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July 31, 2018

In my opinion a complete rest is needed, the work has such a momentum now that it is on automatic pilot. Your meticulous and inductive work has greatly helped to drive ECE and ECE2 ahead at a fast and accurate rate. The result is the twenty first century enlightenment in natural philosophy. If there is anything we can do at AIAS / UPITEC just let us know.

To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Unfortunately I caught a very painful virus infection (Zoster). I do not know how long this desease will take. I will try to work something in-between. Section 3 of paper 311 will have to wait.


412(1): Calculation of the Angular Frequency of Frame Rotation for the Earth

July 31, 2018

The new equation (1) is derived on the fundamental principle that a relativistic theory must reduce to a classical limit. This equation gives the angular velocity of frame rotation (omega sub 1) in terms of known orbital parameters, and omega sub 1 is worked out for the Earth. It is shown that omega sub 1 is much less than omega, the orbital angular frequency of the earth. The new ECE2 covariant frame rotation theory gives a satisfactory agreement with the experimental data bearing in mind that the experimental non Newtonian precession is 2290 times smaller than the actually observed experimental precession. Eq. (26) gives a simple and powerful relation between omega sub 1 and omega. It is impossible to think of a worse place to test a precession theory than the solar system, because of the huge complications introduced by the effects of other objects. So in the next note the clean S2 star system will be analyzed with the new equation (3), which shows that the calculations and methods of UFT410 are correct and rigorously self consistent. Major progress away from the standard model is being made at a rapid pace. Those dogmatists who still adhere to the Einstein theory are either unaware of the total of almost a hundred refutations in the UFT series alone, or are deliberately ignoring the huge interest in ECE2 theory and all the refutations. This intellectual dishonesty does a great deal of harm to science. However some enlightened astronomers have recently rejected the Einstein theory entirely using the data from the S2 star and similar stars. There are now two entirely different schools of thought in physics: the obsolete standard model and ECE and ECE2. My friend and co author of “The Enigmatic Photon”, the late Jean – Pierre Vigier, always said that physics must be a rational discussion based on Periclean Athens. Vigier was invited by Albert Einstein to be his assistant at Princeton, but was not allowed an entry visa because of his left wing views. Vigier was a Member of the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest honour. Einstein then appointed John Wheeler to be his assistant. Probably on Vigier’s recommendation I have been nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize for B(3), which Vigier accepted immediately in 1993 because B(3) proved photon mass. This was Vigier’s life work. He held a doctorate from the University of Geneva. Photon mass was proposed by Poincare in 1905, and developed by de Broglie and others. Vigier worked for de Broglie for many years after being sacked for opposing the French atomic bomb.


Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 29/7/18

July 31, 2018

The Book of Scientometrics is updated as usual on the last day of the month and the complete returns will be available in two days’ time as usual. The attached file shows intense and sustained worldwide interest in ECE and ECE2 theories.


Daily Weblogs Report Sunday 29/7/18

July 31, 2018

The equivalent 148,858 printed pages was downloaded (542.738 megabytes) from 2,320 downloaded memory files (hits) and 457 distinct visits each averaging 3.7 printed pages and 9 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 64.16, top referrals total 2,483,447, 50.8% spiders mainly from Baidu, Wolfram, MSN and Yahoo. Wolfram Corporation cross link. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Paper on the conservation of energy principle

July 30, 2018

I think that it is clear to all that the present depletion of resources will lead to geopolitical instability on a large scale. Mas production of LENR and spacetime circuit devices would hopefully stop that instability from developing. in ECE theory, the conservation theorems all have a basis in geometry. In well defined circumstances resonances can occur.
Paper on the conservation of energy principle

There are some very interesting questions here. If we started tapping space-time energy on a global scale, with the largest amounts of energy being utilised in our vast cities, then would this have any noticeable effect on local energy densities – could localised energy instabilities be created for example, might there be some localised effects on communication systems etc?

I guess these are questions that we do not fully know the answers to. It is a bit like being back at the start of the industrial revolution when we had no concept of environmental pollution and the effects the waste we would create, in vast quantities as the population grew, would have on the aquatic environment, the atmosphere and land itself.

You are careful to say Myron that there is "essentially an infinite amount of energy available in spacetime" and, as Lorenzo says, in reality this will also be a finite resource. We have also learnt from the first industrial revolution that tipping points can be reached, that can have detrimental effects on a balanced Earth system, well in advance of the depletion of a resource. We exist in a very finally tuned world and the actions of a very large population do affect the equilibria that have evolved that enables this diverse eco-system of ours to exist.

Interesting thoughts as we enter a new era where the new science will be used in new technologies.

Paper on the conservation of energy principle

July 30, 2018

Interesting comments. I substantially agree, one way of calculating the energy in a given volume would be through the methods used in the radiative corrections as in the most recent UFT papers. These radiative correction methods give accurate results and have been greatly developed in the recent UFT series. I agree with your analogy about a glass of water being filled from a dyke holding back the sea, or a reservoir. Compared with the glass of water, the oceans have essentially an infinite amount of water. The Noether Theorem and conservation laws apply only to a well defined conservative system as you know, and in electromagnetism a volume of radiation is needed. So spacetime does have essentially an infinite amount of energy in it. The sea has essentially an infinite amount of water in it, and a small glass of water will deplete it by an infinitesimal amount. The total volume is what is left in the sea plus a glass of water, and is constant. Total volume of water is conserved (the sea plus glass of water). The glass of water is a circuit by analogy. It is possible also to obtain essentially infinite peaks of energy from spacetime, in spin connection resonance, developed into the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers (UFT292 – UFT299). One such peak was demonstrated by Alex Hill to John Shelburne, civilians working for the U. S. Navy in Florida. Steve Bannister met John recently and the latter sent greetings via Steve Bannister on his recent visit here with Kerry Pendergast. I sent back greetings to him. John Shelburne has developed a new device that takes energy from spacetime, and we could apply ECE2 to this. Circuits for energy from spacetime are described in UFT311, 321, 364, 382 and 383. Perfect agreement was obtained by Horst in UFT311, and this is very remarkable, proving both the Ide circuit and ECE theory. The Ide circuit as replicated in UFT364 by the Muenich group, which built new circuits as in UFT382 and UFT383. A lot of details are given of these circuits. These tap in to the essentially infinite energy in spacetime. That would be immensely useful to humankind. The standard model vacuum is a different concept. there are several concepts of vacuum in the standard model. One breakthrough of ECE2 theory is the inference of the vacuum particle, explaining the missing mass of the universe without dark matter (UFT338 and UFT339 and "Principles of ECE Theory, Volume Two"). In UFT338 and UFT339, quantitative calculations were carried out. In fact such calculations appear in many UFT papers. The agreement in UFT311 is particualrly pleasing. We can apply ECE to anything, and the vacuum effects appear through the spin connection. I am all in favour of developing the new circuits into power stations as fast as humanly possible. This is here funding would be important.

Comments on the Land Act Petition

July 30, 2018

There are many fine comments on Mynydd y Gwair is being ripped apart now by the first access road, which is a jagged, hideously ugly scar cut across ten thousand years of pristine nature. I refer readers to my poetry on to find out what I think of this brutal murder of heritage. This is a small selection of comments.
1) From Moolooraba, Australia “A long time coming for a country with its citizens respected worldwide and a heritage to die for.”
2) From Ceredigion: “Hen bryd hefyd” (about time).
3) “Give crown land back to the people for the sake of progressive modern humanity”.
4) “I’m not Welsh but I fully support the movement by people to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Perhaps one day England may have the same chance.”

5) One comment raises the important and radical idea of a citizen’s proposition and a referendum for a Land Act or Land Acts
6) “Free Wales! Fair treatment with Welsh people” (Brazil).
7) Rhisiart ap David (Gwent), “Mae’r tir yn cofio” (the land remembers).
8) From Colorado Springs, USA: “Stop destroying this scenic land of Wales. Its beauty is not to be desecrated with wind turbines”.
9) “Ac ni fydd eu orymdaeth o gewri ei hatal hyd nes eu bod yn goncro gwir annibyniaeth” (Gwynedd). “This march of giants shall not be stopped until they have conquered complete independence”.

I hope that this will catalyze sweeping land and electoral reform, and complete independence for Wales. Otherwise it will be utterly destroyed, its brilliant heritage turned to ashes by grotesque misgovernment of all kinds, the Book of the People thrown into a skip.

Daily Weblogs Report Saturday 28/7/18

July 30, 2018

The equivalent of 131,191 printed pages was downloaded (478.324 megabytes) from 2,401 downloaded memory files (hits) and 490 distinct visits each averaging 4.4 memory pages and 10 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 54.64, top referrals total 2,483,320, 49.3% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. University of California Berkeley MJE paper; University of Edinburgh spidering.

Some Rearrangement of the Blog

July 29, 2018

Some important postings are now highlighted and appear first on the blog, followed by nearly thirty thousand other postings back to Dec. 2006. The postings leading the blog are what interests me most.

Petition for a Land Act for Wales

July 29, 2018

This is on It is written in excellent Welsh by Sia^n Ifan of Llysgenhadaeth Owain Gly^ndwr following some historical research of mine on the Gladstone / Parnell / Balfour Land Acts for Ireland, followed by Land Acts of the Irish Free State. These Acts got rid of the brutal Anglo-Norman ascendancy in Ireland. The petition has gathered a lot of international support, with 162 signatures and 8,473 new and returning visitors. In my opinion as a descendant of the Princes, all land in Wales should be returned to the People of Wales as soon as possible. The Anglo Norman law as it stands is primitive and mediaeval, the most backward and corrupt in Europe. Land in Wales is completely unprotected and can be bought by anyone, in anonymity, without any respect for the language and without any advertizing signs or any Welsh language test. This will completely destroy the language unless it is stopped immediately by legislation. House and chapel interiors are ripped apart, a direct assault on the culture of Wales that is completely illegal. Gazzumping is rife. I was gazzumped when I bought Cae Bach in Craig Cefn Parc to prevent development. After being offered to me it was suddenly sold to someone else, a developer. The subsequent development has helped destroy the Welsh language. So my Bro Iaith policy is based on the Gladstone Parnell Balfour Land Acts and is designed to buy up and safeguard land and housing and to make them available at a reduced rate only to fluent Welsh speakers. I think that all absentee estates in Wales should be nationalized, notably the Somerset Trust that has destroyed Mynydd y Gwair in the teeth of intense opposition. My year long analysis on this blog shows that wind turbines are completely useless.