Transient Magnetic Monopoles of UFT394

December 17, 2017

This is one of the many very interesting results from Horst’s graphics of today.

Transfer of Addresses and Archives

December 17, 2017

I have completed the transfer of addresses to these two groups from AOL. The archives of my work are currently as follows:
1) The Wayback Machine (, which archives,, and
2) National Library of Wales, which archives all my books, and should soon complete with Wyback Machine software.
3) Bodleian Library Oxford, which should soon complete
4) My two most prestigious medals are archived at Wolfson College Oxford.
5) Archives and backups by the AIAS / UPITEC staff.
6) The British Library, which has copies of all my books published in Britain.
7) All good libraries will have archives of my scientific papers.
8) Multiple website archives by webmasters.

FOR POSTING: UFT394 Sections 1 and 2 and Notes

December 17, 2017

This paper shows that the vacuum produces intricate structure in the well known magnetic dipole flux density and potential, and removes the need for the Dirac delta function.











Graphics for paper 394

December 17, 2017

This is another most insightful analysis, giving results which are useful in a variety of contexts. The usual magnetic dipole and field become full of subtle and intricate structure. Nature is infinitely subtle and full of new information, so this is the start of a rich new subject area. Congratulations to Horst on these graphics and computations. Recall that all of this amazing new structure of the contact term comes out of adding a shivering term in the del squared (1 / r) operator. The habitual use of the Dirac delta function, although familiar and useful, misses all the new physics. So I will mow write up my Sections 1 and 2 of UFT394.

Sent: 16/12/2017 21:41:41 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Graphics for paper 394

These are the preliminary graphics with explanations. The contact term
gives an interesting structure.



FOR POSTING: Updated section 3 of UFT 393

December 17, 2017

These are amazing results – the first results of a radically new type of physics in which the effect of the vacuum on familiar types of theory is explored systematically. The graphics are very insightful, and essential because of the complexity of the equations. These results are for the electric dipole potential and field.

Sent: 16/12/2017 21:40:09 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Updated section 3 of UFT 393

This is the updated version. I transferred some interpretational
arguments to paper 394 where they fit better now.
Dave, could you please replace this section in paper 393?

Thanks, Horst


Daily Report 15/12/17

December 17, 2017

The equivalent of 114,346 printed pages was downloaded (416.906 megabytes) from 2,574 memory files downloaded (hits) and 724 printed pages each averaging 2.7 memory pages and 6 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 44.89, top referrals total 2,341,022, main spiders Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 1424, Top ten 696, Collected Evans / Morris 495(est), Collected Scientometrics 284(est), F3(Sp) 142, Collected Ecardt / Lindstrom 131, Barddoniaeth 127, Principles of ECE 124, UFT88 119, MJE 116, Evans Equations 66, Collected Proofs 51, PECE 33, Engineering Model 33, CEFE 29, UFT311 28, Llais 31, CV 24, PLENR 23, UFT321 19, SCI 19, PECE2 14, ADD 13, UFT313 17, UFT314 19, UFT315 19, UFT316 11, UFT317 14, UFT318 17, UFT319 22, UFT320 23, UFT322 17, UFT323 20, UFT324 34, UFT325 26, UFT326 11, UFT327 24, UFT328 18, UFT329 16, UFT330 16, UFT331 20, UFT332 27, UFT333 10, UFT334 10, UFT335 21, UFT336 26, UFT337 14, UFT338 13, UFT339 10, UFT340 11, UFT341 22, UFT342 14, UFT343 18, UFT344 14, UFT345 23, UFT346 16, UFT347 23, UFT348 22, UFT349 17, UFT351 18, UFT352 19, UFT353 21, UFT354 26, UFT355 19, UFT356 14, UFT357 14, UFT358 21, UFT359 13, UFT360 11, UFT361 11, UFT362 11, UFT363 14, UFT364 17, UFT365 12, UFT366 14, UFT367 22, UFT368 18, UFT369 15, UFT370 20, UFT371 8, UFT372 15, UFT373 13, UFT374 15, UFT375 10, UFT376 11, UFT377 13, UFT378 14, UFT379 10, UFT380 13, UFT381 15, UFT382 29, UFT383 29, UFT384 12, UFT385 12, UFT386 19, UFT387 21, UFT388 19, UFT389 18, UFT390 21, UFT391 17, UFT392 35, UFT393 42 to date in December 2017. City of Winnipeg UFT papers, Federico Santa Maria Technical University, Vino del Mar, Chile UFT139(Sp) Deusu search engine spidering; University of Malaya general; Daughters of the American Revolution UFT75; University of the Punjab general; University of Reading general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file on blog.

Usage Statistics for – December 2017 – URL

December 17, 2017

Usage Statistics for – December 2017 – URL

Summary of 2017

December 16, 2017

This was a highly successful year, the interest in ECE2 theory worldwide grew by a factor of three in 2017 and measured in page views per month per author, it became clear that AIAS / UPITEC is the small institute making most impact in the world. As can be seen from the Wayback Machine 2017 saw the publication of fifty four papers and books on ECE2 theory. The daily report shows that all of these are well studied in all the best places, including the world’s top twenty universities. The year saw the publication of the second volume of the highly successful "Principles of ECE Theory" Progress during the year can be followed in detail on the Wayback Machine, because the site was archived many times during the year. The Ide circuit was replicated with precision in UFT364, and two new circuit papers produced in UFT382 and UFT383. Towards the end of the year the new zitterbewegung theory was developed in UFT393 ff., immediately producing intense interest. My Harrison Memorial Prize and Meldola Medal were archived in Wolfson College Oxford, of which I am sometime Junior Research Fellow. Congratulations to all staff for another excellent performance. It is clear that the ECE School of Thought has become a permanent landmark.



394(8): Effect of Zitterbewegung on the Contact Term of NMR

December 16, 2017

OK thanks, I look forward to the results.

Dirac Delta Function

December 16, 2017

Many thanks to Doug Lindstrom. The calculation and computation just sent over by passes the Dirac delta function and calculates the vacuum correction. So this new method can be used in quantum mechanics and in NMR theory

Sent: 15/12/2017 15:17:26 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Discussion of 394(7)

Mathematica gives an identical result Doug

On Dec 15, 2017, at 4:58 AM, EMyrone wrote:

Thanks, this is why the Dirac delta function is needed. Can Maxima derive the result:

del squared (1 / r) = – 4 pi delta sub D (r)

where delta sub D (r) is the Dirac delta function? There are many formulae on the net for the Dirac delta function, and in each formula r can be replaced by r plus delta r

To: EMyrone
Sent: 15/12/2017 11:21:25 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: 394(7): Shivering of the Contact Term

Computer algebra gives that the contact term vanishes because of

nabla^2 (1/r) = 0.

As can be seen from the protocol, all terms cancel out.


Am 14.12.2017 um 15:37 schrieb EMyrone:

The contact term in NMR is shown to have a similar structure to that of the magnetic dipole field. This is not apparent from its usual representation as a Dirac delta function, Eq. (2). The effect of the vacuum on the contact field is given by Eq. (17). This seems to be a new insight to the contact field. The vacuum will affect the hyperfine spin spin structure of NMR. There are many ways of representing the Dirac delta function in mathematics, and each method can be corrected for the vacuum shivering. That will lead to a lot of interesting graphics. Dirac’s original idea of a delta function was dismissed outright by mathematicians as complete nonsense, despite its success in physics. The mathematicians later developed theories for the Dirac delta function that showed its deeply insightful nature. As Horst and I have shown in various UFT papers on the Dirac equation, he was not bothered very much about the finer points of mathematics if the physics emerged in a way that made sense. This is OK as far as it goes, but as we have shown, Dirac missed a lot of physics and a lot of people went on missing it for almost a hundred years because they just followed Dirac.