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Note to "The Guardian" by John Austen-Brown

June 30, 2008

Many thanks indeed to John Austen-Brown in Canada for this note to “The Gurdian”. This is exactly the kind of eye opener that the media needs. The ancient mariners of the standard model carry many albatrosses.

Subject: Google article 29th June 08
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 21:44:57 -0400

Science Editor

The article in Google news is a little out of date – why?. The Higgs boson does not and cannot exist as proved years ago in ECE theory, nor does dark matter exist.

ECE theory is given at and is now supported by many scientists and used to correctly explain the Faraday paradoxes and pioneer anomalies (which the standard model theory has never been able to do).

Does the Guardian no longer have a reputation to uphold ? At least make mention of this theory rather than string theory which is now useless.

John Austen-Brown

Papers to be Written Up

June 30, 2008

I have several papers to be written up now from notes 110 to 115, most of which are on the blog, so will proceed to this tomorrow. The most important from the point of view of engineering is the derivation of the Hodge dual field equation for field matter interaction, as distinct from the Hodge dual for the vacuum field. There are many ideas in these notes which will probably make three or four new papers. Paper 107, which is in the course of preparation, will probably be discussed at the Craig y No^s meeting, where the co-authros will be present.

Lion Rampant Or

June 30, 2008

This is the main element of the arms of Rhys ap Gruffydd, Prince of Deheubarth, and ancestor of Henry VII Tudor as attached. Lion Rampant Or is Norman French for golden lion rampant. The Government has allowed me to use this element as the main element of my own arms. These arms mark my appointment to the Civil List in 2005 by Parliament for pre eminent contributions to Britain and the Commonwealth in science. This reflects very well on all the colleagues at AIAS and SG and many other colleagues and friends over the years. The two Dragons rampant respectant are from the arms of University of Aberystwyth (in my time University College of Wales Aberystwyth). The Norman Helm affronty Or marks descent on the distaff side from the Norman Lord of Pontgwilym in present day Brecon, Sir Walter Havard or Havre de Grace, from whom the sometime Bishop of St David, the Rt. Rev. Dr. William Thomas Havard, was also descended. The Garb of Hay Argent means a sheaf of hay in silver, and marks the fact that my father was a hill farmer and coal miner. The overall theme is peace and good will to all Nations, reflecting the St. David’s Day message sent out from the children of Wales to the children of the world every year.


Description of Arms of the Civil List Scientist

June 30, 2008

Many thanks indeed! This is fascinating, and deeply appreciated! Myron Evans

Subject: College of Arms
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:04:08 +0100

June 30, 2008

Dear Dr Evans,

Thank you for your various e-mails. I have passed those concerning your genealogy to Garter, and he will doubtless be in touch in due course.

You asked after the heraldic description of your Armorial Ensigns. The approved Blazon is:

Arms: Per fesse dancetty acute Gules and Sable a Lion rampant Or holding between the forepaws a Garb of hay Argent banded Vert a Bordure engrailed Or

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or Gules and Sable Two Dragons rampant respectant Gules holding between them a representation of the Celtic cross at Nevern sans pedestal Sable fimbriated Vert

Mantled: Sable and Gules lined Or


Badge: A Norman Helm affronty Or quadrinimbed Sable and charged with two Gouttes in fess Azure

The artist hopes to have finished painting the Patent this week.

Yours sincerely,

William Hunt Windsor Herald

College of Arms Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BT

+44 (0)20 7329 8755

Scalar Curvature

June 30, 2008

The scalar curvature from the Lemma is proportional to the scalar curvature of the mass density, which is a sum R010 + R020 + R030 In notes for paper 110 I worked out a particular example of a gamma connection. There have been so many new ideas recently that I need to pause to write up a few papers from the notes. The gamma connection can be worked out from the tetrad postulate if the spin connection and tetrad are known. So I think that your method here is valid if developed systematically. In paper 61 or 62 it thereabouts I gave an example of the ECE Lemma at work, and in a recent paper I checked it in another way for self consistency using the rule for covariant dervative of a rank three tensor. This led to a new cyclic theorem on the Cartan torsion.

Subject: Re: [AIAS] Agreed with Dr Eckardt
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:55:34 -0400

Is the definition of scalar curvature R from the wave equation the same as you used for equating with the charge density rho in your last notes? Then this could show up a way to connect rho with the potential (via the tetrad in R). The spin connection is also available (if we consider the engineering model for example), however the (asymmetric) Gamma connection remains unknown. I remember that it can possibly be calculated from spin connection via the ECE lemma. This would open then new insight for a “full feed back” calculation with a charge and current density not being predefined as in MH but resulting from the calculation. I hope this quick idea was not formulated too unintelligible 🙂


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 10:39 am
Subject: [AIAS] Agreed with Dr Eckardt

Yes agreed with Dr Eckardt. Essentially G. Bruhn is a retired individual who for about six years has?deliberately contrived?deceipt in order to give a false impression. This conduct is well out into the open now and casts further doubt about the intergity of the standard physics faction, becasue standard editors of the worst type are known to cite these deliberate errors, showing gross incompetence at best, collusion at worst. It is well known that cyberstalking is a criminal?offence, I advise readers just to?google it up. So this is the end of?stadnrd physics for many people. It has degenerated into deliberate deceipt, as is actually well known to?professionals. ?



Attached Message


horsteck] at [


EMyrone] at [


Re: [AIAS] Another Instance of Cyberstalking by Bruhn


Mon, 30 Jun 2008 03:42:27 -0400

Just to be totally correct: shouldn’t it read

??? R sup b sub nu

at the right hand side of the last formula (relabelled eq. 1)?


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 8:26 pm

Subject: [AIAS] Another Instance of Cyberstalking by Bruhn

Another incident of cybertstalking by Bruhn?occurred today and the scientific refutation is attached. The usual method was used of setting up a false claim, in this case that eq. (1) of the attached could not be true. This equation was falsely claimed to be involved in the proof of the ECE Lemma, and so I give the real proof. This incident was duly reported to the police and shreds any remaining credibility that this man may have. He also attempted to use?my listserver address, without my permission of coruse, and was automatically?blocked by Sean?MacLachlan’s anti-spam software. He apparently picked up this listserver address from somewhere.?We?are now entitled to apply for a court restraining order against this man adn to formally report him to the Darmstadt police for?cyberstalking and five years of harassment.?We?reall ymust leave these ancient mariners of the standard model in our wake. They are out of touch with reality and the modern world.??


Civil List Scientist

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Energy issues etc

June 30, 2008

Many thanks! This is a very useful summary by Dr Gareth J. Evans of Ceredigion County Council, certainly a lot more responsive and responsible than some standard physicists I can think of. If imaginative solutions are taken up there is plenty of time to come to grips with this problem. However, countries such as China are pouring CO2 into the atmosphere, and must be persuaded to conduct affairs in line with the rest of the world.

Subject: RE: Energy issues etc
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:12:47 +0000

I agree Myron, what matters to people are the things that affect them directly – the cost of fuel and food, windmills that blight their landscape etc. Environmental issues are vitally important, however, because they could ultimately determine our fate. The ozone hole (a severe depletion of the ozone layer high above Antarctica) was the first warning of the harm our emissions to the atmosphere were creating. The hole is primarily caused by human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases in the stratosphere. Currently this enormous hole is 8.5 million square miles (22 million square km) in extent. The record size was recorded in 2006 at 10.03 million square miles (26 million square km). This hole was caused by our emissions to the atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons in amounts that are very small compared to other gases we emit. The effect on the atmosphere was quite remarkable and massive (see the most recent image below). The ozone layer acts to protect life on Earth by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Fortunately this hole is largely over the antarctic and there are signs that ozone depletion is slowing in response to the 1987 Montreal Protocol, which resulted in a significant reduction in global emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals. So it seems we can address wide scale environmental problems – but only if we recognise them and give ourselves time to respond. There was scepticism about the ozone hole when it was first announced – no one doubts it and its significance to our well being (skin cancers etc) now.

Of even more concern are the much larger, the vast amounts of greenhouse gases we emit to the atmosphere that warm the Earth. To reduce these means changing our dependency on a carbon based way of life – and this is much more difficult to achieve than cutting emissions of chlorofluorocarbons. Climate change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions is expected to cause the ozone hole to expand further in the future but this is a minor concern relative to the warming itself that higher concentrations of greenhouse gases are expected to produce.

I totally agree with you Myron that wind farms are not the solution, nor is nuclear energy, nor are biofuels etc. Every technology leaves a carbon footprint and this has to be carefully evaluated over a complete life cycle in the future (including for completely new technologies like MagneGas and space energy). What we cannot afford to do, as pressing as the problems may become, is to replace the polluting industries of the past with a new generation of a different sort of polluting industries in the future. Imagine that we could replace overnight all the energy producing industries and devices that exist in the world today with a new generation of space energy devices. What impact would this have on the environment (and health) and the fine balances that exist in nature? This is the situation our forefathers were in at the start of the industrial revolution. They could not foresee the effects air emissions would have on the fine balances that exist in nature (the ozone layer as an example, if we are still sceptical about global warming). Could future generations be contemplating the Earth’s energy balances – just as we now contemplate greenhouse gas balances? We will only know when we have developed the new devices, undertaken the necessary investigations and built up our knowledge and understanding of them in environmental and health terms..

Perhaps we really are cooked – “in the s–t” as Francesco put it recently (appropriately phrased because it is our waste that creats current problems). If our world warms an average 6 degrees Celsius globally by the end of the century then the cost of fuel and food will not matter to those who may survive. But hopefully this is being alarmist because we have got to believe we can solve this problem and keep warming down – just as we seem to be able to be repair the ozone hole.

Space energy and MagneGas etc appear to offer the best prospects at the moment.

Best, Gareth

I do not think that the so called global warming is any immediate threat, the most urgent matter is the rise in the cost of petroleum. As honorary Chairman of Magnegas Europe I am concentrating on this issue. On the issue of wind turbines I oppose them strongly as is well known. My view is that if there is any link between global warming and carbon dioxide etc., then the latter can easily be scrubbed. I discussed this with Adrian Eyre by phone a couple of days ago. New technologies for fuel have actually all been in place for a long time, there has just not been any political will or ability to do anything about petroleum burning. I did a survey of election results recently in Swansea City and County, and in no Community did the candidate receive anywhere near a majority of those eligible to cast votes. So what we have effectively for two hundred years or more is a perpetual electoral dictatorship, candidates have little or no ability to govern in the manner needed. It is certainly of no consequence to ordinary people whether global warming is taking place or not, all they see is a rapid rise in fuel and food costs. The gas pipelines being driven through Wales are for liquid gas from the Qatar gas field. This gas pipeline, constructed at huge expense, and enormously destructive to the environment in some of the most beautiful parts of Wales, evidently does not stop the rapid rise in fuel costs. So there is effectively no competent government, a dangerous political vacuum as Diego points out. Global warming if it is taking place, is a minor issue compared with the intense and obvious social pressures of rapid increase in fuel cost. I greatly appreciate your concern and work on behalf of the environment in Dyfed, and of course I share this concern. However, all we see in this area (Lower Clydach or Eithrym valley) is a landscape being ripped apart.

–Forwarded Message Attachment–

Sorry Myron, I was away on the weekend and almost missed this. Obviously the important thing now is for you to concentrate on and enjoy the SG medal ceremony but very briefly: It is in fact well known that parts of the south Pole have cooled Myron and parts have warmed. This is discussed on the NASA webpage copied below for example. The “deniers”, sometimes sponsored by the oil companies particularly in the US, frequently use this to distort and cast doubt on the issue of global warming. Twenty years ago hardly anyone thought that the Antarctic would be affected much by the then rate of global warming. Also, the ozone hole, that lies over this region, was expected to allow heat to escape in the region – creating an additional and new cooling effect. The ozone hole reached a record size in the region in 2006. Satellite surveys have shown that the loss of Antarctic ice has in fact soared by 75 per cent in just 10 years and is melting far faster than could have been predicted. The survey, between 1996 and 2006, found that the net loss of ice from Antarctica rose by about 75 per cent as the movement of glaciers towards the sea speeded up (this was something not expected). The West Antarctic Ice Sheet lost about 132 billion tons of ice in 2006, compared with a loss of 83 billion tons in 1996. In addition, the Antarctic peninsula lost about 60 billion tons of ice in 2006. To put these figures into perspective, 4 billion tons of ice is enough to provide drinking water for the whole UK population for one year. Even at the very low temperatures present in the region, g

laciers of the Antarctic are moving faster to the sea. Models of future sea-level rise have not taken this into account. Sea levels are estimated to have risen by 1.8mm a year on average during the 20th century, but data from the past decade or so suggest that the average rise is now about 3.4 mm per year.Computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which predict that sea levels will rise by no more than about 50cm by 2100, are based largely on the stability of the Antarctic ice sheets but on the basis of this NASA evidence, as reported earlier this year, it looks as if this forecast is too restrained. IPCC may have underestimated the upper bound of predicted sea-level rise by the end of the century – 50 cm is probably too conservative.There are in fact two key factors in estimating the net loss of Antarctic ice. The first is the flow of glaciers towards the sea; the second is the build-up of snow over the vast landmass of the frozen continent. Global warming was expected to increase the moisture content of the atmosphere and so increase snowfall over Antarctica (as stated, much of which was thought to be too cold to be affected by rising global temperatures). Increased snow fall would have suggested a net build-up of ice. However, the IPCC’s models used to arrive at these forecasts had also not taken into account the complex, dynamic interaction between the ocean and the ice shelves of West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula, which are warmer than East Antarctica. The fact is, there has been a rapid loss of ice to the sea rather than a net gain and the loss is increasing with time – as stated at 75 per cent in ten years with most of this loss, if not its entirety, caused by glacier acceleration. The acceleration in ice loss over the past 10 years could increase in coming decades as some of these glaciers reach deeper beds, their speeds could double or triple, in which case the contribution to sea-level rise from Antarctica could increase quite significantly beyond what it is now. So, the belief that Antarctic ice would be immune from global warming changes in the shorter term has not been the case. As ever, the future is the big question. The potential exists for ice speed to increase two or three times, which will result in a doubling of the mass deficit from Antarctica.Below are some of the recent landmark developments in the Antarctic as reported by NASA (and others)* July 1985: UK scientists detect hole in ozone layer* January 1995: Larsen A ice shelf disintegrates* July 1998: Evidence suggests future collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet* March 2000: An iceberg 183 miles long and 22 miles wide breaks adrift* February 2002: Larsen B ice shelf collapses* October 2003: World’s largest iceberg splits* March 2006: Research shows shrinking ice has raised sea levels by 1.2mm* The ozone hole reached a record size in 2006 but may have started to diminish in size more recently* September 2007: Sea ice covering Antarctica melts back to record lowBest wishes to all at the ceremony, Gareth

A man of the people I see. Yes, Al has done well out of the weather but is curiously silent about petrol, being full of gas himself he needs none. No one of the Clinton administration should be allowed back in the White House, and Clinton himself was impeached by Congress for high crimes and misdemeanors. He is even trying to cover up this one. I am all for environmental protection, but there are people here running up to me in panic. They ask me: “what are you going to do about petrol?”. I can only tell them about David King. They don’t care at all about the fact that north pole is slightly warmer, this is just a routine precession of the earth’s axis. The south pole is getting colder, but we are not told that.

–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 11:35:35 +1000

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Rest of World

June 30, 2008

CNEA Gov. Argentina, Gov. Victoria Australia, CNEN Gov. Brazil, INPE Brazil, Canadian engineering network (Montreal, St. Catherines, Toronto, Kitchener, and Ottawa), Defence Department Gov. Canada, McGill Univ., ACI Ontario, Univ. Montreal, EMSSA Chile, Biobio Univ. Chile, Univ. Caucia Colombia, DIBRU India, BARC Indian gov., Nihon Univ Japan, UNAM Mexico, Univ Otago New Zealand.

15-29Jun08, Europe to

June 30, 2008

ARCS Austria, Liege, ZKB Switzerland, Charles Univ. Prague, Palacky Univ., Helmholtz Foundation Munich, KFA Juelich, Siemens Corporation*, Univ Cologne, Univ. Siegen, Univ Wuerzburg, SDU Denmark, Univ Ovi Sapin, TANTUT Finland, TUT Finland, JPP France, Univ Poitiers, ACN Greece, HOL Greece, AHIV Hungary, ENEA Italy, INFN Bari, Univ Perugia, TU Delft, Physics Utrecht, NTNU Norway*, ICHF Poland, PEA Antonio Macedo Portugal, RDSNET Romania, JINR Russia, Omsk Russia, VSI Rusia, Univ. Ege Turkey, Univ Glamorgan science, Imperial, keele, Lurton, Sheffield, Swansea College, UWIC, Birmingham City Council.

[AIAS] Feedback Activity, June 2008

June 30, 2008

Yes – great interest by the various aerospace and electrical engineering networks I think. The lead educational article was your engineering model.

Subject: Re: [AIAS] Feedback Activity, June 2008
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:13:02 -0400

I saw that the read count of paper 63 is extremely high this month – what ever that means.


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 11:39 am
Subject: [AIAS] Feedback Activity, June 2008

During this month (JUne 2008 to June 29th)?there was the usual intense worldwide interest in One thousand documents precisely?were read by 9,203 individual visitors, 58,881 files downloaded (hits), 8.703 gigabytes of material downloaded from 78 countries, led by USA, Germany, South Africa, Canada, France,?Poland, Britain, Finland, ……..


All ECE papers were read, the most read were in the following order:


63, 93, 47, 45, 94, 43, 6, 113, 112, 114, 14, 1, 76, 2, 21, 103, 109, 100a, 111, 40, 58, 102, 12, 61, 90, 44, 50, 54, 56, 105, 37, 7, 99, 16, 23, 65, 25, 67, 70, 88, 3, 11, 104, 15, 57, 13, 51, 66, 68, 81, 19, 62, 100b, 30, 5, 96, 69, 71, 10, 110, 18, 55, 74, 87, 41, 83, 53, 60, 89, 4, 72, 98, 17, 22, 33, 36, 42, 46, 75, 8, 95, 101, 106, 20, 24, 28, 31, 32, 35, 38, 64, 108, 26, 59, 77, 9, 29, 34, 39, 52, 91, 100e, 49, 82, 86, 78, 80, 84, 85, 97, 48, 100d, 27, 73, 70, 100c.


All educational articles and books?were read, the most read being in the following order:


ECE Engineering Model, Numerical Solutions, Space Energy (Spanish), ECE (Spanish), ECE and Spacetime, Workshop history, Filtered Statistics, Crystal Spheres, Galaxies (Spanish), ECE (English), Johnson Magnets, ECE (French), ECE (Italian), Space Energy, A Fundamental Flaw in the Einstein Field Equation, Bruhn Refutations, Spacetime Dev., Tornado in a Petrie Dish, Crothers 1, OO431, ECE (Dutch), Crothers 2, Galaxies, Workshop Overview, ECE (German), OO401b, Physica Scripta refutations, Royal Decree, ECE (Chinese), OO401c, GGLtr1,?Bruchholtz?refutation of Hehl, 93?Extraplots, ……………..


Most Omnia Opera articles, original source documenst etc.?were read.



Civil List Scientist




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15-29Jun08, USA to

June 30, 2008

As usual this samll sample of two weekly returns is divided into US, Europe and rest of world, concentring on the higher ed., governmental and military and large corporate sectors. There are many visits from each address give, and * denotes multiple visits form more than one individual address at a given institution. Brigham Young University, Cornell, Georgetown, Merrimack Education Center, Missouri, UC San Diego, Minnesota Twin Cities, Illinois Urbana Champaign, Nevada Las Vegas, U Texas Medical Branch, US Bureau of Land Management, St Lucie County, Robins Airforce*, NMCI Navy*, South West Laboratories, A.R.M. Inc., Intel, Macmillan, Microsoft, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon.