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162(3): Setting up the Equations for Raman Scattering

October 31, 2010

This note sets up the equations of Raman scattering with momentum conservation. The equations will be solved in a following note. It is shown that each orbital has a net non-zero linear momentum p. The centrifugal part of the potential in the H atom for example is

V (centrifugal) = p squared / (2 mu)

where mu is the reduced mass. Therefore in Raman scattering there must be conservation of momentum. This elementary fact has apparently never been considered in Raman scattering. If it is considered the theory of Raman scattering will collapse in the same way as that of the Compton effect and absorption. The theory will seem to be true from energy conservation alone, but with both energy and momentum conservation and with the de Broglie postulates, staggering self inconsistencies will appear. These inconsistencies can only be addressed with general relativity as corrected by ECE – The October Postulates. It is now known that the original general relativity of Einstein is mathematically incorrect unfortunately, but has been cured satisfactorily by ECE. So as Einstein himself wrote many times, quantum mechanics of the old type was incomplete.


Theory of Raman Scattering

October 31, 2010

Raman spectra involve the inelastic scattering of a photon (Peter Atkins, “Molecular Quantum Mechanics”, 2nd ed., pp. 288 ff). In Stokes scattering a photon collides with a molecule and loses energy. The molecule accepts energy in quantized amounts. The photons in the scattered spectrum have different frequencies (energies) determined by how much energy they have lost. If the molecule is in an excited state before the collision it may transfer energy to the photon in anti Stokes scattering. It can be seen that this theory is going to fall apart completely when momentum is considered, as is the theory of inelastic neutron scattering. So this will be note 162(3). Then there are Thompson, Rutherford and Rayleigh scattering to revise and consider in the light of the October postulates. These need not be published in Physical Review Letters, with its quirky refereeing system, their importance is obvious to all.

Buckingham Palace

October 31, 2010

To Gari Owen:

Although I am a staunch republican nationalist and US dual citizen, this is like selling the Parthenon. Let’s sell the White House next. I don’t know if the Palace has been sold, but the sale should be stopped by the National Trust organizing a purchase, combined with a High Court injunction to prohibit the sale by law. My distant cousin Queen Elizabeth was denied a poverty grant for heating. It is clear that this coalition is hopelessly out of its depth, opportunists not fit to govern. Ark Royal has a history going back to Tudor times. I advise the Labour opposition to persuade enough liberals to force a vote of no confidence on the grounds of incompetence and blatantly false electoral promises. The natural Westminster coalition is Labour Liberal. As you know I have always been a republican nationalist like the great poet R. S. Thomas, who rightfully described the colonialist faction in Wales as murdering the culture. My friend Christie O’ Donovan Rossa learned Welsh easily and quickly, and would flatly refuse to talk to me in anything but Welsh, his first tongue being Gaelic. He was descended from the great patriot Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, exiled to the US.

cc Welsh Assembly

Feedback Activity for October 2010

October 31, 2010

This summary is found at the end of the attached overview file as usual. During the month there were nearly seven hundred visits from universities and similar situated in up to 102 countries. Up to October 30th there have been 20,649 views of the diary, on which there are now 9,306 postings. The talks recorded with the kind help of Simon Clifford are very popular already, and can be listened to at leisure. This kind of astoundingly rich cultural happening could be repeated for the Welsh language wherever Welsh speakers are in the world. They could produce the kind of thing that the Welsh People are known for all over the world in both languages: poetry and cultural refinement, the hallmark of civilization. However, the Welsh language should be the language of that renaissance. We know what to call people who try to destroy the ancient language of Britain, their own ancient language: barbarians.

cc Welsh Assembly


Provisional Returns for October 2010

October 31, 2010

There was a very intense interest in the site. The provisional returns to date are 15,299 distinct visits; 78,541 page views; 11.08 gigabytes downloaded; 113,114 files downloaded (hits); 1,867 documents read from 102 countries, led by: USA, Germany, France, Britain, Russian Federation, Mexico, Australia, Austria, ……

All source papers, books and articles studied. The new popular feature consists of the talks recorded here with Simon Clifford. I will give the details shortly as usual. The other ECE sites are also avidly studied and approximately double this interest. Probably a six year record of university visits.

Protest against Chinese Policy

October 31, 2010

China has been kicking Tibet around for a long time, this is typical of their uneducated barbarity. This is in blatant contravention of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, and so sanctions should be imposed against China. No more selling of industry to that ruthless undemocratic government known to sell missiles to enemies of NATO. As the British Civil List Scientist I condemn China unreservedly. This again illustrates the need for a NATO / Russian Federation super alliance, allied with nations such as India, Taiwan and Japan. In Britain there is freedom for people in Wales to declare themselves an independent nation. This is what I advocate very strongly. Unless this is done all that will be left is a materialistic nothingness, one big Tesco. In order to create Welsh speaking communities again the internet can be used to create a culture. This is what I had to do in the face of grotesque prejudice of the Chinese type, happening inside Wales. In this case the London Government supported my efforts and my efforts were illegally destroyed in contravention of the European Declaration on Human Rights. This was done by a colonialist faction inside Wales, a faction which is actually hostile to Welsh National aspirations for purely selfish gain. Their one brilliant achievement is to destroy the language, if we let them. I for one am not going to let them, and urge others to learn the language, the ancient language of all Britain. The pathetic, money driven, panic of this minority London Government contrasts painfully with the Elizabethan era, that of my distant ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. The Henry Morgan Bible for example, was produced under the patronage of the Gentlewoman Blanche Parry, a member of the Queen’s Court. The present government would sell culture cut price. In fact it has already sold Buckingham Palace and the Ark Royal – to pay for expenses fiddling.

cc Welsh Assembly Government

Kohanga Reo: Maori Language Nests in New Zealand

October 30, 2010

The kohanga reo in New Zealand has been a great success, these are pre school teaching schemes (ages up to 4) in Maori strongly supported by the New Zealand Government. The Gealtacht idea in Ireland has also been a success, unless that is allowed to be diluted by uncontrolled immigration (holiday homes for rich English speakers of any country of origin). So a combination of these two ideas, and other ideas, should be initiated in Wales as a matter of the utmost urgency. Some estimate that the language will die out as a community language within a decade, because of uncontrolled immigration. I can see this for myself all too clearly. Sir Goronwy Daniels established the TV channels in Wales and an attack on S4C by the London Government is in violation of the UN and European Conventions on Human Rights and should be condemned by the EEC Parliament and taken to Court in the Hague by the Welsh Assembly Government if the latter means anything at all. It should also be condemned and denounced in the United Nations as a blatant attack on an endangered language, and an attack by a coalition that is in a tiny minority in Wales. The latter must go for full independence if it is to save its language and cultural environment. Why has the Welsh Assembly Government allowed its own language to become effectively extinct unless these measures are taken? I know the answer, it is an internal colonalism in which Welsh speakers are second class citizens, especially if they stand up for the language. My case shows this very clearly. By definition there must be areas in which only Welsh is spoken.

162(2): Expression for x1 in terms of x2

October 30, 2010

This is the expression for photon mass in the theory of absorption. It is seen that the Einstein theory of absorption fails completely because the photon mass is not constant. The next stage is to apply the October postulates to try to mend this disaster for quantum theory.


UNESCO Warning on the Extinction of 2,500 Languages

October 30, 2010

UNESCO Director General’s Office,
7 Place de Fontenoy,
Paris 75352,

As a fluent Welsh speaker descended from the Welsh Princes, US dual citizen and the British Civil List scientist I write in the strongest protest at the savage cuts imposed undemocratically by the London Government on the Welsh language channel S4C and the savage jail sentences imposed on activists for the Welsh Language. This reveals a hostile colonial attitude by a London Government which endangers the existence of the language. The Welsh Assembly was unable to stop these cuts and seems to have no real power. As the former UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura wrote: “The death of a language leads to the disappearance of many forms of intangible cultural heritage – traditions, spoken expressions of the community.” I forward to the Director General my poetry in the Welsh language, similar to the Japanese haiku form. I call for a vote of no confidence in the London Coalition Government, one which it is certain to lose. I request the support of UNESCO in advocating emergency measures, which would include the following.

1) Language nest areas into which immigration is prohibited unless the immigrant passes a Welsh language test at A level standard.
2) A cap on house prices, a prohibition on the sale of houses and other property for holiday homes.
3) A quota of jobs for Welsh speakers. At present nearly all key jobs in Wales are given to immigrants by other immigrants.

Despite being the most senior British scientist ( I am excluded from employment by colonialist factions inside Wales. For example, I have been excluded from employment in the so called “University of Wales” for my entire working career. I produce internationally acclaimed science of great current impact ( without any form of payment, and have been forced to do so for many years. Whenever I apply for jobs inside the University of Wales, I am met with undemocratic and unconstitutional, illegal silence. So I call for the condemnation by UNESCO of the University of Wales and all elements that so clearly contrive the death of a language, any language, not just my own. I urge all fellow Welsh speakers to follow my lead, learn and speak the language, do not sell your houses. Put them in Trust for your Welsh speaking children or relatives. For other fellow Welshmen, learn the language, do not just talk about learning the language.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Gentleman,
H. M. Civil List

Bryn Awel House, 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA.


October 2010: Sample of University Visits

October 30, 2010

The following is a small sample of distinct visits to from universities to date in October 2010. The attached glossary gives the meaning of “distinct visit”.

USA 135; Britain 44; Germany 31; Spain 18; Italy 13; France 12; Netherlands 11; commensurate pattern worldwide for 101 countries this month (October 2010).

This pattern is similar to the one when I founded the European Molecular Liquids Group in 1980 at the National Physical Laboratory. I was asked to advise the US NSF on the EMLG. All 160 UFT papers posted to date are studied each month, and all books and articles on This is a pattern that has established itself over six and a half years of monitoring. The visits come from both staff and students, this can be seen from the fact that the pattern keeps going when the undergraduates are on vacation.