Daily Report 27/2/13

There were 2549 hits from 555 distinct visits, 49.6% spiders from AHRefs, google, MSN, yandex and sistrix. CEFE78, FPL50, LMEP(Sp)27, CEFEL18, BI16, LMEP11. Instructional Lab Technologies University of Alberta Canada Awards won by the Aberystwyth group, overview of ECE theory; University of Alberta UFT104; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT140(Sp); Mathematics Swiss Federal Institute Zurich (ETH) UFT99; Norte University Colombia F3(Sp); Charles University Prague UFT29; Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research Double Slit theory; Siemens Company UFT237; North Dakota State University UFT206; College of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University UFT48; University of California San Diego Supercomputer Center on behalf of the U. S. National Archives general; Southern Adventist University Tennessee overview; University of Nebraska Medical Center UFT110; Ministry of the Presidencia Spain UFT172; Science Materials Institute Madrid overview; University of Angers UFT88; State of Montana homopolar; Guanajuato University Mexico UFT166; National Autonomous University of Mexico Educational Note 2 (Sp); Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences UFT70; Christ’s College Cambridge UFT41; Astronomy Keele UFT114; St. Edmund Hall Oxford UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.

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