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February 28, 2018

Can you please advise on what criteria are used too construct the calendar for Sometimes dates appear frequently and at other times infrequently. have read that the Wayback Machine aims to archive one copy of every web page every two months. The content of changes quite frequently, particularly the blog, so I assume that all these changes are archived by the Wayback Machine. We at AIAS / UPITEC will ensure that the site remains visible indefinitely.

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February 28, 2018

I Aled Betts, diolch yn fawr, edrychais am ar ond nid yw ar gael ar hyn o bryd. I looked for on but it seems not to be there at present. For keyword six items appear, all blog messages, but not the main site. The main site has been archived almost three hundred times on the Wayback Machine, The last archive on is July 2015. Thank you for advising by phone that the transfer to Wyback Machine software should be complete by the summer.Myron Evans.

Book of Scientometrics Updated to 26/2/18

February 28, 2018

This is the usual end of month update, there was the usual intense international interest from leading universities, institutes and similar.

BSlatest (1).PDF

UFT88 Read at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Heidelberg

February 28, 2018

The Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics was founded in 1958 and is situated in the ancient university city of Heidelberg. UFT88 is a well known classic refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity because it shows that the second Bianchi identity is changed completely when torsion is correctly incorporated. The Einstein field equation is based directly on the obsolete 1902 second Bianchi identity which does not incorporate torsion. UFT99 and its offshoot collected proofs reported on every morning show that if torsion is neglected, curvature vanishes and geometry essentially collapses. Again, the collected proofs have been read many tens of thousands of times without a single objection. So we can conclude that the EGR is completely obsolete and thoroughly erroneous. UFT88 is known to have been read tens of thousands of times in several hundred of the leading universities and institutes. This month it is the most popular paper of the UFT series of over four hundred papers and books. Its final form is given in UFT313, but the work in UFT88 is enough to refute Einsteinian general relativity completely in the famous post Einsteinian paradigm shift, a phrase coined by Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, the eminent editor.

Daily Report 26/2/18

February 28, 2018

The equivalent of 183,306 printed pages was downloaded (668.335 megabytes) from 3344 downloaded memory files (hits) and 646 distinct visits each averaging 3.8 memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 54.82, top referrals total 2,386,759, 44.9% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 3159, Top ten 1532, Collected Evans / Morris 858(est), Collected scientometrics 419, F3(Sp)418, Principles of ECE 401, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 228, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 216, Autobiography volumes One and Two 168, UFT88 147, Evans Equations 144, Collected Proofs 134, Llais 83, Engineering Model 81, ADD 79, PLENR 65, UFT311 56, CEFE 52, PECE 51, UFT321 37, PECE2 35, 83Ref 30, UFT313 26, UFT314 36, UFT315 41, UFT316 26, UFT317 32, UFT318 38, UFT319 46, UFT320 32, UFT322 32, UFT323 41, UFT324 45, UFT325 39, UFT326 26, UFT327 26, UFT328 40, UFT329 42, UFT330 31, UFT331 35, UFT332 52, UFT333 28, UFT334 28, UFT335 33, UFT336 29, UFT337 23, UFT338 37, UFT339 38, UFT340 28, UFT341 36, UFT342 27, UFT343 40, UFT344 28, UFT345 36, UFT346 33, UFT347 32, UFT348 41, UFT349 47, UFT351 31, UFT352 36, UFT353 22, UFT354 53, UFT355 34, UFT356 26, UFT357 25, UFT358 36, UFT359 34, UFT360 28, UFT361 25, UFT362 25, UFT363 31, UFT364 44, UFT365 29, UFT366 35, UFT367 36, UFT368 36, UFT369 30, UFT370 33, UFT371 44, UFT372 24, UFT373 26, UFT374 33, UFT375 27, UFT376 31, UFT377 38, UFT378 32, UFT379 17, UFT380 18, UFT381 39, UFT382 56, UFT383 38, UFT384 29, UFT385 42, UFT386 31, UFT387 36, UFT388 42, UFT389 32, UFT390 46, UFT391 57, UFT392 52, UFT393 37, UFT394 36, UFT395 34, UFT396 49, UFT397 41, UFT398 45, UFT399 150, UFT400 41, UFT401 47 to date in February 2018. UNiversiy of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT387 – UFT401; Department of Engineering University of Windsor Canada UFT341; Lockheed Martin Corporation UFT235; Deusu search engine Llais; Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Heidelberg UFT88; Higher School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Mexican National polytechnic institute UFT166(Sp); University of Edinburgh spidering. Intense interest all sectors. Webalizer file attached.

FOR POSTING: UFT402, Sections 1 and 2, and Notes

February 27, 2018

These are sections 1 and 2, and the new equation of precessing orbits in a plane is Eq. (56). The final paper corrects some minor errors in Note 402(7). Computer algebra can be used to find whether Eq. (56) or the simpler approximation eq. (60) have analytical solutions.









Full document UFT 401 in Spanish

February 27, 2018

Many thanks again!

Date: Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: Full document UFT 401 in Spanish

Cc: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Done today


On 2/24/2018 6:00 PM, Alex Hill (ET3M) wrote:

Hello Dave,

Please find enclosed the corrected and full version of UFT 401 paper in Spanish, for posting.



Third Book of Poetry to Date

February 27, 2018

This is the third book of poetry to date. I intend to add "Gwaith Argoed Llwyfain" and develop the sonnet sequence "Paradise Lost" to describe all that has been lost in this village: language, culture, sense of community, and law and order. It can and must be regained by implementation of my Bro Iaith policy. This needs complete independence or Wales, and a real Welsh Assembly with full powers of taxation and defence. As my fellow Americans say: "No taxation without representation".

thirdbookofpoetry (4) (2).PDF

Daily Report Sunday 25/2/18

February 27, 2018

The equivalent of 196,408 printed pages was downloaded (716.104 megabytes) from 2,955 downloaded memory files (hits) and 553 distinct visits each averaging 4.2 memory pages and 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 66.47, top referrals total 2,386,378, 43.1% spiders mainly from Baidu, Goggle, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 3000, Top ten 1058, Collected Evans / Morris 825(est), Collected scientometrics 406, F3(Sp) 400, Principles of ECE 388, Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 226, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 208, Autobiography volumes one and two 167, MJE 167, UFT88 143, Evans Equations 139, Collected Proofs 128, Llais 81, ADD 78, Engineering Model 77, CV 71, PLENR 65, UFT311 56, CEFE 50, PECE 48, SCI 43, UFT321 36, PECE2 33, UFT313 25, UFT314 34, UFT315 38, UFT316 25, UFT317 32, UFT318 36, UFT319 42, UFT320 29, UFT322 32, UFT323 37, UFT324 27, UFT325 37, UFT326 25, UFT327 25, UFT328 37, UFT329 40, UFT330 28, UFT331 35, UFT332 48, UFT333 26, UFT334 27, UFT335 32, UFT336 29, UFT337 23, UFT338 27, UFT339 38, UFT340 27, UFT341 32, UFT342 26, UFT343 39, UFT344 24, UFT345 34, UFT346 30, UT347 29, UFT348 39, UFT349 45, UFT351 31, UFT352 34, UFT353 21, UFT354 50, UFT355 32, UFT356 26, UFT357 24, UFT358 32, UFT359 34, UFT361 25, UFT362 25, UFT363 30, UFT364 44, UFT365 29, UFT366 33, UFT367 35, UFT368 35, UFT369 28, UFT370 32, UFT371 43, UFT372 34, UFT373 25, UFT374 33, UFT375 27, UFT376 31, UFT377 38, UFT378 30, UFT379 14, UFT380 16, UFT381 37, UFT382 56, UFT383 38, UFT384 29, UFT385 42, UFT386 31, UFT387 34, UFT388 39, UFT389 29, UFT390 44, UFT391 52, UFT392 46, UFT393 35, UFT394 33, UFT395 31, UFT396 45, UFT397 37, UFT398 41, UFT399 145, UFT400 34, UFT401 39 to date in February 2018. Deusu search engine spidering; International Peace Bureau Namibia general; Slovak Power Foundations of Physics; University of Edinburgh UFT139, UFT144; University of St. Andrews Autobiography and CV. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

“Gwaith Argoed Llwyfain” on the first page of Google

February 26, 2018

There are many excellent bards and poets in Wales (the original ancient Britain), and Emyr Lewis here is one of the best, being a chaired bard for strict metre poetry and a crowned bard for free metre poetry. I recommend the website method of poetry publication because once the website has made its name, such as, the poetry quickly becomes known around the world. So my own particular style of poetry has made the Welsh language known in up to 192 countries. So I will now write up "Gwaith Argoed Lwyfain" into my third book of poetry. This is sixth century, attributed to Taliesin, (Shining Brow), written down in old Welsh several hundred years later. I translate it into modern Welsh and then into modern English. I first came across this work in "Blodeugerdd Cerddi Cymru", "The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse", edited by Prof. Sir Thomas Parry, Principal at Aberystwyth when I was a freshman, and a considerable bard in his own right, the great scholar of my ancestral cousin, Dafydd ap Gwilym.