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December 3, 2016

Many thanks, I have looked at them and they look really excellent. I am very glad that you are feeling better, and you have done a great deal of important work for AIAS. If necessary we can certainly post the videos on I am looking around to find a value for the medals, in order to plough (plow) back into scientific research work. I am thinking of asking the National Library of Wales to hold them on permanent loan. The videos could be posted gradually, in the same way as the Omnia Opera section was built up. Then they will all be archived as of being important to science and culture by the National Library of Wales and the other copyright libraries: British Library, Bodleian Oxford, Cambridge, National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, and in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin. I was hoping to use the derelict garage as a laboratory, but in the meantime we have built up several other laboratories. It was a quirky judgment that ignored key facts. I was invited to object by the Land Registry itself. I would never have used a court otherwise and that was the first time I had ever been in any court. A very illogical, unscientific, experience. There is no natural justice – only a set of rules. So the real loser is experimental science. Everything else is a towering success and congratulations to all staff!


December 3, 2016

This is a very important replication and can be posted as UFT364. I hope that circuits like this can be mass produced very soon, they are needed for new forms of power.

Sent: 02/12/2016 17:27:00 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Osamu Ide Circuit replication

The paper on the circuit replication of Osamu Ide has been finished now,
the Munich group was able to fully verify Osamu’s measurements. Can this
go as an UFT paper to the AIAS web site? I will additionally link it to
the publications section.



Spanish version of UFT 362

December 3, 2016

Many thanks again!

Sent: 02/12/2016 20:41:31 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Spanish version of UFT 362

Hello Dave,

Please find enclosed the Spanish version of UFT 362, for posting.




Early Look at Chapter 5, pdf and docx files: “New Spectroscopies”

December 3, 2016

This is chapter five to date. I hope to finish it tomorrow or next weekend.


Wind 2.67%, 0 – 12 mph, Wales 3 – 9 mph

December 3, 2016

Temperatures are forecast to drop to – 5 centigrade today, but wind turbines are producing essentially no power. In Wales they are producing nothing as usual. Many people have reverted to coal and wood burners to keep warm. Houses are thrown up by developers and are badly built and badly insulated. What genius thought out this energy policy?

Daily Report 1/12/16

December 3, 2016

The equivalent of 87,398 printed pages was downloaded during the day (318.653 megabytes) from 2,113 downloaded memory files and 409 distinct visits each averaging 3.4 printed pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 41.36, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten 76, Collected ECE2 60, Evans / Morris 33 (estimated per day), Collected scientometrics 36, Collected Proofs 9, Autobiography volumes one and two 7, Evans Equations 7, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 6, Principles of ECE 6, UFT88 4, PECE 3, Llais 3, Eckardt / Lindstrom 2, UFT311 2, UFT321 1, CEFE 1, UFT313 2, UFT314 2, UFT316 2, UFT319 1, UFT323 1, UFT324 1, UFT326 1, UFT327 1, UFT328 1, UFT330 3, UFT331 1, UFT333 1, UFT334 1, UFT335 1, UFT338 1, UFT340 1, UFT341 2, UFT342 2, UFT343 2, UFT344 2, UFT345 2, UFT346 1, UFT347 2, UFT348 1, UFT349 2, UFT351 2, UFT352 2, UFT353 1, UFT354 3, UFT355 1, UFT356 2, UFT357 1, UFT360 1, UFT362 2 to date in December 2016. City of Winnipeg UFT section; Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Heidelberg general; The University of Texas at Austin My page, my CV, Autobiography, injustices in academia; Faculty of Economics Rijeka University Croatia UFT140(Sp); Edu System Pakistan LCR Resonant National Taiwan University UFT142. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2016

Greetings to Janis Fry and Allen Meredith

December 2, 2016

It was most pleasant to make your acquaintance, and I will support your excellent work with genealogy. It is all on . Carole Hopkin is my cousin in two ways, on the Morgan side and Hopkin side, and Mary Hopkin and I were in Pontardawe Grammar School for six years (1961 – 1967). Mary is a few days older than me, which means that she is over eighteen. I will read your books with great interest. I think that a yew tree dating at Cor Eurgain might determine its year of planting as mid first century, and I will certainly try to have an excavation started of the mound called Cor Eurgain. Her sister was Claudia Britannica and she was adopted by Claudius. Llanilltud Fawr was in the time of Theodosius (Tewdos to the ancient Britons), about 350 years later. My blog on contains all the research I have done on Lleyn ap Caradog, Pope St Linus. The source for Lleyn ap Caradog being Linus is St. Peter, as on my blog. Congratulations on hitting the headlines with the Defynnog dating, very well deserved. You may well get into the headlines again at Llan Ilid, the acknowledged source of Christianity in Britain, and then Ireland. In modern Welsh “Israelite” is “Iddew”, but it may well have been Ilid two thousand years ago, and of course he was St Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of St. Mary. I agree that Cor Eurgain is Druidical, and I was impressed by the depth and sincerityof scholarship of Allen Meredith and yourself. I am grateful for those who put my name in the church at Defynnog, this is a great honour. On my late father’s side I come from a long line of churchgoers, on my late mother’s side from Bedyddwyr. It was also very interesting to hear that you were taught by Anthony Conran, a poet I much admire. He translated “Pais Dinogad” as described on my blog. Attached is my descent from King Cyllin ap Caradog, brother of Lleyn, Eurgain and Gladys (Claudia). Linus is mentioned in Timothy and Romans.

Copied to Carole Hopkin

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf


Valuation of Medals

December 2, 2016

Mnay thanks – I agree that valuations are subjective. recently Nobel Prize Medals have increased sharply in value. For example, Watson ($4.76 million), Crick Estate (about $2.00 million), Lederman $765,000 and two Peace Prize medals respectively at $661,000 and $1.16 million. The work of Civil List Pensioners such as myself is also becoming very valuable, both in literature and science. For example James Joyce (tens of millions for a manuscript), William Butler Yeats, Michael Faraday and Sir William Rowan Hamilton. I have been nominated for a Nobel Prize and was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005, raised to the Gentry in 2008 as a consequence of being appointed a CLP ( My work has been studied tens of millions of times in the past fourteen years, and has brought about a major paradigm shift in physics. The other near contemporary Nobel Prize Nominee from Wales was R. S. Thomas, the great poet (1913 – about 2000). Watson and Crick were awarded a Nobel Prize for DNA. Being nominated for a Nobel Prize is as meritorious as getting a Nobel Prize, R. S. Thomas for example is the most highly regarded poet from Wales of the late twentieth century, Dylan Thomas for the first part of the twentieth century. Recently a small notebook by Dylan Thomas wsa sold for over £100,000. I have many hundreds of pages of original manuscript. I entirely agree that one cannot put a definitive price tag on intellectial impact or merit but the average sale price of the above five Nobel Prizes is $1.87 million. A third of this is $623,000 per medal, or about £479,000 for each medal (I have a total of about six medals for sale). Taking an average of tis and your estimate (say about £20,000) gives about £250,000 for each medal. In any case I am interested in a private sale or auction aft era consensus on value has been forged. It has to be a knowledgeable clientele.

In a message dated 01/12/2016 15:02:32 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Mr Evans

Thank you for your e-mail. The value of medals is very subjective and 2 similar medals may not be worth the same value, the story behind the medal can have a significant bearing on their value.

The figures you have quoted seem to be at the high end of the scale. For example, an average VC will sell for between 100,000 and 200,000 pounds. The 1.5 million figure you mention was for 1 of only 3 VCs with a second award bar.

I have also just googled to find a Nobel Medal for sale and have one coming up that is thought may fetch $100,000. See link below:

Using Mattey’s percentages quoted and assuming they hold out, you are more likely in my opinion to be looking at 15,000 to 25,000 than the 249,000 you mention.

Kind regards.


Paul Murray (Valuer – Collectables Department)
Warwick & Warwick Ltd
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Scar Bank, Millers Road,
Warwick, CV34 5DB
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From: []
Sent: 01 December 2016 14:25
To: Paul Murray <>;
Subject: Valuation of Medals

Paul Murray,

Warwick and Warwick

I wonder whether it is possible for Warwick and Warwick to confirm the value of these medals. There are two main ones, both valued at a third of the Nobel Prize, so at today’s exchange rate their combined value is £570,112. There are four or five others in the collection. They are being kept in a strong room by Mullock’s. I am trying to find the best way of auctioning them, to the right clients. I think that this would require expert agreement on their value, or approximate value. I also have a collection of folders whose value is approximately the same as papers of other Civil List scientists. The clients have to be wealthy and knowledgeable. Perhaps the best way of going about things is to appoint an agent to sell them. Perhaps Mullock’s and yourself could join forces to try to sell them.

Myron Evans

Valuation of Medals

Dear Ben Jones,

This was the valuation I received from David Mattey Buyers last October, who recommended Nicholson’s in Farnham, Surey. The Nobel Prize is currently ten million Swedish Krona, which at today’s exchange rate is £830,000 pounds. So 30% of this is £249,000. In about 2009 a Victoria Cross was sold for £1.5 million, so 15 – 20 % of this is £225,000 to £300,000 pounds. Last year Dr Watson of DNA fame, an older contemporary of mine, sold his Nobel Prize medal for about £2 million. It is also known that my work is already historical, in the same way as Dr. Watson’s work. We know this from accurate and detailed feedback analysis, carried out over fourteen years. This shows a huge and increasing interest, both in my science and poetry. The Civil List Pension is akin to Order of Merit, ans is a rarely awarded State honour, an appointment made directly by Queen Elizabeth. The protocol is that a State honour ranks higer than an academic honour such as the Nobel Prize, but the latter is of course very famous. The “most valuable” Civil List Pensioner is Joyce, a short manuscript of his would go for many millions of pounds. Hundreds of thousands of Joyce books have been sold of course, perhaps millions, but the value resides in his original manuscripts. The MSS I have here are all originals, several thousand pages of them. I am told that I have been nominated for a Nobel Prize a few times. As per our telephone conversation today you are welcome here any time to see the original manuscripts ad medals, and collect the items for auction. I am still waiting for a definite reply from Nicholson’s, who are apparently having trouble finding a courier because of the astronomical insurance premium on items that I have here. My address is 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA, just off the M4 Llangyfelach Junction.

Best wishes,

Myron Evans

rom: davidmatteybuyer
To: EMyrone
Sent: 07/10/2015 13:03:19 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Possible Sale of Medals

About 15%-20% of the value of a Victoria Cross in our opinion

$35% of the value of the Nobel prize.

On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 10:54 AM, <EMyrone> wrote:

Dear David Mattey,

I am interested in selling a collection of medals that I have here. Recently a Nobel Prize gold medal was sold for £3 million at auction by Christie’s. I am a Civil List Pensioner and the value of my various medals would be commensurate with Watson’s. There are gold, silver and bronze medals of various types. I attach a description of my work. I think that their value would be roughly in the range of a Victoria Cross or Nobel Prize Medal, bearing in mind that a Civil List Pension is an award direct from the Head of State. They are:

1) Harrison Memorial Prize (1978, bronze).

2) Meldola Medal (1979, bronze).

3) Other silver and gold medals.

Myron Evans

Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Civil List Pensioner (2005), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales),

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UFT88 Read again at UC Irvine

December 2, 2016

The classic UFT88 has been read again at University of California Irvine, ranked 45 in the world by webometrics, 58 by Shanghai, 98 by Times and 156 by QS world university rankings. UC Irvine is a Public Ivy and was founded in 1965. It has three Nobel Laureates on its faculty and has 30,757 students. UFT88 is famous as refuting the Einsteinian general relativity and appears on the first page of google with appropriate choice of keywords. It has been read tens of thousands of times at the world’s bets universities, meani gthat the Einstein era is obsolete. It should be read primarily with UFT99, UFT109, UFT313 and UFT354. Einsteinian GR has been replaced by ECE and ECE2 in the most important paradigm shift of the twenty first century in theoretical physics. The rigorously objective scientometrics show this conclusively.

FOR POSTING: Statistics back to 2002

December 2, 2016