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Molecular Physics – Join the celebrations!

October 31, 2008

Subject: Fwd: Molecular Physics – Join the celebrations!
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 09:06:16 EDT

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One possible journal for SCR papers in descaling and nanotechnologies.


Dear Professor Evans,

As a previous author or referee we value your loyalty to Molecular Physics. So why not submit a new paper to Molecular Physics in its auspicious 50th year and get a first decision in an average of *26 days*?

Submit at

Instruction to authors can be found at:

The special 50th anniversary issue, due for publication in November, will provide readers of Molecular Physics with a panorama of the state of the art in molecular science. With 15 invited topical reviews by some of the world experts in the broad range of fields covered by the journal, it will cover everything from advanced quantum chemistry to the newest spectroscopic investigations, and statistical mechanics of complex many-body systems.

This issue will be available *free* until the end of 2008. Make sure you don’t miss it, by signing up to table of contents alerts at:

Complete instructions are also attached to this email.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Best wishes,

Melissa Holden Development Editor, Molecular Physics melissa.holden] at [

Rest of World to

October 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30Oct08: Rest of World to
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 05:44:48 EDT

Univ Queensland Australia, FURB Brazil, MPF Gov Brazil*, LNLS Brazil, FEE UNICAMP Brazil*, Gov British Columbia Canada, Canadian Dept of Defence, MD Robotics Canada, Univ Waterloo*, York Univ Canada, Canadian ECE Engineering Network (Guelph, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Cooksville, Hamilton and London), Univ of the Andes Colombia, UO Cuba, BHU India, KAIST South Korea*, Univ Ruhuna Sri Lanka, Univ Auckland New Zealand.

Europe to

October 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30Oct08 : Europe to
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 05:27:16 EDT

Univ Vienna, KU Leuven, BAS Bulgaria, Seznan Chechia, German Synchrotron Facility (DESY), HS Niederrhein, IPK Gatersleben, Max Planck Dresden, RWTH Aachen, Siemens Corporation*, Univ Heidelberg*, Univ Leipzig, Univ. Regensburg, Univ Rioja Spain, Bayonne France, Univ Poitiers*, Forthnet Greece, OTE net Greece, Iskon Croatia, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institutes Budapest, Univ Tel Aviv, INFN Salerno Italy, BTV Latvia, Wonenbreburg net Netherlands, UIB Norway, UTCB Romania, (downloaded the whole site), ETA Sweden, TRE Sweden, Univ Uppsala Sweden, Univ Anadolu Turkey, ILT Kharkov Ukraine, Birkenhead College, Wolfson College Cambridge, particle field Cambridge*, Hull, Imperial, Liverpool*, Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor Dolgellau / Pwllheli / Glynllifon, St Andrews*, Univ College London, Univ Westminster London.

15-30Oct08, USA to

October 31, 2008

Subject: 15-30Oct08, USA to
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 04:57:16 EDT

I sent out a short summary report every two weeks of high quality interest, divided into US, Europe and Rest of World, concentrating on the higher education, governemnt, military and major corporations. Each enrty may denote many visitors from an individual URL, the * denotes different visitors from the same URL. Of course this is only a small fraction of the many thousands of URL’s recorded every month, averaging a quarter million hits a month. This makes AIAS / TGA the lead institute in the world in terms of real time impact every day (see the comparitive impact table on the _www.aias.us_ ( home page).

Alamo Community Colleges, Brigham Young University, Catholic Healthcare West, Columbia*, Harvard, Mercyhurst, Middlebury, Colorado School of Mines, Northwestern, Mississippi, Penn State, Richmond, Renselaer, St Charles Community College, SUNY Stonybrook, Texas Tech, Univ of Florida, Illinois Urbana Champaign, Kentucky, Yavapai College Arizona, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US Dept of Health, Los Alamos, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., National Institutes of Health, US Social Security Administration, Gov of Virginia, Robins Airforce Base*, NUWC Navy, Ayell organization, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Resource Research, Midwest ISO (Electric Power), Portsmouth Public Library, Microsoft, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins.

ECE Theory Activity Feedback, October 2008

October 31, 2008

Subject: ECE Theory Activity Feedback, October 2008
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 04:29:01 EDT

As usual I give a short monthly summary of activity feedback for the sites _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . This summary is given every two weeks and on the last day of the month. The accurate total hits returns are given on the first day of the following month for technical reasons.

For this month there have been about 240,000 plus hits up to 30th October. A total of 1,276 documents were read off _www.aias.us_ ( , all papers and all background notes, and a large percentage of Omnia Opera papers and other documents. There were visitors from 75 countries, led by: US, France, Canada, Russia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, ………

The most read ECE source papers were:

63, 94, 43, 47, 92, 118, 93, 117, 113, 21, 120, 37, 61, 107, 111, 115, 100a, 112, 89, 76, 103, 104, 2, 99, 119, 15, 100d, 93 extra plots, 14, 82, 109, 75, 100b, 110, 8, 90, 100c, 114, 7, 5, 98, 11, 13, 45, 65, 74, ….

The top ten or so educational articles and books were:

Space Energy (Spanish translation), Johnson Magnets, Galaxies (Spanish translation), Workshop History, ECE (Spanish translation), “Crystal Spheres”, ECE and Spacetime, “The Life of Myron Evans”, Bruhn refutation, Numerical Solutions, ECE Engineering Model, ………..

Evidence against Human made Global Warming

October 31, 2008

Subject: Evidence against Human made Global Warming
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 03:45:10 EDT

*Scientists at MIT have recorded a nearly simultaneous world-wide increase in methane levels. This is the first increase in ten years, and what baffles science is that this data contradicts theories stating man is the primary source of increase for this greenhouse gas. It takes about one full year for gases generated in the highly industrial northern hemisphere to cycle through and reach the southern hemisphere. However, since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, it is now believed this may be part of a natural cycle in mother nature – and not the direct result of man’s contributions.*

Many thanks to Steve Crothers for this article, which is definitive evidence against human made global warming. It is obvious that climate change always occurs, there is nothing new about that. It is important to monitor climate change, in order to protect against the weather, for farming, fishing and so on, but there is really no evidence that there will be a catastrophic climate change. This model has been found to be the result of a fraud, the cooking of data as we say in chemistry. It is important to minimize pollution by scrubbing out pollutants, and it is important to have a clean environment. This is common sense. Wind turbines are actually the worst pollutants, they devastate the environment in order to make money. So subsidies for wind turbines should be stopped. They are grossly uneconomic, and also interfere with the grid. By continuously pounding people with propaganda, they can be made to believe anything at all. So it is important for real scientists to fight back against pseudoscientific propaganda.

The Discovery of the B(3) Field

October 30, 2008

Subject: Reminiscences: The Discovery of the B(3) Field
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:16:26 EDT

We returned from Zurich in the fall (autumn) of 1990 by air to Logan Airport Boston and Ithaca Airport. We were both keen to see our house again at 77 Lois Lane, Commonlands, Ithaca, a really nice community not far from the Cornell Campus. On arrival however we were shocked to find that the IBM Unit at Cornell Theory Center had decided to reduce its personnel. That was really bad luck. Both of us liked Ithaca and Cornell. Laura was given an extension and I was taken on again in an unpaid capacity at Cornell Theory Center. So I started to apply for jobs again. At our little house in Port Ewen near Kingston I had applied for many jobs, and was frequently met with expressions of disbelief that with my publication record and awards etc I still had to apply for jobs. I resumed simulations on the IBM 3090-6S computer at the Theory Center and also by remote link to ETH Zurich to finish off the work there. We had fixed up a really good office at 77 Lois Lane, a house which we both liked, and I had decorated it with landscape photographs of my own, using high contrast bromide. So we were really sad at the prospect of having to move yet again. In November 1990 it had started to snow and temperatures started to fall to the 15’s to 20’s F, typical of NY State near the finger lakes. Lake Cayuga freezes in winter at the edges. We liked the atmosphere of Ithaca, the farmers’ market, and so on. Some parts of the Ithaca community had a barter system going, where no money was used. we would have happily stayed at Commonlands.

I worked in the office at 77 Lois Lane in the afternoons, and trained over three miles inside the Community road every day. I was super fit at that time, and worked at the Theory Center in the mornings. I ahd learned quite a lot of theory at Zurich, and while there I corresponded with Kielich about volume 85 of Advances in Chemical Physics. There was an overhwelming international response to my suggestion for an issue on non-linear optics, and so volume 85 came out in three parts. Back at the Theory Center I was preparing it and writing my own articles for it (see the Omnia Opera, 1992). The B(3) field emerged one day while I was working on the inverse Faraday effect. I was not satisfied with the fact that the conjugate product A(1) x A(2) existed in a plane in 2-D in a 3-D space. Surely this vector cross product must have a component perpendicular to it, like any vector cross product. So I wrote it down one day in terms of a longitudinal axial vector. Gradually I realized that this must be a magnetic flux density, giving rise to the observed permanent magnetism of the inverse Faraday effect. I had no idea at the time that this would lead to a unified field theory, or even that it would lead to a new gauge theory of electrodynamics. I eventually wrote up two papers on the subject and they were published in Physica B, volume 182, in 1992. They are reproduced on the Omnia Opera. The peacefulness of the office in 77 Losi LAne was a great help. It looked out on the Six Mile Gorge and over towards Ithaca College in the distance.

New Cosmology

October 30, 2008

Subject: Fwd: New Cosmology
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 10:43:08 EDT

There is even a simpler solution if it is important to have quick results: Please see paper Fig. 9 therein. This picture is the final state of an animation. I only had no possibility to animate it suitably. I have the data set for all time steps and can produce modified ones in case the animation would require this. The model is a simple spiral equation, I am not sure if this is directly a solution of the equation below. Nethertheless a qualitative solution could be sufficient for the film. In the equation below only the divergence of g is present. I guess that the spiralling behaviour comes in by the initial conditions. In our FEM calculations Doug and I are considering the static electric case. there are difficulties in numerical computing since the equation system sometimes is singular, this stuff is not so easy to look over. Doug and I are considering the static Coulomb law. If you have only one point charge, the E field and spin connection seem to be in parallel, leading to singular equations. Taking the equation below is not sufficient, since there is no condition for determining the spin connection. A further point is the dimension of the considered problem. In 2 dimensions the required number of equations can differ from 3 dimensions, because the curl term always make threedimensional effects.

Therefore my recommendation to use the simplified model of the above paper in order to come quickly to animations.


—–Ursprüngliche Mitteilung—– Von: EMyrone] at [

Verschickt: Do., 30. Okt. 2008, 15:11 Thema: New Cosmology

It depends on the availability of integrating code. I can produce a few more analytical solutions for


                              del g = 4 pi G rho


By modelling the spin connection. For each model there can be an animation. This is the simplest equation for new cosmology. It can be applied on all scales, for example solar system, galactic, super-galactic.  These analytical solutions can then be animated. That will provide an outline model of a torsion based cosmology. The onset of spin connection resoannce can also be modelled. SO I wousl say that the above equation is the new ECE cosmological model. The no obsolete one was based on the Einsetin field equation:


                                    G = kT


in shorthand. All the mythology of big bang grew around the simple G = kT equation, but after paper 118, no scientist can accept big bang.


The second film, “The Life of Myron Evans”, is more personal in nature.


I can send over to your animators a few solutions of the first equation above. That would begin the ball rolling. The animator would simply put the solutions into the computer and produce animations for each type of spin connection.



eMail im Anhang


Franco Fucilla


EMyrone] at [; aias] at [


Re: [AIAS] Fwd: Establishment of ECE Institutes


Thu, 30 Oct 2008 14:00:31 -0000

Yes we can 2 Another short Film of the unverse of Myron Evans

however if we could integrate this last part, we would lose few weeks


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Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 1:57 PM

Subject: [AIAS] Fwd: Establishment of ECE Institutes


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Agreed with this, it would not cause a great delay in the first film. The complete problem is eight equations in eight unknowns, so that is where the power of a CECAM computer system would be needed. The other priority is to incorporate SCR into density functional code, oepning up many new areas of nanotechnology and so on.

The ECE Engineering Model

October 30, 2008

Subject: The ECE Engineering Model
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 10:39:27 EDT

This is the fairly simple vector model upon which animations should be built for all aspects of dynamics (and of cosmology) and electrodynamics. we can proceed by modelling the spin connection scalar and vector, then include the resonant Coulomb law in density functional code as shown in paper 63 and its sequel, paper 92. All this is rigorously based on the philosophy of relativity. The thoroughly obsolete standard model is only half based on the true philosophy and even then its techniques are full of errors and ad hoc assumptions. So I can proceed in this direction personally and send over a summary of solutions for the animators. The animation of spin connection resonance is particularly important in view of the experiemntal results of Profs. Cefalas and Kobe.

Dealing with Personal Abuse

October 30, 2008

Subject: Dealing with Personal Abuse
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 10:14:38 EDT

Your escape from having to address the truth was predictable. I do not believe for one minute that you mistook my initials for a Jesuit connexion, and your tone was contemptuous from the outset. You have some of my papers and they clearly bear my name. Now you take umbrage at being given a dose of your own derision. Of course my response to you was intentional; given the initial mockery and insult you directed at me. Do you really think I should tolerate your insults, without retaliation?

It is clear that you do indeed intend to continue to deceive your students and the general readership by deliberately withholding and deliberately suppressing the scientific facts. And you now conveniently avoid having to provide the necessary proofs by running away cowardly, instead of acting like a true scientist, “discontinuing any further correspondence with” me. Is my revelation that your “Schwarzschild’s solution” is not Schwarzschild’s solution also an intentional insult? You again ignore that inconvenient truth. It is people like you who have plunged contemporary physical science into an abyss of intellectual decrepitude. You can expect to be challenged and exposed.

Crothers, S.J. __________________________________________

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 12:30 AM, wrote:

> TO: S. J. Crothers > FROM: H. C. Ohanian > > 1) I apologize for misinterpreting the initials SJ appended to your > signature as an indication of membership in the Jesuit order. > > 2) My mistake was unintentional. However, the insults contained in your > subsequent messages were intentional, and I am therefore discontinuing any > further correspondence with you.

I fully agree with Steve, anyone who throws personal insults is not a scientist at all and is rightly described here by Steve.