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Antisymmetry of the Christoffel Connection

July 31, 2011

This is the basic property of the new cosmology of UFT 186 ff. and the fact that the connection is antisymmetric follows from the basic definition of curvature and torsion, i.e. follows from the Cartan structure equations. The connection is constrained by metric compatibility and the Evans identity.

Summary of UFT 190

July 31, 2011

This is a summary of this important paper, which shows that the method used by the standard model to calculate precessing elliptical orbits is completely wrong. It actually gives a spiral not a precessing ellipse. The correct m(r) function is much more complicated and is given for the first time in the numerical work of co author Horst Eckardt. The correct m(r) function can be fitted to the general m(r) function of UFT 186 ff:

m(r) = 2 – exp(2exp (- r / R))

or generalizations of this. What actually happened is explained in this note, Einstein and contemporaries (whoever they were really) replaced the correct eq. (12) with an effective potential (24) extracted from eq. (12), and used this effective potential in a CLASSICAL (non relativistic) method to claim eq. (28). This is obviously self inconsistent if one begins to think for oneself. They then proceeded to make dubious approximations about the incorrect eq. (28) in order to try to force a precessing ellipse to come out of the calculation. In UFT 190 we give the correct method for the first time, and find the correct m(r) for the first time. This will be written up for J. Found. Phys. Chem.

I think I will write this up as essay 43 and call it “Nobody is Even Close to Being Right in the Standard Model”. I am sure that Horst Eckardt could write a wonderful sequel to “Nobody’s Perfect”.


Convenient Summary of the Metrical Method

July 31, 2011

I will give a convenient summary of the metrical method of deriving orbits, giving all the derivations in one place. The standard thinking is well known. It uses a spherical spacetime with m = 1 – ro / r, and this is asserted in all the textbooks to give a precessing ellipse. The numerical methods of UFT 190 developed by Horst Eckardt cast considerable doubt about this, although the numerical methods of UFT 108 seemed to give a precessing ellipse. Something very interesting is going on here in that severe self consistencies are present in the standard method itself. In general the m function has been derived in UFT 186 ff from one antisymmetric connection. One possibility is m(r) = 2 – exp(2exp(-r/R)), R = constant. There are many other possibilities.

Broadcast Statistics for July 2011

July 31, 2011

Thee were about fifty very popular broadcasts on, the top thirty generated 2,670 hearings at an average of 89 hearings each. Assuming an average of about 80 hearings for fifty broadcasts this gives roughly four thousand hearings a month, 48,000 a year. Added to this is the same total for pdf files (written versions), giving about one hundred thousand a year. Added to that are Spanish language broadcasts and pdf files, plus about thirty more less popular talks. As more essays are written and broadcasts made, this total is expected to increase towards the quarter million mark a year. All are and will be archived for conservation on at the National Library of Wales and British Library. Obviously there are two major views of natural philosophy, ECE and standard model. This is as it should be, there are two major schools of thought.

Weblog Statistics for

July 31, 2011

The weblog (blog) of has been recording statistics since January 1st 2010, and since then there have been 49,892 viewings (up to July 30th., 2011). July 2011 set a new record high of 119 viewings every day. This influential blog will be archived for conservation in the National Library of Wales and British Library on .

Preliminary Feedback for July 2011

July 31, 2011

This is the last day of the month so the preliminary feedback is given for before the main file is overwritten. It is found at the end of the attached file as usual. By now the pattern of intense international interest in the website is well established, and it is archived for conservation in the National Library of Wales and British Library on Its blog or diary will also be archived for conservation. As usual all papers were studied. The main new feature is the tremendous success of the broadcasts by Robert Cheshire and myself of essays explaining the ECE work for non specialists, especially the professional broadcasts by Robert Cheshire. The leading broadcasts are recorded in the attached. We had visits from the BBC and Radio Hungary for example.


URGENT – please object to new guidelines for birds and windfarms

July 31, 2011

I will certainly protest strongly against these guidelines – wind turbines are completely useless as a means of generating power and very destructive of the environment. The US still relies heavily on coal and gas, and many other emerging technologies make wind power entirely obsolete.

Latest Version of Autobiography

July 30, 2011

I am nearing the end of chapter three of volume one, which will be interleaved with poetic work as usual. After chapter three I intend to begin the Grammar School experience


Standard Model as Summarized by Tommy Cooper, Shakespeare and Joyce

July 30, 2011

I betted on god particle at twenty five to one and it came in at half past four, tomorrow after tomorrow after tomorrow creeps in his petty pace until the last collider of recorded time, and all our yesterday have lighted strings the way to sputtered lamps. Life’s but a walking stalker, a poor fool who struts and frets his way to dusty blogs, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying top quarks.

Feedback for Broadcasts in July 2011

July 30, 2011

I will take the feedback tomorrow as usual on the last day of the month, there is intense interest in the talks summarized by a pattern of fifty five popular broadcasts at an average of about sixty or seventy hearings each, about three thousand five hundred hearings in total in the past twenty nine days. The talks by Robert Cheshire dominate the feedback, showing the importance of professional sound quality and a good narrative voice. Congratulations to him and also to Alex Hill on the Spanish language versions. These popular talks are followed by the written versions of the essays, which are also all read. All the source papers and other material are also read as usual and the important Spanish language translations by Alex Hill which are read all over the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speaking world. So in the next year I estimate A QUARTER MILLION hearings and readings of these essays at the very least. So a book of essays accompanied by a CD would sell very well. A film made from this and biographical and autobiographical material would also do very well. The biography by Kerry Pendergast is doing very well and congratulations to him and Victor Riecansky. Finally congratulations to Simon Clifford for helping to start the broadcasting experiment with home made broadcasts here.