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Some History and Analysis of the EMLG

July 31, 2008

Subject: Some History and Analysis of the EMLG
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 10:05:15 EDT

This may perhaps be added by Kerry to his book “Crystal Spheres”. The European Molecular Liquids Group was formed at the National Physical Laboratory in an international meeting of scientists which elected a steering committee composed of George Chantry of the NPL (Chairman), Jack Yarwood (Secretary), Jim Birch (NPL, Treasurer) and myself as Scientific Coordinator for Europe. It was formed after a great deal of careful organizational work with the specific intention of carrying out the Delta Project on the Omnia Opera of _www.aias.us_ ( . Only a small part of this was carried out (the SERC Daresbury Laboratory CCP5 computational part) and some experimental work by Prof. Kluk’s group in Poland. Therefore Project Delta remains to be carried out as planned. Unfortunately its planning coincided with British Government cut backs and also Solidarnosz in Poland. Prof. Kluk was a disident and was denouneced by his academic colleagues to the KGB and imprisoned and badly mistreated. Chantry and I protested with a letter to “The Times” and so forth. Fortunately Kluk was released because he was a US dual citizen. That era also coincided with the unfortunate closure of the EDCL, bringing the whole of Delta Project to a stop. The EMLG became just a yearly conference with no particular aim and no coordination. In contrast AIAS, some 25 years later, is strongly coordinated with a definite aim of developing the hugely successful ECE theory uninfluenced by standard physics, which is often ossified and careerist in nature.

Civil List Scientist

Generally Covariant Continuity Equation

July 31, 2008

Subject: 116(8) : Generally Covariant Continuity Equation
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 07:33:24 EDT

Attachment: a116thpapernotes8.pdf

These are notes for paper 116, which will be written up now on the ECE continuity equation, and is scheduled to be the first paper of volume seven of GCUFT.

Feedback Activity

July 31, 2008

Subject: Feedback Activity
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:50:04 EDT

July 2008 continues a trend of steady and intense interest in the _www.aias.us_ ( site. As usual, essentially all its contents are being studied worldwide across a spectrum of leading universities, corporations, research institutes, government departments, military facilities, organizations and by thousands of individual scholars every month. On a purely scholarly level this is optimal interest in a unified field theory which is actually being used already for engineering. Particularly notable this month is the number of leading household name corporations visiting the site. It is also important that the number of educational articles in the list of top hundred most read articles is about the same now as the number of source papers. Patents are being applied for in ECE Technologies. Finally, cyberstalkers and harassers have been given a formal warning for criminal activity by a leading barrister, and cannot be considered as scientists. Therefore ECE has been accepted worldwide as a new school of thought in physics, and makes the standard physics obsolete. Both types of physics can be taught in schools and universities.

On a personal level I am very happy with the unprecedented impact that AIAS and ECE have made, and now we have been joined by TGA.

Civil List Scientist, Executive President AIAS, Chairman and Executive Director TGA, Director and Senior Scientist Steriwave Plc., Executive Director ECE Tech Ltd.

15-30July08 Rest of World to

July 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30July08 Rest of World to
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:36:31 EDT

ISA Argentina, Griffith Univ Australia, GU Australia, Univ Toronto, Univ Western Ontario, Canadian ECE engineering net, Hamilton, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, St Catharine’s, Montreal*, Windsor, London, NRC Canada, ENAP Chile, Chiba Univ Jpan, FGCC Japan, AUM Mexico, UMICH Mexico, UPMX Mexico.

15-30July08, Europe to

July 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30July08, Europe to
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:22:42 EDT

Siemens Austria, BAS Bulgaria, ETH Zurich*, CVUT Czechia, ATB Potsdam, DTM Germany, FU Berlin*, HU Berlin*, Max Planck Garching, Siemens*, Univ Augsburg, Univ Frankfurt, Univ KArlsruhe*, Univ Cologne, RAN Sapin, Univ Barcelona, Complutensian Madrid, UIB Spain, US Spain, ENS CAchan France, renault France, Univ Nice, Univ Poitiers, Forthnet Greece, HOL Greece, OTE Net Greece, Enzion Hungary, KFKI campus of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences*, GMIT Ireland, TAU Israel, IOL Italy*, ICTP Trieste, Univ Calabria, Univ Milan, NTNU Norway*, NIPNE Romania, EXT Russia, HC russia, IIAT Russia, Ohran Komplekt Russia, TC Exec Russia, TE group Russia, Towy Aberystwyth, Edinburgh, Hull*, Kingston University, Swansea, Swansea College, BBC*, The Guardian newspaper.

15-30July08, USA to

July 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30July08, USA to
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 03:53:36 EDT

As usual this is just a very small sample of high quality US visitors to the site, each entry may denote many visits, * denotes different visitors from the same institution.

Brigham Young, Cornell, OPAC*, Dixie State College, Embry Riddle Aeronatical University, Georgia Perimeter College, Georgia State University, Harvard, Princeton*, Purdue, Stanford*, SUNY Stonybrook, Univ Central Oklahoma, Univ. Minnesota Twin Cities, Univ Puerto Rico, Oak Ridge, St Lucie County, Robins Airforce Base, NUWC VAvy, Apple, Chevron, Conoco, Philips, Intel, Mobile Gas, Motorola*, Rockwell Collins, Siemens Transport, Ayell International, South West Laboratories.

Feedback Activity for, July 2008

July 31, 2008

Subject: Feedback Activity for, July 2008
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 03:33:28 EDT

Up to July 30th there were 64,729 hits from 9,003 visitors, downloading 6.322 gigabytes, reading 919 documents from 81 countries, led by USA, Germany, Canada, France, Britain, Australia, South Africa, ….. The most read papers were:

15, 94, 115, 105, 63, 113, 89, 93, 56, 21, 93 extra plots, 76, 61, 12, 14, 1, 43, 103, 114, 6, 7, 82, 90, 67, 37, 99, 100a, 112, 2, 108, 30, 53, 65, 92, 109, 10, 50, 111, 110, 13, 23, 40, 57, 64, …………

all 115 source papers being read. The most read educational articles were:

Spacetime Dev, ECE Engineering Model, Space Energy (Spanish), EEC and Spacetime, Filtered Statistics, ECE (Spanish), Crystal Spheres, Johnson Magnets, ECE (English), ECE (Italian), Sapce Energy, Cosmo7, A Fundamanetal Flaw in the Einstein Field Equation, Galaxies (Spanish), Workshop History, GGltr1, ECE (French), Spacetime (Spanish), Galaxies, Armorial Bearings, Numerical Solutions, Hehl rebuttal, EDyn3, Royal Decree, IJTP1962, Numerical Note 3, Ricci Concepts, IJTP1960, Brucholtz versus Hehl, Riemannian torsions, ECE (German), PS rebuttals, Workshop Overview, Tatula, ECE (Dutch), Black Hoel Catastrophe, Indranu 6a, Indranu 7a, Indranu 8, Metric Manifolds, Bruhn formal rebuttal PS2, Year’s Statistics part three, Hehl refutations, Cap Atulo 4, ………………..

all educational articles being read, and most Omnia Opera articles.

Commissioning Artwork

July 30, 2008

Subject: Commissioning Artwork
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 13:27:32 EDT

I decided to commission a pen drawing from Naomi Bunker, my idea here is to commission portrait drawings and maybe a portrait from leading artists in Wales because I am the only Civil List Pensioner from Wales and have a duty to help represent in any small way I can the rich landscape of science, the arts and literature in Wales, in both languages. Then the drawings can be posted in the _www.aias.us_ ( site along with my armorial ensigns when ready about end of August. The date of the letters patent was July 7th., we are waiting for the artist to paint the ensigns by hand, and the scribe to word the letters patent on vellum. If I can afford it one day I will myself commission a bronze head from Naomi Bunker, whose partner, Ian Hinton, built a thirty five ton decorative wall here at home from local stone – in the traditional walling style. A head in bronze by Naomi Bunker is 2,800 pounds, a complete bronze statue around 14,000 pounds – which would be offered to the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth, founded by Lloyd-George. If one of the companies of which I am director does well I could perhaps afford this patronage of the arts one day. After UNCC I was entirely without salary for twelve years, so know how tough it can be for new thinkers these days, which are among the most philistine days in history.

Glyn Eithrym


July 30, 2008

Subject: Fwd: Toshack.
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:11:42 EDT

Dear Myron, Please find below the latest page of Crystal Spheres.        Myron as a boy also took the usual interest in the rough and ready village soccer and cricket and his father often took him to see ‘The Swans’- Swansea Town, later called Swansea City.  At the time they included Mel Charles, the younger brother of the great John Charles and also Herbie Williams.  Some years later, John Toshack joined the club as player manager and took the team from League Division 4 to League Division 1 (the top division in those days) between 1978 and 1982.  Toshack was born in Cardiff in 1949 where his football career started in 1965.  After four years at Cardiff, Toshack had become known internationally and Liverpool took him on in 1970 to become Kevin Keegan’s goal scoring partner for the next few years and resulting in FA Cup and League Championship wins.  Between 1978 and 1984, Toshack returned to Wales to manage the Swans at the Vetch and as a player also scored 25 goals there.  He now manages the Welsh national side.     Kerry

OK, many thanks indeed!

Bronze Sculpture

July 30, 2008

Subject: Bronze Sculpture
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:12:14 EDT

I was just informed by telephone that the cost of a bronze head by Naomi Bunker is about 2,200 pounds now, because of the rising cost of copper in bronze. A head and houlders etc would of course be proportionally higher and if this idea is made into reality, the National Library of Wales would be most appropriate. This is just me doing my bit for struggling local artists. A London or NYC sculptor would charge anything up to a hundred thousand pounds for a bronze statue. That’s how the art world is. Poets of course get next to nothing, even the supremely lyrical voice of R.S. Thomas would sell only a few hundred copies in the English language, spoken by a thousand million people. This contrast with Ceiriog in the last century, who would sell tens of thousands of books in the Welsh language, spoken by about a million people only. This is telling us something about philistinism in modern times.