Google Keywords Barddoniaeth Myron Evans

October 5, 2015

These produce the first nineteen sites on google, followed by a site on Barddoniaeth Dafydd ap Gwilym, followed by a large number of entries on my various books, then it starts to produce work by other bards and poets, of whom there are many of outstanding calibre. I have a unique given name, “Myron” which is classical Greek in origin from Miron of Eleutherae so this may help explain this result. My book “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry” (New Generation, London, 2015) is already read in over a hundred countries, so there are sites for example from Italy, Japan and Poland. So the Welsh or British Celtic language is respected throughout the world as a classical language such as Greek and Latin. An all out effort must be made to save it from extinction as a spoken language. Only a skinhead would disagree.

Experimenting with Google Keywords for UFT25

October 5, 2015

The enormous readership of this paper is reflected in some experiments with google keywords that anyone can carry out. For example, the following keywords were used without inverted comma’s, with the given results. Similar results will be obtained for any one of over five hundred UFT papers now available in English and Spanish. So ECE / ECE2 is the new avant garde physics beyond reasonable doubt.

1) Derivation Faraday law: on the second page of google out of 85,800 results.
2) Derivation Faraday law geometry: 2nd and 8th sites on the first page of google out of 113,000 results.
3) Using the complete title, sites 1-4 and 6-8 on the front page, and sites on subsequent pages. The title is “Derivation of the Gauss Law of Magnetism, the Faraday Law of Induction, and O(3) Electrodynamics from the Evans Field Theory” (written about 2004).
4) O(3) electrodynamics: first nine sites on the first page of Google out of 707,000 results. This is the precursor theory of ECE theory (initiated in March 2003).
5) Systematically going through the title the following results appear.
a) Derivation of the Gauss Law: page three of Google out of 7,760,000 results.
b) Derivation of the Gauss Law of Magnetism: Site six of page one of Google out of 278,000 results.
c) Derivation of the Gauss Law of Magnetism, Faraday: Sites one and six on the first page of Google out of 210,000 results.
6) Faraday Law of Induction Evans: Third site page one of Google out of 667,000 results, the fifth site is the first volume of my autobiography, and thereafter multiple sites on the leading pages of Google.

Proceeding with Notes for UFT329

October 5, 2015

The next step is to incorporate the new ECE2 vector potential into the development of notes to date, with the aim of finding new terms that may affect ESR and NMR for example. The SU(2) basis has to be used of course, as is well known. The updated version of the Dirac equation is the fermion equation.

Top Ten Papers in September 2015

October 5, 2015

These are recorded in the Book of Scientometrics and were 43, 25, 169, 166(Sp), 94, 157(Sp), 177(Sp), 166, 177, 88. They were read a total of 1,170 times in September 2015, a rate of 14,235 times a year off, 22,776 times a year off combined sites, and UFT25 is a hugely popular paper and has been for nearly twelve years – on the first derivation of the Gauss law of magnetism and the Faraday law of induction from geometry in ECE theory. It has been updated to ECE2 in UFT313 ff. UFT177 in both English and Spanish is also hugely popular – the discovery of the quantum force equation. UFT88 is generally regarded worldwide as a classic, and refutes the Einstein general relativity completely by refuting the second Bianchi identity with torsion. The scientometrics mean that these statements are scientific, not just empty claims and useless propaganda as in the standard model.

Daily Report Saturday 3/10/15

October 5, 2015

There were 2514 files downloaded from 355 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders baidu, google, MSN and yahoo. Top Ten UFT papers 152, Collected ECE2 papers 84; Collected Scientometrics 65, Collected Evans / Morris papers 60 (est), Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 60, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 36, Autobiography volumes one and two 30, Principles of ECE 29, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 23, Engineering Model 18, Evans Equations 14 (numerous Spanish), UFT313 5, UFT314 9, UFT315 6, UFT316 6, UFT317 7, UFT318 2, UFT319 4, UFT320 6, UFT322 5, UFT323 3, UFT324 9, UFT325 5, UFT326 4, UFT327 4, UFT328 9, CEFE 12, UFT311 8, UFT321 5, Llais 3 to date in October 2015. Stanford University UFT57; University of California Santa Barbara UFT146; Sogang University Korea UFT42; Abra Ide Media Norway UFT166(Sp); University of Edinburgh UFT152. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for October 2015.

Hoisted the Banner of Owain Glyndw^r

October 4, 2015

I hoisted my royal banner outside my house here – that of my ancestral cousin King Owain IV of Wales, Wales’s greatest hero Owain Glyndw^r. His coat of arms and banner are attached, together with the genealogy. Being of Royal Celtic descent I was included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” in 2012 by the royal editor. I am a republican by adoption of U. S. dual citizenship at Cornell in 2000 and a Bevanite socialist by political persuasion. I have always been a Bevanite socialist and Welsh republican nationalist, basically a cultural nationalist. My royal descent was discovered only recently, and many thanks to the genealogists. The genealogy on is hugely popular. My own coat of arms is also attached, displayed on the outside wall and in applique in an inside room. It is based on the same golden lion rampant of the Royal House of Dunefwr (Dynevor), quartered in the arms of Owain Glyndw^r, and of the ancient Kings of Rheged and Gododdin, whose capital was Edinburgh. So it is also the golden lion of Scotland. It is the coat of arms of a Gentleman on my own merit (a member of the Gentry or untitled nobility in recognition of services to science and voluntary service). I fly the banner of Owain Glyndw^r by descent. A lot of people fly it now in anticipation of complete indepenence for Wales, for which Owain fought with unbelievable skill and courage, hugely outnumbered. He certainly won in the end.


A very good state of LENR presentation

October 4, 2015

Very interesting, in a sense this is conclusive evidence for ECE and ECE2, whose latest methods in UFT313 ff) can be used by the group to develop UFT226 ff. The energy for LENR comes from spacetime.

Sent: 04/10/2015 11:44:36 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: A very good state of LENR presentation

Dear Myron.
This is a very nice summary of the state of LENR development. It is from a US Navy physicist, seemingly with official approval. It seems LENR acceptance is accelerating, a very good thing.

Very best,

329(3): New Term in the Quantum Relativistic Hamiltonian

October 4, 2015

The starting hamiltonian is Eq. (1) – the classical hamiltonian from which quantization to the Sommerfeld and Dirac atoms proceeds. In this note a more accurate development than that given by Dirac produces a term missed in the Dirac approximation, Eq. (29) of the note. This can be worked out by computer algebra. For simplicity a vector potential and SU(2) basis has not been used, but when these are reinstated several new effects will appear, new types of Zeeman effect, ESR, NMR and so on. We can now use the vector potential of ECE2 theory and incorporate the spin connection into this theory. The same hamiltonian can also be used for three dimensional orbits, using a generalization of the methods of UFT324 and UFT325 from two dimensions to three dimensions.


Example of Googling

October 4, 2015

Take the number one paper in the first two days of October 2015, UFT170 in Spanish translation, and use keywords Poynting Theorem for Vacuum, without enclosing the words in inverted commas. The result is that the paper appears as number three of 129,000 results and also at number ten, (foot of front page of Google), one of my long reviews (or short monographs if you like) in the acclaimed “Modern Nonlinear Optics” appears (M. W. Evans and S. Kielich, Eds., “Modern Nonlinear Optics” (Wiley Interscience, New York, 1992, 1993, 1997, 2001 in two editions and six volumes hardback, softback and e book). Now enclose the keywords in inverted commas, i.e “Poynting Theorem for Vacuum” and essentially the same results appear, now number 3 and 9 out of 129,000. This is what it is all about – and to a scholar all this is immensely pleasing. Many thanks again to all the contemporary colleagues in AIAS / UPITEC who set up the sites and feedback. These have made a meteoric impact on science. Also many thanks to hundreds of co workers back to 1971. Only the most biased dogmatists would attempt to deny this impact. Attempting to deny an elephant is quite painful, especially when it is stepping on your feet. The real white elephant is the standard model, now long obsolete. So the readers can have a lot of fun playing around with google keywords for any UFT paper or book or item of their choice on If too precise (e.g. the complete title), it will be close to number one all the time for anything at all. The true quality is found by using less precise and more general keywords.

Description of Documents for Auction

October 4, 2015

The attached is a description of the manuscripts, valued in comparison with documents by other Civil List Pensioners such as Dalton, Faraday, Hamilton, Joyce and Yeats, other famous scientists such as Robert Hooke, and literatii such as Samuel Becket and Dylan Thomas. The original manuscripts are here and can be viewed by appointment. There are about ten thousand original manuscript pages in about one hundred folders. The attached graphs show that my work in science and literature is already historical in the sense that it is permanently read worldwide and will be for the foreseeable future. The contemporary readings of my work far exceed those of Joyce or Dylan Thomas in their own lifetimes, so in this sense I am well known to the scientific professions and becoming known to the general public. It is a blotting paper process, or osmosis as time goes on. To gauge the valuation, I am a Nobel Prize nominee, so being a nominee the work is considered as being good enough for a Nobel Prize. Actually winning the Prize needs luck because the Royal Swedish Academy process is complicated. Recently Watson of Watson and Crick double helix fame put up his Nobel prize gold medal for about two million dollars via Christie’s. The latter have indicated that my work is of clear importance to both science and literature, and so have Sotheby’s and others. Watson is a contemporary, so being a contemporary does not affect value. I am prepared to auction the collection at five to ten million pounds or folder by folder at £50,000 to £100,000 per folder. Perhaps the best thing would be to try to auction a folder at the value placed on it by a valuer. My Nobel Prize and other nominations are recorded in “Marquis Who’s Who” as per attached proof of the 2016 edition.

Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., (raised to the Gentry 2008 for contributions to science and voluntary work), Civil List Pensioner (2005), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)

Co President AIAS






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