsfynydd in case it leaked or blew like Four Mile Island or Chernobyl. Similarly Wylfa and Dounreay have also leaked. The Scottish ministers were not told about the 2014 blow out at Dounreay. In consequence of the outrage at Trawsfynydd and Wylfa,, every County Council in Wales banned nuclear power and nuclear weapons, but they were over ruled by Big Brother. Similarly every M. P. in Wales voted against Tryweryn reservoir, which drowned the village of Tryweryn, but they were again over ruled by Big Brother. Now the Welsh Assembly is Big Brother and Swansea Councils are two medium sized brothers. These are all members of the Ministry of Dogma. This is not my idea of a Government of Wales. Wylfa is being decommissioned now and there are also reports of high cancer rates there. All this is easily found by googling.

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Agreed. Swansea tidal lagoon is an obvious answer for Wales making Wales energy self sufficient. Also, the UK Government MUST consult with, and consider the views of Wales (and other devolved regions), before building any new nuclear reactors. England could easily build similar tidal schemes etc.

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Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 29/7/16

July 31, 2016

There was the usual intense worldwide interest in During the long vacation there is usually a minor redistribution of interest from URL’s of universities, institutes and similar to private URL’s of staff and students, the total interest remaining constant at a very high level. The final feedback for July 2016 will be available in about two days’ time.


Wind 8.07% 10 mph Swansea 0714 local time

July 31, 2016

The percentage contribution of wind turbines to demand has been monitored on this blog for about two months, using and the met office wind map. The met office wind map has been down for two days so today I am using the Swansea wind speed. Wind turbine contribution is negligible and fluctuates wildly, so coal also fluctuates wildly because it has to be fired up and down. The answer is the Swansea tidal lagoon turning out 10 gigawatts, enough for all the needs of Wales with some left over for export. So wind turbines in Wales are dangerously useless, as is well known. For SOCME my reports are given on this blog of together with severe criticisms of government in Mawr. My conclusion is that wind turbines are the obsolete aftermath of an out dated commitment to the European Union to reduce carbon dioxide emission. Wind turbines do nothing to reduce CO2 emission, which is not responsible for global warming, assuming that it exists. There is electoral dictatorship in Swansea Councils and the Welsh Assembly and there is no democracy. In England, construction of wind turbines will be discontinued, so European Union wind commitments will be trashed in that country, but in Wales a minister with no knowledge of science will destroy one of the rarest ecologies in Europe. This is illegal, a violation of human rights. I advise SOCME to take out an emergency injunction on the grounds of human rights violations and I can help with this. There is also forced development in Mawr, in that objections to planning applications are cynically ignored, anther form of electoral dictatorship, and the language has been essentially destroyed, another violation of human rights. As a U. S. dual citizen I can see the nature of this very corrupt government: power corrupts, absolute pwer corrupts absolutely. Commitments to a stupid European Union energy policy should be abandoned unilaterally and renegotiated to put emphasis on hydroelectric power. All wind turbines should be demolished at developer expense, and all subsidies paid back. I have proposed a semi autonomous Bro Iaith Government for Mawr with powers to demolish wind turbines and rigorously protect the Welsh language from rapacious, desecrating developers. A dictatorship must always be resisted using all legal means available combined with tactics such as tax strikes. The present dictatorship is due to a ludicrous electoral system which should be replaced by referenda.

cc Prime Minister’s Office from Civil List Pensioner.

Daily Report 29/6/16

July 31, 2016

The equivalent of 123,999 printed pages were downloaded during the day (452.063 megabytes) from 1695 downloaded memory files (hits) and 505 distinct visits, each averaging 2.6 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 73.15 for the day, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1794, Top ten items 1454, Collected Evans Morris 957(est), Collected Scientometrics 693, Principles of ECE 361, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 313, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 249, Autobiography Volumes One and Two 255, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 243, F3(Sp) 211, Engineering Model 147, PECE 136, Evans Equations 126, UFT88 118, CEFE 106, UFT321 53, Self charging inverter 51, Llais 47, UFT311 39, List of prolific authors 25, Three world records by MWE 24, Lindtrom Idaho lecture 24, UFT313 39, UFT314 30, UFT315 49, UFT316 34, UFT317 51, UFT318 69, UFT319 60, UFT320 42, UFT322 54, UFT323 34, UFT324 57, UFT325 60, UFT326 57, UFT327 37, UFT328 41, UFT329 51, UFT330 43, UFT331 37, UFT332 44, UFT333 43, UFT334 45, UFT335 35, UFT336 42, UFT337 32, UFT338 27, UFT339 34, UFT340 33, UFT341 43, UFT342 33, UFT343 46, UFT344 49, UFT345 70, UFT346 108, UFT347 56, UFT348 59, UFT349 81, UFT351 52, UFT352 19 to date in July 2016. Iowa State University general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for July 2016.

353(4): Extension of the Kambe Equations

July 30, 2016

This note extends the Kambe equations to the complete Navier Stokes equation (13), and redefines the Kambe electric field as in Eq. (14), defining a generalized Kambe potential (17). using these definitions it is possible to develop wave equations, and this will be the subject of the next note.


Capel Gerazim

July 30, 2016

To Alison Mayers,

Thank you for your letter. I looked in to the matter, I could have bought it for £2,000 but it turned out that our historic and much loved 1801 chapel was being auctioned in a pub in Newport because Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed, so I tried to express my horror of the process through an englyn and a sonnet in both my languages. These are attached in my third book of poetry, being prepared at present. I have known Gerazim since childhood. It is one of the historic and important Baptist chapels in Mawr. It is built in the spirit of the earliest Christian church, founded about the year 50 A. D. by my ancestral cousin St. Eurgain ferch Caradog, influenced directly by St. Paul in Rome. There are clauses which assert that the interior and exterior of the chapel must be conserved, and the graveyard left undesecrated. At the same time we are told that it is ideal for a pottery. I suppose that people like this would turn the Pazzi Chapel in Florence into a bingo parlour. I would not have been able to buy it because I would have been out bid by some fat cat. Secular laws are needed to prevent such hideous destruction of our ancient civilization and the deepest of our human values. This type of thing is happening all over Wales. I will apply to join the chapel and oppose all changes to its original purpose.

Myron Evans

Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr,
Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower.

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I was wondering if you’d managed to buy Gerazim Chapel in Felindre. I saw it was up for sale and went to see it last week. Beautiful building and location. I always feel so sad when I see places like that sold off to people with different motives so hope that someone like yourself bought it to use for the reason it was built!

Anyway, very best wishes and hope you don’t mind me contacting you – I’m just really interested in what happens to the chapel next.

Thanks and all the best!

Ali Mayers
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Defensive measures against forced development.

July 30, 2016

I have just heard that planning permission was forced through for 2016 / 0835 by the remote Swansea County Council, which disregarded all local Welsh speaking opinion, led by myself as Armiger. This is an illegal process because my objection was leaked to a newspaper reporter. I may find grounds for appeal. The Swansea Councils have been taken over by monoglot outsiders who also capitulated and turned coat on the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco. A new forced colonization of Wales is underway and this must be stopped by each individual Welsh speaking family who can put their house in Trust as I have done, or just make sure they never come on the fat capitalist market. There are many things more important than money. Houses of Welsh speakers must never be put on the open market if the language is to surive. If the Welsh Assembly means anything it must set up Broydd Iaith, otherwise it will sit on the docks in Cardiff, paying itself bloated salaries, watching the entire structure of Wales being destroyed. These monoglot outsiders were also responsible for the bankruptcy of Mawr Development Trust and the revolting desecration of Gerazim, which was sold in a pub like a packet of crisps. I urge all chapel authorities in Mawr to keep their chapels unchanged, look after them carefully, and never sell them. This cynical and hostile colonization of Welsh speaking Wales must be stopped in its tracks by legislation which would make it impossible for people to waltz in and throw the language into the dust bin. This is a gross violation of human rights.

Irregularities in Planning Application 2016 / 0835, 10 Mountain Road

July 30, 2016

I have made further objections to this planning application on the grounds of procedural irregularity and breach of confidentiality, in that a member of the planning committee with local knowledge leaked the application to a South Wales Evening Post reporter. I replied in the newspaper and made a very good impression. This member has subsequently resigned from the planning committee of Swansea County Council. It is inconceivable that the South Wales Evening Post picked up my objection at random. Therefore the application is null and void, as well as very damaging to the Welsh language. I have also made a legal objection on the grounds of proprietal estopel. This development, and any further development in Mawr, will be very damaging to the Welsh language because so few people speak Welsh now in Mawr, and do not have the means to buy houses coming on the market. They cannot afford a deposit on the mortgage. So all houses put on the primitive capitalist market will be bought by outsiders, with the result that the language will become extinct very quickly. In view of this no one who really supports the language can ever support development. The deliberate destruction of a language is a gross violation of human rights. The same is true of Capel Gerazim and all chapels in Mawr. They are all Welsh speaking. This is a historic Dissenter community with no churches, it is unique, and the Bro Iaith would protect the entire area. Obviously, the Welsh Assembly is an agent of windy capitalism. No one on the Swansea Councils has much knowledge of Welsh, most have none at all. I have been told by Jason Phelps of Radio Wales that my interview with him will be broadcast. Can it be syndicated to my website We can post it on