First Day of Retirement

May 27, 2015

This is the first day of “official” retirement and I look forward to years of work instead of having to do a career. The latter was always a profound distraction – a committee is the enemy of the thinking classes. The work of AIAS and myself is spectacularly influential and that is profoundly pleasing. For the first time in history we have scientometrics that show that our work at AIAS will continue to be spectacularly influential for the foreseeable future. Whatever the standard model teaches it won’t be believed. About eight more copies of the two latest books will arrive soon, one copy each have already been donated to Swansea Central Library, the other copies will be kept here and gradually used to maximum effect. AIAS publishing is orders of magnitude more powerful than book publishing. The AIAS school of thought is fully independent and flourishing. It has its own publishing system and challenges every aspect of the standard physics. In my case there can never be retirement unless I stop thinking, and that is impossible. My work up to official retirement yesterday is summarized in the attached. An original thinker is bound to get a lot of very rough treatment, and you have to be like Tommy Farr, the harder you hit him the more he grinned. Hopefully I can no longer be starved into submission unless they forget to pay my pensions. Having been a track athlete and road runner for thirty years daily I am fortunately in good condition despite assorted crackpots doing their best to be less than witty. The arguments of ECE are vulgar, and often convincing. At 65 I am more or less the same as at 18 when I started university, I use the same methods, which were taught to me at the Grammar School – too many notes. The difference is vast experience and much better scientific and literary skills. This is because I have not been distracted into sitting on committees all day every day. Most careerists stop thinking when they get tenure, or as my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies used to say, “retire early”.


Checking Note 316(1)

May 27, 2015

Many thanks to Dr. Doug Lindstrom for going through this note. The checking is very important work. It makes it virtually impossible for genuine scientists to criticize the technique of ECE theory.

1) I would say that the Kronecker delta is defined as in Carroll’s chapter three as:

delta sup a sub b = q sup a sub mu q sup mu sub a

in terms of tetrads and not unit vectors. This is Carroll’s equation (3.116) of his online notes, google “Carroll online notes”. In note 316(3) I further developed the method and replaced the unit vector by epsilon defined in Note 316(3).

2) Agreed, I came to this same conclusion in Note 316(2), Eq. (22), giving:

B = curl W

However as shown in Note 316(2) the nonlinear terms do not vanish from the electric field, as in eq. (24) of Note 316(2).

Note 316(3) is a comprehensive check on self consistency of the new method of removing tangent indices for complex circular coordinates.

In a message dated 26/05/2015 17:00:54 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

‚ÄčIn Horst’s absence, I’ve been verifying the 316 notes.

For 316(1)
-equation (15) – can we write instead
F sub mu sub nu = F sup a sub b sub mu sub nu delta sup b sub a

In form notation, does not the omega wedge term become

(omega sup a sub c ^ omega sup c sub b) e sup b e sub a = omega sub c ^ omega sup c

Doesn’t this vanish for a Minkowski metric, thereby removing the non-linear term from the curvature?

If so, rest of note is mute.


Daily Reports 22-25 May 2015

May 27, 2015

There were respectively 2019, 2491, 2149 and 2436 files downloaded from 382, 341, 380 and 443 study sessions over the weekend and Bank Holiday. Main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 392, Scientometrics 348, F3(Sp) 256, Auto1 252, Auto2 79, UFT88 230, Definitive proofs that zero torsion means no Einsteinian gravitation 182, Engineering Model 130, Eckart Lindstrom papers 123, Principles of ECE 116, Evans Equations 102 (numerous Spanish), UFT311 73, UFT313 66, CEFE 58, Englynion (second book of poetry) 55, Llais 52, UFT314 37, UFT315 24, Autobiography Sonnets 24 (first book of poetry) to date in May 2015. Association of the Public Ministry of the State of Bahia Brazil general; Purdue University AIAS staff; University of Oregon UFT28; University of Helsinki UFT116; University of Franche-Comte Academy of Besancon France general; University of Otago New Zealand UFT99; City of Saransk Russia Home Page; City of Tomsk Russian Federation Home page; University of Edinburgh Scotland UFT143, 140, 167, 144, 141, 167, Spacetime Devices and general, intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for May 2015.

Problems in Mawr

May 26, 2015

Mr. Byron Davies, M. P., Westminster London, Dear Mr. Davies OPEN LETTER I am writing as fluent Welsh speaker born in this house in Mawr in 1950, Civil List Pensioner 2005, raised to the Royal Section of the Gentry in 2008 on merit and by recently discovered descent from the Royal House of Dynefor, the Tudor House. I am a descendant of Gruffudd Gwyr, Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower. I am a U. S. dual citizen and therefore an observer in the General Election. As Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas I would like to try to obtain cross party agreement in so far as is possible on the numerous and severe problems of Mawr, and on the issue of trolling. I have corresponded with the Police Commissioner, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, on this issue. I will copy this to you by letter to the House of Commons. I have also discussed the problems of Mawr with Elizabeth Evans, who essentially tied with you in the General Election. I think that all the main parties of relevance to Mawr are agreed in the following. 1) I have opposed wind turbines in Mawr for more than twenty years and press for the demolition of the Betws development and prohibition of the Mynydd y Gwair development. I press for Gower referenda which would overwhelmingly support my views and also those of yourself, the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru in Mawr. These wind turbines are scientifically useless (please refer to my blog on 2) I press for compulsory Welsh language education in Mawr and throughout Wales from age about three to about seventeen and for fluent knowledge of Welsh throughout the population. The language has almost disappeared in Mawr in less than sixty years, and it should be a Bro Iaith where every effort is made to educate all in the language. A Bro Iaith is a language nest in which everyone speaks Welsh naturally. There should be no pressures on Welsh speakers to speak English, this is wholly illegal and deeply offensive to the older population who find themselves isolated by language loss. A hundred years ago no one spoke English in Mawr. UNESCO has warned repeatedly about the extinction of Welsh as a spoken language. In my family we spoke no English, so I do not like being forced to speak that language because no one can speak Welsh, and no one has ever succeeded in forcing me. 3) Elimination of all motor vehicles trespassing on Gelliwastad by sealing off the entire ecology to all except walkers. These commit felonies such as public nuisance. All motor vehicles are already banned by law from Gelliwastad. I fought bike, four wheeler and horse vandals personally for eight years, frequently in dangerous circumstances, receiving much gutter abuse and some physical damage, and have worked with the police on this matter for years. As a former policeman I am sure you would like to see law and order in Mawr. Heavy penalties for bike vandals, and a complete ban on motor bikes of the type used by them. They have no licence plates, no insurance, no tax. Stables that allow trespass to be closed down by the Government and fined. Imprisonment for the felony of arson of all kinds in Mawr, ecological and vehicular arson. 4) A ban on horse riders throughout Mawr, they have ruined the Geliwastad ecology completely by trespassing off the bridle path. Please see numerous photographs of the damage on my blog. Closure of bridle paths throughout Mawr, with access to walkers only, prohibition of horse traffic on the roads of Mawr and confinement of horse riding to private land. The horses foul and block roads, disrupt traffic on narrow roads, and damage roads used as bridle paths. 5) Nationalization of the Somerset Trust and all lands owned by absentee landlords in Wales. The Somerset Trust has allowed the ecology of Gelliwastad to be ruined completely. It has acted in an entirely irresponsible way for several hundred years, and ultimate blame must rest on the shoulders of my distant cousin the Duke of Beaufort. He would also be responsible for the devastation of the ecology by wind turbines if he gets his way on the most beautiful Mynydd y Gwair that I have known since childhood. Mawr descends intellectually from the Commonwealth, there are no churches, only nonconformist chapels with an unchanged Republican tradition since 1649 (Baptists, Independents, Trinitarians, all Welsh speaking). It is entirely different from Swansea. 6) Double yellow lines on all roads throughout Mawr as urgently requested by the police many many times. I have also made numerous requests for double yellow lines, all to no effect. 7) Reform of the law on trespass to make it a criminal offence. At present neither the Councils nor the police are empowered to clamp and impound trespassing vehicles, so trespassers are allowed to commit public nuisance and obstruction, both are felonies, and trespass, a tort. Trespass accompanied by threats is a felony as you know, and in this case the police are empowered to impound the vehicles and make arrests. These vehicles should be impounded and habitual trespassers fined or imprisoned. 8) A ban on wholly illegal pavement parking throughout Mawr, increased kerb levels, bollards and other devices to physically stop people parking on pavements. In Mawr it drives the elderly, disabled and very young out on to narrow roads into the path of heavy speeding vehicles, so a fatality is likely. We need traffic wardens, speed regulators and so on. 9) Very soon cars will have to be rationed throughout Europe along with fuel, so I advocate the rationing of cars in Mawr, (one to each family), and restriction on the size of cars. The coal miners got along very well without them, and I come from a poor coal mining family, although descended from the Princes of Wales and the Normans. 10) A complete ban on all future housing development in Mawr. Any further monoglot influx will result in the complete destruction of the language and once brilliant Welsh language culture of Mawr. Overdevelopment has almost destroyed all that is best about Wales. A ban on the indiscriminate sale of houses, a ban on monoglot immigration to Broydd Iaith, many other reforms that are needed as a matter of emergency if we are to keep our language alive. This must be above party politics. The essence of a Nation is being destroyed. 11) On the issue of trolling , threats and personal intimidation I will e mail you separately, and enclose both e mails in a letter to you at the Commons. 12) Last but not least, sweeping electoral reform, and complete independence for Wales and Scotland. A suspension of the Mawr Community Council for numerous accounts irregularities, and a criminal investigation of these irregularities. Cyfarchion Myron Evans Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales) President Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS) Thirty Two Editions of Marquis Who’s Who in America, the World, Science and Engineering, Royal Section, “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” (2012), Nobel and Wolf Prize Nominee, numerous other nominations, honours and awards, U. S. Dual Citizen. 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Mawr, Gower Constituency

316(3): Details of Reducing the Two Index to One Index Potential

May 26, 2015

This note gives all the algebraic details of the procedure for reducing the two index potential of ECE theory, A sup a sub mu, to a one index potential A sup a or A sub mu. So ECE reduces precisely to the format of the Maxwell Heaviside equations but within the context of a generally covariant unified field theory with finite torsion and curvature. Electromagnetism becomes part of a generally covariant unified field theory, ECE theory. This note checks the assumptions made in Notes 316(1) and 316(2).


316(2) : Vector Formulation of the JCE Identity

May 25, 2015

This is given in Eq. (5) in general, and the tangent space indices are removed using Eqs. (7) and (8) to give Eq. (10). This is translated into electrodynamics using Eq. (11) to give the magnetic monopole equation (12). The magnetic monopole vanishes if and only if Eq. (13) is true. The spin curvature vector is defined in Eq. (14), following UFT254 and UFT255, and the orbital curvature vector in Eq. (15). These are translated into new field potential equations (22) and (24). The magnetic flux potential is defined in Eq. (22).


The Fundamental Identities of Geometry and ECE Theory

May 25, 2015

A mathematical identity is an equation in which one side is identically the same as the other. These played a basic role in the development of Riemann geometry and the now obsolete Einsteinian general relativity. It is important to note that the identities apply to all geometries, in any space of any dimension. The first of them appears to have been discovered but not published by Ricci in 1880 at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. However they were rediscovered and published by Bianchi in 1902. If Levi-Civita is correct, and they were indeed inferred by Ricci in 1880, the Riemann curvature tensor must have been known as early as 1880, and finally published by Ricci and Levi-Civita in about 1900. Riemann himself inferred the metric. The connection was inferred later by Christoffel. In the early nineteen twenties Cartan showed that first Bianchi identity of 1902 is incorrect. The first Bianchi identity in the minimalist notation of ECE theory is R ^ q = 0, but the correct Cartan identity is D ^ T := R ^ q. I have given a detailed proof of this exact identity in various ECE papers. The definitive proofs on show that if T = 0 is assumed, then it follows that R = 0, so the Einstein theory is trivially incorrect because it is based on R ^ q = 0, an incorrect equation. The proofs have been read about seven thousand times since 2011 without any valid objection. The second Bianchi identity of 1902 was a development of the first Bianchi identity and the second Bianchi identity is therefore incorrect. It follows that the Einstein field equation of 1915 is trivially incorrect because it is based directly on the second Bianchi identity. The classic UFT88 was the first attempt to correct the second Bianchi identity for torsion. It has been read many thousands of times without any valid objection and is frequently read in top ranking universities, including Scuola Normale Superiore. It was developed with the commutator method in UFT99, and in UFT112 the Evans torsion identity of all geometry was discovered. This is an exact and correct identity valid in any space of any dimension. There is an equivalent of the Evans identity for curvature, and I should work this out one day. In early ECE papers I discovered the Cartan Evans identity D ^ T tilde := R tilde ^ q, where tilde denotes Hodge duality. The Cartan Evans identity is valid in four dimensions only. The 1902 derivation of the second Bianchi identity is highly non trivial (not an exercise to be “left to the student”). It needs the little known Ricci identity, an example in contemporary terms of the covariant derivative of a higher order tensor. So the Ricci identity must also have been inferred in about 1880 by Ricci. In UFT255 I made the first attempt to develop the identities finally discovered from the Jacobi identity in UFT313, an intricate paper which nonetheless is being read at the rate of about a thousand times a year, despite its complexity. The Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity is the second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion and is a fundamentally new identity of geometry valid in all spaces and all dimensions. It is a rigorously correct identity of all geometry, a kind of new Pythagoras Theorem, metaphorically writing. It was developed in vector format in UFT314 and UFT315 and immediately led to curvature based ECE theory. The JCE identity should be regarded as the final form of UFT88. The derivation of the JCE identity from the Jacobi identity in UFT313 is again highly non trivial, and the derivation has the important result of giving the Evans identity of UFT112 automatically. Therefore in summary, ECE general relativity is the correct way of developing Einsteinian general relativity. The first and second Bianchi identities of 1902 (first inferred by Ricci in 1880 according to his student Levi CIvita) are replaced by the Cartan identity and JCE identity respectively. These give rise respectively to torsion and curvature based generally covariant unified field theories. These are the only valid unified field theories, the standard model, being riddled with errors, is obsolete and meaningless.

Continuing with Notes for UFT316

May 25, 2015

Note 316(1) introduced a simple way of removing the tangent indices from ECE theory, leaving a two index electromagnetic field tensor that has the same format as that of Maxwell Heaviside (MH) theory, and giving equations that have the same format as MH theory. However the spin connection is present in the equations and the electric and magnetic charge current densities are defined geometrically. So the next stages are to develop the new tensor equations into vector format. The major new development is that ECE can be based on curvature as well as torsion. So a parallel development is now possible of all the main conclusions of torsion based unified field theory, translating them into curvature based ECE theory. Spin connection resonance theory can be developed anew. The ECE theory is the most economical unified field theory in the history of science, all the main equations of natural philosophy are obtained from the two Maurer Cartan structure equations: T = D ^ q and R = D ^ omega. These definitions imply the Cartan identity D ^ T := R ^ q and the new identities discovered in UFT313. All the wave equations of physics are obtained form the tetrad postulate. The latter asserts that a vector field is independent of the basis set in which it is written. For example a three dimensional vector field is the same vector field in Cartesian and spherical polar coordinates.

Summary of the Scientometrics

May 24, 2015

The scientometrics will probably soon be the most popular item on and many thanks to Dave Burleigh, Sean MacLachlan, and others for setting them up, going all the way back to Bob Gray in May 2002. I derive a lot of important information from the scientometrics, which show that the standard physics is being taught like propaganda, and it is no longer Baconian science. Gareth Evans recently mentioned that school children have come to the same conclusion – teenagers from age eleven to eighteen know that standard physics is obsolete, and are forced to regurgitate its ideas. So the writing is on every classroom wall. Starting in Dec. 2014 I began to study the quality of the feedback in more depth, and found that the ECE theory is being studied by the best universities in the world as shown in UFT307, and has been since inception in March 2003. After only twelve years (2003 to 2015) it is a hugely influential theory that is studied by the silent majority of the best in the world. So using a military metaphor the standard model has been outflanked and is being forced to retreat or otherwise be surrounded and destroyed by silent criticism. The small group of string theorists that have taken over physics is being silently ignored by entire professions in physics, chemistry and engineering. The methods used to deal with “dissidents” or real thinkers in science are not much different from any totalitarian regime, (I know this from less than delightful first hand experience) so ECE is studied carefully in private. There has been such a huge amount of study that string theory and so on have no credibility. The scientometrics are now published in a softback volume at ¬£8.99 by New Generation in London for the purpose of providing local libraries and the National Library of Wales with copies. No science publisher can begin to match the power of AIAS publishing of, and combined. It is also known that ECE has been studied for the twelve years of its lifetime by students in the top ranking universities. It is well known to all that the old physics tried to censor ECE and stop the march of ideas, or stop the tide from coming in. Last but not least ECE is here to stay. That is easily seen by extrapolation of the very high statistical quality of the scientometrics over the past eleven years over the next fifty, hundred or n years.

UFT88 Read by the Student Organization at Bonn and METU

May 24, 2015

On 20/21 May UFT88 was read by the student organization at the University of Bonn, which frequently studies the site as UFT307 shows (published in softback by New Generation in London). It was also read at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. These are both world ranking universities. Bonn is ranked 94 by ARWU and 181 by THES, METU is ranked 71 – 80 by THES. The University of Bonn was founded in 1777 by the Prince Elector of Koeln or Cologne, it has more than 31,000 students and has produced seven Nobel Laureates and Two Fields Medallists. Alumni include Pope Benedict XVI, Frederick III, Karl Marx, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Konrad Adenauer. It has a student organization which has been studying ECE for eleven years. METU studied UFT88 a few months ago and was founded in 1956 in Ankara, Turkey. UFT88 is a classic paper that is currently being read 3,372 times a year. It was the first correction in history of the second Bianchi identity of 1902 upon which Einstein based his now obsolete 1915 field equation, immediately rejected by Schwarzschild, Bauer and Schroedinger, among many others of ability. UFT88 shows that black holes and big bang are jaded mythologies that have grossly damaged Baconian science. It was developed in the commutator method of UFT99, in the Evans torsion identity of UFT112, and in the definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation and the end of Einsteinian general relativity. These proofs are currently being studied 2,416 times a year by essentially all the world ranking universities of relevance and others around the world. UFT88 was further developed in UFT255, and recently in UFT313, already being read 956 times a year, and in UFT314 and UFT315, the latest UFT paper. In UFT313 a number of new identities of tensor algebra were inferred, and this has led to curvature based ECE, a new era of ECE theory. Since they were written in about 2011 the proofs have been read about seven thousand times without objection from a bona fide scientist. They show that the connection is antisymmetric. In the obsolete Einsteinian dogma it was symmetric, the result of guesswork. The commutator method of the proofs is basically very simple and shows immediately that there is a one to one relation between the connection and commutator, so a symmetric connection means a symmetric commutator which vanishes. The null commutator acts on any tensor in any space of any dimension to produce null torsion and null curvature, so there is no curvature and no Einsteinian gravitation if the connection is symmetric, QED. The best in the world have quietly accepted this argument, showing that the notorious wikipedia article completely distorting ECE is a dubious assault on science and real merit, engineered by the hard line fringe of the old standard model. The scientometrics show that this acute defamation accounts for less than 0.1% of the vast worldwide interest in ECE theory. So I call for a Governmental Inquiry into the defamation.


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