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Primarily for a Welsh Readership

March 31, 2007

Subject: Primarily for a Welsh Readership
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:58:37 EDT

The armorial bearings of Ceredigion County Council are of intertest because my olf friends Gareth Evans, Gari Owen, Roger Goodger and Kerry Pendergast attended UW Aberystwyth in Ceredigion. This is also my Alma Mater, so some of the arms of the Council and College will be used in my own armorial bearings. The Council’s arms are a black lion in gold of Gwaithfoed Prince of Dyfed, a herring and wheatsheaf to represent fishing and farming, and the arms of St. David. The culture of Ceredigion reaches a high point in the poem by Dic Jones “Y Cynhaeaf”, “The Harvest”, which won the Chair at Aberafan in 1966. An englyn from this great awdl is as follows:

Egin haidd, egni addysg – a glewder Hen galedi’n gymysg: Boed lawn y grawn a graenus, Gwyn fo’i dwf gynhaeaf dysg.

I can roughly parse it as follows:

“Shoots of barley, strength of learning – and courage From old hardship mixed together: Let the grain be plenty and glossy, Bless the growth of harvest learning.”

This parse loses all the art of the original, and retains bare meaning only. The cynghanedd in the first line is g, n, dd.. g, n, dd. Then there is g, l, d, echoed by g, l, d in the second line. In the third line there is internal rhyme cynghanedd, lawn … grawn, in the fourth line there is g, n, f, d…. g, n, (h), f, d . One of the rules allows (h) to be skipped as a consonant. The four lines rhyme, the last is a couplet, two syllable to one syllable rhyme, graenus…. dysg. each line is of seven syllables, and the tail after – in teh first line is three syllables. This is generally considerd one of the best odes (awdlau) ever to win a Chair. This stanza is therefore the englyn unawdl union – one of the strict metric forms allowed. My motto “Poer y llwch o’r pair llachar” is a line of one of my own englynion, seven syllables with strict cynghanedd in all syllables. Dafydd ap Gwilym originated just north of Aberystwyth.

Final Stages of paper 81

March 31, 2007

Subject: Final Stages of paper 81
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:31:09 EDT

These are to consider the phase of the electromagnetic wave interacting with the electron. This is

omega = x cap omega

where x = ((1 + gamma) + (e phi / (m c squared))) / gamma

and where cap omega is the electron’s angular velocity. The extra static magnetic field changes the cap omega of the electron through the gyromagnetic ratio. The electronic angular frequency is also changed and thus omega of the electromagnetic wave is changed and the phase is changed. This is the Faraday effect for one electron, which has been deduced from the inverse Faraday effect, Q.E.D. The phenomenological treatment of the Fardaay effect is given by in the book by Barron, and depends on molecular property tensors perturbed by a statci magnetic field.

Use of Badge

March 31, 2007

Subject: Use of Badge
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:46:03 EDT

The AIAS or anyone else with my express permission may use the badge as notepaper and website regalia etc., as badges on clothing, imprints on clothing, or similar, but not the actual arms, which are my sole property and inscribed in vellum in colours and gold. These are ancient Laws of Arms. The armorial bearings are actually a work of art in itself and I will treat it carefully as such. The badge is simpler and will probably consist of the Celtic Cross designed by the Windsor Herald for Cynghor Sir Benfro (Pembroke County Council), a sheaf of hay, a pattern of black hills all encircled with nine quartz crystals. These days it will be easy to reproduce it in colour. Space Energy may also use the badge if it desires. However all designs are the prerogatives of the Heralds and their artists. They ask for suggestions which I have given. An example of a badge is given on the reverse side of a 20 p coin – the Tudor Rose of Queen Elizabeth II, signifying descent from Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd and his forebears in turn to ancient Celtic times. I may use parts of the arms of Rhys ap Gruffydd and parts of the arms of UW Aberystwyth. The name Tudor comes from Tewdwr, a very ancient British Celtic name. These days badges and arms denote merit, not prowess in chivalry or noble descent and so on. All AIAS staff have my permission use the badge, if they wish adn if granted. This is a genuine College of Arms badge. The stuff you see about family arms on websites is not genuine and does not accord with the Law of Arms. There is nothing that can be done about that except to say that this is the situation. My petition to the Earl Marshall will probably be granted in view of the fact that the Queen has granted the Civil List Pension and has recently increased it. Petitions are only allowed to persons likely to be granted the petition. The Heralds are paid a nominal salary of about 17 pounds a year. The rest they have to obtain by consultancy.

Civil List Scientist

Final Part of Paper 81

March 31, 2007

Subject: Final Part of Paper 81
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:57:23 EDT

This will devise a new method of describing the Faraday effect using the relativistic calculations completed already. The Faraday effect is the rotation of the plane of polarization of light by a static magnetic field. The new method will use the interaction of electron and photon already developed in notes for paper 81 and add a static magnetic field. The wave functions of the photon and electron are changed by the magnetic field. Some notes on this have been distributed already but now I have calculated out the complete information needed : the relativistic kinetic energy, relativistic angular momentum and relativistic angular velocity of the interacting photon electron system (or classically the field / electron system). Thus I can calculate the change in wavefunction (i.e. phase) of the electromagnetic field due to the electron, and finally add to this the static magnetic field’s influence, an additional electronic angular momentum. Classically this is orbital, but if the Dirac equation is used there is also spin angular momentum as is well known. The overall aim has been to check the Prague experimental calculations in many ways, and to describe the IFE and FE in terms of B(3).

Official Memorial for Coat of Arms

March 31, 2007

Subject: Official Memorial for Coat of Arms
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:11:54 EDT

Attachment: acoatofarms.pdf

Just for interest and information this is how a genuine coat of arms is granted under the Laws of Arms. If granted these armorial bearings may be used on _www.aias.us_ ( , and with my consent by others such as Space Energy Network and as headed notepaper by my family and descendants and so forth. I am not a Peer or Knight Grand Cross so I am not entitled to supporters, (the emblems either side of the shield), but as the Windsor Herald suggested the supporters of UW Aberystwyth (two dragons rouge rampant) will be used in the crest to support his design for the Celtic Cross that signifies peace and good will to all Nations. Then my various other suggestions for design will be made into an original armorial bearing that has not been used before. I do not have any title such as Sir or Lord etc., so I am a “Gentleman”, with earned title of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science. These are ancient terms of course but I like a sense of history.

Design of Armorial Bearings in Vellum

March 31, 2007

Subject: Design of Armorial Bearings in Vellum
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 06:55:56 EDT

To Windsor Herald:

I agree with your suggestion of having the dragons of UW Aberystwyth holding the Celtic cross that you designed for Cynghor Sir Benfro (Pembroke County Council). I had independently admired this and suggested the same Celtic cross. I have suggested the badge components as per message this morning. For the information of colleagues here, armorial bearings are awarded to individuals whose life or work has been of benefit to the community. I am pleased that if granted I may pass these bearings on to my descendants and I will be pleased to look at the design by the artist before it appears. I will in all probability suggest no changes as this will be a work of art in itself. These armorial bearings commemorate my appointment to the Civil List as the only scientist on the list and the only person from Wales. This is just to explain things to the colleagues here.

Civil List Scientist

cc Welsh Assembly

Relation between the Relativistic T and J

March 31, 2007

Subject: 81(4): Relation between the Relativistic T and J
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 06:27:45 EDT

Attachment: an81stpapernotes4.pdf

This is the relation between the relativistic T and J for a plane wave, giving the relativistic angular velocity of an electron in a circularly polarized e/m field. The final stage of this paper will be the calculation of the Faraday effect.

March 07 Interest in

March 31, 2007

Subject: March 07 Interest in
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 03:37:08 EDT

This interest in _www.aias.us_ ( remained this month at an intense level, there were visitors from 85 countries, led by USA, France, Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy and others. This incredible level of interest has been monitored every day for almost three years. The samples I send here and posted on the _www.aias.us_ ( blog are limited to the higher educational sector. The corporate interest amounts to literally thousands of corporations every month, including all the household name corporations. So this means that ECE theory is mainstream. The most popular item this month was again the book by Lar Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (Abramis, 2007, in press). The most popular paper was again paper 63 by Dr Eckardt and myself on energy from spinning sapcetime, giving circuit diagrams, followed by many other papers. The refutation of Dr Hehl has been read many times and accepted unanimously. No one has agreed with Dr Hehl because he is so obviously unabel to understand the basics of ECE theory. The rigorous Cartan geometry which is the basis of ECE theory has been given by Daniel Indranu, and is posted on _www.aias.us_ ( .. The standard model journals have been made irrelevant by this international acclaim of ECE theory. So we are justified in going staright to the scientists provided we are satisfied that our own work is technically correct. This has been proven many times over. This is pure science uncorrupted by money and false authority, going straight to the scientists worldwide.

British Civil List Scientist

16-30March07, Rest of World to

March 31, 2007

Subject: 16-30March07, Rest of World to
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 03:15:38 EDT

Univ Queensland Australia, McMaster Canada, Memorial Univ Newfoundland, Queens Univ, Rattlers, Royal Military College Canada, TIE chile, TJ China, Escuelaing Colombia, Univ Andes Colombia, IITM India, Hokudai Univ Japan, Kishou, JGN2 Japan, Univ Mexico, UM Malaysia, MAssey Univ New Zealand, UNAC Peru, UCV Venezuela, MCRN S Korea, OSG S Korea, NCTU Taiwan.

Europe to, Higher Ed. and Similar

March 31, 2007

Subject: 15-30March07: Europe to, Higher Ed. and Similar
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 03:00:08 EDT

Govt of Albania, Univ Plovdiv Bulgaria, Ad Novum Switzerland, CERN, Charles Univ. Prague, IOL Czech Rep., Univ Plzen, GSI Darmstadt, Leitstern, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Leipzig, MWN, TGZ Ilmenau, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich (physics and maths), Oldenburg, Stuttgart, CVT Denmark, Univ Copenhagen, Govt of Andalucia, Complutensian Univ Madrid, Univ Santiago de Compostela, JYU Finland, Cap Gemini France, School of Engineering Brest, French National Nuclear and High Energy Physics Lab., Oleane, French National Hydrographics adn Oceanographics Lab., Univ Strasbourg, Montpellier 2, Poitiers, Univ Athens, GSRT Greece, TEE Greece, BME Hungary, Dublin City Univ., ben Gurion Univ of the Negev Israel, Hebrew Univ Jerusalem, IMM CNR Italy, ENI Italy, INFN Florence, INFN Naples, Univ Bologna, NIDI Netherlands, Tech Univ Eindhoven, Utrecht, INIC Norway, Royal Society of Chemistry, Univ Krakow Poland, Koszalin, Tech Univ Lisbon Portugal, Univ Tuasi Romania, CPMS Russia, FSSN Russia, PU Russia, MCRN Slovakia, PSG Slovakia, National Science Centre Kharkov Institute of Science and Technology Ukraine, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics Kiev Ukraine, Univ East Anglia, Birmingham, Particle Physics Cambridge, Havering Sixth Form College Essex, Imperial College London, Leeds. Liverpool, Shefield, Swansea, Welsh Assembly, Welsh Office, National Health Service, PTT Yugoslavia.