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Fwd: Atlas GR worksheets for Maple

April 30, 2009


Subject: Fwd: Atlas GR worksheets for Maple
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 12:51:28 EDT


I discovered an intriguing Maple addon product that appears to make GR calculations easy. See and check out the following GR-related worksheets at the bottom of the page.

Gravitational Collapse Schwarzschild black hole with cosmological constant Kerr black hole Connection with torsion

Atlas has been tested with Maple 8,9, and 10, but apparently not with Maple 11 or 12.

There also is an Atlas pdf reference manual at

Is paper 93 the place to find the maxima code that derives torsion from curvature? I think I am now ready to try the derivation with Maple, but I am not sure that I fully understand the steps in the derivation.

Also, in case you are interested, Maplesoft has just announced a new version of Maple, Maple 13, with improved graphing and plottig capabilities. No indication of purchase or upgrade price yet.

Thanks, Dave Feustel

We can send you the Maxima code, it evaluates the dual identity for various metrical solutions of the Einsetin field equation, all are well known by now to be geometrically incorrect due to neglect of torsion. Further details in papes 93, 95, 117, 120 and similar. Any code given in standard packages still neglects torison, and is obsolete. Looks like this is the verdict of the international scientific community.

Fwd: Severe International Criticism of Wikipedia

April 30, 2009


Subject: Severe International Criticism of Wikipedia
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 07:02:14 EDT

The amount of sustained high quality interest in ECE makes a pig’s breakfast of wikipedia’s plaintive claim that the ECE theory has “not been accepted”. With objectivity like that who needs blank prejudice. The wikipedia site on yours truly was written by obsolete standard modellers and was removed after a huge controversy. My career according to wikipedia was unrecognizable, even the British Civil List was censored because I happened to be on it. Because of this outrageous prejudice it became the most controversial wiki site in the world and was removed. It never generated a fraction of the interest of the two main ECE sites, _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . When it is time to do the returns again, I will just write: “bloody everywhere”. Only the University of Wales and “The Wstern Mail” are as bigotted as wiki when it comes to me, and for no understandable reason. Kerry Pendergast’s excellent biography and the forthcoming biographical film by Ken Russell is the British answer to wiki. The rest of the world rejects wiki too as if anyone didn’t know.

Fwd: 15-29April09: Rest of World to

April 30, 2009


Subject: 15-29April09: Rest of World to
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:39:18 EDT

This gives the higher educational and major corporate sector feedback from the rest of the world, excluding the US and Europe. The combined interest from the rest of the world is about half the US or European interest in ECE theory. This indicates worldwide intellectual acceptance of ECE over six years.

UNSJ-CUIM Argentina, CNEA Govt. Argentina, Santafe Conicet Govt. Argentina, McQuarrie University Australia, Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Brandon University Canada, Humber, McGill, Alberta, British Columbia, Montreal, Waterloo, TIE Chile*, El Politech Colombia, IITM India, Bezu India, IIAP India, Tohoku University Japan, Rakuten system Japan, Yonsei University South Korea, AUB Lebanon (Europe), UITM Malaysia, UPM Malaysia, Chistchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology New Zealand, PUCP Peru, UMAC Peru, PERN system Pakistan, National University of Singapore, NTU Taiwan, University of Cape Town South Africa.

Fwd: 15-29April09: Europe to

April 30, 2009


Subject: 15-29April09: Europe to
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:12:01 EDT

This report concentrates again on the higher educational and major corporate sectors, the total across Europe roughly matches the total across the US, indicating general acceptance of ECE theory across the world.

Vienna, Siemens Austria, Ghent, Digital Systems Bulgaria, AG Switzerland, Freiburg, CVUT Czechia, FU Berlin*, IPHT Jena, Siemens*, Bonn, Goettingen, Heidelberg, Jena, Konstanz, Muenster*, Stuttgart*, CSIC Spain, Jaen, Avarra, UPV, Valencia, UVA*, HTV Finland, JSP Finland, JYU Finland, CIUP France, Grenoble, ECP, Bordeaux 1, Poitiers, CYTA Greece, OTE Greece, UOC Greece, UOI Greece, Patras, AMIS Croatia, ISKON Croatia, INFN Bari Italy, INFN Bologna, Calabria, Padua, Turin, INIT Lithuania, HHS Netherlands, RU Netherlands*, Wartburg, FFI Norway, CSM Poland, Students PW Poland, Nasza Klasa, Wroclaw, RACAI Romania, SBB Russia, CPMS Russia, ITCN Russia, Lipetsk, SGS Sweden, Autocentre Ukraine, Kharkov, East Anglia, BSFC, Gonville and Caius Cambridge, Churchill College Cambridge, Downing College Cambridge, Engineering Cambridge, Cardiff, Hull, Imperial, Meirion Dwyfor, Southampton*, St Andrews, University College London, Hamsphire County Council, National Health Service.

Fwd: 15-29April09 USA to

April 30, 2009


Subject: 15-29April09 USA to
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 05:34:31 EDT

This is the usual two weekly feedback report, which is split into US, Europe and the Rest of the World. This report concentrates on the higher educational, government, military and major US corporate sectors, on household name corporations only. Every month several thousand corporate visits occur. The * denotes multiple visits form a URL, each entry may denote multiple visits form a given computer. This month there were one hundred and fifteen US university visits, also close to a new record indicating across the board acceptance of ECE theory in the States.

Brandeis, California Polytechnic, Clemson, Colorado, Colorado State, East Carolina University, Emory, Florida Atlantic, Hawaii, Indiana Purdue Indianapolis, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics*, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Louisiana, Louisiana State*, Miami, MIT*, Michigan State, New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Mexico Tech., North Dakota System, Ocean County College, Mississippi, Oregon State, Palm Beach Atantic, Penn State, Purdue, Renselaer, Rutgers, Stanford, Stonehill, Stonybrook*, SUNY Stonybrook, Texas A and M, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, UC Irvine, UCLA*, U Conn*, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, Illinois Urbana Champagne, U Mass Dartmouth*, Maryland*, Michigan*, Minnesota Twin Cities, Chapel Hill, Puerto Rico, Texas Arlington, Utah, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Washington State*; Gov Alaska, Gov California, Dept Health and Social Security, Fed Aviation Admin, NASA, St Lucie County, Hill Airforce Base*, Army Medical Corps, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Navy NMCI, Military NGA; Avenidas Organization, Montefiore Schools Organization, Niles Library, Walnut Creek; Honda Corporation (US), Botevgrad, Central Intelligence Agency*, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Motorola*, ……..

General US acceptance of ECE theory.

Fwd: 1-29April2009 ECE Activity Feedback NEW RECORD

April 30, 2009


Subject: 1-29April2009 ECE Activity Feedback NEW RECORD
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 04:34:19 EDT

The final returns will be available late afternoon GMT tomorrow (1st May 2009) as the returns come in from morning time in Boise, Idaho. These are preliminary returns given as usual on the last day of the month before one of the files is updated and lost. There are two ECE sites: _www.aias.us_ ( (1) and _www.atomicpreicision.com_ ( (2). The preliminary returns are as follows:

(1) (2) Total Number of hits 63,395 196,865 260,260 (9.295 hits per day, new record) Number of Visitors 9,083 1,911 9,994 Gigabytes read 8.08 4.07 12.15 12 Month Hits Total 802,292 1,919,015 2,721,307

There were 1,637 documents read off site (1) from 82 countries, led by USA, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, …….

The most read ECE source papers were: 41, 116, 94, 17, 99, 104, 20, 103, 78, 43, 27, 113, 102, 128, 59, 67, 107, 110, 112, 98, 95, 101, 122, 75, 114, 1, 109, 127, 129, 21, 76, 91, 81, 88, 2, 40, 47, 111, 123, 130, 63, 120, 10, 56, 61, 37, 45, 4, 54, 7, ………. all source papers read.

The most read books and articles were: “Life of ME” by Kerry Pendergast, Felker4 (Spanish), Johnson Magnets, Space Energy (Sp.), ECE (Sp.), Galaxies (Sp.), Workshop History, ECE, Indices Summation (Sp.), Felker5 (Sp.), Spacetime Devices (Sp.), ECE and Spacetime (Horst Eckardt), 122(Spanish), Lindstrom1, Experimental Refutation of Heisenberg, Felker2 (Sp.), Space Energy (Horst Eckardt), Second Current (Lindstrom), Workshop Details, “Crystal Spheres” (Pendergast), Notes 107, Bruhn refutation, Filtered Statistics, Felker7 (Spanish), Definitive Proof One, Edyn3 (Eckardt), Cold Current Wave Equatiosn (Lindstrom), Numerical Article 3 (Eckardt), Numerical Solutions (Eckardt), Etherington Report, Felker13 (Spanish), Black Holes Unicorns and all that Jazz (Crothers), PAper 120 (metric computations), Tornado in a Petrie Dish, Basic ECE Hypotheses (Spanish), ECE Enginering Model Linear (Eckardt), Hehl Refutations, …… all articles and books read.

Fwd: Cantref Gwaelod

April 30, 2009


Subject: Cantref Gwaelod
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 03:42:44 EDT

Cantref Gwaelod is the name given to low lying land in the Irish sea that was flooded as the sea rose.In Celtic legend Seithennyn left the gates open and the sea came in. It was probably off the coast where Aberystwyth is situated, and anyone who has been a student there knows the power of the sea pounding against the walls. “What is that roar above the sea’s roar”” (W. B. Yeats). So here is an englyn to Cantref Gwaelod.

Cantref Gwaelod

Yn y llif hwn mae hunllef – y gwaelod Yw glywed ar bentref, Ar loer, ar fo^r oer ei lef Rhed y gwynt ar hyd gantref.

It transliterated something as follows, the first line describes a nightmare below the flood, it can be heard in the second line above a drowned village. The last two lines are a cywydd couplet and describe the wind rushing over the moon, the cold sea, and the Cantref (literally a hundred villages). As part of my duties as the only person on the Civil List from Wales I thought I would make an effort to write in the ancient bardic style as a humanist expression (Anthony Conran).

Fwd: On Course for New Record

April 29, 2009


Subject: On Course for New Record
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:41:03 EDT

I am keeping a close look at the hits counters because we are on course for a six year record at 258,323 hits in 28 days so far this month, 9225.8 hits per day, compared with the previous record set as 8858.5 hits per day set last August (2008). So the first item on the agenda for the quarterly AIAS meeting next Saturday will be to congratulate all staff. The record is almost certainly going to be broken, as it has been many times before as the interest in ECE theory has grown over the past six years.

Fwd: Reminiscences : Summary of Academic Experiences

April 29, 2009


Subject: Reminiscences : Summary of Academic Experiences
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 08:11:34 EDT

These have ben extensively described by Kerry Pendergast in his excellent biography. In summary I would say that the system worked well through Grammar School and undergraduate years. These were regulated well and there was little or no possibility of overt corruption. My performance was based on hard work and was fairly recognized. At Ph. D. I was lucky in that Mansel Davies allowed me freedom to publish papers when I was still a student. Before that no student was allowed to publish a paper independently at the EDCL and not until the Ph. D. was completed. I won a record number of competitive fellowships and a record D. Sc. degree awarded at age 27. This was due to an ability to work hard for pure science and a tremendous effort to try to stay at Aberystwyth. This effort also produced the Harrison and Meldola Medals, and also a standard high enough for the Marlow Medal. The academic system inside the EDCL (and probably the UW in general) was not competitive however, appointments to tenure in EDCL were made without assessment, competition or even announcement of vacancy. There was also corruption in that posts were advertized but were awarded in a smoke filled arrangement, notably the notorious Purnell incidents at Swansea. By refusing to partake in corruption, the establishment circled wagons and made sure I was never given a job at Aberystwyth. In consequence I was forced to emigrate and essentially to establish my own mode of scholarship. This is unacceptable and the academic establishment in Wales is in need of drastic reform by the Assembly. I do not see the need for a University of Wales which does not have the interests of Wales at heart, and which is capable of behaving with such sustained prejudice, prejudice against native scholars, against language and against culture.

cc Welsh Assembly

Fwd: 131(6) : Simplest Proof of the Antisymmetry Law

April 29, 2009


Subject: 131(6) : Simplest Proof of the Antisymmetry Law
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 07:26:50 EDT

Attachment: a131stpapernotes6.pdf

The simplest proof is given here, and shows that the connection in Riemann geometry is antisymmetric by definition of the commutator. The whole of the standard gravitational theory is based on a symmetric connection and is erroneous. Similarly the U(1) electromagnetic sector is erroneous because of two major errors, eqs. (15) and (16). The ECE theory is correct in all sectors, and generally covariant in all sectors. If the standard protagonists continue to try to ignore these scientific arguments, they can no longer be regarded as scientists. There will be a complete schism between ECE scientists and standard pseudo-scientists. Each grouping will have its own publishing system, its own funding system and its own prize award system. So we will let history decide and carry on as two different scientific groupings.