Planetary discs – Protons

October 1, 2016

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Wind 2.12%, 1 – 10 mph, 0647 local time

October 1, 2016

Wind has evaporated yet again, leaving a detritus of ugly junk on some of the rarest ecologies in Europe. According to the met office wind map, all areas in Wales are below 7 – 9 mph excluding one area in South East Wales where the wind speed is 10 mph, barely enough to boil an egg. I can think of easier ways of boiling an egg, like hiring a Neanderthal to light a fire in Dan yr Ogof Caves. The Neanderthals were much more intelligent than homo sapiens sapiens, as we vainly describe ourselves (wise above wisdom, above all criticism, entirely uncorrupt human beings). The Neanderthals did not destroy their own environment. Anyone who reads this blog can plot the wind over the past three months, the entire industry was based on sordid corruption and now the innocent must pay the price.

Daily Report 29/9/16

October 1, 2016

The equivalent of 202,073 printed pages was downloaded during the day (736.759 megabytes) from 2,717 downloaded memory files (hits) and 582 distinct visits each averaging 3.5 memory pages and 12 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 74.37 for the day, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 1953, Top ten 1835, Evans / Morris 957(est), F3(Sp) 823, Collected scientometrics 624, Principles of ECE 280, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 263, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 244 (est), Autobiography volumes One and Two 241, Collected Proofs 207, Evans Equations 151, Engineering Model 138, UFT88 130, CEFE 98, PECE 85, UFT311 62, UFT321 45, Self charging inverter 44, Llais 41, List of prolific authors 26, Three world records 21, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 16, UFT313 42, UFT314 37, UFT315 40, UFT316 34, UFT317 41, UFT318 49, UFT319 49, UFT320 35, UFT322 52, UFT323 42, UFT324 68, UFT325 56, UFT326 49, UFT327 38, UFT328 49, UFT329 50, UFT330 30, UFT331 40, UFT332 38, UFT333 39, UFT334 29, UFT335 35, UFT336 34, UFT337 34, UFT338 30, UFT339 30, UFT340 38, UFT341 29, UFT342 29, UFT343 35, UFT344 46, UFT345 44, UFT346 63, UFT347 50, UFT348 47, UFT349 46, UFT351 59, UFT352 65, UFT353 56, UFT354 81, UFT355 88, UFT356 63, UFT357 44 to date in September 2016. University of Chile F7(Sp); Steinbuch Centre for Computing Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Proof 1, O level section; College of DuPage Illinois UFT239, Florida State University Evans Equations; Texas A and M University UFT104; Academy of Bordeaux Levitron; National University at Piura Peru F3(Sp); Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES) Second Current papers. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2016

Planetary discs – Protons

September 30, 2016

Excellent ideas! The perfect description of the main aspects of the whirlpool galaxy gives great confidence in fluid gravitation, which can be applied to elementary particles as Norman Page suggests here.

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At the other end what fluid – gravitation equations – Bessel type? would produce protons with a life of billions of years. A sure Nobel Prize for the answer. Norman

UFT88 Read at Physics, University of Sao Paulo Brazil

September 30, 2016

Sao Paulo is ranked 50 in the world by webometrics, 101 – 150 by Shanghai, 143 by QS and 251 – 300 by Times. It has 88,261 students in various campi. It was founded in 1934 and its law school dates back to 1827. It is one of the best universities in Central and South America. David Bohm (co author with Jean-Pierre Vigier of a famous paper), taught there and left a legacy of thought different from the standard model. The Aharonov Bohm effect is named after the Wolf Prize winner Yakir Aharonov and David Bohm, who was another victim of McCarthyism, both political and academic. UFT88 is a famous paper in its own right, because it refutes the Einstein theory of general relativity through use of torsion. It has come to be regarded internationally as the definitive paper of its type, having been read in all the best places for almost a decade. It should be read with UFT99, 109, 313 and 354, together with the definitive proofs, which simplify and go to the essence of UFT99. Among the ECE School of Thought (probably the majority now), the Einstein theory is thoroughly obsolete in many ways. One need only glance at the UFT papers to see that. It has been replaced by ECE2, which has unified several subject areas of physics. ECE2 provides an elegant explanation of the whirlpool galaxy using its latest development, fluid gravitation. Einstein and Newton fail completely to describe a whirlpool galaxy (see “Principles of ECE”, in press).

358(6): The Spacetime Current of the Whirlpool Galaxy

September 30, 2016

This is given by eq. (7) and is proportional to the spacetime velocity field in the plane of the galaxy. There is a magnetogravitational field in the axis perpendicular to the galactic plane. Therefore fluid gravitation gves a perfectly self consistent explanation of all the major aspects of a whirlpool galaxy, including the hyperbolic spiral orbit of stars, the large mass at the centre, and the velocity curve. This is the result of ECE2 unified field theory, in this case gravitation unified with fluid dynamics.


FOR POSTING: Production Started of “Principles of ECE”

September 30, 2016

The production of the book has started at “New Generation” in London, the leading joint venture publisher in Britain. The four authors will retain copyright and the book will have an ISBN number. It will appear in softback, and I have arranged for one complimentary copy to be sent to the National Library of Wales, which has a complete collection of my books, my Ph. D. Thesis and my D. Sc. Thesis, and which will shortly archive and using Wayback Machine software. The sites will be featured by the National Library of Wales and British Library as being important to science and culture, notably poetry in both languages, but also many other cultural features. I will send the address of Dr. Douglas Lindstrom in private so that he can be mailed one of my complimentary copies direct from the publisher in London. It will be available from all the best bookshops, such as Amazon and Waterstones, and will be advertized on and It has already been read about twenty thousand times in its preparatory stages, and at all the best universities, institutes and similar around the world. I would like to thank all who helped with the production of the book, the lodestone of avant garde physics. In terms of art, its publication is similar to the Impressionist Exhibition in Paris, or the appearance of Rodin’s statue of Balzac. In terms of music, it is similar to Sacre du Printemps (The Right of Spring) by Stravinsky. All these happenings caused a riot. The book will be very reasonably priced. In terms of science it is similar to the appearance of relativity or quantum mechanics, a great sea change in thought.

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 28/9/16

September 30, 2016

There was the usual intense international interest, the final returns for September will be sent out as usual in about two days’ time.


Final Version of “The Principles of ECE”

September 30, 2016

Seconded, Dr. Horst Eckardt put a great deal of hard work into the camera ready copy. Many thanks to all concerned. Co President Gareth Evans refers here to the description of “Molecular Dynamics” (Wiley Interscience 1982, produced from Aberystwyth) by Prof. Sir John Rowlinson, F. R. S., from the Physical Chemistry Laboratory at Oxford.

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A massive effort by Horst and congratulations to all authors. A “magnificent” book (to borrow a quote from the past!!

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Submitting Manuscript

September 30, 2016

To New Generation:

This is the camera ready copy of the book, prepared by Dr. Horst Eckardt in publishable format. I will telephone you shortly after 9.00 am to give funding details. In the previous e mail I submitted the front and back covers. The front cover was designed by an artist colleague of Dr. Horst Eckardt.

Cordially, Myron Evans

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This is the typescript. It is formatted to 17cm x 24cm which is a standard book format, for example like Marion and Thornton.
The cover has still to be adopted to this format. I will print my exemplars with hard cover. This matters for determining the total cover layout. The typos in the script have been corrected.
Myron, when you get an ISDN number, let me know, I can include it in the typescript then.
BTW, the version on the web is letter format, for private printing.


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Ready to submit the typescript to “New Generation” at any time convenient to the co authors.