Cardiff has the Best Rankings

January 16, 2017

Cardiff is ranked 271 in the world by webometrics, 182 by Times, 101 – 150 by Shanghai, and 140 by QS. So by international standards it is a medium ranking College. It is not a University, it should be part of the University of Wales. However it is the same as any university in England, it could be in Tunbridge Wells, and it floods Wales with people with no sympathy for the Welsh language. I have never set foot in the place, my work was concentrated at Aberystwyth, Bangor and Swansea. I can see that all four Colleges study our combined sites regularly. That is a good thing, but no Welsh speaker and no true scholar could ever feel at home in them. That is why there is a need for a completely new university interested in scholarship rather than huge fees and student numbers.

AIAS / UPITEC – the Best Solution

January 16, 2017

Anyone can see that the world rankings of the cut up remnants of the University of Wales are very poor – look up webometrics, Times, QS and Shanghai. With the the possible exception of Cardiff they are just awful. That system is unable to recognize talent in people educated and brought up in Wales, it locks out well educated Welsh speakers and there is a lot of deep resentment in Wales. Appointments appear to be made randomly as in “Autobiography Volume Two” to self seekers appointed in smoky rooms. There is very little real ability in the Welsh language, just the usual lip service, a couple of words at most. We have witnessed the deliberate destruction of a National University, and has pointed out by UNESCO, the result is that the Welsh language is on the edge of extinction. The AIAS / UPITEC system on the other hand is widely acknowledged as the best in the world for a small international institute led from Wales. It costs the taxpayer nothing, it does not charge huge fees, and educates millions worldwide, and of course all over Wales. It is the contemporary equivalent of Gruffudd Jones Llanddowror and his travelling schools. I think that all shades of public opinion should press for the establishment of a real University of Wales, along the model of the 1893 University founded at the National Eisteddfod to be rigorously “in and for Wales”. The AIAS / UPITEC is so successful that one begins to question the need for any university, with their huge fees, poor quality of staff and random appointments and contempt for the language and people of Wales. I have thought for a long time that the remnants should be closed down for a few years in order to train all the staff in Welsh. It is obvious that a huge influx of students will severely damage the Welsh language.

FOR POSTING: UFT367 Sections 1 and 2 and Notes

January 16, 2017

This paper develops the theory of the gyroscope in ECE2 fluid dynamics using spherical polar coordinates. It is shown that the gyroscope is a three dimensional orbit, and that there is a positive Z axis force due to fluid dynamics that may explain the Laithwaite and Shipov experiments. Without this applied Z axis force the gyroscope cannot be elevated with its own centrifugal and Coriolis forces.








FOR POSTING: Daily Blog Pdf Update for all of 2016

January 16, 2017

To AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson,
Lubbock, Texas,

Many thanks again for this work of key importance on behalf of AIAS! I am posting it on the blog and Wayback Machine and ask Dave to kindly post on the site. All 25,868 blog postings have been archived using high quality software by Michael Jackson and this is a complete historical record. It is all archived on (The Wayback Machine) and will soon be archived in the British Copyright Libraries and displayed in their reading rooms as work of cultural and scientific importance. I think that mainstream physics is evaporating, and its dogma is yesterday’s melted snow. This can be seen very clearly from the scientometrics, which are also archived. Humankind itself will evaporate if it does not change its dogmatic ways.

Sent: 16/01/2017 01:57:30 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Daily Blog Pdf Update for all of 2016

Doctor Evans,

It is my pleasure and privilege, to provide the daily blog pdf update for all of 2016.

These blog pdfs are very important, since they will allow future students to recreate your thinking, as a supplement to the UFT papers and notes. Also, these pdfs are not dependent on 3rd party servers, so they are a permanent record of your work.

There is so much sustained interest in ECE Theory, it is almost inconceivable how mainstream physics can still ignore these discoveries.

Human civilization will be just a radioactive layer in the geological record, unless ECE based energy techologies are mass produced, very soon.

Michael Jackson


Wind 5.65%, 0 – 20 mph, Wales 7 – 10 mph

January 16, 2017

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 7 mph, so the derelict and rusting junk known to Monte Python’s Rotating Circus as “wind turbines” are again producing nothing at all. Probably, they are being powered from the grid to turn them over slowly. My friend Peter Harris of Craig Cefn Parc is able to observe the turbines over the Neath Valley in the distance. They destroy the ancient landscape with a dose of corrupt ugliness. On one calm day he reported half the turbines rotating, and in the afternoon the other half rotating, with the same wind speed of close to zero. This means that they were taking power from the grid. So their actual output was negative, the first negative power stations in history. This reminds me of a friend at Pontardawe Grammar School who got minus five out of a hundred in one examination, Nothing for the exam, and five marks deducted for talking. He was Eifion Wyn Jeffries of Garnswllt, who sadly died at the age of fourteen after an accident in a cricket match as described in Auto One.

Daily Report Saturday 14/1/17

January 16, 2017

The equivalent of 82,032 printed pages was downloaded (299.090 megabytes) from 2028 downloaded memory files (hits) and 468 distinct visits each averaging 3.0 memory pages and 8 minutes, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 546, Top ten 529, Evans / Morris 462, Collected scientometrics 303, Barddoniaeth 163, Principles of ECE 111, F3(Sp) 86, Autobiography volumes one and two 80, Eckardt / Lindstrom 74, UFT88 65, Evans Equations 64, Collected Proofs 58, PECE 57, Engineering Model 33, CEFE 31, Self charging inverter 21, Llais 19, UFT311 16, UFT321 15, UFT313 16, UFT314 10, UFT315 6, UFT317 10, UFT316 9, UFT318 7, UFT319 13, UFT320 8, UFT322 10, UFT323 14, UFT324 11, UFT325 10, UFT326 10, UFT327 7, UFT328 13, UFT329 12, UFT330 9, UFT331 8, UFT332 8, UFT333 11, UFT334 8, UFT335 6, UFT336 6, UFT337 6, UFT338 11, UFT339 5, UFT340 7, UFT341 6, UFT342 8, UFT343 16, UFT344 6, UFT345 10, UFT346 10, UFT347 10, UFT348 10, UFT349 13, UFT351 6, UFT352 12, UFT353 7, UFT354 19, UFT355 17, UFT356 11, UFT357 7, UFT358 8, UFT359 11, UFT360 5, UFT361 5, UFT362 8, UFT363 14, UFT364 14, UFT365 18, UFT366 44 to date in January 2017. Informatics University of Kiel extensive UFT papers; Academic Staff Copernicus University Torun Poland general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for January 2017.

World Rankings of UCW Aberystwyth

January 15, 2017

These are 576 (webometrics), 301 – 350 (Times), too poor to be ranked by Shanghai and 501 – 550 by QS. This compares very badly with the world reputation of the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories when I was there. From 1978 to 1983 my group outproduced the rest of the department COMBINED. In terms of total publications I am the world’s number one and Sir John Thomas the world’s number three. Both of us worked at the EDCL. So the severe decline of Aberystwyth is due to ethnic prejudice against scholars from Wales itself. There is no doubt that this exists and there is a great deal of tension at present between England and Wales and England and Scotland. A New University is needed in Wales which operates in the Welsh language only. The intent of the National Eisteddfod was to found a University in and for Wales by Charter. This intention should be revived. The small cut up college like Aberystwyth are degree mills whose only interest is in attracting huge student fees from as many people they can stuff into the campus. This is very harmful to Welsh speaking Wales, so harmful that the language is in danger of extinction. This warning by UNESCO is a severe criticism of the government of Wales by ruthless monoglot colonizers. Gwynfor Evans M. P. referred to Wales as the last colony (President of the League of Celtic Nations). As a U. S. dual citizen I understand the damage that can be done by ruthless colonial government. They have also colonized Wales with useless wind turbines. Multiple scandals erupted when the University of Wales was cut up into remnants. It was found that courses were being sold, exam papers sold and so on. Swansea is 690 (webometrics), 301 – 350 (Times), too poor to be ranked by Shanghai, and 390 by QS. It is the worst college in Wales at present. I did an h factor analysis and found some abysmal h factors (results on this blog). Swansea Met is 4,182, and Gower College is 11,741 in the world. The rot at Aberystwyth started when my group was destroyed by corruption as described in Autobiography Volume Two. There was a domino effect which destroyed the EDCL (whose twenty five year old year old new wing was literally reduced to a ruin), then the science faculty, and finally the entire College. So what we have left is a poor quality remnant. All of this is severely criticised implictly by UNESCO as a gross violation of human rights.


Expressions for Velocity and Acceleration in Spherical Polar Coordinates

January 15, 2017

These are derived in “Vector Analysis Problem Solver” , p. 1046, Problem 21-26 of my edition. When was professor of physics I used this to teach a very large freshman class, some members of this class had no knowledge of mathematics at all when the semester started. This is why I refer to this book, people who tell me that they have no knowledge of mathematics can learn it with this book. The result for acceleration in spherical polar coordinates is very intricate, and gives the centrifugal and Coriolis forces of a three dimensional rotating body. The fundamental definition of the spherical polar coordinate system ITSELF gives the motion of the gyro, represented by its centre of mass. Nothing else is needed, so this simplest theory is preferred by Ockham’s Razor. It is equivalent to the use of Euler’s Equations. Similarly, the expression for acceleration in plane polar coordinates gives the centrifugal and Coriolis accelerations of a planetary system for a planar orbit. In this case the Coriolis forces vanish and we are left with the 1689 Leibnitz equation, the first correct equation of orbits. Many UFT papers deal with this topic. Newton published Principia in 1687, and did not infer this equation, discovered by Leibnitz. The latter hit upon the right result using a theory that is completely wrong. According to John Aubrey “Brief Lives”, Newton did not infer the inverse square law. This was inferred by Robert Hooke at Oxford. Neither Newton nor Hooke could have proven that the inverse square law gives an elliptical orbit, as is so often claimed in the vague parts of physics literature, because to do this one needs the centrifugal acceleration, and an analysis in the rotating frame of the plane polar coordinate system. Again, the frame itself produces the result. Most generally, these systems are special cases of Cartan geometry. My relation to John Aubrey is attached. John Aubrey was descended from Dr. William Aubrey, who was given a vast area of land by Elizabeth 1st, also my ancestral cousin. I come from the poor branch of the Aubrey family, which managed to lose all their land. I am the first of the family to be awarded arms in a century or so. They were and are members of the Gentry of Wales, a very ancient family which can trace its line back to the iron age.


Fundamental Reason for Moving Frame Effects

January 15, 2017

There is a great deal of interest on the blog in our group discussion on moving frame effects. The fundamental reason for them is that the unit vectors of a moving frame are themselves moving in time. If the unit vectors are denoted e sub i, i = 1, 2, 3 then

d e sub i / dt = omega x e sub i

where omega is the angular velocity vector. The cartesian unit vectors i, j and k are not moving in time. This is the theory developed by Newton. He was aware of centripetal acceleration first defined by Huygens in 1659, but did not develop the correct theory. The force on the centre of mass of a gyro in the Cartesian frame is:

F = mg k

where g is the acceleration due to gravity (g = – mMG / R squared, where R is the radius of the earth and M is the mass of the earth). A spinning top that is not spinning, when tilted over, would simply fall over in the Cartesian frame (often called the Newtonian or inertial theory). When it is spun, the equation of motion is:

F = mg k = m (dv / dt + omega x v) (moving frame)

The movement of the centre of mass of the gyro is intricate, as everyone knows. However F = mg k still applies and the top cannot rise above the ground. If another lifting force is applied it can of course rise above the ground. This is not what is meant by counter gravitation, however. The latter term applies to decreasing g itself (UFT318 – UFT320). I was interviewed by BBC Radio Three a few years ago on counter gravitation and have broadcast a few essays on the subject. ECE2 is able to describe counter gravitation. The first correct theory of the gyro was developed in the late eighteenth century, by Euler and Lagrange in the seventeen fifties, the Euler Lagrange equations used in many UFT papers. Euler was born in Basel and became Director of the Berlin Academy, followed by Lagrange. A complete understanding of the centrifugal and Coriolis accelerations was not achieved until 1835 by G. G. Coriolis. They are due to the expression for acceleration in a moving frame.

Gyro Car

January 15, 2017

Many thanks indeed! I think that your remarks are relevant and I am forwarding them to Osamu Ide. This car is a fascinating vehicle, a train could be made on these principles. It is an ordinary gyro set up in a particular way. This is an example of using the gyro intuitively. For a deeper understanding, mathematics are essential. Perhaps Horst could produce graphics and animations based on the equations of Note 367(8), by adapting UFT 270 in which he already produced fine graphics. Once you have mastered the mathematics you can design and animate a piece of engineering, an obvious ststement, but one which is worth repeating.

Sent: 14/01/2017 19:24:29 GMT Standard Time
Subj: As INFO

Maybe you will find this interesting:

After watching the first of youtube links selected by S.Crothers and published on the blog on january 10th, I found an other one: with a very interesting and eloquent end… How to make a GyroCAR as a KIT – DIY – Gyroscope …
GyroCAR is our car that runs on a single wheel and is powered by gyroscopic forces. This gyrocar moves forward not due to precision but the small yellow wheel is …

And maybe this can be interesting, too:

I remember an exercise at the university, in 1976, where we used an oscilloscope with a cathode-ray tube. At every switching on it showed a pulse. Comparing this with the Osamu experiment, I find it very similar. Maybe on the basis of an old oscilloscope circuit a circuit equation can be put down and calculated for comparison with the already known Osamu circuit which incorporates an inverter… If that was somkind of comparable efect…