Survey of UFT88

July 14, 2018

Using my blog stats archives for (the blog on and I have made a survey of university interest in UFT88 from 28/11/13 to present. This survey confirms that UFT88 is a classic paper by any historic standards. Since 28/11/13 for there have been consultations from about 311 different universities, institutes and similar in 4.5 years and 68 repeat consultations from about two to six times, about four on average. This gives a total of 515 consultations in 4.5 years. UFT88 was published in 2007, so extrapolating, there would have been 1,258 consultations of UFT88 from 760 identifiable university URL’s. The total number of consultations of UFT88 since 2007 is given by the Book of Scientometrics, and is 29,040 from So 4.3% of consultations are from identifiable URL’s. This means that 95.7% originate in private computers which cannot be identified, private computers of faculty, staffs, post doctorals, students, from industry, government and private scholars in up to about 220 countries. The survey shows that the quality of readership is very high. From the world’s top twenty universities in the webometrics, Times. QS and Shanghai world university rankings there have been consultations from twenty six of them (each ranking gives a different selection of top twenty universities). Denoting multiple consultations by *, they are as follows: Cambridge*, Columbia*, Imperial*, National University of Singapore*, Illinois Urbana-Champaign*, Duke*, Wisconsin Madison, Chicago*, Oxford*, Toronto*, ETH Zurich, M. I. T., Harvard, Berkeley*, Princeton*, Pennsylvania State*, Caltech, Stanford, University of California San Diego*, Edinburgh, University of Pennsylvania, Texas A and M, Yale, EPF Lausanne, Cornell and King’s College London*. Taking into account the above figures are considerably augmented. Usually I just double the figures as a guestimate. So that gives 58,080 total consultations of UFT88 since 2007, of which 2,516 are from identifiable university URL’s. I will type up in a pdf file all the universities that have visited since 28/11/13. This astounding popularity means that UFT88 is on the first or second page of Google depending on choice of keywords, for example a broad ranging choice of keywords such as “second Bianchi identity” brings up the paper on the first page of Google out of 191,000 results. The title of the paper is “The Bianchi Identity of Differential Geometry”. The keywords “Bianchi identity geometry” puts UFT88 in second place on the first page of Google, behind the Wolfram site, out of 378,000 results. Keywords “Bianchi identity differential” puts UFT88 in third place on the first page of Google out of 300,000 results. Keywords “Bianchi identity differential geometry” puts UFT88 in first place on the first page of Google, ahead of Wolfram and Wikipedia, out of 185,000 results, and also in fifth place on the first page of Google. The broadest ranging keywords “Bianchi Identity” puts UFT88 on the second page of Google out of 4,630,000 results. There have been no objections to UFT88 in eleven years, so this means the absolute end of Einsteinian general relativity because UFT88 refutes the Einstein field equation and the entire twentieth century in Einsteinian general relativity. EGR has been replaced by a simple and powerful unified field theory: ECE and ECE2. Finally, this performance by UFT88 is matched if not bettered by many other of the seven hundred or so ECE papers and books. So that gives an idea of the superhyperbole of worldwide interest in ECE and ECE2 in up to 220 countries and territories. This becomes clear if and only if meticulous scientometrics are kept.


July 19, 2018

Preliminary version of UFT 410, section 3

July 19, 2018

These are very interesting first results from the new universal law of precession, excellently written up by Horst Eckardt. I can find only one minor typo, the caption for Table 3 is the wrong one, accidentally taken from UFT406, but the table itself us correct, very important for astronomy, and full of interest. The caption should be something like "Table of omega, omega sub + and omega sub – ". The angular velocity of the universal law of precession changes sign between the inner and outer planets, separated by an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter as pointed out by Horst, so the direction of spacetime torsion also changes sign between Mars and Jupiter. I was not aware of this asteroid belt when I wrote sections 1 and 2, but now that Horst has pointed it out in Section 3, it seems to be the obvious cause of the switch in sign in the angular velocity of the new universal law of precession. It is a new and original discovery in astronomy which was missed completely in the obsolete Einsteinian era because the most important feature of the solar system, spacetime torsion, was unknown to Einstein in 1915 and until ECE started in 2003, was never considered correctly.

Preliminary version of UFT 410, section 3

I preliminarily finished the section of the solar system. Hulse Taylor pulsar and S2 star will follow. Please check for consistency of the calculations and conclusions.



Daily Weblogs Report 17/7/18

July 19, 2018

The equivalent of 121,650 printed pages was downloaded (443.535 megabytes) from 2,157 downloaded memory files (hits) and 485 distinct visits each averaging 3.5 memory pages and 9 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 56.40, top referrals total 2,479,901, 47.8% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT209, UFT408 – UFT410; Apple Inc. spidering; Physics University of Ulm levitron. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Summary of the Webalizer File

July 18, 2018

For July 2018 to date it shows that 3,350 items have already been consulted off in 98 countries. This is much larger than the output of the EDCL, for example, in its entire history, all authors combined. The items being studied include books, reviews, papers, essays, articles, items of the Omnia Opera, original notes and so on. Those with access to username and password data can study the feedback over the past year. It leaves no doubt that ECE is the new physics. The webalizer file is summarized on the last day of the month, and the weblogs files every day.

Daily Weblogs Report 16/7/18

July 18, 2018

The equivalent of 141,119 printed pages was downloaded (514.52 megabytes) from 2,583 downloaded memory files (hits) and 490 distinct visits each averaging 4.5 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 54.63, top referrals total 2,479,644, 47.2% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. City of Winnipeg news and updates, Apple Inc. spidering; Swedish Digital Freedom and Rights Association (DFRI) general; University of Edinburgh spidering. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 15/7/18

July 17, 2018

This is the second volume updated to July 2018.


Daily Weblogs Report Sunday 15/7/18

July 17, 2018

The equivalent of 204,985 printed pages was downloaded (747.377 megabytes) from 2,635 downloaded memory files (hits) and 485 distinct visits each averaging 4.2 memory pages and 10 minutes, top referrals total 2,479,427, printed pages to hits ratio 77.79, 46.4% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Apple Inc. spidering; Nielsen Metropolitan Newspapers Title page; University of Edinburgh spidering. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Pleased that the Colleagues Like my Work and that of AIAS / UPITEC

July 16, 2018

The latest survey of UFT88, and of the number of countries and territories in which our work is read, leaves no doubt of its lasting and tremendous impact, and I am very pleased with this.This was achieved in the teeth of years of bitter hostility from individuals inside the cut up University of Wales, and from UNCC, and from forgotten dogmatists. Queen Elizabeth II righted some of that injustice with a Civil List Pension and the colleagues righted the rest of it with their interest. The interest of one’s peers is the most important thing, much more important than money or prizes. This is how Dylan Thomas thought, he valued and fought for his intellectual freedom. It is well known that the hostility caused some severe damage to my health, namely damage to the hippocampus, (research of 2015), caused by attacks on my first wife, so it is difficult for me to travel. However I was able to travel to Buckingham Palace with my wife Larisa and can travel quite a lot in the car. I doubt whether I will get any compensation, and Aberystwyth and UNCC will try to cover up what took place, but my autobiography is read all over the world and they cannot cover it up. However they are still capable of hostile, petulant, incomprehensible behaviour such as refusing to house my papers in the Huw Owen Library, even though offered them for free. Obviously they have nothing to do with the real Wales. So the cut up University of Wales will not get anything from my Estate. The University needs to be reformed out of recognition. Hippocampal damage does not impair any intellectual process. It probably started in the late seventies, when after a brilliant, world beating, post doctoral performance I was denied tenure through disgusting, endemic corruption. I would be very pleased if a place could be found to house my papers. Their content is all safely archived on the wayback machine, but the originals need to be archived so that they are accessible to scholars. My medals are archived by Wolfson College Oxford.

Notes 411(1)

July 16, 2018

In this note it shown via Eqs. (35) and (36) that the fundamentals of classical dynamics and orbital theory are changed entirely by the frame rotation (30) that generates the universal law of all observable precessions. This is because the frame rotation occurs in addition to the intrinsic frame rotation of the plane polar system. It has been shown in recent work and UFT papers that orbital precession is due to the vacuum, so these new effects are all effects of the vacuum.


Daily Weblogs Report Saturday 14/7/18

July 16, 2018

The equivalent of 94,512 printed pages was downloaded (344.591 megabytes) from 2,132 downloaded memory files (hits) and 488 distinct visits each averaging 3.5 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 44.33, top referrals total 2,479,244, 45.4% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Soprole Corporation Chile Long Essay (Spanish); Apple Corporation spidering; University of Florida UFT33; Sepuluh Nopember University Indonesia general; Nara Institute of Science and Technology Japan UFT364. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.