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Photograph of Einstein in 1950

April 18, 2019

This can be found on the website of the Mallon relativity project, He is in very shocking condition, frail and suffering from major depression. His wife Elsa died in 1936, and luckily he was looked after by Helen Dukas, his housekeeper. In 1954 he went into hospital at her request. In the final journey in the ambulance he talked about economics, merely saying that he knew nothing about the subject. Murray Gell-Mann speaks in a most unpleasant way on the net that Einstein declined after the death of his second wife, making fun of him, but Einstein was still able to write a letter to Roosevelt. In 1950 he was at home and was surrounded by dignitaries in the photograph. He was completely bored and uninterested and looks very ill. Similarly, Hawking was regularly beaten up by his medical attendant, who has been disbarred. The reality of being an icon is none too happy. The point is, if it were known that Einstein was ill, why wasn’t he properly cared for medically and by friends at Princeton? If it were known that Hawking was being regularly beaten up, why did not the police intervene? Sternglass met Einstein in 1947 and in 1995 told me of the meeting. Elsa Einstein was Albert Einstein were first cousin and there is a photograph of them arriving in the United States, presumably in about 1933. There cannot be a greater contrast between the 1933 and 1950 photographs of Einstein. I think that Einstein was also regularly beaten up metaphorically, by the Copenhagen establishment, but as Vigier mentioned to me, “Einstein had an answer to everything”.

Fluctuating m Space Theory

April 18, 2019

This derivation might be given in one of the background notes of the UFT papers, otherwise might be in a textbook or or on the net.

437(4): Self Consistency of the Vacuum Force and Lamb Shift

April 18, 2019

This note demonstrates the self consistency of the vacuum force of UFT417 and the m theory of the Lamb shift given in Eq. (1).


UFT88 Read at the Hebrew University Jerusalem

April 18, 2019

The Hebrew University Jerusalem is ranked 175 in the world by Webometrics, 201-250 by Times, 154 by QS and 95 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1918 and has 23,000 students, affiliated with fifteen Nobel Laureates. There is an ECE school of thought there, the accurate scientometrics show that there have been many consultations of over the past fifteen years from its staff and students. The attached survey is a sample of the intense worldwide interest in UFT88, which incorporates torsion into the second Bianchi identity of 1902 and in a series of UFT papers, this was gradually transformed into the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity of UFT313. The Einstein field equation was based on the incorrect 1902 identity, whereas it should have been based on the correct JCE identity. The latter is completely different from the 1902 identity, so the Einstein field equation is completely wrong. The results of the Einstein field equation have been refuted in almost a hundred different ways in the UFT series and it has been replaced by ECE, ECE2 and m theory in over seven hundred papers and books produced since 2003. Einstein was part of the foundation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1918. The attached sample is only a small fraction of the total interest in UFT88. It can be estimated from the scientometrics that UFT88 has been consulted about fifty thousand times since it was first published, about ten years ago. That makes it a classic by any historical measure, and normally it would be recognized by a Nobel Prize or Fields Medal for Horst Eckardt and myself. Anti- intellectually, the establishment of physics is made up of standard modellers, these are dogmatists who do not allow free thought within their circles. However there is free thought everywhere else, including all the best universities in the world. This means you do not have to be a Nobel Laureate to be recognized worldwide. Very obvious in retrospect, and the international recognition extends to the entire AIAS / UPITEC group.


Daily Weblogs 16/4/19

April 18, 2019

The equivalent of 221,926 printed pages was downloaded (809.143 megabytes) from 3,040 downloaded memory files (hits) and 507 distinct visits each averaging 4.5 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 73.00, top referrals total 221,926, 39.4% spiders mainly from Amazon, Baidu, Google and MSN. Apple Inc. spidering; University of California Santa Barbara general; Physics Hebrew University Jerusalem UFT88. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Proceeding with UFT437

April 17, 2019

I intend to go through UFT417 ff systematically using r1 = r + delta r. This will give the Lamb shift and also develop the m theory in new directions.

Productivity at the EDCL

April 17, 2019

By 1976, when I won the British Ramsay Memorial Fellowship in fierce international competition, I had already done enough for a tenured full professor at the EDCL (personal chair). The attached impact analysis shows that the productivity of those who corruptly denied me a chair was miniscule, indeed pathetic. From 1978 to 1983 my group outproduced all the EDCL staff combined. This was done under conditions of abuse and malfeasance. So the closure of the EDCL in 1988 was justified in the light of an objective historical analysis such as the one attached. The only contemporaries of comparable productivity were J. M. Thomas and Bill Jones. Both were given jobs at Cambridge without advertisement, and their productivity is due to large groups of co workers. My EDCL group won twenty Fellowships in international competition against the best in the world. So we were the best young researchers in the world. The Aberystwyth administration was so busy enriching itself that it did not notice. A system like that should be closed down, it cannot be supported by the tax payer. The corruption was horrendous, and this shows up on the historical level in the miniscule productivity of those appointed in smoke filled rooms because they happened to be someone’s crony. The People of Wales should not have this Anglo Norman system imposed on it. The People of Wales is made to pay for it.




April 17, 2019

This is primitive capitalism, which of course I reject as a bevanite socialist. I don’t like to think about IBM because when my first wife Laura and I returned from Zuerich to Cornell both our jobs had gone without any warning, and we were forced to go to the horrendously corrupt UNCC. We should not have gone to Zuerich, which had not made any preparation for my visit. The papers I produced at IBM are on the Omnia Opera. I wrote all the papers and reports but Clementi put his name on them. I outproduced all the rest of the Clementi environment. At the Theory Center I outproduced all of the paid staff. I was not paid by Cornell, but it used my work in an NSF Quarterly Report. The work that has been done over the past fifteen years at AIAS / UPITEC is greatly superior to the work done at IBM and the Cornell Theory Center. To any creative scientist, having someone else put their name on your work is grossly offensive, not to say unlawful.

IBM were under financial strain in the nineties as powerful desktop and personal computers took off. As the computing upower of these computers were doubling each year and their costs doubling, IBM was caught in a pincer movement as new competitors stole its customer base, with apple now holding its crown along with microso

On Tuesday, 16 April 2019, Myron Evans <myronevans123> wrote:

In 1986 to 1987 IBM Kingston’s Clementi environment were pioneering the LCAP array processor when I was a visiting professor there. The other visiting professor was Clement Roothaan of the Roothaan equations of computational quantum chemistry. At that time the first IBM company internet was being pioneered, and the first computer animations. At the end of my year at IBM I did not want to return to Wales, and was married to my first wife. We later moved to Cornell Theory Center, where IBM had set up a unit, and produced the prize winning animation on of my molecular dynamics code. I should have stayed at Cornell and not moved to Zuerich, and was forced to return here. Despite the fact that I was promoted direct from post doc to tenured full professor I should not have moved to UNCC. IBM Kingston was closed down with the loss of about ten thousand jobs and Cornell Theory Center also closed. The physics department at UNCC was also closed, together with chemistry at Aberystwyth, physics at Bangor, and chemistry at Swansea. I was not aware that IBM had been in trouble. In my opinion the unlawful universities in Wales are on the edge of being closed down. The AIAS / UPITEC institutes are free of corruption and greed.

IBM are on the mend. Their market value is $127 bn. Debts $33 bn.

It bought Red Hat cloud computing group for $34 bn in October.

In Jan 2019 it announced its quantum computing system for comercial use. It is aimed at tackling intractable complex and exponential problems to difficult to tackle by classical means.

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 15/4/19

April 17, 2019

There was the usual intense interest. The attached is estimated to be only about 5% of the total interest, because most staff and students use their own devices to access I can identify only institutional URL’s. We are coming up to the fifteenth anniversary of daily scientometrics of this kind, showing overwhelming and permanent acceptance of ECE theory, and overwhelming rejection of all aspects of the physics system, notably its censorious intolerance of logical new ideas, and intolerance of Baconian science. There is also worldwide rejection of those parts of the university system which have been revealed to be greed ridden and corrupt.


Daily Weblogs Report 15/4/19

April 17, 2019

The equivalent of 782,776 printed pages was downloaded (2.854 gigabytes) from 3,708 downloaded memory files (hits) and 456 distinct visits each averaging 6.1 memory pages and 11 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 211.10, top referrals total 2,692,559, 64.2% spiders mainly from Amazon, Baidu, Google and MSN. City of Winnipeg UFT436; Apple Inc. spidering; British Library download of site. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.