All Out Effort to Stop Mynydd y Gwair

July 3, 2015

By googling “Greece wind turbines default” one finds that wind turbines are an economic catastrophe. I told you so years ago. A Reuters report of June 22nd 2015 shows that more than 2,500 turbines are to be cut in Britain. This is accompanied by an incredibly ugly photograph of a wind turbine farm on Mo^n (Anglesey) that ruins the landscape and kills very many birds. I wonder what R. S. Thomas would have thought of that. He was a keen protector of wildlife. About 250 wind turbine projects are to be scrapped. The Greek default threatens economic chaos and in my opinion is due in large part to a wildly stupid expenditure on wind turbines. One report of 27th Oct 2014 shows that turbines are at 90% of their advertized efficiency rate for only 17 hours a year! The advertized returns to investors of 20% a year have turned out to be about 2% at most and will soon turn into huge losses as subsidies are scrapped. Prokon wind turbine company is insolvent. The German Chancellor Merkel is coming under severe criticism from all sides for a severe over reliance on wind turbines, and Britain’s investment in turbines threatens to be a total loss. The great majority in Gw^yr or Gower is against turbines, including an almost unanimous cross party majority of M. P.’s, so as newly created Armiger in Glyn Tawe and Gower I urge all M. P.’s. A. M.’s and M. E. P.’s to try to force a referendum on Mynydd y Gwair in order to stop it. Coordinated radical, activist and protest groups in Wales advise me that they will protest strongly and permanently against wind turbines. This is a scene out of Kafka, an economic catastrophe that threatens another Great Depression. Wind turbines still generate only about 2.5% of the electricity needs across Britain. There may be a means of taking out a series of delaying legal injunctions against Mynydd y Gwair and a general strike and permanent boycott of turbines could be organized throughout Britain by the Trade Union Movement. That may persuade the Government to drop subsidies on all projects. I think that new legislation is needed to make it possible to drop subsidies on all wind turbine projects in Britain. It is now clearly known that carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, the reverse is true. So to save on carbon dioxide is meaningless. Researchers in Scotland have found a way of burning coal without any pollution, so the three hundred years of coal reserves in Britain as a whole can be used. There are huge coal reserves in Wales that are never used. Coal can be used for many purposes. At present anthracite has to be imported into Wales from Canada, which is economic madness. I am sitting on millions of tons of steam coal adjacent to a huge anthracite coal field in West Wales. It looks as if the soundly defeated Millibrand was responsible for the Labour Party’s slavish adherence to pseudoscience and I urge Labour and Plaid Cymru in Wales to reverse their wind turbine policies and in fact have all wind turbines removed from Wales. I was asked to be a Plaid Cymru scientific adviser by Cynog Dafis M. P. when I was at Cornell. Finally there is a fierce rural rebellion going on in Ireland against wind turbines. If all turbines were scrapped at developer expense it would save a lot of money in subsidies and create a lucrative scrapyard economy. Ocean based wind turbines just make the madness worse.

FOR POSTING : Manuscripts on ebay

July 3, 2015

There have been 223 viewings of the listing in just over a week. The starting price for bidders is five million pounds for a collection consisting of one hundred folders of original autograph manuscripts, (more than ten thousand pages of original autograph manuscript), but each original autograph manuscript folder is available at a starting price of £50,000 and can be bought individually. Christie’s New York office has described them as on this blog as being of obvious value to both science and literature. I am a contemporary Civil List Pensioner, so they will rapidly increase in value under the aegis of the Newlands Family Trustees over the legally defined Trust lifetime of 125 years. Thereafter the Trust will be renewed. I think that the present family trust is flexible enough to act as a charitable trust, but I will look in to establishing a charitable trust alongside the present trust to maximize tax efficiency. The Trustee solicitor is Peter Lynn and Partners, and they are vastly experienced, so will make the Trust as tax efficient as possible. The other three Trustees are Dr Gareth John Evans, my wife and myself. I plan to offer the autograph MSS for sale permanently on ebay, and will look in to appointing an expert agent who will be paid a commission to sell them in various ways. The ebay listing can be found on ID 151724247746, “Original Autograph Manuscripts of Myron Evans, Civil List Pensioner”. Proceeds will be invested in the Newlands Family Trust and used for a lot of good work on behalf of international avant garde science, and the Welsh language and culture of Wales, including the chapel culture and its conservation. The manuscripts can be viewed on, click on “UFT papers” on the home page, and then the blue link “notes UFT papers in progress” at the head of the paper listing. The entire collection has been taken by the British Library and National Library of Wales in digital format on To view the archives of go to my page “Myron Evans” from the home page of and scroll down to “Reference Links”. Click on the archive link to find twenty one quarterly archives of in the National Digital Collection of the countries of Britain. The autograph MSS are suitable for major libraries worldwide, rare mansucript collections, dealers, collectors, and so forth. They are varefully valued on the basis of the hyperbole defying impact they are making worldwide and by comparison with autograph MSS of previous Civil List Pensioners and other scientists. For example MSS by James Joyce were valued at eight million pounds in 2003, and would now be worth a lot more than that. James Joyce was Civil List Pensioner of the early twentieth century, and is of course the most influential novelist of the last century. A recently discovered seventeenth century autograph MS by Robert Hooke has been valued at a million pounds.

Graphics for 319(4): Photon mass from simplified light deflection

July 3, 2015

Many thanks for these graphics and a check of the algebra. This is how ECE2 describes light deflection by gravitation. ECE2 combined with x theory can describe everything that Einstein can explain to equal precision and using the correct geometry.

Sent: 03/07/2015 08:45:28 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Fwd: 319(4): Photon mass from simplified light deflection

I plottet the results of eqs. (30) and (34) for a single photon and a
statistical ensemble. The photon mass of a single photon grows linearly
on a double-logarithmic scale while it drops to zero for finite
temperatures. There is a plateau (constant limit) in the infrared.

In a second plot I varied v/c or the gamma factor, respectively, for
T=293 K. Obviously the results are not very sensitive to this. Only in
the ultrarelativistic limit the photon mass drops significantly.


319(5): The Newtonian Limit of ECE2

July 3, 2015

This note gives the Newtonian limit of ECE2, summarized on page 8. After checking the algebra by computer I think it can be entered into the Engineering Model if Horst agrees. Inter alia, this note generalizes the Newtonian theory and gives the reason for Newtonian universal gravitation in terms of Cartan geometry, the tetrad and spin connection four vectors defined by Eqs. (45), (47) and (53). The starting point is the equivalence principle (10) of generally covariant unified field theory, which is obtained immediately from the antisymmetry law of ECE2. Eqs. (48) and (49) reduces it to the Newtonian equivalence principle and explains the latter by Cartan geometry. It is well known that Newton did not attempt to explain gravity, and in his letters to Bentley very clearly and forcefully wrote that he did not know what it was. The inverse square law was first inferred by Robert Hooke, who gave the solution to Newton. The latter’s important contribution was to prove that the Hooke inverse square law gives an elliptical orbit, or as shown much later by Bernoulli, a conical section orbit. Einstein explained that gravitation is geometry, but Einstein incorrectly omitted torsion. ECE and ECE2 can explain all that Einstein can explain, to the same precision, and ECE and ECE2 are preferred to Einstein because the latter theories are geometrically correct whereas Einstein is incorrect due to omission of torsion. ECE and ECE2 are also preferred because they can explain the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy by Cartan geometry, whereas both Einstein and Newton fail completely to explain the velocity curve (UFT281). This is van der Merwe’s “Post Einsteinian Paradigm Shift” – the acclaimed modernist avant garde physics of the twenty first century, ECE and ECE2. Finally the whole of this note can be transferred to electrostatics, generalizing the Coulomb law. The latter is the most precise law in physics, so defines the tetrad and spin connection to very high precision. The equivalence principle of Newton has also been tested experimentally to great precision. So the ECE2 antisymmetry law and equivalence principle has also been tested to great precision in its Newtonian limit by various experiments over four hundred years. ECE2 also shows that there exists a very precise equivalence principle in electrodynamics, which is part of the ECE2 generally covariant unified field theory, having the same structure exactly as gravitation. The weak and strong nuclear field equations also have the same structures as the field equations of electrodynamics and gravitation. a319thpapernotes5.pdf

Independent Comment on UFT311

July 3, 2015

Many thanks for this comment, much appreciated. In my opinion this is an important circuit and UFT311 an important paper that demonstrates precisely the existence of the spin connection. So congratulations to all concerned.

In a message dated 02/07/2015 18:51:50 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

My wife found the site below. Looks interesting.;topicseen


FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT318

July 3, 2015

Many thanks again, I am forwarding it for posting by Dave Burleigh.

Sent: 02/07/2015 17:37:02 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT318

Here with typo correction in the title.

Am 28.06.2015 um 06:54 schrieb EMyrone:

This is an excellent section as usual and co author Horst Eckardt introduces the condition needed to obtain an Euler Bernoulli resonance structure and graphs the results from the model. This is one of the first applications of the ECE2 theory. There is only one small typo it should be “Aharonov” in the heading.

To: Emyrone
Sent: 27/06/2015 14:49:01 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Paper 318,3

This is part 3 of the paper with some model calculations.



Discussion of 319(4)

July 3, 2015

Many thanks for going though the note, important work as usual. The graphs will be very interesting.

Sent: 02/07/2015 17:32:28 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 319(4): A Simplified Calculation of Light Deflection

The calculations are o.k. I can do some graphs of eq.(34) tomorrow.


Am 01.07.2015 um 13:55 schrieb EMyrone:

This is a simplified calculation of light deflection in ECE2 theory based on the fact that its general covariance is a quasi Lorentz covariance, so its metric is a quasi Minkowski metric (4). The final result is that the experimentally observed light deflection is given by v = c / 2, giving a Lorentz factor of 0.707 at closest approach in a hyperbolic orbit. If the light beam is considered to be an ensemble of Planck oscillators with average energy (33) the photon mass is given by Eq. (34), which can be graphed for various omega and T using gamma = 0.707.

Relativistic Momentum and Superluminal Motion

July 3, 2015

It would be interesting to tie in these remarks with tachyon theory of the Recami variety. From first considerations the relativistic momentum is p = gamma m v, so gamma = p / (mv) = 1 – (v/c) squared. So (v / c) squared = 1 – p / (mv). For superluminal motion v > c, so 1 > p / mv), mv > p.

Sent: 02/07/2015 08:45:05 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Discussion of 319(4)

In the modern version of special relativity, the relativistic effects (gamma factor) are not attributed to the mass but to the momentum. So there are at least two possibilities for obtaining superluminal motion: reduce (static) mass to zero or momentum to zero.


Am 02.07.2015 um 07:11 schrieb EMyrone:

These are interesting questions by Sean MacLachlan and I will look in to them with ECE2. In ECE2 it is possible that g be zero, and the structure of the theory, which I call quasi Lorentz covariance, means that its metric is a quasi Minkowski metric so the theory of notes for UFT319 can be applied. The equations of gravitation look like Maxwell Heaviside (MH) equations written in a space in which torsion and curvature are always non zero. The Minkowski type analysis means that the upper limit of velocity is c, but the conditions for superluminal signalling are given in UFT166. There is an exact electrodynamical equivalent of the gravitational theory of UFT319 and that can be applied to a photon. The usual approach to superluminal theory is tachyon theory, developed mainly by Recami et al. and reviewed in the classic “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, second edition (2001), available in any good library and still selling after twenty years since the first edition published in 1992. Recently CERN claimed to have observed superluminal motion but that turned out to be yet another expensive experimental artifact. Einsteinian general relativity has been refuted completely, so there are no wormholes, no big bang, no black holes and all solutions of the Einstein field equation are meaningless in physics because they all omit torsion. The Einstein field equation is geometrically incorrect and Stephen Crothers and many others has shown for a century that many of the methods of solution of that incorrect equation are also incorrect. Entanglement theory can be developed along the lines of the Aharonov Bohm effects and phase theory, for example as in UFT9. The vacuum theory of ECE is developed in UFT291 – UFT299, the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers currently being read several thousand times a year. There is also a vacuum ECE2 of course. The general public is fed a diet of propaganda but know nothing at all about relativity and very little about physics. The teaching of mathematics and physics is so poor and dogmatic that most members of the general public shy away from the subjects early at school. Most people shy away from mathematics all their lives – the well known “maths phobia”. I have no idea why people watch this tedious dogmatic propaganda, of which they can understand nothing. However we no know that millions (literally) have intensively studied ECE and ECE2 for years in private. So they all know that the TV is not worth looking at. I recommend baseball or cricket in summertime rather than the Gospel according to Standard Physics, the archetypical idol of the cave.

To: EMyrone
Sent: 01/07/2015 19:45:17 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 319(4): A Simplified Calculation of Light Deflection

I was wondering now that we know the photon has mass. Can a particle have mass with zero g and travel faster than c on its own with out a machine altering electrogravity? Perhaps there is an unrecognized particle or version of a photon that is superluminal and may be involved in entanglement?


On Jul 1, 2015, at 5:55 AM, EMyrone wrote:

This is a simplified calculation of light deflection in ECE2 theory based on the fact that its general covariance is a quasi Lorentz covariance, so its metric is a quasi Minkowski metric (4). The final result is that the experimentally observed light deflection is given by v = c / 2, giving a Lorentz factor of 0.707 at closest approach in a hyperbolic orbit. If the light beam is considered to be an ensemble of Planck oscillators with average energy (33) the photon mass is given by Eq. (34), which can be graphed for various omega and T using gamma = 0.707.


FOR POSTING: Cover Proof of “Barddoniaeth, Collected Poetry”

July 2, 2015

If possible this should be posted in the blue box before or after the book of poetry. Many thanks in anticipation.


Continuing with UFT319

July 2, 2015

I have solved the set of equations completely in the Newtonian limit, and the next stage is to look at comments by co author Horst Eckardt on UFT319(4), then I will write up Note 319(5) on the complete Newtonian solution, then proceed to non Newtonian solutions, notably the zero g solution. The starting point is the generalized equivalence principle given by antisymmetry in ECE2 theory.


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