340(3): Other Aspects of the Lamb Shift Due to Momentum of the Vacuum Particle

February 12, 2016

These are some more results, strictly speaking this is an entirely new effect of the vacuum on spectra, due to the momentum of the vacuum particle. The traditional Lamb shift theory can also be pursued with vacuum scalar potential, but without using a vacuum electric field.


Response to Announcement of Gravity Waves

February 12, 2016

Yes I have posted two responses on the blog of www.aias.us. There is considerable scholarly doubt about the experimental validity of these claims, these doubts are ably summarized by Stephen Crothers and other scholars of integrity. Data from a single experiment do not amount to Baconian science, the findings must be tested in another laboratory. The wild expense prohibits this and the same is true of CERN. Even if the data were reproducible and repeatable they do not constitute evidence for the Einstein theory of gravitation. By now it is overwhelmingly accepted among avant garde professionals worldwide that the Einstein theory is fatally flawed by its omission of torsion. I have proven that omission of torsion means that gravitation vanishes entirely. The relevant papers and proofs have been heavily studied for years in all the best universities, notably UFT88, UFT99, UFT109, UFT313 and the definitive proofs. There are many other definitive criticisms of the Einstein theory in the UFT papers. The propagandists try to ignore everything, and seem to use their captive media as if they have the monopoly of wisdom. Not any more, the opposition on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org is well organized and archived on the Wayback Machine, www.archive.org, in real time. The opposition can no longer be buried. In my opinion, public funding of such incorrect and tedious fantasies should stop and be transferred into new energy research.

In a message dated 12/02/2016 07:29:31 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Professor Myron.
Have you a response to the news of gravity waves?

Best regards.
Clynton Allen.

Agreed with Criticism by Steve Crothers

February 12, 2016

All these concepts are immediately negated by the fact that they ignore torsion. This is very well known now among real professionals because the opposition to this media propaganda is well organized and permanently archived. The funding of these luxurious and boring fantasies should be stopped and used for major breakthroughs in energy research such as the one by Osamu Ide just announced on this blog.

Sent: 12/02/2016 06:09:33 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Fw: Tim Dean's (The Conversation) report on Gravitational Waves

On Friday, 12 February 2016, 14:48, Stephen Crothers <thenarmis@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Readers,

The latest report on LIGO’s ‘discovery’ of Einstein gravitational waves is no more connected to reality than the fictitious black hole:

Crothers, S.J., The Painlevé-Gullstrand ‘Extension’ – A Black Hole Fallacy, American Journal of Modern Physics, 5, Issue 1-1 , February 2016, Pages:33-39, http://vixra.org/pdf/1512.0089v1.pdf

no more real than the fictitious Cosmic Microwave Background:

Robitaille P.-M., WMAP: A Radiological Analysis, Progress in Physics, v.1, pp.3-18, (2007),


Robitaille P.-M., COBE: A Radiological Analysis, Progress in Physics, v.4, pp.17-42, (2009),


no more real than the fictitious gaseous Sun:

Robitaille P.-M., Forty Lines of Evidence for Condensed Matter — The Sun on Trial: Liquid Metallic Hydrogen as a Solar Building Block, Progress in Physics, v.4, pp.90-142, 2013, http://www.ptep-online.com/index_files/2013/PP-35-16.PDF

and no more real than the fictitious Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission:

Robitaille, P.-M., Crothers, S. J., “The Theory of Heat Radiation” Revisited: A Commentary on the Validity of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission and Max Planck’s Claim of Universality, Progress in Physics, v. 11, p.120-132, (2015),

Those who believe in ghosts and goblins see them lurking in the shadows and assign their action to what they don’t understand. Cosmologists likewise see their beliefs lurking in their shadows and assign the action of their beliefs to what they don’t understand.

Mass-media induced mass-hysteria over ghosts and goblins, holes and bangs, Einstein gravitational waves, Higgs bosons and higgsinos, CMB, etc. does not constitute science. The BICEP2 report was also surrounded with similar hysterical scientists and mass-media induced mass-hysteria. That science is now done but mass media hysteria is a symptom of its decay, not a sign of achievement. Rational thought no longer prevails.

We now await Hawking et al to announce their contact with the aliens:


They must be out there too; after all, the scientists have a journal for them: The International Journal of Astrobiology, published by Cambridge University, Mr. Hawking’s learned school.

Stephen J. Crothers

Kilowatt Ide Generator and Domestic Generators from Spacetime

February 12, 2016

Many congratulations! This breakthrough is of an importance that cannot be overemphasized, and may well pull humankind back from the brink, caused by its vast overconsumption of fuel. This device verifies ECE and ECE2 in complete detail, so these theories can be used to design yet more powerful devices. This is the first time that spacetime device engineering has passed the test of Baconian science. This is a new industrial revolution, and canny investors can get in the lift or elevator. I recommend an immediate international effort to fund this work. It would be very interesting to apply ECE and ECE2 to these results, by tuning the spin connection as in UFT311 and UFT321.

cc Prime Minister’s Office,
Gower Constituency M. P. and main opposition party

 12/02/2016 04:49:46 GMT Standard Time
Subj: The experiment of KW generator

Dear Dr. Evans,

I have succeeded the experiment to show that it is possible to make more than 10 KW generator by the small transformer of just to be on the hand in 11th February.

The results of the test show that the magnetic energy of 1.654(J) was induced by the static energy of 0.178(J) in the transient moment of 10 micro sec.

If it is repeated in every 50 micro sec it might be estimated to generate the power of 33.08 KW by the small transformer made of silicon steel.

Then the input power is 3.56 KW. I used 6 KV DC power source of Tesla Coil for the test.

I also tested by 4 KV power source.

The result shows 16.3 KW power output could be generated by 1.723 KW input power.

The test was repeated so many times that the data was almost averaged value.

These are clear replications of UFT311 and my ACS papers in the different condition.

Because every cases show the input current acceleration to the transformer by the 3rd positive EMF.

The input current is beyond more than 3 times of the ordinary theoretical calculated value.

I suppose Nicola Tesla should noticed this phenomenon. But he had no means and devices to measure the very high speed transient phenomenon.

I could be able to design no input generator of several KW to be practical for the generator of house and EV.

However I need to get the electrical switching elements as identical as using in Shinkansen for motor controlling.

I will try to prepare a brief report of this experiment.


Osamu Ide

Daily Report 10/2/16

February 12, 2016

The equivalent of 160,233 printed pages was downloaded during the day (584.211 megabytes) from 3073 downloaded memory files and 714 distinct visits each averaging 3.4 memory pages and 14 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 52.14 for the day, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 623, Top ten items 595, Collected scientometrics 231(est), Barddoniaeth / Collected poetry 167, Principles of ECE 143, F3(Sp) 121, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 110, Autobiography volumes one and two 101, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 75, UFT88 50, Engineering Model 41, CEFE 32, Evans Equations 28, Llais 28, UFT321 27, UFT311 26, Self charging inverter 22, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 13, Three world records by MWE 11, Prolific authors 10, UFT313 21, UFT314 17, UFT315 17, UFT316 25, UFT317 24, UFT318 27, UFT319 26, UFT320 20, UFT322 17, UFT323 14, UFT324 23, UFT325 28, UFT326 22, UFT327 17, UFT328 54, UFT329 21, UFT330 24, UFT331 24, UFT332 22, UFT333 23, UFT334 33, UFT335 29, UFT336 34, UFT337 24, UFT338 31, UFT339 10 to date in February 2016. University of Innsbruck UFT175; University of Montreal “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”; Physics University of Basel Autobiography, home page, my page, poetry, CV, historical source documents, Proofs 1 and 5 that zero torsion means the disappearance of gravitation; National University of Colombia Medellin UFT166; Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Laboratory, Technical University Darmstadt extensive, home page; Institute for Ophthalmic Research University of Tuebingen, Criticism of ‘t Hooft; University of Pennsylvania UFT235; United States Naval Academy UFT291; University of Mulhouse Levitron; Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa UFT217; World Wide Web Consortium general; Edu system Pakistan UFT35; University of Cambridge Essay 104 “The Three Dimensional Binet Equation”; University of Edinburgh UFT139, UFT156, UFT168, ECE Article; University of Oxford UFT166. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2016.

Continuing with the Lamb Shift Calcuation

February 11, 2016

I will continue with this shortly and put numbers to the result.

340(2): Calculation of the Lamb Shift

February 11, 2016

This is the calculation of the Lamb shift.


Two Important Recent Advances

February 11, 2016

The most important advance in the fourteen year history of www.aias.us is the one made last month by Dave Burleigh in making it visible on the Wayback Machine of the San Francisco Internet Archives, www.archive.org. This means that www.aias.us and its blog are now archived permanently in real time, i.e. as soon as anything is posted it is archived immediately and permanently. The second important advance is the calibration factor between an A4 single spaced, twelve point font, printed page and bytes of storage. One such page is 3.646 kilobytes. This allows all to see the vast amount of interest in combined sites, www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, both archived and visible on the Wayback Machine. This could be of the order of thousand million printed pages in fourteen years. The other two relevant sites are also archived: www.atomicprecision.com and www.et3m.net. So AIAS and UPITEC are as powerful as anything in physics , including Wikipedia. Some years ago, the latter posted deeply offensive defamation about AIAS and UPITEC, but this bitter personal animosity has had no effect, and will never have any effect, and in the past year I can see from the scientometrics that all interest in Wikipedia’s grotesque distortion has disappeared entirely. There should be a Government enquiry into Wikipedia.

cc Prime Minister’s Office, M. P. Gower

Queries from William Fleming on our genealogical research on the Scottish…

February 11, 2016

Thanks again, Vivienne’s e mail address is here. Her colleagues and herself did almost all the work in tracing back the Newlands line to Scotland and I am sure that further important discoveries can be made by cooperative research and use of DNA. She wishes to explain to you the reasoning behind the possible link to Sir Alexander Fleming, who alleviated a huge amount of suffering as you know, together with those at Oxford who synthesized penicillin. That is what I call science. In my opinion the question of a link to Sir Alexander Fleming can be settled by DNA. It is an excellent idea to have a centralized Registry House. I agree about the need for accurate genealogy, with documents for each generation. All the genealogy on www.aias.us is backed up by documentation for every generation, and by use of the well known ancient British genealogies. My genealogy is frequently used as a consulting source by people in up to 182 countries, and I have received help from many excellent genealogists, notably Stuart Davies, Dewi Lewis, Arthur Turner-Thomas, Vivienne Swaby and William Bortrick. I am very interested in your excellent work, and in particular, tracing back the Somerville line from the ancestor of Vivenne and myself, Alexander Somerville, to link up perhaps with Somerville ancestors of the nineteenth century Civil List Pensioner, Mary Fairfax Somerville, known as “The Queen of Science”. Laplace described her as being one of the very few people who really understood his work, “Celestial Mechanics”. All this genealogical work is visible on www.aias.us , which is permanently archived on the Wayback Machine, www.archive.org, and in the National Library of Wales / British Library, www.webarchive.org.uk. Every year a lot of valuable material is lost: thrown away, or lost or stolen from libraries, chapels and churches destroyed, libraries closed and so on. Once it is on the Wayback Machine it is safe from loss.

In a message dated 10/02/2016 14:54:45 GMT Standard Time,  writes:

Hello Myron, The only emails that I have received are the ones that have come from you. I have not received any emails direct from Vivienne and do not have an email address to send one direct. Some of your emails have been follow ons from ones that you have received from Vivienne, but they all concern your family tree and do not make mention of the Fleming part (Hawkwood and Sir Alexander) that I am querying. Most of my research is done in Register House in Edinburgh where all the Scottish records are kept. I am always a bit wary of what is on the internet because there are a lot of assumptions being made with no actual proof in some cases.

 Queries from William Fleming on our genealogical research on the Scottish…

Fascinating research! I think that the answers were sent and I forwarded them to you.

In a message dated 10/02/2016 14:18:54 GMT Standard Time writes:

Hello Myron.

If William has any queries for me then please could he email them directly to me? I will answer them.

I sent him 2 emails last week on the subject (that you were copied in on) but I have not, to date, received any acknowledgement or reply. So I don’t even know if he has received them.

Best wishes. Vivienne

Discussion of 340(1)

February 11, 2016

Agreed, this will need the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of vacuum particles.

Sent: 10/02/2016 14:53:18 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Discussion of 340(1)

ok, there had to be a method of determining N.


Am 10.02.2016 um 15:24 schrieb EMyrone:

I think that this is N particle model is an improvement, and can be incorporated in future theories. I have just finished the Lamb shift calculation and a classical vacuum p produces the Lamb shift in the fine structure of the H atom. Each energy level of the H atom fine structure is affected by the vacuum particle momentum in a way that depends on J, L and S of the energy level and on <1 / r cubed> of the energy level. I will send over details tomorrow.

To: EMyrone
Sent: 10/02/2016 13:50:39 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: 340(1): Explanation of the g Factor and Lamb Shift with the Vacuum Particle

Eq.(6) means that the vacuum potential is mediated by a single vacuum mass. In my suggestion it is more realistic to assume an interaction of N vacuum particles with an electron, so the vacuum energy and mass of a single vacuum particle would be

E_vac1 –> hbar omega_1/N
m_vac1 –> m_vac/N.

This could possibly explain the different g factors of different elementary particles.

The modified angular momentum (26) is a good explanation of the Lamb shift. Would a constant bold p1 already be sufficient to explain this?


Am 08.02.2016 um 13:25 schrieb EMyrone:

This note gives a combined theory of the g factor and Lamb shift with the vacuum particle theory. It is shown that the anomalous g factor of the electron is

g = 1 + H / mc squared

where H is the relativistic hamiltonian, a constant of motion. The Dirac g factor of two is obtained with the Dirac approximation, H =? m c squared. The Dirac approximation is incorrect as argued in recent ECE2 papers. The Lamb shift is explained through the fact that orbitals of the H atom are affected by the momentum of the vacuum particle. In S orbitals there is no angular momentum. So the P orbitals are affected and the S orbitals are not, giving the Lamb shift. The magnitude of the Lamb shift is given by the effective momentum of the incoming vacuum particle. This theory will be developed in the next note.


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