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The Wolf in Mediaeval Wales

November 22, 2017

My direct ancestor, Tywysog Bleddyn ap Maeanarch, means “Prince Little Wolf son of the Arch of Stone”, and his ancestry (attached) contains many kings of Siluria who took the names of animals or magic animals like Hydd Hwgan. Rhirid Flaidd was born in 1160 and his name means “Rhirid the Wolf”. Cynddelw Prydydd Mawr wrote an elegy to him in the englyn form, for example:

“Nid blaidd coed coll yr afael
Namyn blaidd maes moesog hael.”

“He was not a forest wolf that had lost his teeth / But a wolf on the field of battle, generous in spirit” . In mediaeval Irish poetry there is “Sliabh Gua, Haunt of Wolves”, “Sligo, Haunt of Wolves”. This means that the wolf was a wild animal in Britain and Ireland until well into late mediaeval times.

afamilylinesancestryto1,100 BC.pdf

FOR POSTING : Analysis of the EDCL (1966 – 1988)

November 22, 2017

This gives an impact analysis of seventeen tenured members of staff (marked with *) of the EDCL from 1966 to 1988 in terms of h, g, I10 and n. The h indices vary from 2 to 33. They were all greatly out impacted by my own group (attached) in terms of h, g, I10 and n, and also number of publications. My number of publications is greater than the others combined. I will analyse J. M. Thomas separately. He left the department in a poor condition in 1978, with very few undergraduate students. It was my intention to transform the EDCL into a research laboratory of the EMLG. The great majority of tenured staff were appointed arbitrarily, so were uncompetitive. The following were appointed without advertisement or any kind of competition: Mansel Davies, A. H. Price, J. O. Williams. G. Williams, E. L. Evans. P. A. Freedman, C. B. Monk, A. J. S. Williams, J. C. Young. P. Cadman, J. B Bowen, D. E. Parry, P. Darcy and J. M. Adams. S. Evans was appointed in a semi arbitrary way because I applied for the same job and was told in the corridor to go to hell. That is malfeasance. Many seem to have left academia. Physics and mathematics in that era were no better. The performance in this era is worse. It comes down to the fact that the academic system fed itself tenure and excluded the competition. Jobs were rigged (Auto volume two). The system makes no effort to right this injustice, so it must be righted by a reform act. The main aim was to get tenure and stay in a cushy job. That is no good for anyone, least of all the taxpayer. If industry were run like that it would be bankrupt. In order to reform the system, this type of objective historical analysis must be done. This analysis should be read with Autobiography Volume Two. From 1978 to 1983 my group out published all the tenured staff combined.



n pole fields in the Presence of the Vacuum

November 22, 2017

The same method can be used to compute the shivering n pole electric fields due to a dipole, quadrupole, octopole and so on. That will require computer algebra and graphics. The magnetic dipole field can also be calculated. The basic new law is to replace r by r + delta r wherever it occurs in physics. As can be seen from the first Omnia Opera papers my earliest work under Prof. Mansel Davies was on the measurement of n pole fields by collision induced absorption in the far infra red (Autobiography volume 2, which contains a synopsis of every paper). This early work led to the Harrison Memorial Prize in 1978 and Meldola Medal in 1979, and to the award of the D. Sc. degree when I was 27 years old, the youngest recipient under modern rules. It led to my organization of the European Molecular Liquids Group, founded in 1980 at the National Physical Laboratory, coordinating over forty research councils across Europe. I worked with Rt. Hon. Tam Dalyell, Shadow Labour minister. That should have led to F. R. S. and a personal chair in 1978, and would have in any normal or “clean” department of chemistry. The fact that it did not was due to malfeasance and corruption by one or two people. They wrecked years of effort by many other people, and caused many staff to leave the EDCL. A 1963 building was closed in 1988 and vandalized, and technicians made redundant in an area of chronic high unemployment. Reforms are necessary to prevent academia doing what it likes with public funds. This is a very old problem that has been going on for many years. The point has been reached now where Vice Chancellors pay themselves huge salaries from struggling students. It is difficult to know what they do. A reform act is necessary to bring back the sixties system described in Auto 2, and to decrease the huge salaries of administrators.

393(6): Shivering Electric Dipole Field in the Presence of the Vacuum

November 22, 2017

This is Eq. (27) to first order in x of the binomial expansion of previous notes. The zitterbewegung theory results in a very rich structure and a completely new subject: the zitterbewegung or shivering theory of macroscopic electrodynamics in the presence of the vacuum. This theory is ideal for computer algebra because the calculations quickly become laborious. My hand calculations for UFT393 should be checked as usual by computer algebra, and graphed, when Horst returns from vacation. The effect of the vacuum is very intricate, and the vacuum is ubiquitous and ever present. Note carefully that this is the same theory as used to calculate the Lamb shift with great accuracy. So there is great confidence in the theory.


Ken Wilson’s Nobel Prize on Auction

November 22, 2017

Ken Wilson founded the Cornell Theory Center, where I worked form 1988 to 1992, with an intervening year at Zuerich. The asking price is $450,000.


November 22, 2017

This is an Old Wolf Logo for the home page of It is short for “Old Wolfsonian”. I was elected a Junior research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford in 1975. Maybe it can be posted under my coat of arms.

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Old Wolf

November 22, 2017

cool-wolf-pic-the-anubians-wolf-pack-22245839-1024-768.jpg (1024×768)

Dipole Field Corrected for the Vacuum

November 22, 2017

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Daily Report 20/11/17

November 22, 2017

The equivalent of 185,920 printed pages was downloaded (677.865 megabytes) from 4,357 downloaded memory files (hits) and 709 distinct visits each averaging 4 memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 42.67, top referrals total 2,325,732, main spiders Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 2054, Top ten 938, Collected Evans / Morris 660(est), Collected scientometrics 423, F3(Sp) 268, Principles of ECE 210, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 162, Barddoniaeth 144, Autobiography volumes One and two 118, UFT88 116, Evans Equations 81, Collected Proofs 76, Engineering Model 57, PECE 50, CV 50, MJE 50, CEFE 39, PLENR 35, UFT311 35, UFT321 27, 83Ref 24, SCI 24, Llais 18, ADD 17, PECE2 15, UFT313 28, UFT314 28, UFT315 36, UFT316 17, UFT317 24, UFT318 29, UFT319 39, UFT320 40, UFT322 28, UFT323 26, UFT324 40, UFT325 37, UFT326 24, UFT327 31, UFT328 32, UFT329 28, UFT330 25, UFT331 36, UFT332 39, UFT333 18, UFT334 13, UFT335 31, UFT336 32, UFT337 12, UFT338 23, UFT339 25, UFT340 23, UFT341 27, UFT342 20, UFT343 24, UFT344 13, UFT345 37, UFT346 27, UFT347 27, UFT348 37, UFT349 26, UFT351 36, UFT352 31, UFT353 33, UFT354 34, UFT355 22, UFT356 23, UFT357 20, UFT358 37, UFT359 19, UFT360 13, UFT361 11, UFT362 19, UFT363 20, UFT364 26, UFT365 20, UFT366 15, UFT367 35, UFT368 21, UFT369 23, UFT370 18, UFT371 15, UFT372 16, UFT373 16, UFT374 15, UFT375 12, UFT376 13, UFT377 21, UFT378 15, UFT379 12, UFT380 18, UFT381 23, UFT382 40, UFT383 36, UFT384 21, UFT385 35, UFT386 26, UFT387 29, UFT388 24, UFT389 46, UFT390 29, UFT391 43, UFT392 31 to date in November 2017. Department of Health Western Australia general; City of Winnipeg UFT papers; McMaster University UFT43; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT366 – UFT392; University of Toronto UFT88; University of Chile Circuit Resonance Parameters; Max Planck Campus Tuebingen AIAS staff, top ten papers, my page; Mathematics Princeton University UFT99; Edu System Philippines general; Institute for Nuclear Research Kiev UFT177; University of Bristol UFT149; Chemistry University of Oxford general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for November 2017.


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November 22, 2017

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