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Disinformation Campaigns

March 31, 2012

As Armiger and Civil List Pensioner my record ought to speak for itself, as should the tremendous worldwide interest in my work. As with all public figures and high achievers there will be a certain amount of acidic bile created in the digestion system of those who have achieved nothing visible, or traces just discernible with an electron microscope. A lot of this is due to my lifelong stand for the Welsh language, and a lot of it by my intellectual honesty and intense dislike of injustice and corruption. A taste of corruption can be found in essay / broadcast 64. The disinformation is easily seen through and I respond to it less and less,usually to defend a colleague who has been subjected to calumny. The fact that I have been locked out of the colonized University of Wales, so called, is due to corruption inside that system. Recently it has been caught selling junk courses in a well known major scandal. For the real Wales see the National Eisteddfod, or talk to the People itself. I have tested out the calumny in the past, it was described by a leading barrister as wildly pejorative, and I was awarded a lot of monetary compensation for defamation. The best compensation however is the observation of their descent into utter obscurity.

Message for the People of Mawr

March 31, 2012

I would respectfully but strongly advise voting out the incumbent in the May election. How you do this is up to you, but if you do not use your vote wisely he might get back yet again on a split vote, so will be there yet again for four years, a total of about 35 years. There is no term restriction and there is no proportional representation. If Plaid Cymru fielded a candidate who is against turbines, I will give Plaid Cymru my considerable support. I have already heard a lot of complaint against the encumbent, not only from Mawr but elsewhere. If you do not want totally destructive development forced on you, vote him out. I filed my papers and I am an official candidate. My name on the ballot paper is Myron Wyn Evans, Independent / Annibynnwr. You have not been represented for many years, and have been ignored for many years. The signs are clear that the incumbent represents developers only. People have had enough of the vulgarity of personal attacks and crude disinformation, that message is coming through very strongly. That kind of adolescent behaviour has nothing to do with the traditions of Wales. I am the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas, and as Armiger I am not happy with the way in which your grievances are ignored year after year. I have made my views known to Swasnea County Council and have forwarded your grievances. Being an Armiger means that I am a member of the Gentry, (earned on merit), but I am still the son of a coal miner from the Graig.

Visit to Picton Castle

March 31, 2012

My wife and I paid a visit to Picton Castle today, home of the Philips family, which descends from Gwgon ap Blegwrd ap Bleddyn ap Maenarch, my own direct ancestor. The castle was build about seven hundred years ago and is still in pristine condition. We were shown around by a descendant of Lt. Gen. Sir Thomas Picton, one of Wellington’s best generals ( There is a portrait there of the Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole, who was associated with the family.

Medical Record

March 31, 2012

I am fortunate to have an excellent medical record and the attached letter certifies that I suffer from no disorder. Of course the term “mad professor” is often used as good natured banter, but a few cheap shots have been aimed in the past, for example in the notorious Clifford Jones case. A leading barrister described these remarks as wildy pejorative and I was awarded considerable financial compensation in the case. Bigots would tend to repeat these remarks. “The Western Mail” printed a false accusation a few years ago after a third party wished to name a university after me. I have no criminal record of any kind, and have never been “under investigation”, this was an unfactual claim by “The Western Mail”, a tory paper.


Feedback Summary for for March 2012 to Date

March 31, 2012

The attached file is as usual a summary of the intense interest worldwide in the work of AIAS (Alpha Institute for Advanved Studies). The synopsis for March 2012 is found at the end of the file, and is about 2% of the total interest, focusing on universities, institutes, government departments, organizations and military facilities. AIAS is one of the leading institutes of theoretical physics worldwide, it has changed the entire world of physics in less than a decade. It is established under the Newlands Family Trust (Est. 2012), which also protects my house from culture destroying developers. For March 2012 to date there have been 100,543 hits from 18,339 distinct visits, 12.83 gigabytes downloaded, 66,756 page views, 2,503 documents read from 102 countries, led by: US, Argentina, Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, ……. I am coming up to the end of the eighth year of daily monitoring, during which this tremendous amount of international interest has been sustained 24/7/365.25. AIAS makes by far the greatest impact in Wales in the world of physics. Attached also is a glossary of terms. Each distinct visit may indicate many real visits. All this is run from Mawr very successfully.

Myron Evans

Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Scientiae Doctor, Civil List Pensioner, AIAS Director
H. M. Civil List,

Candidate for Mawr.



Daily Report 30/3/12

March 31, 2012

There were 3,666 hits from 551 distinct visits 47.9% spiders. Government of British Columbia Theory of H Bonding; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; Sherbrooke University numerical article 3; Lockheed Martin Essay26; Raytheon UFT88, 102, 99; University of Arizona UFT88, 203; California Institute of Technology UFT25; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology work on circuits; University of Washington general; King Juan Carlos University Spain UFT80; University of Caen photon B3; University of Poitiers general; Indian Institute of Astrophysics UFT208; Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Omnia Opera selection; Baltimore Police general; European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere Felker3 (Spanish); Royal Society of Chemistry devices; Oxford University UFT151; National Health Service UFT157, intense interest all sectors worldwide.

Campaign Messages

March 30, 2012

I feel strongly about the future of the Welsh language, if anyone among my many friends here on my e mailing listing does not wish to receive campaign messages please let me know. However there is overwhelming international support for the language. Sakharov was also a theoretical physicist who took an active part in politics. My deliberate lifelong exclusion from the University of Wales as in the already popular essay and broadcast 64 is also a kind of internal exile. I am not allowed to earn a living according to qualifications. This is especially reprehensible because the Westminster Government has recognized me with on of its highest honours, appointment as Civil List Pensioner, and I am also a U. S. dual citizen. The U.S. may well protest against systematic personal abuse of one of its citizens. I am the only physicist in Britain on the Civil List, and so I am the only physicist in Wales on the Civil List. Sakharov’s internal exile and mine is a matter of degree. The method is the same. Any systematic abuse of myself is also a contempt of Crown and Parliament. I intend to deal with abuse by ignoring it after one reply. I can deal with reasonable argument in a reasoned and polite manner, but only one message because I have an extensive correspondence. Most politicians never answer e mail and the last thing I want to be is a politician.

Nomination Papers Filed

March 30, 2012

My nomination papers have been filed today and I am Myron Wyn Evans Independent / Annibynnwr candidate for Mawr. My initial talks with the electorate immediately revealed that they want no further MA development in Mawr and no turbines. Many did not know what MA was, especially the elderly. MA007 is illegal, it contravenes Section 38 of the Commonland Act of 2006 which prohibits any works on commonland. It is thought that MA007 is ultimately an underhand wind turbine proposal on commonland described by Swansea County Council as being a rare ecology. Notices just suddenly appeared on lamposts. There is a split in Mawr between the people who have been here all their lives and ruthless developers. It is clear that the influx of people into Mawr severely damages the language. So I advise that houses in Mawr be put in Trust and never put on the open market. This can be done by legislation if the political will is built up and the Welsh Language Act enforced. Otherwise I urge all Welsh speakers and others to do so voluntarily and privately, thus forming a legal barrier against developer influx. Houses put on the market are bought by rich outsiders and that leads to further development and wild house price inflation. Local young people have no hope of buying a house and by planning to develop his own land under MA008 the incumbent is seen almost unanimously as having sold out to developers by failing to oppose them.  I have been strongly opposed to wind turbines for about fifteen years. They are useless because they have to be backed up by conventional power stations and are much too expensive. I urge the government to drop subsidies on them, and urge Plaid Cymru and Labour to change policy to oppose them in Wales. Anyone who can use google can see that wind turbines are a complete disaster. Mawr should be a gealtacht or language nest area with very strict regulations on any influx of people who cannot speak Welsh, and will not learn it. There should be an absolute limit on the number of new houses in Mawr, an area of great natural beauty. I am not talking about native Welsh people who have tried to learn Welsh, we Welsh speakers talk to them in English and that is an accepted way of life. I am talking about bigotted people from the middle ages who loath the sound of the Welsh language. Only a very few of these bigots still exist because there is widespread international support for the language. At a time when UNESCO has warned of the extinction of the Welsh langugae, Mawr is being flooded by unwanted development that further damages what is left of the language. This creates a rich middle class elite who try then to dictate the running of Mawr and even start abusing retired and elderly coal miners. Today the conversation about my nomination papers was entirely in Welsh. Swansea County Council is entirely bilingual.

(no subject)

March 30, 2012

Diolch yn fawr iawn unwaith eto.

In a message dated 30/03/2012 13:50:10 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Annwyl Myron,

Dyma’r ddolen gyswllt.

Dwi’n cychwyn o ddifrif nawr.


To Gammon

March 30, 2012

Diolch yn fawr iawn Sia^n, ie, un arall sydd weid dod i’r ardal. Rwyn sefyll drso fy hen ffrindiau yma ym Mawr. Yes, another monoglot incomer into Mawr. Stringent EEC laws are already in place aginst this bigotry. The encumbent is a captured councillor. I stand for my old friends here in Mawr, some of them have been here all their lives.

In a message dated 30/03/2012 11:40:33 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Ardderchog Myron! Sais arall wedi symud i’r ardal mae’n amlwg! Mae Gethin wrthi’n gosod ei llythyr hi yn ogystal a’r ymateb ardderchog yma ar y blog ‘Cymru’n Codi’.

Cysylltaf wedi i fi ddod yn ôl o’r Canolbarth a bydd yn rhaid i ni gyfarfod a chi’n bendant yr wythnos nesaf.

Am y tro.