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Coat of Arms and My Entry in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”

January 31, 2011

These were obtained strictly on merit but I was also anxious to bring unique recognition to both AIAS and the Family, especially my homely coal mining Evans and Jones lines with whom I grew up. This outflanked wikipedia’s mindless malice, because the latter refers to Burke’s and also to Marquis and Google scholar. Genealogy is one of my vocations, fascinating scientific discovery will always be the thing for me, but genealogy is also very interesting. Wikipedia, when it comes to theoretical physics, is corrupt and set in a pillar of salt. It looks back in anger, permanently ossified like a stalactite, envying the ascent of humankind.

The Patti Pavilion

January 31, 2011

This was the winter garden of the Baron and Baroness Cederstrom. This was Adelina Patti’s name after her third marriage to Baron Cederstrom. It has been restored after being donated to Swansea. The Pavilion stood originally near the arboreum, now a park open to the public. Across the fence at the back of the grounds and on to the bridle road brings you to “Y Greithig” – ” Scarry or Rocky Place”, my grandfather’s house fifty yards form the outflow of Ogof Fynnon Ddu – “Cave of the Black Spring” – now an underground nature reserve with unique fauna and the deepest cave in Britain. Across the valley is the extensive Dan yr Ogof system discovered by the Morgan brothers.

Arboreum at Craig y Nos Castle

January 31, 2011

This is one of the trees planted by Adelina Patti’s gardeners, in this case a giant copper beech. I took this photograph contre jour in the impressionist style with a small digital camera. The Potter family including my grandmother Gwenllian Potter worked at the Castle and Morgan Morgan remained a good friend of Patti after selling the Castle to her.

Elimination of Negative Energy Problem

January 31, 2011

As can be seen from notes 173(2) and 173(3), negative energy can be eliminated entirely from physics, the fermion equation is a true single particle equation and unlike the Dirac equation, does not need a multi particle interpretation to be valid. Chemists have always been dubious about the Dirac equation’s “Dirac sea” and it has just been shown today that all spectral characteristics can be derived without the Dirac sea. To me as a spectroscopist and chemical physicist this is sufficient. The anti fermion equation also stands on its own as a true single particle equation. There is also a simple hamiltonian formulation of the fermion and anti fermion equations. These advances also illustrate the problems with contemporary set in concrete mindset in physics. Imagine if one tried to submit a paper stating that both the Einstein and Dirac equations are obsolete. In other words the standard journals are getting close to being worthless because they are so dogmatic. The way forward has been found by the huge crowd of people studying the ECE sites. In my short monograph on the fermion equation I will strive for clarity and give a lot of detail. The way in which the Dirac equation is taught is incredibly obscure.

173(3): Lande (g = 2) and Thomas Factors from the Fermion Equation

January 31, 2011

These are given in a few lines of calculation without ever using “negative energy”. The same hamiltonian exactly is obtained as in the original work by Dirac, but without introducing the complication of negative energy. This is a major breakthrough in theoretical physics.


173(2): Calculation of Lande (g = 2) and Thomas Factors from Dirac Equation

January 31, 2011

This calculation is given here first as a baseline calculation before showing in the next note that the fermion equation gives exactly the same result but without the use of negative energy. This changes quantum field theory completely, because the negative energy concept is removed. It is the negative energy problem that gives rise to the multi particle interpretation of the standard model, and in my opinion to a lot of obscurity. The calculation in this note is quite simple, but in the literature I have read has been given in an obscure, over complicated manner. The hamiltonian is defined in Eq. (10) of this note and gives the Lande and Thomas factors and the Darwin term, BUT at the expense of using “negative energy”.


The Adelina Patti Theatre, Craig y Nos Castle

January 31, 2011

This can be seen on

and on google. It was commissioned by the great nineteenth century operatic virtuoso Adelina Patti in the style of the┬áDrury Lane Theatre in London and is listed A by CADW. It is used as a conference centre and was originally intended for a private audience of about one hundred. Among these were Edward VII, Nicholas II and The Crown Prince of Sweden. Adelina Patti, Baroness Cederstrom, bought the castle from my ancestor, the industrialist Morgan Morgan. The Castle is now a three star hotel and the arboreum planted by Patti is open to the public. It is situated in the hauntingly beautiful Glyn Tawe in the Brecon Beacons National Park. The film of “The Universe of Myron Evans” was made partly in the theatre. The complete script of that film was made into a talk which is always among the most popular item on . It is a good film and deserves distribution judging by the great popularity of the script.

Feedback for, January 2011

January 31, 2011

An eight year record of hits per month has already been established for January 2011 at 122,802, an average of about 4,000 hits a day. There were 14,830 distinct visits in January 2011, 77,812 page views, 7.419 gigabytes downloaded, 1,946 documents read from 93 countries, led by: USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Russian Federation, Britain, Ukraine, Austria, ….. The number of diary or blog visits averaged 116 a day for January 2011 (42,340 a year), and the total number of blog viewings since January 1st 2010 is 30,497. As usual a small fraction of the huge total is abstracted at the end of the attached file, consisting of identifiable universities, institutes, government departments, major corporations and US military facilities. The complete feedback since 2006 is backed up on computer and is available on request. The complete feedback will be available tomorrow. It is given on the last day of the month before the main file is overwritten. Added to this is feedback from the other ECE sites: and


New Paper by Charles Kellum and Associates.

January 30, 2011

This paper is intended for engineers, physicists and Government Departments.


Three New Papers by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom

January 30, 2011

These are three new papers by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom of use for engineering and physics.