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The Film “Eroica”

March 31, 2011

There is a film on youtube called “Eroica” about the first hearing of Beethoven’s symphony. In those days publishers did as they were told, even a typo would get Beethoven ballistic. These days the big bad boys try to tell you what to think. Luckily we have enlightened publishers too.

UFT 158 ff

March 31, 2011

These are very clear refutations of the basics of particle theory, the fact that censorship by hearsay has been proven to occur this morning means that major funding cuts of standard physics have only just begun, government funding must not go to corrupt science, science known to be plain wrong. It is not possible to cover up the entire professions of chemistry, physics and engineering. These are, effectively, the audience and readership of ECE theory. The mentality of wind turbines feeds on the same type of power driven science, entirely corrupt and obsolete global warming theory is an example. In the words of John Milton, “….for now I see / Peace to corrupt no less than war to waste” (“Paradise Lost”), the most powerful condemnation of human indolence ever written.

Brief History of Defeat of Censorship Attempts

March 31, 2011

Attempts to censor my work have been taking place since about 1976, when I was Ramsay Memorial Fellow at Aberystwyth. They were defeated by simply continuing to work carefully. These notes complement the biography just published by Kerry Pendergast on The motivations can only be guessed at, probably professional envy and personal animosity.

1) I was told by Mansel Davies in about 1976 that A. D. Buckingham of Cambridge had written Mansel a letter to try to compel me not to publish. Mansel did nothing and I redoubled my publishing activity.
2) In 1978 the late Howard Purnell started a campaign to have my career destroyed for not taking up a corrupt job offer in Swansea. His agent Jeremy Jones carried out this campaign in various malicious ways at the EDCL at Aberystwyth as soon as I took up my SERC Advanced Fellowship there. I was graded top of my year by the British Government, i.e. the best British post doc of the era in chemistry. This campaign effectively wasted hundreds of thousands in Government grants to my BBC Hall of Fame Group and rebounded on the EDCL, which closed in 1988. I just carried on working as usual.
3) The University of Wales has tried to cover up this campaign ever since and is now insignificant internationally.
4) In 1992, I was told by Akhlesh Lakhtakia that I would be “buried” for producing B(3) theory. This charming individual has now come under police scrutiny.
5) As soon as I took up my chair at UNCC, Barron and Buckingham began a campaign against B(3), which rebounded on them severely in that their symmetry theory has been rejected. It turns out that four or five different groups had produced theories similar to B(3), none were attacked.
6) I was given the immediate support of Jean Pierre Vigier and several other capable scientists when B(3) first appeared, and Alwyn van der Merwe published my papers and rebuttals. For this a campaign was started against his journals by Gerhard Bruhn and others. Bruhn is now known to be a scientific fraud associated with Lakhtakia. This campaign was defeated by concentration on work and science. My post, salary and pension were removed in 1995 for proposing B(3) theory.
7) This injustice was righted by the British Government in 2005 and 2008 by the award of two British high honours for distinguished service to Great Britain in science.
8) The campaign against B(3) has been defeated utterly by the international response to ECE theory, but a lot of hearsay goes on behind the scenes, as the latest Springer incident has just shown. The international community has been studying ECE theory with great intensity for eight years, meaning that funding of obsolete and error ridden standard physics should cease.

In view of this I call for an international and impartial enquiry into how the academic world runs itself and for significant cuts in the funding of obsolete physics worldwide.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym,
H. M. Civil List,

FOR POSTING : Final Version of Notes for Paper 177

March 31, 2011

I would be most grateful of Dave Burleigh could post this final version. I am simultaneously posting it on the blog.








Final Version of Note 177(4)

March 31, 2011

This is the final version of notes 177(4). In the 1s orbital of H there is a hitherto unknown, positive valued, repulsive, pure quantum force, eq. (11). At the point r = a where a is the Bohr radius, this quantum force exactly balances the classical force eq. (12), which is negative valued or attractive. This accounts for the stability of the 1s orbital, i.e. why the electron does not fall into the nucleus due to the attractive Coulombic force between electron and proton. The Bohr radius for 1s is the maximum value of the radial distribution function, Fig. (4.17), page 74, of P. W. Atkins, “Molecular Quantum Mechanics” (OUP, 2nd. ed., 1983). So the force eigenvalues can now be evaluated by computer algebra for the first few hydrogenic orbitals. These results emphasize that in the force equation of quantum mechanics:

(H hat – E) d psi / dx = F psi


Censorship by Hearsay

March 31, 2011

Victor Riecansky at has written to say that the senior Springer editors censored the book “Crticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” without even looking at it. They had already agreed to distribute it and suddenly breached contract in a most dishonourable manner. Evidently there is no rule of common law for them, since hearsay is inadmissible evidence. In other words Springer’s senior editors have lost all scientific credibility in view of the unprecedented interest in ECE theory.

Comment on Nuclear Waste by Dr. Horst Eckardt

March 31, 2011

A reader of this diary has asked for the comment by Horst to be put on the blog. So here it is.

“There are unofficially two known methods of reducing radioactivity: by microwaves and by acoustic waves. However there is no political will at present to explore and use these techniques, they prefer to transport radioactive waste across several countries and let the future generations suffer the consequences.”

I would like to advise that UFT 19 is a paper on radio activity that has been studied this week by physics at Cornell. As we can all see from the headlines, a very small level of radiation has been detected all across Britain from the Japanese disaster. As far as I know they have still not capped the reactor. This uncontrolled disaster will make it harder to cover up cancer cases in Wales here due to Trawsfynydd and Wylfa. When we were children we were exposed to a large amount of strontium 90 from nuclear tests in the atmosphere until they were banned. My distant cousin Lord Harlech advised President John Kennedy on this issue and others, and this work led to the nuclear test ban treaties and other treaties. Bureaucrats can often be indescribably evil people as Lord Russell was fond of saying. I have been against nuclear power all my professional life.

Breach of Contract by Springer

March 31, 2011

Refusing to distribute “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (Cambridge International Science Publishing, is another breach of contract by Springer, there were also breaches of contract by World Scientific, so both publishers can be censured by Associations of Publishers worldwide. The Senior Editors of Springer do not have the technical ability to understand modern physics such as ECE theory. We found that the typesetting standards of Elsevier were very poor, the last time we had any dealings with them. One of the Elsevier Editors, de Giorgi of ETH Zurich, became extremely abusive when confronted with his lack of professionalism and a formal complaint against him has been made to the ETH administration for academic misconduct. This kind of misconduct has been effectively countered by the use of open source websites. The big publishers are interested in one thing only: money. The small publishers are often more progressive and enlightened. CEFE requires technical ability, and has already been described by one recipient as “a wonderful book”. Democratic rights and freedoms must be fought for by every democrat, every hour of every day, totalitarianism and censorship of ideas can rear its ugly head in any aspect of human life and in any country. Open source websites lead the way. Albert Einstein himself would have been the first to accept criticism thoughtfully. My co author Prof. Jean-Pierre Vigier was invited to be Einstein’s assistant at Princeton. The ECE websites have a tremendous international impact and overwhelm attempts at censorship. It will be interesting to see if Springer attempts to censor my biography, (www.cisp-publishing,com) then we will know what they are with great clarity.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym
H. M. Civil List

bcc Welsh Assembly Government

Activity Feedback March 2011,

March 31, 2011

Up to March 30th. there were 14,112 distinct visits, 68,391 pages downloaded, 103,379 files downloaded (hits), 7.714 gigabytes, 2009 documents read from 96 countries, led by USA, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico, Canada, …… A small selection of details are found as usual at the end of the appended file, concentrating on the intense university and higher educational interest in ECE theory worldwide, and its comprehensive refutation of all major aspects of the standard model of physics. Final returns will be in tomorrow as usual, and will be augmented as usual by and


Civil List Pension Doubled

March 31, 2011

Acknowledgments and thanks to my distant cousin Queen Elizabeth for doubling my Civil List Pension from 2005 to present via her staff at the Treasury. I have just received a new increment, and that helps greatly.

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