Summary of the Scientometrics

May 24, 2015

The scientometrics will probably soon be the most popular item on and many thanks to Dave Burleigh, Sean MacLachlan, and others for setting them up, going all the way back to Bob Gray in May 2002. I derive a lot of important information from the scientometrics, which show that the standard physics is being taught like propaganda, and it is no longer Baconian science. Gareth Evans recently mentioned that school children have come to the same conclusion – teenagers from age eleven to eighteen know that standard physics is obsolete, and are forced to regurgitate its ideas. So the writing is on every classroom wall. Starting in Dec. 2014 I began to study the quality of the feedback in more depth, and found that the ECE theory is being studied by the best universities in the world as shown in UFT307, and has been since inception in March 2003. After only twelve years (2003 to 2015) it is a hugely influential theory that is studied by the silent majority of the best in the world. So using a military metaphor the standard model has been outflanked and is being forced to retreat or otherwise be surrounded and destroyed by silent criticism. The small group of string theorists that have taken over physics is being silently ignored by entire professions in physics, chemistry and engineering. The methods used to deal with “dissidents” or real thinkers in science are not much different from any totalitarian regime, (I know this from less than delightful first hand experience) so ECE is studied carefully in private. There has been such a huge amount of study that string theory and so on have no credibility. The scientometrics are now published in a softback volume at £8.99 by New Generation in London for the purpose of providing local libraries and the National Library of Wales with copies. No science publisher can begin to match the power of AIAS publishing of, and combined. It is also known that ECE has been studied for the twelve years of its lifetime by students in the top ranking universities. It is well known to all that the old physics tried to censor ECE and stop the march of ideas, or stop the tide from coming in. Last but not least ECE is here to stay. That is easily seen by extrapolation of the very high statistical quality of the scientometrics over the past eleven years over the next fifty, hundred or n years.

UFT88 Read by the Student Organization at Bonn and METU

May 24, 2015

On 20/21 May UFT88 was read by the student organization at the University of Bonn, which frequently studies the site as UFT307 shows (published in softback by New Generation in London). It was also read at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. These are both world ranking universities. Bonn is ranked 94 by ARWU and 181 by THES, METU is ranked 71 – 80 by THES. The University of Bonn was founded in 1777 by the Prince Elector of Koeln or Cologne, it has more than 31,000 students and has produced seven Nobel Laureates and Two Fields Medallists. Alumni include Pope Benedict XVI, Frederick III, Karl Marx, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Konrad Adenauer. It has a student organization which has been studying ECE for eleven years. METU studied UFT88 a few months ago and was founded in 1956 in Ankara, Turkey. UFT88 is a classic paper that is currently being read 3,372 times a year. It was the first correction in history of the second Bianchi identity of 1902 upon which Einstein based his now obsolete 1915 field equation, immediately rejected by Schwarzschild, Bauer and Schroedinger, among many others of ability. UFT88 shows that black holes and big bang are jaded mythologies that have grossly damaged Baconian science. It was developed in the commutator method of UFT99, in the Evans torsion identity of UFT112, and in the definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation and the end of Einsteinian general relativity. These proofs are currently being studied 2,416 times a year by essentially all the world ranking universities of relevance and others around the world. UFT88 was further developed in UFT255, and recently in UFT313, already being read 956 times a year, and in UFT314 and UFT315, the latest UFT paper. In UFT313 a number of new identities of tensor algebra were inferred, and this has led to curvature based ECE, a new era of ECE theory. Since they were written in about 2011 the proofs have been read about seven thousand times without objection from a bona fide scientist. They show that the connection is antisymmetric. In the obsolete Einsteinian dogma it was symmetric, the result of guesswork. The commutator method of the proofs is basically very simple and shows immediately that there is a one to one relation between the connection and commutator, so a symmetric connection means a symmetric commutator which vanishes. The null commutator acts on any tensor in any space of any dimension to produce null torsion and null curvature, so there is no curvature and no Einsteinian gravitation if the connection is symmetric, QED. The best in the world have quietly accepted this argument, showing that the notorious wikipedia article completely distorting ECE is a dubious assault on science and real merit, engineered by the hard line fringe of the old standard model. The scientometrics show that this acute defamation accounts for less than 0.1% of the vast worldwide interest in ECE theory. So I call for a Governmental Inquiry into the defamation.

Current Annual Reading Rates of Selected Items

May 24, 2015

These accurate scientometrical data indicate an unprecedented interest in all aspects of my work, and of course that of co authors and others. The number of readings per year of some selected items are as follows out of about three thousand items on, extrapolated from the first twenty one days of May 2015.
1) Evans / Morris papers (UFT278 – 280, 289 – 300, 304, 306, 308 – 312) 5,701

2) Scientometrics (UFT307 and other types) 5,371
3) Third chapter in Spanish of Felker’s “Evans Equations” (tr. Alex Hill) 4,293
4) Autobiography in two volumes 4,988
5) UFT88 3,372
6) Definitive Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 2,416
7) Engineering Model (UFT303) 1,929
8) Eckardt / Lindstrom papers (UFT292 – 299) 1,912
9) Principles of ECE Theory (UFT281 – 288) 1,686
10) Evans Equations (UFT302) 1,582
11) Collected Poetry 1,199
11) UFT311 1,095
12) UFT313 956
13) CEFE (UFT301) 921
14) “Llais” newspaper article translated from the Welsh of Dewi Lewis 852

So the site completely outpowers any book publisher in the relevant areas, including Springer, Wiley, Elsevier, World Scientific and so on. The above lists only fourteen out of about three thousand items, a digital library (the site) archived on from the National Library of Wales at the British Library in London. The ECE theory is hugely influential, and only just over twelve years old. It is being read by students worldwide all the time and has made incorrect string theory obsolete, along with much of the old physics. So the writing is on the wall for the old physics – mene mene tekel upharsin (Book of Daniel), meaning the imminent end of the Babylonian kingdom, interpreted by Daniel.

Daily Reports 20th and 21st May 2015

May 24, 2015

On 20th and 21st May 2015 there were respectively 2,830 and 2,039 files downloaded from 437 and 415 study sessions, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex, seznam and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 328, Scientometrics 309, F3(Sp) 247, Auto1 216, Auto2 71, UFT88 194, Definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 139, Engineering Model 111, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 110, Principles of ECE 97, Evans Equations 91, UFT311 63, UFT313 55, CEFE 53, Englynion 49 (second book of poetry), Llais 49, Autobiography Sonnets (first book of poetry) 20 to date in May 2015. University of Graz Austria Diplomatic Objection to ‘t Hooft; Engineering University of Windsor home page, AIAS staff, UFT315, CV; Valle University Colombia UFT170(Sp); Chevron Corporation Autobiography Volume Two; Students University of Bonn UFT88; Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador general; University of Louisville UFT149; Lincoln Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology UFT110; University of California Santa Cruz UFT18; University of Washington UFT104; Spanish Distance Learning University Essay 37, Essay 37(Sp), UFT200, general; University of Cantabria UFT157; Electronic Engineering Polytechnic University of Madrid UFT169(Sp), UFT170(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Eotvos Lorand University Hungary general; Welsh Networking Ltd. Cardiff “Life of Myron Evans” cover, Bookstore, CEFE, Marquis Who’s Who; Pakistan Education and Research Network UFT166; King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Thailand 2D paper; Middle East Technical University UFT88, Essay 43; Russian Ministry of Education UFT268; University of Aberdeen Scotland UFT2, Third Definitive Proof with Notes that no torsion means no gravitation and refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity; School of Informatics University of Edinburgh Scotland UFT148 and general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for May 2015.

Satire in the Collected Poetry

May 23, 2015

There is satire throughout the poetry, both in Welsh and English. The word comes from the Latin satura and not the Greek for Satyre. So I used Satiricon instead of Satyricon to describe “George and the Flagon”,a satire on a near comatose lecturer who flicked cigar ash all over the new gold mirrors of my multi thousand pounds tunable far infra red laser, thus causing so much damage that it had to be sent back to California for repair. He was “the safety officer”. Erasmus used satire in his “In Praise of Folly”, while at Magdalen College Oxford. This savagely attacked the establishment of his time, but in such a subtle way that they thought they were being praised (Kenneth Clark, “Civilization”). Erasmus was a friend of Thomas More, and both were painted by Holbein. The latter painted the best portrait by far of my ancestral cousin Henry VIII Tudor. The scientometrics can be regarded as a satire on dogmatism. I doubt if much of the history written about Henry VIII is very accurate or meaningful, much of it is caricature. Of course he was brutal and murderous, but so were the times he lived in. No worse than any other king (or queen).


May 23, 2015

I kept the satirical dogma based on “Whisky in the Jar” out of the Collected Poetry, not that it is bad poetry, but because it does not fit in with the genre of the rest of the poetry. Holbein once made a sketch of Erasmus in the margin of a book by the latter, and Erasmus write “If he really looks like that he would not lack for a wife” (Kenneth Clark, “Civilization”). Erasmus took holy orders but found a monastery much too uncomfortable, no cushions and inconvenient vows: poverty and obedience OK, but the third one impossible. Martin Luther took holy orders and happily married an intelligent nun. That was the real reason for the Reformation. Peter Alebard and Eloise is a tragic story, times were not ready for humanism. Abelard was the great sceptic, by questioning we perceive the truth. In many ways dogmatic string theory is less advanced than the twelve century.

Definitive Proofs Accepted Worldwide

May 23, 2015

At the current rate the definitive proofs that no torsion means no gravitation are being read over two thousand times a year. They are very simple, so are easy to understand and irrefutable to any scientist. They have been available for about five years so have been read about ten thousand times without valid objection. By now I rule out of consideration any objection by dogmatists and propagandists. This means that the connection is antisymmetric and that the Einstein era is completely obsolete. A clear pattern has emerged from the scientometrics over eleven years of daily monitoring: the dogmatists use propagandist methods which are rejected completely by staff and students in the best universities in the world. So the competition for the big prizes should be made an open competition. If you read the fine print about the Milner award it is restricted essentially to string theory and to papers that happen to have been published in arXiv. This makes sure that the best physicists in the world are deliberately prevented from winning the prize. Why arXiv? My recent nominations for this Prize are based on the scientometrics and challenge the way in which this three million dollar award is restricted to a tiny club of obsolete dogmatists, and effectively demanding reform of the entire physics administrative system. The string theorists award each other the huge prize money, and in so doing do not compare theory with data, so the award is not given for physics at all. This is why ECE has made such a vast impact, it has broken through the suppressive dogma. Human nature as usual, precisely what Bacon warned against about four hundred years ago.

New Books Donated to Swansea Central Library

May 23, 2015

I donated my advance copies of the two new books to Swansea Central Library via Clydach Library. They have been read thousands of times off but a lot of people still prefer books to computers. They have been published in May 2015 by New Generation and are Autobiography Volume Two and Collected Scientometrics, proving intense worldwide interest in ECE theory in the world’s best universities. Details available on Eight more copies of both books will arrive shortly. There are many libraries still open in the Swansea area and Swansea Valley. The next book is planned to be “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry”, just posted on my page on, poetry section.

316(1): The Curvature Based ECE Hypotheses

May 23, 2015

This note devises a simple method of removing the tangent indices from the original torsion based ECE hypotheses (1) and (2) by multiplying with the covariant unit vector e sub a of the tangent space of Cartan geometry. This gives the simplified field tensor (10). The method is extended to the curvature based field tensor in Eq. (15). The curvature based electromagnetic field tensor is given in simple format in Eq. (25) and the curvature based magnetic flux potential is defined in Eq. (26). The curvature based ECE hypotheses are given in Eqs. (27) and (28) initiating a new era of development of ECE theory. All these equations apply to gravitation and the weak and strong nuclear forces as well as the electromagnetic field. The torsion and curvature based field tensors are inter related. The interaction of the four fundamental fields can be evaluated and also a new subject area developed of spin connection resonance using resonance of spin connections rather than of tetrads. The curvature based ECE theory is given directly by the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity as shown in UFT315. This is the second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion (UFT88, UFT99, UFT112, UFT255, UFT281, UFT313 – 315).


Some Notes on Collected Poetry

May 22, 2015

Many thanks to Dave Burleigh for posting the volume in the poetry section of my page, “Myron Evans” on This is about a hundred pages of collected poetry in both Welsh and English in various styles and metres, the poetry has been read and heard many thousands of times since it was first posted on, much of it in the English language has been kindly narrated by Robert Cheshire and Simon Clifford kindly helped me read out some of the Welsh language poetry. This is despite the fact that is a scientific site. The poetry is being read off the blog in up to one hundred and eighty one countries, so from the scientometrics I see interest in cynghanedd and the Celtic way of life in many countries. To the ancient Celts throughout Europe, from Ireland to Galatia in modern Turkey, from Iberia through Gaul and Helvetia to the Hartz mountains and modern Czechia, life meant thought and song and poetry, crafted gold and silver, and intricate triskelions worn on dress and artifacts, not empty manufactured materialism. My Celtic and Norse ancestors forged civilizations that were very similar. In many ways they also similar to the ancient Greeks, who forged a civilization of such great genius that it still influences the entire world nearly three thousand years later. This is why the Welsh People have an overwhelmingly important duty to keep the spoken language and educate all in Wales in the language. They are expected to do so by the rest of the world. They have kept the language with great tenacity and great courage through a thousand years of invasion and suppression an now they have all the advantages. The “exigency of the machine” (R. S. Thomas, Nobel nominee in literature) puts even greater pressures on all small languages. The volume covers 1974 to present, about forty years during which time my style has matured and I think, become distinct. Much of it is about coal mining and its terrible hardships which I witnessed first hand. This is why I am a fan of new energy: energy from spacetime and LENR, and all other forms of new energy excluding wind turbines (, Wind turbines have destroyed the Welsh landscape just as we thought we had got rid of the “black, blood soaked tips”. It is the same story all over Europe, landscapes destroyed by the flailing swords, a mindless greed. The most recent additions which appear for the first time in the new book: “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poems” include two strict metre odes without cynghanedd. The Eisteddfodol ode must be stricty metrical, and also must contain cynghanedd. The chair is awarded for the ode (Yr Awdl). It is a brilliant and intricate art reminiscent of the Book of Kells. Cynghanedd was invented by my ancestral cousin, Dafydd ap Gwilym (about 1320 to about 1380), in the fourteenth century. He is considered one of the three greatest early renaissance poets of Europe, with Dante (the first to write in modern Italian) and Chaucer (the first to write in recognizable English). So the odes without cynghanedd would qualify for the Eisteddfodol crown (free metre poetry or poetry without cynghanedd). Crwys of this village, Craig Cefn Parc, won an unprecedented four crowns of the National Eisteddfod and became Arch Dderwydd or Arch Druid. My sonnets are Miltonian sonnets, ten syllables a line, fourteen lines. Sometimes I use rhyme, sometimes I cut up the rhythm for effect. I don’t use iambic pentameter, but use rhythm by ear. There is one sonnet in the style of Shakespeare, using the traditional rhyming pattern and iambic pentameter. Shakespeare is also my distant ancestral cousin by marriage, and of course epitomizes renaissance and humanist thought, influenced by Michel de Montagne. Milton epitomizes the English revolution that lead to the Commonwealth declared in 1649, and was the latter’s foreign minister, considered second to Shakespeare in the English language. Dafydd ap Gwilym is still considered to be the greatest bard in the Welsh language. Civilization is a very, very fragile thing, and a People without language has no heart. The englynion and cywyddau are in strict metre with cynghanedd. every Welsh language poem is scanned into the English language, thus generating new poetry. They are not direct translations. Poetry is the distilled wisdom of a People, transmitted through an individual.


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