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System of Physics Education Pioneered by AIAS

October 23, 2014

This system of education has been made possible by the knowledge revolution of the past fifteen or twenty years, and consists fundamentally of bringing knowledge directly to a readership through almost three thousand items on and more items on (also named This system is not inhibited by anonymous censorship based on dogma. It brings ideas directly to the readership and lets them decide what is good or bad. The vast readership of this education system is the best imaginable refereeing system. The system has been working effectively for about fourteen years, and has been accepted unanimously by the colleagues, otherwise there would not be a vast readership which includes the best minds. The most important idea in this new and original system of education is a unified field theory (ECE theory) based on textbook geometry – Cartan geometry. Basing physics on geometry goes back to the Greeks, and it was a system used by Kepler, Hooke and Newton. It was used famously by Einstein to develop general relativity from about 1905 to 1915, but without knowledge of a fundamental part of geometry, spacetime torsion. ECE set out to base all of the natural sciences on the correct geometry with torsion. That has turned out to be an infinitely rich idea capable of unlimited development, and has succesfully corrected the important ideas by Einstein – famous but flawed. That does not detract anything from Einstein. The older generation of physicists maintain their ideas dogmatically, and refuse illogically to recognize the role of torsion. There is overwhelming evidence for the fact that they censor ideas, even when these ideas are rigorously correct and as powerful as ECE. It is absurd to deny the power and rigour of ECE theory because it IS the powerful and rigorous Cartan geometry. As for any theory ECE must be tested continuously against experimental data. It produces essentially all of the well tested equations of physics excluding ideas based on indeterminacy. All the unified field theory papers (UFT) and indeed almost all the relevant material on and have been archived in several ways: for example at the National Library of Wales, the British Library and Google Scholar. The U. S. National Archives frequently downloads from the sites. Basing a theory of general relativity on Cartan’s geometry is therefore irrefutable. The key inference described in proofs one to five is that torsion can never be omitted, so general relativity must be based on a geometry that includes torsion. This is the essence of the great paradigm shift described vividly by Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe as “The Post Einsteinian Paradigm Shift”. The most important development of ECE in my opinion is the use of the commutator method to prove that torsion and curvature are both non zero. If torsion is made to vanish by arbitrary assertion, curvature also vanishes, and with it gravitation in the old theory.