Recovery from Single Event Clinical Depression

May 24, 2016

I just want to say that a complete recovery from single event major severe depression is possible, so I wish to encourage all those who suffer from it. About half the population suffers from depression, about 5% suffer from clinical depression. My best work has been done since 2003, when the illness started to clear up. I am lucky in having the scientometrics, which indicate vast interest in my work in science and literature, and of course that of co workers and in particular, some very good friends, in particular one new friend from Pontardawe Grammar School. Bipolar disorders are more difficult to cure, but medicine is advancing rapidly. One of my best productions, “Modern Nonlinear Optics” was produced right in the middle of the worst stages of the illness, where the acute catatonia made it difficult for me to move. Patients should never be left isolated in such a condition, and people should realize that it is a dangerous illness. Among those who suffered from bipolar disorder were Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and many others. To any intelligent being, modern society is an assault – R. S. Thomas’ “exigency of the machine”.

347(3): The Gravitomagnetic Minimal Prescription

May 24, 2016

This note uses the gravitomagnetic minimal prescription to derive the hamiltonian and lagrangian for any observed precession frequency in astronomy. It is then possible to extend hamiltonian and lagrangian methods to calculate any precessing orbit. The gravitomagnetic field is a vorticity in ECE2 spacetime.


Readings of “New Poetry”

May 24, 2016

This is my third book of poetry, planned to consist of englynion, MIltonian sonnets and prose poetry. I consider this book to be in my mature style. The word count for the unfinished book to date is 4,433. This is multiplied by the average number of letters in a word in English, which is 4.79, to obtain 21,234 characters. One character is one byte, so there are 2.1234 ten power four bytes in the book so far. In March 2016, 1.880 megabytes of the book were downloaded, i.e. 89 books, giving 1068 books a year in its unfinished state. Again this is far better than any book publisher could ever do with the average book of poetry. I will eventually add “Sonnet Against Wind Turbines” to this book. So it is clear that the seven poetry books combined are being read twenty thousand times plus a year in up to 182 countries. There are many more readings of poetry off the blog. The most popular item in recent broadcast is “Sonnet against Wind Turbines”, which are loathed all over Europe, being the product of corruption. So as Milton wrote very famously: “……. for now I see / Peace to corrupt no less than war to waste”. New sources of energy would be “Paradise Regained”.


Six More Books of Poetry on

May 24, 2016

Most but not all of the poetry in these books has been incorporated into Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry with the exception of my third book, “New Poetry”, which I am working on now. The downloads in March 2016 were as follows:
1) Englynion 3.782 megabytes; 2) Collected poetry Barddoniaeth in pdf format 2.935 megabytes; 3) An Autobiography Sonnets 1.289 megabytes; 4) Second Book of Poetry 1.522 megabytes; 5) New Poetry 1.880 megabytes; 6) 2006 Poetry 0.486 megabytes.
The characters per page are different for each book, but it is clear that a couple of thousand readings of these books take place every year off This started off as a science site but is now much more than that.







Accurate Calculation of Readings of Poetry Book

May 24, 2016

I recalculated this total with a manual character per page count. For pages with sonnets there are about 1110 characters per page, for pages with englynion there are 435 characters per page. So this averages to 0.773 kilobytes a page. In March 2016, 89.52 megabytes of the attached book were downloaded from This is the equivalent of 115,812 printed pages, or 1,194 books of 97 printed pages each. This is 14,327 books a year. This is an astounding total because R. S. Thomas for example would sell about 500 copies of a typical book of poetry over years, and he was the greatest poet writing in English from Wales in the second half of the twentieth century, nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, Medal of the Cymrodorion. Typically, about 10 to 100 copies of a book of poetry are sold. There are seven more books of poetry on The total download of poetry for March 2016 was 101.414 megabytes. About three or four times more copies of poetry than autobiography are being read every year. So AIAS Publishing has found a new and powerful method of bringing literature to those who want to read it. Book publishers are going about things the wrong way, and in consequence the myth has arisen that few people read poetry. The truth is that poetry is very popular if people like it. This poetry is read in up to 182 countries off and its blog. A book publisher would never be able to achieve this. The Welsh language is being read in up to 182 countries as well as the English language. People may not be able to understand it, but there is a vast amount of interest in it. They use the free translations but are aware of the great power and beauty of British Celtic.


Daily Report Sunday 22/5/16

May 24, 2016

The equivalent of 396,324 printed pages was downloaded during the day (1.1445 gigabytes) from 3167 downloaded memory files (hits) and 526 distinct visits each averaging 4.9 memory pages and 21 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio for the day of 125.14, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 papers 1365, Top ten items 1161, Collected Evans / Morris 726 (est), Collected scientometrics 636, F3(Sp) 245, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 240(est), Barddoniaeth / Collected poetry 229, Collected proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 197, Principles of ECE 181, Autobiography volumes one and two 158, UFT88 128, UFT311 87, Evans Equations 86, Engineering Model 83, CEFE 77, UFT321 47, Llais 36, List of Prolific Authors 23, Three world records by MWE 23, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 22, ECE313 35, UFT314 44, UFT315 43, UFT316 35, UFT317 43, UFT318 47, UFT319 47, UFT320 32, UFT322 49, UFT323 41, UFT324 56, UFT325 51, UFT326 31, UFT327 40, UFT328 43, UFT329 46, UFT330 45, UFT331 52, UFT332 39, UFT333 37, UFT334 39, UFT335 32, UFT336 41, UFT337 41, UFT338 43, UFT339 49, UFT340 39, UFT341 43, UFT342 40, UFT343 41, UFT344 49, UFT345 28, UFT346 18 to date in May 2016. Lacompany France extensive; Department of Physics Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico UFT142(Sp); Romanian National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering UFT224; University of Warwick extensive; University of Oxford award of Civil List Pension. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for May 2016.

Books Being Read off

May 23, 2016

I decided to estimate the numbers accurately by manually counting the number of kilobytes on a page (one character = one byte). The results are astounding.

1) Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry: about 42,000 books a year (from one printed page = 287 bytes, 0.895 megabytes downloaded in March 2016, 311,927 printed pages in March, 3,505 books of 97 pages in March, 42,060 books read a year).
2) Autobiography volume one, 5,110 books a year (2.8067 megabytes in March, one printed page = 2.257 kilobytes, 1,492,260 printed pages a year, one book = 312 pages).
3) Autobiography volume two 1,128 books a year (0.50623 megabytes downloaded in March, 1.726 kilobytes per printed page, 351,960 printed pages a year, 1,128 volumes of 312 pages.)

These are all available from New Generation Publishing in London, at a very reasonable price tag, also Amazon and all good book shops. The three books are available open source from from the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page. It is well worth buying the books because they are obviously very popular off the computer. So the poetry is much more popular than the prose, which is itself very popular. This stands on its head the old adage that few people read poetry. They read it in both Welsh and English in up to 182 countries. Unfortunately the huge “gravitational field” of means that it gives any publisher of books a very tough time by attracting all the readers into orbit. So Auto One has been read about thirty thousand times since it was first posted in about 2011. This squares with the fact that people have told me personally how much they like it because it brings back memories of older and much better times here in Mawr, and in Wales in general. People don’t like modern society at all. I am very glad that they like the books.

Reactions to the Autobiography

May 23, 2016

Reactions to volume one of the autobiography have been very positive, because it brings back a way of life that has been almost entirely destroyed by misgovernment of Mawr, the closure of the coal mines, uncontrolled monoglot immigraton, and overdevelopment. New laws are needed to prohibit such misgovernment. In fact the whole of Wales is completely misgoverned, it is well known that forty thousand jobs are about to be lost by the fact that the Margam steel works is bankrupt. The unelected, colonizing and far right regime in London allowed this to happen, whereas a Bevanite socialist government in Cardiff would never have allowed it to happen. Bevanite socialism is the natural government of Wales, named after Aneurin Bevan. Ebbw Vale steel works in Bevan’s old constituency was also closed. Autobiography volume one has been read a quarter million times off since about 2011. Autobiography volume two is truthful and is a devastating condemnation of corruption, with some technical material in it. I will work out how much volume two is being read shortly. My Canadian college Douglas Lindstrom liked volume two and said the same as many people about volume one, that they could not put it down. I am pleased that people like it. Contemporary Wales is a big bed and breakfast establishment, house prices have been inflated out of reach of anyone native to Wales, the poorest region in Europe, and its heavy industry has been deliberately destroyed. So there is a ridiculous bubble economy of senselessly inflated houses, with no supporting industry. So an ancient civilization is being destroyed before one’s eyes. Auto one brings back a much healthier era of high civilization. Worldwide condemnation of this state of affairs is beginning to be heard, for example Russian TV has condemned it outright, and I do not think that the U. S. Government is too happy with this kind of economic chaos in a major ally, chaos brought about by mindless austerity. Mr. Corbin of the Bevanite left would be elected were there a general election now. I hope that the Bevanite left will demolish useless wind turbines and cap house prices, reducing them considerably in Welsh speaking areas. I have written over and over again that unless Wales takes its independence it will be treated as a doormat.

347(2): Vorticity of the Newtonian Orbit

May 23, 2016

This note calculates the vorticity of the Newtonian orbit.and calculates the effect of precession on the Newtonian orbit.


Typeset Version of “The Principles of ECE” beginning its run

May 23, 2016

The typeset book to date first began to appear in the feedback last Saturday. I like to describe this as “beginning its run” for the indefinite future. It is already archived in The Wayback Machine in San Francisco ( It will be archived next June 9th at the National Library of Wales ( and British Library in London. Six of the planned nine chapters have been typeset with essentially perfect accuracy by Steve Bannister, Horst Eckardt and his colleagues in Munich (one retired and one a student). The old standard modellers would never have allowed this book to be published, because like van Gogh it is radically new and challenges dogma as never before. Chapter nine is pencilled in for Steve Crothers, probably the world’s leading scholar on methods of solution of the 1915 Einstein field equation. Again, the old dogmatists would never have allowed Steve Crothers to be published. When complete it will be published in a joint venture with New Generation Publishing in London as a softback. These are copies for colleagues and friends. The overwhelming power of our websites is such that no publisher can compete.(Open source material on and A review of it by Co President Gareth Evans will be posted as the first item on the home page of


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