Usage Statistics for – July 2017 – URL

July 22, 2017

Usage Statistics for – July 2017 – URL

Archiving the Papers

July 21, 2017

This is the final stage of an archiving process that has been going on for about fifteen years, involving the magnificent efforts of many volunteers both sides of the Atlantic. They are all electronically archived already on,, (Wayback Machine) and (British website archives). So in a sense the combined sites and contain State papers since 2005. They could be seen as State papers of both Britain and the United States, because I am a dual citizen, the first dual citizen to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. Many U. S. citizens are also granted arms by Letters patent. Archiving is of the utmost importance. I know this from my interest in genealogy and autobiography. Almost all of my papers and books since 1971 have been archived, and all my books are in the National Library of Wales, but many original manuscripts of the multiple award winning Room 262 group were lost in the chaos following the closure of the EDCL. Gareth Evans tried to have them stored by giving them for safe keeping to Trinity College Dublin. If they are still there I might be able to find them. A lot of my School notes have been archived, back to 1962. This is a rare example of extant records of Pontardawe Grammar School, now closed and demolished, another fiasco. In the chaos following UNCC, my entire output of poetry was almost lost, but painstakingly restored. It is now read in up to 182 countries, both in Welsh and English.

Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

These were nearly all produced since 2005, when I was appointed directly by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, and Parliament to a post as Civil List Pensioner, on recommendation of the Prime Minister. So these are State papers. They are being kept here at present on behalf of the the State. The Royal Library at Windsor recommended that they be kept in the Centre for Scientific Archives of the Science Museum in London on behalf of my employer, the Head of State and on behalf of the State. In precedent the papers of the Poets Laureate are kept at Windsor, a small library. I am trying to get in touch with CSA at present. However, I prefer to keep the papers in Wales, and the Miners’ Library would be ideal. I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005, and raised to the Gentry in 2008 as an Armiger or Squire. My coat of arms is on Being a Squire does not mean owning a large amount of land, it means the bearer of a coat of arms, Armiger in Latin, and by precedent of the Tudor era Jurist Sir Edward Coke, a member of the Gentry by letters patent, i. e. on merit. My entire family were coal miners, and I am a fluent first language Welsh speaker and U. S. dual citizen.

Antisymmetry for Forward Precession

July 21, 2017

As in proof of antisymmetry for the retrograde precession, I will make a simple first calculation by assuming a Newtonian potential in the first approximation, then work out the timelike part of the spin connection. Retrograde precession appears from the Euler Lagrange equation using the position vector bold r as the proper Lagrange variable. Forward precession appears from the same lagrangian using X and Y as the proper Lagrange variables. Here,

bold r = X bold i + Y bold j

This is a completely original and unexpected result, both in mathematics and in physics, one of the numerous discoveries of the AIAS / UPITEC Institute. The antisymmetry laws enter in to consideration when use is made of the complete field equations. The orbits must satisfy the complete ECE2 gravitational field equations as well as the Euler Lagrange equations (in fact discovered by Hamilton from his Principle of Least Action using the true Euler equation). Euler, Lagrange and Hamilton were three of the best mathematicians in the history of science.

Funding of AIAS / UPITEC

July 21, 2017

The Institute is well funded, partly funded by industry through organizations associated with individual Fellows. For example the Alex Hill environment ( has been well funded for about thirty years and has recently expanded into a venture partnership with a U.S. company. Douglas Lindstrom and Russ Davies work with a company in Florida, Magnetic Miles Llc., to develop pulsed LENR. Doug has recently made a business tour of China. Steve Bannister works in the Department of Economics, University of Utah and is able to make carefully selected funding applications in the limited time available to him from his other duties. All the Fellows raise their own salaries in one way or another. In view of the successful development of energy from spacetime circuits (UFT313, 321, 364, 382 and 383) it would be optimal in my opinion to coordinate work on Energy from Spacetime (ES) and Pulsed LENR. I have successfully raised my own funding since 1995. We are doing radically new work, of acknowledged importance and impact, so should be liberally funded by State Agencies and industry. I never pressurize the staff into fund raising, they raise funds at their own initiative and in their own time. It would be optimal to persuade the State of Utah to reopen its LENR initiative, and expand it into an ES / LENR initiative. Such an initiative could also proceed in other localities, such as Florida and Muenich, and also in a locality in Wales. The best way forward in my opinion is to just develop the circuits in a company and put them on the market. This would cut through the bureaucratic red tape. Magnetic Miles is already up and running and could expand into ES circuits. The circuits have been proven to be reproducible and repeatable in UFT364, the next stage is certification and patenting, then manufacture.

Donation of Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

To Librarian, Miners’ Library,

This is to follow up a telephone call today concerning the donation of original manuscripts to the Miners’ Library. They are currently held at 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 6RA. They are manuscripts produced after being appointed Civil List Pensioner in 2005 by the Head of State. My family were all coal miners so there is a connection with the Miners’ Library. The idea is to archive them in a safe environment open to the public.

Myron Evans,
Co President AIAS

Dr. M. W. Evans, Armiger (or Squire), Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)

Donation of Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

To Centre for Scientific Archives,
The Royal Library at Windsor has suggested that I archive my original manuscripts as Civil List Pensioner, appointed directly by the Head of State, to the Centre for Scientific Archives. I have sent a couple of e mails and telephoned 01793 814406 in the website of the CSA, but I cannot get a reply from this number over two or three days. The papers are valuable and are kept here at home in about a hundred folders. I phoned the Science Museum at 0333 241 4000 but apparently they do not have contact information for the CSA. My idea is to have the papers archived in a safe environment open to the public. As a Civil List Pensioner, I am employed directly by the Head of State, who would also wish for the papers to be kept in a safe environment. There is no space in the Royal Library at Windsor.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans
Co President AIAS,

Discussion of 384(2)

July 21, 2017

OK many thanks! This means that there is a factor of 4 in the denominator of Eq. (8), so everything is self consistent. I am now ready to extend the work to antisymmetry in forward precession.

Sent: 20/07/2017 21:31:05 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 384(2): Check of Concepts

The factor of 4 in eq.(15) has to be removed.


Am 20.07.2017 um 15:51 schrieb EMyrone:

This is a check of concepts used in UFT381 and in the preceding Note. The particular solution (5) and (8) is found to be rigorously self consistent.

Wind 16.07%, 1 – 30 mph, Wales 7 – 30 mph, 0717 local time

July 21, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph, (a mean speed of 17 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines), so a negligible amount of power is being produced by the Betws turbines, even in the middle of a windy front. The wind here never reaches the steady 20 – 40 mph needed for any kind of effective power generation from wind turbines. Solar is negligible at 2.17%, hydro has almost disappeared entirely at 0.05%. Nuclear is flat out and gas is approaching full capacity. It is a rainy morning so the solar panels dumped on Mawr are producing nothing at all. It is obvious that what is needed is tidal power combined with ES and LENR.

Daily Report 19/7/17

July 21, 2017

The equivalent of 89,626 printed pages was downloaded (326.776 megabytes) from 2,048 downloaded memory files and 433 distinct visits each averaging 3.1 memory pages and 5 minutes, top referrals total of 2,261,230, printed pages to hits ratio of 43.76, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 1462, Top ten 1122, Collected Evans Morris 627(est), Autobiography volumes one and two 424, Collected scientometrics 299, Barddoniaeth 224, Principles of ECE 150, F3(Sp) 97, CEFE 86, PECE 81, MJE 79, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 78, Evans Equations 62, Collected Proofs 57, CV 55, UFT88 50, Engineering Model 42, Llais 30, UFT311 28, SCI 26, 83Ref 22, PLENR 21, UFT321 19, ADD 10, ECE2 9, UFT313 14, UFT314 26, UFT315 28, UFT316 11, UFT317 17, UFT318 12, UFT319 23, UFT320 19, UFT322 21, UFT323 18, UFT324 25, UFT325 20, UFT326 15, UFT327 10, UFT328 14, UFT329 22, UFT330 15, UFT331 21, UFT332 25, UFT333 10, UFT334 19, UFT335 29, UFT336 19, UFT337 8, UFT338 14, UFT339 8, UFT340 13, UFT341 26, UFT342 10, UFT343 36, UFT344 22, UFT345 27, UFT346 31, UFT347 38, UFT348 29, UFT349 19, UFT351 21, UFT352 33, UFT353 21, UFT354 35, UFT355 18, UFT356 19, UFT357 34, UFT358 25, UFT359 27, UFT360 18, UFT361 15, UFT362 37, UFT363 32, UFT364 47, UFT365 17, UFT366 9, UFT367 21, UFT368 31, UFT369 15, UFT370 12, UFT371 9, UFT372 25, UFT373 10, UFT374 12, UFT375 6, UFT376 5, UFT377 10, UFT378 20, UFT379 25, UFT380 42, UFT381 6, UFT382 41, UFT383 55 to date in July 2017. EPH Electronics Switzerland MJE; General Electric Corporation ECE Article, general; Steinbuch Computer Centre Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Proofs from UFT99; The Institute of International Finance Hungary general; University of Minho Portugal UFT41; Pay Alliance Organization UFT380 – UFT383; University of Warwick O Level Section. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for July 2017.