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The Dialect of the Swansea Valley

April 30, 2017

I am glad that some of this has been archived to some small extent, it has been heavily damaged by terrible misgoverment at all levels, closure of drift mines, closure of Welsh speaking schools, uncontrolled monoglot immigration. It is my own dialect and I ought to write essays in the dialect one day. It is the language of the Silurians (Seisyllwyr), which once extended completely across central Britain. One can follow it on the most recent DNA map of Britain, areas occupied and still occupied by the ancient British, although they think they are English. The DNA is much more ancient than 415 A. D. and all that. The dialect can be seen from place names in Hereford County and Powys. For example Llan Eigon became Llanigon, the Silurian pronunciation. I can easily recognize many examples clean across Hereford County. It has become almost extinct in Craig Cefn Parc, a profound tragedy, and needs to be revived using my Bro Iaith policy. Its destruction is barbaric and completely illegal, violating all the human rights laws ever written. One example of the dialect is that the word for hammer, “morthwyl” in classical Welsh, is pronounced “mwrthwl”. Closer to the Latin “martelus”, root “martel”. This is a very ancient, thirty thousand year old similarity from proto Indo European. There was a great Frankish / Gaulish king called Carlus Martellus, Charles the Hammer, who threw back the Moors. Once a language is destroyed, it is gone forever. Those who destroy it shoulder a great burden of guilt.

Fluid gravity force formulation units

April 30, 2017

We can have a look at this if you like. The difference of over twenty orders of magnitude is explained in several of the UFT papers. It is most easily seen by comparing the force of the Coulomb law, F = – e squared / (4 pi eps0 r squared) with that of the Newton law, F = – mMG / r squared using m = M = one kilogram, e = 1 Coulomb and r = one metre. Then the electrostatic force is 1 / (4 pi eps0) and the gravitational force is G. Very roughly, 1 / (4 pi eps0) is about ten power twelve, and G is about ten power – eleven, so the electrostatic force under these conditions is twenty three orders of magnitude bigger. These are the correct S. I. units.

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Dr. Evans,

I’m not sure my gravity force formulation is correct (depicted in the file I sent over). There seems to be an SI base units discrepancy. I meant to ask Horst about this some time ago and forgot. Might there be needed some proportionality constant related to the 21 orders of magnitude force difference between electromagnetic and gravitation sectors to establish the proper force units? Else, I have made some algebra mistake 😦


FOR POSTING: Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 28/4/17

April 30, 2017

There was the usual intense worldwide interest, including known consultations to 28/4/17 in April 2017 from ten out of the top twenty universities in the world (* denotes repeat consultations): Berkeley*, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern*, Stanford, Pennsylvania, MIT, ETH Zuerich, Cambridge* and Imperial. Today (30/4/17) marks the thirteenth anniversity of the well known daily scientometrics, showing an intense and permanent international interest in the ECE School of Thought, which is not going to go away. For fifteen years, our combined sites and have averaged 1.57 million hits a year for the fourteen years of existence of ECE theory, and 272,725 distinct visits a year for fourteen years. This makes a total of 3,818,147 distinct visits and 21,973,359 hits in fourteen years. This impact is about a thousand times greater than the average impact for the world’s leading research groups, so it is by far the biggest impact in the world, recognized by many honours, nominations and awards, including several nominations (I am told) for the Nobel Prize. The group is led from Craig Cefn Parc and is a completely international group. Without the international colleagues, the impact would never have been possible. Obviously this is by far the biggest impact of any research group in Wales and in Britain. It is the biggest impact in the world by a factor of about a thousand. The active researchers of the group are Horst Eckardt and myself, with occasional research input form Doug Lindstrom, Robert Cheshire, Dennis Davies, Gareth Evans, Trevor Morris and others. Most research groups in the world are much larger. However we can out impact entire institutes. This impact has been sustained for fourteen years (2003 to present), and has been meticulously recorded for thirteen years (30/4/2004 to 30/42017). These scientometrics (computer based website feedback) have made a huge impact in their own right. In complete contrast, the obsolete academic system of publishing turns out 1.8 million papers a year, about half of which are never read at all. Obviously that system is a complete failure. All our calculations are checked by computer algebra, and we are continuously self critical, so ideas develop continuously as is well known worldwide and can be openly (i.e. freely) accessed. These figures compare with a best selling book such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, which has sold about twenty million copies in about a century. Another example is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee (published 1960) which has sold forty million copies in about 57 years. Poetry books never sell very much, but the impact of my poetry on combined sites is very high, comparable with Dylan Thomas and more than R. S. Thomas, two great poets. I do not know what “great poet” means, I simply write poetry in Welsh and English and appreciate great poetry and can instantly recognize great poetry. The best poetry by far from Wales is in the Welsh language, so it would be a good idea if people learned their own language.


Wind 29.26%, 9 – 22 mph, 13 – 22 mph, 0800 local time

April 30, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph (13 mph average minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines). So they are only producing a tiny amount of power, even on a windy day. The wind industry would advertize this as being the output all year round, which is cynical deception as everyone knows. The average contribution of turbines to the grid in Wales is only 2% a year. There are very few days as windy as this. Solar is about 4.05% due to sun, and that is hopelessly inadequate to meet year round demand. Hydro is a complete waste of time at 0.84%. Successive incompetent governments are deliberately refusing to implement hydro lagoons, a free gift of a thirty foot tide four miles away from here. Nuclear is flat out now, it is kept flat out all the time, increasing the risk of an accident. So wind does not change anything, it is just a terribly damaging swindle.

Daily Report 28/4/17

April 30, 2017

The equivalent of 51,123 printed pages was downloaded (186.395 megabytes) from 1,670 downloaded memory files (hits) and 365 distinct visits each averaging 3.3 memory pages and 5 minutes, top referrals total of 2,230,348, printed pages to hits ratio of 30.62, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 1849, Top ten 1055, Collected Evans / Morris 924, Collected scientometrics 547, F3(Sp) 234, Barddoniaeth 183, UFT88 157, Principles of ECE 141, Autobiography volumes one and two 127, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 125, Evans Equations 90, Collected Proofs 79, CV 72, UFT311 70, Engineering Model 48(est), PECE 42, ECE2 39, Llais 33, SCI 33, CEFE 29, UFT321 23, MJE 22, Idaho 8, UFT313 21, UFT314 39, UFT315 34, UFT316 13, UFT317 20, UFT318 13, UFT319 43, UFT320 20, UFT322 37, UFT323 22, UFT324 27, UFT325 44, UFT326 20, UFT327 26, UFT328 26, UFT329 23, UFT330 18, UFT331 24, UFT332 21, UFT333 15, UFT334 30, UFT335 37, UFT336 15, UFT337 16, UFT338 17, UFT339 18, UFT340 15, UFT341 29, UFT342 20, UFT343 28, UFT344 39, UFT345 22, UFT346 25, UFT347 58, UFT348 34, UFT349 32, UFT351 45, UFT352 44, UFT353 33, UFT354 49, UFT355 40, UFT356 36, UFT357 39, UFT358 32, UFT359 36, UFT360 16, UFT361 13, UFT362 51, UFT363 31, UFT364 43, UFT365 20, UFT366 39, UFT367 35, UFT368 44, UFT369 38, UFT370 40, UFT371 27, UFT372 28, UFT373 30, UFT374 87, UFT375 13 to date in April 2017. University of Waterloo AIAS Fellows; Honeywell Inc. UFT146; University of North Dakota Levitron section; Wayback Machine ( spidering; Pakistan Education and Research Network general; Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences UFT102. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for April 2017.

Usage Statistics for – April 2017 – URL

April 30, 2017

Usage Statistics for – April 2017 – URL

Principles of ECE Annual Rate

April 29, 2017

This well known monograph is being consulted at the rate of 3,806 copies a year off and open access in English and Spanish, so for an advanced level monograph it is a great success, having been consulted well over ten thousand times since it was published in preprint format in 2014. It is available in book format from E Publi in Berlin (high quality hardback) and New Generation in London (softback). The ECE2 papers and books are being consulted at a rate of 48,396 times a year off and Note carefully that half of the scientific papers published by the obsolete journal method are never read by anyone! About 1.8 million papers are published every year, so almost a million papers a year are never read. In complete contrast AIAS / UPITEC has recorded about 1.6 million hits for fifteen years, about a thousand times more than any university research group of any size. One cannot stop the march of ideas.

Discussion of Note 376(2)

April 29, 2017

Agreed, all your work in the well known Eckardt / Lindstrom papers applies to these equations. I have just sent over an example of interdependence today, for gravitostatics. There are a lot of interesting things in these equations. Everything has simplified and clarified in the past two or three months. One example is that the Minkowski force equation produces a precessing ellipse (this was not clear in UFT238 ff) and follows from the lagrangian through a relativistic Euler Lagrange equation with proper time. Fluid gravitation adds an entirely new dimension as you know, and you have demonstrated many new species of orbit from those equations. One important point is that a magnetogravitational field is needed for gravitational radiation. Therefore there is no gravitational radiation from gravitostatics. There is no electromagnetic radiation from electrostatics as you know. One needs an oscillatory source and the Ampere Maxwell and Faraday laws together with the Gauss law of magnetism. UFT318 describes how the continuity equation emerges. Another example: in order to get gravitational radiation the magnetogravitational field must be non zero.

Sent: 29/04/2017 13:31:04 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 376(2): Numerical Solution The Complete Equations of Gravitodynamics

It is known from electrodynamics that eqs.(1) and (3) are not independent of (2) and (4). Doug and I showed this in an earlier paper. For example electromagnetic waves are computed from the Faraday and Ampere-Maxwell law alone. As far as I know, also the continuity equation follows from them. Anyway, it is important to discuss (1-6) for the gravitational case.


Am 26.04.2017 um 13:08 schrieb EMyrone:

This note summarizes the ECE2 covariant equations of gravitodynamics, Eqs. (1) – (5) in the notation of UFT318. It is shown that they make up an exactly determined set of nine equations in nine unknowns when expressed in Cartesian coordinates. This opens up a vast number of new possibilities, in gravitation, electrodynamics and hydrodynamics, and cross correlations of these subject aeas. The equations of gravitostatics are Eqs. (19) to (22), and are six equations in six unknowns. The equations of magnetogravitostatics are Eqs. (39) to (42), and are again six equations in six unknowns. All these equations are automatically ECE2 covariant, so are equations of ECE2 relativity. It follows that the relativistic Minkowski force equation (34) must be used as in UFT238 ff. This gives Eqs. (37) and (38), which should give a precessing elliptical orbit. It is known from Horst’s computations that the non relativistic version of these equations gives an ellipse. In the non relativistic Hooke / Newton limit the force equation is the Hooke Newton equation (23). This is the non relativistic limit of Eqs. (37) and (38). The equations of fluid gravitation are Eqs. (24) and (25) and are examples of the Cartan covariant derivative as shown in previous work. Eqs. (24) and (25) are non relativistic, but can be developed into the Minkowski force equation of relativistic fluid dynamics. ECE2 fluid gravitation is automatically ECE2 covariant and relativistic. Its field equations have been shown in previous papers (UFT349 ff) to have the same structure as the ECE2 field equations (1) to (5) of gravitodynamics, and the ECE2 field equations of electrodynamics. In Cartesian coordinates these sets of equations are also exactly determined, and indeed in any coordinate system. If gravitational radiation exists, it must be calculated in exactly the same way as in well known electromagnetic radiation theory. This can be done by numerical methods because Eqs. (1) to (5) are exactly determined. One example is plane wave gravitational radiation. This would be about twenty three orders of magnitude weaker than electromagnetic radiation.

376(3): The Self Consistent equations of ECE2 Gravitostatics

April 29, 2017

These are the lagrangian (1), the Minkowski-like force equation (15), the ECE2 covariant Euler Lagrange equation (13) in which the proper time appears, and the ECE2 covariant field equations (18) to (21). The field equations are of course automatically relativistic. In Cartesian coordinates they give Eqs. (35) to (42), which can be simplifed as described. The field equations can be reduced to one Cartesian Eq. (53). The precessing orbit is given by solving Eqs. (37) and (38) simultaneously, i.e. by solving the Minkowski-like force equation, the ECE2 covariant Newton equation. So everything is correctly relativistic and self consistent. All these equations are written in a spacetime with finite torsion and curvature. In ECE2 gravitostatics the mass density of the source (the sun for example) must be independent of time. So ECE2 gravitostatics does not produce gravitational radiation, because for gravitational radiation one needs the magnetogravitational field and gravitational Ampere Maxwell equation and gravitational Faraday law, together with the magnetogravitational Gauss law. All these equations hold for electrostatics and can be solved by computer in exactly the same way. Major advances are being made now at a rapid pace. Einsteinian general relativity is nowhere used. Finally the spin connection can be found from these equations. In special relativity there is of course no spin connection.


Wind 4.64%, 0 – 21 mph, Wales 4 – 12 mph, 0801 Local Time

April 29, 2017

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, so the giant turbines are again producing nothing at all except destruction and slaughter of innocent animals. On average they contribute about 2% every year to the power needs of Wales because there is not enough wind. For the entire British and Irish archipelago of isalnds they produce about 5% a year. This gets rid of another myth: that Wales is a windy place. It is windy only on Cardiff docks, where the Assembly is situated between a banana boat and the alley of a thousand dustbins. Solar is negligible at 1.85% and hydro is pathetic at 0.52%. Nearly all the power is produced by gas, nuclear and coal. Successive governments have been corrupt and incompetent, cut out the verbal gas and look at the figures ( and Met Office Wind map, free to all). They indicate that all wind turbines in Mawr should be demolished and all solar panels removed, all subsidies to be paid back to a swindled population by the those who took the money and ran in the immortal words of Professor Groucho Marx, the well known climatologist of Bronx University. It is easily possible to build hydro lagoons, ES and LENR power stations. Common sense is anathema to absolute power which corrupts absolutely.