The Readership of ECE Theory

March 23, 2017

The ECE unified field theory has a vast readership of the highest quality (attached), and the open access system on and means that we bring the results of original research directly to the readership without the intervention of editors of the obsolete physics. The latter might still try to block publication, although they no longer have any influence on the new physics. They cannot stop the march of ideas. The attached two volumes to date record only about 2% of the vast total readership, it is the sector I name “universities, institutes and similar”. A student of the history of science can already discern that ECE is permanent, because the interest is constant and intense. There have been no objections from standard physicists of integrity to ECE theory. The basic geometry of ECE is exactly the same as that used by everyone else, the Cartan gemetry described by Carroll in “Spacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity”, a book which is also available open access. The geometry used by Carroll has been greatly developed and all his proofs have been given in detail from 2003 to present. ECE and ECE2 are developed with computer algebra, so there cannot be any logical criticism of the theory unless one criticises Cartan geometry itself. As far as I know no one of integrity has ever criticised Cartan geometry, no one has ever criticisied Carroll chapter three. One cannot criticise the correctness of computer algebra. This means that the only things left to criticise are the hypotheses that transform the geometry into physics. That is exceedingly difficult, because the ECE and ECE2 theories produce all the main equations of physics. In many cases ECE and ECE2 succeed when the standard model fails. Finally ECE and ECE2 must be tested against experimental data across the whole of the physical sciences and engineering. To date they have always succeeded, because they are based on geometry.



Plans for UFT373

March 23, 2017

This is to provide an analytical description of the precession of the perihelion with ECE2 theory, and in further papers I will look for opportunities of applying the Maxima integration code to various problems of interest in ECE2 theory. All the latest UFT papers are being heavily studied worldwide.

Rate of Reading of ECE2 Papers

March 23, 2017

Currently this is about thirty nine thousand times a year off combined sites and, signalling complete acceptance of ECE2 theory worldwide in the world’s best universities, and conversely, permanent and complete rejection of the obsolete physics among staff and students in the best universities, institutes and similar. So I advise Governments worldwide to cut the funding of expensive and obsolete projects in physics. Some parts of the old physics are still fine and worthy of funding. Tests of its “accuracy” are meaningless, because it fails completely in so many ways. Astronomical data are still valuable, but these data should not be used to test the obsolete Einstein theory. They should be used to test new theories such as ECE2. Citations of obsolete journals are obviously meaningless. These are standard model journals which censor new ideas. Our open access teaching and research has outflanked a wall of prejudice and censorship. Censorship always indicates fear of the march of ideas, and it never works. Honours, awards, jobs, promotions and so on should be based on the well known advanced scientometrics that we have pioneered, and not on often meaningless citations.

Missing reference

March 23, 2017

Many thanks, this is ” ….. the hamiltonian (253)”. This Spanish translation of the manuscript will be very useful. The manuscript of ECE2 is already being studied one thousand five hundred times a year. “The Principles of ECE” is being studied four thousand two hundred times a year. Both open access books are “best sellers free of charge”. This means that much of the obsolete standard model of physics has been rejected by the new generation of leading thinkers worldwide.

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In ECE2 Chapter 5, just before Eq. (254), there is a two-line paragraph which starts “In direct analogy…” and which contains an empty reference (..).

Please mail to us asap the missing number.



Wind 9.97%, 4 – 16 mph, Wales 9 – 14 mph, 0750 local time

March 23, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, an average of 14 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So they are producing a tiny amount of power, far below their optimal range of about 20 – 40 mph of steady wind. That kind of wind speed never occurs in Wales or all of Britain, so the turbines are the result of outright corruption and should be demolished to stabilize the grid and to switch subsidies into building tidal lagoons. Solar is a sad joke at 0.5%. So the turbines and solar panels in Mawr are producing nothing. Hydro is a pathetic failure at 2.85% and nuclear and gas are flat out. Coal is about half capacity. This is the equinoctial season of high winds, and even in this season, turbines are useless.

Daily Report 21/3/17

March 23, 2017

The equivalent of 85,879 printed pages was downloaded (313.114 megabytes) from 2,586 downloaded memory files (hits) and 468 distinct visits each averaging 3.3 memory pages and 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 33.21, top referrals total of 2,221,514, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 1130, Top ten 1117, Collected Evans / Morris 693(est), F3(Sp) 547, Collected scientometrics 383, Evans Equations 153, Barddoniaeth 143, Principles of ECE 120, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 95, Autobiography volumes one and two 90, Self charging inverter 71, Mann Johnson ECE 64, UFT88 62, Engineering Model 61, PLENR 54, ECE2 42, CEFE 39, Llais 30, PECE 27, Idaho 27, UFT311 26, UFT321 17, UFT313 20, UFT314 12, UFT315 12, UFT316 12, UFT317 12, UFT318 8, UFT319 11, UFT320 10, UFT322 20, UFT323 14, UFT324 16, UFT325 23, UFT326 12, UFT327 16, UFT328 17, UFT329 15, UFT330 10, UFT331 12, UFT332 12, UFT333 9, UFT334 9, UFT335 19, UFT336 11, UFT337 9, UFT338 12, UFT339 10, UFT340 10, UFT341 22, UFT342 17, UFT343 21, UFT344 19, UFT345 15, UFT346 12, UFT347 32, UFT348 17, UFT349 16, UFT351 28, UFT352 40, UFT353 24, UFT354 44, UFT355 26, UFT356 30, UFT357 26, UFT358 28, UFT359 25, UFT360 24, UFT361 7, UFT362 17, UFT363 28, UFT364 26, UFT365 14, UFT366 42, UFT367 24, UFT368 23, UFT369 31, UFT370 37, UFT371 45, UFT372 17 to date in March 2017. BRATEC Faculty of Technology Brazil general; Samtse College of Education Buhtan Home page; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT366 to UFT372; Deusu search engine Home page; University Computer Centre Bonn UFT88; University of Wisconsin Milwaukee UFT33; University of Jaen Spain F4(Sp); Association for the Union of Student Residences (AURORE) University of South Paris (Paris Psud) UFT213; Prova Corporation Italy Experimental advantages of ECE theory; International School for Advanced Studies Trieste UFT88; Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications University of Palermo UFT7, UFT18; University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering University of Guadalajara Mexico UFT109(Sp); Science Museum National Autonomous University of Mexico UFT166(Sp); Tunn Hussein Onn University Malaysia LCR Resonant; Pakistan Council for Science and Technology general; British Awareness in Schools Project (MISP) general; Santa Ana Unified School District California Experimental Advantages of ECE. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2017.

Check out Usage Statistics for – March 2017 – URL

March 23, 2017

Usage Statistics for – March 2017 – URL

The Law Dictionary Definition of Armiger

March 22, 2017

This on . An Armiger is an armour-bearer, an esquire. A title of dignity belonging to a gentleman authorized to bear arms (Cowell). Esquire or Squire ranks above Gentleman and below Knight. The contemporary Armiger is an eminent person who has been granted letters patent and a coat of arms after a petition has been submitted. It is a mark of merit. The Armiger becomes an Esquire in law of arms. I think that it is important that merit be recognized. This is exactly what did NOT happen in my early career, when the corruption of the academic system prevented merit from being recognized. An Uchelwr in the British system is a much higher rank than Squire, ranking one below the Prince. The award of arms is governed by the law of arms and the College of Arms, in England and Wales and by the Lord Lyon in Scotland. To attain the rank of Uchelwr one must descend from a high ranking person, the best quality pedigree being descent from a Prince or a King. The entire Morgan Aubrey Family has this high quality British and Norman pedigree and many had coats of arms. Many were High Sheriffs, Lawyers, Knights and Princes. I am more than happy to be the son of a coal miner, and the foregoing is the newly discovered descent. The fact that they were coal miners means that they were Gentlemen of the highest order, facing dangers every day without complaint. A troll is not a gentleman at all.

Awards on Merit

March 22, 2017

It is emphasized that my various honours and awards, and recently nominations, are all measured by merit, in open international competition. In great contrast, the appointment of university staff in my direct experience was often on a whom you know basis, with the result that departments were closed and rankings became abysmal. I continued to be very productive. For example chemistry at Aberystwyth, and Swansea were  closed, physics at Bangor was closed and merged with mathematics, physics at Aberystwyth was closed and merged with mathematics. The hereditary aspect is of great interest to me, and by now the genealogy is also recognized as definitive. I am not part of the university world, I am an independent scientist, appointed directly by the Head of State, and have been since 1995. The work of AIAS / UPITEC will continue to be read by millions of people for the foreseeable future. It is all archived on , the Wayback Machine and staff will of course continue to keep and live for the foreseeable future.

UFT88 Read Again at Physics Imperial College London

March 22, 2017

Staff and Students from Imperial College London regularly consult and, especially papers such as UFT88 which signal the deep flaws inherent in standard gravitational theory, notably the neglect of torsion. The ECE School of Thought rejects many aspects of standard physics, essentially all the UFT papers are classics, read many thousands of times. UFT88 is one of the most studied of papers, and should be read with UFT99, the definitive proofs based on UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354. All these papers show that if torsion is included in the basic geometry, the entire twentieth century in gravitational physics becomes completely obsolete. UFT313 and UFT354 are vivid examples of what happens if torsion is correctly included – the Einstein theory collapses entirely. It fails completely when compared with the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. The dogmatists of standard physics have failed to admit to the fact that their work has been refuted, so the result is that physics has split entirely into two systems and two Schools of Thought.