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No Confidence in the Physics System

September 30, 2011

As the Nobel Prize season approaches I would like to mention that AIAS was the first to refute nearly every aspect of twentieth theoretical physics, in particular UFT 190 ff. AIAS is making the most real time impact by far, it is way out on its own as the world leader. Campaigns for Nobel prizes go on all the time. There is one on the net for Timothy Berners-Lee that goes on continuously. No doubt he deserves a prize for inventing the web, if indeed he invented it single handed, but not by a political campaign. Nobel Prizes can no longer be awarded for string theory, so that fifty year campaign has ended. It has been stated many times by others that members of AIAS are worthy of a Nobel Prize in B(3) and ECE theory. The British Civil List pension is already the higher honour, being a national honour, rigorously impartial, voted in by Parliament, recommended by the Prime Minister, nominated by the Royal Society. The Nobel Prize Committee has an impossible task. Prizes awarded for global warming are already obsolete scientifically, a Nobel Prize awarded to presidents simply because they are powerful has no meaning. The much vaunted refereeing and citation system of physics is in tatters, it did not spot the fatal flaws in Einstein general relativity, AIAS did. The impact of AIAS is the most detailed and objectively measured one in physics, and is the new form of totally impartial and objective citation and refereeing. Otherwise why would anyone read anything at all? Why would they keep on reading it? No one is forcing them to.

Complaint to Commissioner: Ref. ENQ0419065Ref. ENQ0419065

September 30, 2011

I shall pursue all avenues of complaint indefinitely and very publicly, because the University registrars at Aberystwyth and Cardiff refused to supply any information at all. For example information on the merits of the Dr Samuel William studentship, basic information on the Scientiae Doctor and so on. Regulations on the D. Sc. assert that the University must keep a record of the referees’ reports in its archives. They refused to provide any information on candidates for senior appointments, their relative merits, their ability in the Welsh language and so on. I realize that ICO is independent, which is why I am addressing it, clearly I am not asking it for information, I am asking the original parties for information, and they are refusing to give it. At present all the public knows is that the Univeristy of Wales can do anything it likes and defies Parliament and the law. The officer of Visitor is ineffective, and tries hard to do nothing, so there is no control over the university. If records are destroyed then anyone can claim anything at all and history can be changed and rewritten. It is very easy to store records by computer, safely and permanently, with many back ups.

Similarly, if I asked Councils for basic information, they would refuse to give it. In the case of destruction of records they would cite laws, and would not give the reason why the records were mindlessly destroyed. Destruction of records means that history no longer exists, anyone can claim anything, and we would return to barbarity. Qualifications would be ignored, anyone could be appointed by anyone else.

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc. (Wales)
H. M. Civil List

University Webometrics Rankings

September 30, 2011

There are many of these rankings. This one is of twelve thousand universities,and gives a rough idea of relative merit. Of the universities with which I have been associated Cornell is number 4 and Oxford is 27. University College London is 46. Of the universities in Wales: Cardiff is number 404, Aberystwyth is number 578, Swansea is number 725 and Bangor is number 807. This is hardly a scintillating performance, due to the fact that the best scholars in Wales are excluded, or otherwise do not want to be part of the golf club and seek merit elsewhere. No one knows how appointments are made, except that appointments without competition can be spotted by inside knowledge of the type I have. The real time impact of departments in Wales is unknown, they do not keep any feedback statistics, and if they do, keep them secret. They all assert that they are excellent.

Request for Information

September 30, 2011

To Information Commissioner Wales:

Further to my request yesterday for routine information, I would like to request a ruling from your office on the obligations of the University of Wales under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In my opinion the University is obliged by law to release all information that is not restricted under the terms of the Act. It is well known that universities have tried to evade this responsibility in defiance of Parliament. I would like to request the following:

1) In the era 1969 to 1978, how many tenured positions were filled without advertisement at the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories (EDCL) in Aberystwyth? In my experience they were all filled without any advertisement. Similarly can you ask the university to provide information on how many tenured positions were filled at Aberystwyth in the era 1968 to 1983, and for what reason?

2) The candidates and their qualifications for the appointment of Prof. W. J. Jones as Head of Department of EDCL in 1978. At that time I was the only Scientiae Doctor of the University of Wales at EDCL and if appointments were all made internally, should have been appointed a full professor as the senior member of staff.

3) How many courses has the University of Wales Registry accredited outside Wales? This is a breach of Charter which asserts by law that the University of Wales is founded in and for Wales, repeat IN Wales. Does the Registry receive fees or other monies for these accreditations? On the web may be found an independent investigation which revealed courses accredited in Russia and Czechia, and a course accredited and described as crass pseudoscience or words to that effect.

4) How many members of staff and students can speak or read the Welsh language?

These facts are important in urgently needed and sweeping reforms of the University into one that serves the People of Wales, its supreme authority by Charter. The fact that I have to go to your office illustrates the secrecy of the University, its inability or unwillingness to make basic information available to its Supreme Authority, the People, its defiance of the Welsh Government and Parliament its inability to recognize merit, its inability to teach in the Welsh language, and its contempt of the liberal and reformist traditions of Wales.

196(5): Relativistic Derivation of Force from an Elliptical Orbit

September 30, 2011

This appears to be the first correct interpretation of the inverse square law as the acceleration associated with the ellipse. This is a fully relativistic concept that does not use the concept of gravity as being a force between two objects m and M. The concept of gravity is not used at all in the present derivation, which accepts the observation of an orbit as an ellipse, and derives its acceleration. The force is defined as m multiplied by this acceleration. The curve r is a consequence of a spacetime with a constant torsion, which was related to constant angular momentum in UFT 126 and 127. It is seen in eq. (26) that the quantity traditionally known as attractive force is obtained by an exact cancellation of the force usually known as the centrifugal force. The next step is to repeat this calculation for a precessing ellipse. The torsion is defined by

T = d ^ q + omega ^ q

and is non-zero when the connection is zero. When the ellipse precesses the connection is non zero. Another remarkable result of this calculation is that it derives the equivalence principle from the elliptical orbit. The equivalence principle has also been derived using antisymmetry in UFT 141.


Viewing Craig y Nos Castle

September 30, 2011

I suggest that my cousin Stuart Davies, the well known historian, phone you to arrange a viewing. I am interested in forming an appeals committee to try to purchase the castle for the People of Wales as a cultural and botanical centre plus hotel for revenue, a Welsh language learning centre, headquarters for AIAS, and so on. It was sold by our ancestor Morgan Morgan to Adelina Patti, who built a large garden, arborial garden and winter garden, together with the Adelina Patti Theatre as you know. Some of the others here may be interested in a brochure. I encourage all who can to attend the viewing at mutual convenience. The AIAS HQ could be set up in the elegant neo gothic breakfast room, with its log fireplace, and conferences held elsewhere in the castle. The wild haired theroetical physicists would be locked away in the breakfast room.

Myron Evans

Evans of Glyn Eithrym,
Civil List,
(Prof. M.W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, Scientia Doctor University of Wales)

cc National Botanical Garden Trustees,
Welsh Government
Brecon Beacons National Park

Diary or Weblog Statistics (“blogstats”) : Two New Records

September 30, 2011

Thw blog set two new records in September 2011: a record high 135 readings a day on average, and a record of 682 readings in one day on September 19th., 2011. Since January 1st 2010 it has been read 57,592 times. Self readings of the blog are eliminated by WordPress. Due to the great work of Michael Jackson and Dave Burleigh, the entire blog from 2006 has been made into pdf files and posted on www.aias,us, so the entire blog will be archived in the National Libraries. Michael is currently working on interweaving the feedback summaries since 2004 with the blog, to analyse patterns of interest. So the blog is easily accessible now with an index mechanism, and is search engine compatible.

Overview in Pdf Format

September 30, 2011

This is the overview in pdf format because the blog does not attach rtf files.


September Feedback for

September 30, 2011

The selected September feedback is found as usual at the end of this file, showing intense university interest worldwide as usual. AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson has kindly volunteered to interweave these two week summaries with the blog, which has been archived for conservation on This huge amount of immediate interest 24 / 7 / 365.25 shows that AIAS is the leading institute of physics worldwide. All UFT papers were read, all broadcasts heard, all articles read – the usual pattern. This feedback will be archived quarterly at the National Libraries in Britain as being of national and international significance. The AIAS is fully international but is run from Wales, so is the most sigificant institute of physics in Wales by far, obviously. The complete feedback will also be archived for conservation, well over ten million hits recorded since 2006. The attached is anly about 2% of the total, and concentrates on high quality intellectual feedback, assumed to be universities, institutes, organizations, government departments, large corporations with research facilities and so on. It is seen that there are repeated visits from the top two hundred universities in the world. A historian of science will find this feedback very interesting, and will be able to find it in the National Libraries on or on .

Importance of Feedback

September 29, 2011

The great importance of this is that it shows objectively that AIAS is number one in the world in terms of impact. The complete feedback will be archived at the National Libraries and cannot be covered up. What started as a quest for material for my autobiography has become a shocking revelation of fraud and cover up in the eduational sector.