Research by the Hereford Registry

March 28, 2017

This shows that the probable parents of Elizabeth Gunter were William Gunter and Mary Gunter, probably from the vicinity of Hay on Wye ( Y Gelli Gandryll). I have to ask the Powys Registry whether they had a daughter Elizabeth, born about 1710 – 1715 to be of marriageable age in 1737. Neither Edward Evans nor Elizabeth Gunter were baptized at St. Mary’s Cusop, and there appears to have been only one Gunter Family in Cusop at the time of relevance, that of William and Mary Gunter. On 13th May 1677, John Gunter, a member of the Gentry, (Gent. after his name) was buried at St. Mary, Cusop. We see the beginnings of the descent from Sir Peter Gunter of the eleventh century. Due to the four generations named Edward Evans, I guess that Edward I Evans’ father was also Edward Evans, from one of the villages around Hay on Wye or Hay on Wye itself. These are in Powys, so the Powys archives must be consulted. If Edward I Evans and Elizabeth Gunter are interred at St. Mary Cusop, the gravestone, if it still exists, might have the names of their parents on it.


Request for Information

March 28, 2017

Parish Clerk and Warden,
St. Mary’s Cusop,

Some time ago the Vicar was kind enough to give me information which led to the attached genealogy, going back to the marriage of Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter in your church on 27th Dec. 1737. The son and grandson of Edward Evans, also called Edward Evans, were baptized in your church, so the family lived in or near Cusop for a long time and probably goes back centuries in the same area. The Gunter Family also has close connections with your church and also probably goes back centuries in the same area. I would like to ask whether there are any extant records about the parents of Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter, probably both of the Cusop area. For example church records, Bishop’s transcripts, banns, wills, conveyances, gravestone records and so on. Are Edward I Evans and Elizabeth Gunter interred in your church or in a nearby church? There cannot be many of them. I note with great interest that the Church contains a 1664 prayer book in Welsh, my native tongue, revealing that it was the predominant language of the area in those days. Earlier it would have gone right out to the Severn, and earlier still all over Britain. In Tudor and earlier times, Hari Ddu ap Gruffudd of Ewyas Tracey was a large landowner, and Guto’r Glyn recorded his genealogy in a well known cywydd. This was the family of Blanche Parry, who funded the translation of the Bible into Welsh by Dr. William Morgan and his colleagues (1588 and 1620). I also note that William Seward, a follower of Rev. Charles Wesley, is buried in the Church, and that there are large yew trees there, indicating a very ancient Druidical origin. William Seward died in 1740 after being heavily stoned by a hostile crowd in Hay on Wye. He was a follower of Rev. Charles Wesley of the Methodist movement. Early Methodist meetings were also held secretly in an ysgubor, or barn, in Llanigon, where Edward IV Evans in the attached was baptized. Llanigon is just across the Wye from you, as you know. Edward IV Evans was mentioned in Kilvert’s diary. Elizabeth Gunter descends from the eleventh century Norman knight, Sir Peter Gunter, but precisely how is not known as yet. All my genealogy is on

Many thanks in anticipation for consideration of this request,

Myron Evans

Dr. M. W. Evans, Civil List Pensioner, Armiger.


FOR POSTING: Paper 373, section 3

March 28, 2017

Many thanks, this is a very interesting piece of work as usual. It is known from UFT372 that the ECE2 lagrangian gives a precessing orbit, so these analytical results are all effects of a precessing orbit. The latter can be produced by ECE2 relativity, an important advance. ECE2 relativity is special relativity in a space with finite torsion and curvature. As can be seen from the daily reports there is intense interest in the latest papers of the ECE2 series. The computer algebra can deal with any kind of complexity.

Sent: 28/03/2017 11:06:22 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Paper 373, section 3

I finished section 3, it describes three cases how the orbital
precession can be seen from the analytical formulas.



374(2): Complete Analysis of UFT363

March 28, 2017

This note shows that the complete Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations are needed to describe fluid dynamics self consistently. When this is done UFT363 is slighly corrected to Eqs. (43) to (45), which can be solved simultaneously using Maxima to give the orbit and spin connection.


Latest Direct Line

March 28, 2017

This is the latest direct line. Many thanks to Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas. If possible I would like to push this back further. Can Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas help in this project? Both Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter probably originated near Cusop, because three generations all called Edward Evans were associated with St. Mary’s Cusop, also known to be associated with the Gunter Family. Cusop is in Ewyas Lacy, Hereford County, formerly the northernmost part of Gwent (1102 as we have just seen from a map sent by Vivienne Swaby). Edward IV Evans was born in Llanigon, and Edward V Evans was born in Cleirwy. These villages are all close together as described in the classic, “Kilvert’s Diary”, which mentions Edward IV Evans as described on this blog. At some point the name would have been ap Ifan, and the patronymic used further back than that. Gunter would have remained the same to the eleventh century. It is probably Norse “Gunnar”.


Wind 3.21%, 0 – 16 mph, Wales 3 – 12 mph, 0706 local time

March 28, 2017

Wind is now a negligible 3.21%. The wind speed in the Betws area is now 7 mph, not enough to start the turbines (9 mph) so they are producing nothing at the cost of millions, and will go on producing nothing indefinitely, at the cost of many more millions. The year round average contribution of wind to the grid in Wales is about 2%, a disaster. So Mynydd y Gwair will be just another disaster. This is an assault on the genuine culture in Wales by the Welsh Assembly itself, by the Labour Party and by Plaid Cymru. So they have not only lost touch with Wales, they are greatly harming those people they supposed to govern. Solar is a dull joke, it is again 0.00% now (University of Sheffield estimate on gridwatch). So the solar panels in Mawr are producing nothing at all. Therefore the remote misgovernment of Mawr has destroyed its agriculture and industry, and has caused house and land prices to be wildly inflated out of pure greed. I notice that the same thing is happening on the Island of Mull, house prices are wildly inflated, and there is high unemployment among the young. This is another Highland Clearance.

Daily Report Sunday 27/3/17

March 28, 2017

The equivalent of 125,334 printed pages was downloaded (456.969 megabytes) from 2,186 downloaded memory files (hits) and 411 distinct visits, each averaging 4.2 memory pages and 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 57.34, top referrals total of 2,223,119, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Top ten 1,480, Collected ECE2 1461, Collected Evans Morris 858 (est), F3(Sp) 596, Collected scientometrics 492, Principles of ECE 381, PECE 273, Barddoniaeth 224, Evans Equations 188, Autobiography volumes one and two 119, UFT88 80, Self charging inverter 76, Engineering Model 73, Mann Johnson ECE 72, PLENR 57, ECE2 52, CEFE 48, Llais 42, UFT311 34, Idaho 27, UFT321 20, UFT313 27, UFT314 15, UFT315 18, UFT316 15, UFT317 17, UFT318 10, UFT319 19, UFT320 14, UFT322 30, UFT323 18, UFT324 23, UFT325 28, UFT326 13, UFT327 20, UFT328 18, UFT329 17, UFT330 14, UFT331 18, UFT332 15, UFT333 15, UFT334 13, UFT335 26, UFT336 13, UFT337 14, UFT338 15, UFT339 12, UFT340 13, UFT341 27, UFT342 22, UFT343 26, UFT344 26, UFT345 24, UFT346 19, UFT347 40, UFT348 24, UFT349 19, UFT351 36, UFT352 47, UFT353 29, UFT354 55, UFT355 32, UFT356 36, UFT357 32, UFT358 34, UFT359 33, UFT360 29, UFT361 12, UFT362 23, UFT363 38, UFT364 30, UFT365 18, UFT366 52, UFT367 30, UFT368 28, UFT369 39, UFT370 43, UFT371 54, UFT372 29, UFT373 5 to date in March 2017. City of Winnipeg Devices; Mathematics Memorial University of Newfoundland UFT88. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2017

Usage Statistics for – March 2017 – URL

March 28, 2017

Usage Statistics for – March 2017 – URL

Conclusion of the Scientometric Analysis

March 27, 2017

The conclusion is completely clear from the analysis of the past few days posted on this blog, staff and students from all the world’s best universities, institutes and similar have studied ECE theory continuously since inception, in March 2003. This is an amazing phenomenon. It means a complete rejection of that part of the physics establishment that tried to censor ECE, and a complete condemnation of the Wikipedia distortion of my work and career, one of the worst scandals in the history of physics. I was an early example of scientific trolling, now illegal. Trolling is now a criminal offence. The down side of Wikipedia is that it can be used to try to destroy reputations and careers by anonymous people, and this is completely unacceptable. The reaction of the colleagues worldwide is clearly one of disgust and contempt. Trolling is, of course, a form of academic misconduct.

Chapter 5 of ECE2 and UFT373 in Spanish

March 27, 2017

Many thanks again, and for the efficient translation of UFT373.

Sent: 26/03/2017 20:38:29 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Chapter 5 of ECE2 and UFT373 in Spanish

Hello Dave,

Please find enclosed the Spanish version of Chapter 5 of the ECE2 book in pdf file, which I hope you can attach to the existing ECE2 Ch 1 to 4 pdf file in Spanish, since all five chapters are too heavy a file to mail by Yahoo.

I am also enclosing the recent UFT373 file in Spanish, for posting.