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Book of Scientometrics Updated to 29th December 2015

December 31, 2015

This is the book of scientometrics updated as usual on the last day of the month before a key file is overwritten. As usual there was a tremendous amount of high quality interest in even though this is the middle of a long winter break when most universities, institutes and similar are closed. In December the visits from the world top twenty universities were as follows: Caltech, Berkeley*, UCLA, Yale*, ETH, Cambridge*, Edinburgh*, Imperial, UCL and Kyoto, * denotes repeat visits. The final returns will be in on about January 2nd, 2016. In the second half of December every year, the university URL’s slow down but it can be seen that the staff and students switch to private computers, so study of ECE has been permanent since 2003, 24/7/365.25 in different time zones around the world. So congratulations to all staffs on a fruitful and very successful year.


Daily Report 29/12/15

December 31, 2015

There were 2242 hits or files downloaded from 380 distinct visits of 4.2 pages 14 minutes, main spiders cnsat, google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten items 1100, Collected ECE2 684, Collected scientometrics 424, Collected Evans / Morris papers 290(est), Autobiography volumes one and two 251, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 210, F3(Sp) 207, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 170, proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 155, UFT88 138, Principles of ECE 122, Engineering Model 109, Evans Equations 68, UFT311 62, CEFE 49, Self Charging Inverter 49, Llais 45, UFT321 36, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 27, List of most prolific scientists in physics and chemistry 18, Three world records by MWE 9, UFT313 26, UFT314 18, UFT315 20, UFT316 29, UFT317 35, UFT318 49, UFT319 41, UFT320 39, UFT322 42, UFT323 31, UFT324 45, UFT325 96, UFT326 15, UFT327 15, UFT328 14, UFT329 20, UFT330 16, UFT331 12, UFT332 34, UFT333 44, UFT334 39, UFT335 13 to date in December 1015. Chemistry University of British Columbia Essay 24; Computer Centre University of Kaiserslautern general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2015.

Difficulties with Planck’s Law

December 30, 2015

I agree with Stephen Crothers, there are many difficulties with Planck’s law as noted in the intensely studied Evans / Morris papers.

Kirchhoff’s Law and Planck’s Universality

Dear Mr. ‘t Hooft,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, your argument is incorrect – there is no such perpetual mobile implied, so the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is not violated at all. You have not understood our paper. I nonetheless invite you to send me your proof that ρ = ρ’ and thereby vindicate Max Planck and G. R. Kirchhoff.

Also, there is still the issue of the black hole fallacy:

Crothers, S. J., The Painlevé-Gullstrand ‘Extension’ – A Black Hole Fallacy, American Journal of Modern Physics, 5, Issue 1-1 , February 2016, Pages:33-39,

Yours faithfully,
Stephen J. Crothers

Plans for UFT337

December 30, 2015

This is to estimate the magnitude of the AB vacuum vector potential from the Lamb shift, and to develop an entirely new theory of the Lamb shift from the Aharonov Bohm effect.

FOR POSTING: UFT336 Sections 1 and 2

December 30, 2015

This is a paper defining the Aharonov Bohm effects in ECE2 and showing that the AB vacuum vector potential produces ESR and NMR in the absence of a magnetic flux density B. Such an experiment would prove the existence of the vacuum AB potential. The energy from the vacuum AB potential is h bar omega sub res, where omega sub res is the ESR resonance angular frequency.







Daily Report 28/12/15

December 30, 2015

There were 2198 hits or files downloaded from 523 distinct visits of 2.9 pages and 10 minutes each, main spiders cnsat, google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten items 1069, Collected ECE2 677, Collected scientometrics 418, Collected Evans / Morris papers 280(est); Autobiography volumes one and two 244, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 205, F3(Sp) 198, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 160. Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 150, UFT188 130, Principles of ECE 121, Engineering Model 107, Evans Equations 68, UFT311 59, Self Charging Inverter 49, CEFE 47, Llais 43, UFT321 36, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 26, Most prolific authors in history in physics and chemistry 17, Three world records set by MWE 7, UFT313 25, UFT314 18, UFT315 20, UFT316 28, UFT317 35, UFT318 48, UFT319 40, UFT320 37, UFT322 41, UFT323 42, UFT324 43, UFT325 95, UFT326 15, UFT327 15, UFT328 14, UFT329 20, UFT330 45, UFT331 12, UFT332 23, UFT333 43, UFT334 38, UFT335 12 to date in December 2015. Universities mainly closed for winter holiday, Austin Texas UFT17; Intense interest private computers, updated usage file attached for December 2015.

Describing the Lamb Shift with the Vector Potential

December 29, 2015

This can be done by applying the minimal prescription to spin orbit interaction theory. This gives the Lamb shift immediately from the AB vacuum. This theory is planned for UFT337. I will probably write up UFT336 tomorrow.

Estimating the Magnitude of the AB Vacuum Vector Potential

December 29, 2015

As a rough guide the experimental effects of the radiative corrections can be used to estimate the magnitude. Lamb shift theory for example is given in UFT170, Eqs. (28) ff., but the nineteen forties Lamb shift theory assumes the presence in the vacuum of electric and magnetic fields. The Aharonov Bohm vacuum on the other hand is defined by the absence of magnetic and electric fields. So conventional Lamb shift theory must be developed into a theory that uses only potentials in order to estimate the order of magnitude of the AB vacuum vector potential from the accurately measured Lamb shift of spectroscopy and to give an idea of the ESR frequency of Note 336(5). This will probably be the subject of UFT337. Lamb was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of the radiative corrections. So it is well known even in the obsolete physics that the vacuum has electric power and energy. Those who dismiss this fact know nothing at all about physics. Such lack of knowledge is in fact commonplace, coming from an often complete lack of scholarship or bloody minded dogmatism of the wiki variety. It is known from scientometrics that wiki’s attacks on ECE and myself have boomeranged, knocking the wikid authors into a deep dustbin.

336(5): Electron Spin Resonance Due to the Vacuum

December 29, 2015

This note opens up a new phase of ECE2 theory, beginning with the completely original theoretical demonstration that the vacuum produces electron spin resonance. By inference the vacuum produces nuclear magnetic resonance. So the properties of the vacuum can be explored in this way, through ESR in an electron beam and NMR in atoms and molecules. This would be a precise and unequivocal demonstration that the vacuum produces resonance effects due to the the transfer of vacuum energy to material matter. The extra energy produced by the vacuum is the ESR resonance angular frequency multiplied by h bar. An experiment to detect this effect could be carried out by an adaptation of the well known Chambers experiment, where electron beams in a Young interferometer are affected by a magnetic field shielded from the beams, so only the potential is effective. The Young interferometer is replaced by a device to detect electron spin resonance. The Chambers experiment itself can be explained by the interaction of the vacuum vector potential with the electron beams. So I will now proceed to write up UFT336 parts one and two, in co authorship with Horst Eckardt as usual.


UFT325 Heavily Studied

December 29, 2015

UFT325 is the most studied ECE2 paper at present: “Orbital Precession from ECE2 and from the Lagrangian of Special Relativity”, using keywords orbital precession and lagrangian of special relativity without inverted commas the paper comes up as number one on the first page of google out of 34,500 results and UFT328 as number two. If “and” is omitted, UFT325 comes up as the second site on the first page of google and UFT328 as number three. These keywords may be a little too precise perhaps, but any reader can experiment with a keyword analysis of any of my publications in science or literature, provided they have Google installed. When I write “my publications” I always mean with co authors of course. In the same way a lieutenant general would say “my corps”, a major general “my division”, a brigadier general “my brigade”, a colonel “my regiment” and so on. I am the total opposite of a soldier, and loathe war, and these are just illustrations. The aim is to get as high a ranking as possible with as broad and general a choice of keywords as possible. This is a new and very interesting way of measuring impact. I think that UFT325 is so successful because everyone can agree on it, and Horst Eckardt’s brilliant numerical analysis and graphics clearly show planetary precession caused by special relativity. Up to now this was thought to be impossible. It produces orbital precession entirely without the use of Einstein’s ideas about general relativity. Einsteinian GR was the most influential theory of the twentieth century in gravitational physics, but is now known to be riddled with errors and has been replaced entirely by ECE and ECE2. After years of meticulous, intensely studied, analysis by scientometrics, it is known beyond reasonable doubt that this conclusion has been accepted by the colleagues worldwide. The media continues to blast out old propaganda, a load of old cobblers in east end slang, or cawlach yr uffern in Welsh, but those in the know smile and ignore it – the enlightened smile of reason (Kenneth Clark “Civilization”, youtube, episode on Voltaire, who also loathed war). ECE2 as a series is so successful because it is simple and rigorously logical. It produces equations that all physicists can agree upon. It is being read 13,908 times a year at present, and we know that the readership contains some of the most intelligent minds, notably and tellingly, young minds. One can have a young mind at the age of 93, as Prof. Emeritus Harold Scheraga of chemistry Cornell shows. It is a matter of using it.