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Grindlewald in Switzerland

July 31, 2013

This is one of the places that we visited in Switzerland. It is reached from Zurich by train through Bern and in to the Bernese Oberland. It is just below the north wall of the Eiger, which rises 3,000 metres (9,800 feet) above the village. I have many photographs of Switzerland which I should post. Zurich itself is at a high elevation and gets bitterly cold in winter. I found this out when training on one of the city’s tartan tracks, but the buildings are well insulated. The north wall of the Eiger looks impossible to climb, but has been climbed many times by now, including solo ascents in winter. In German it is called “murder wall” because it has claimed so many lives. Doing the IFE should be easier than the north wall. The Swiss Alps are visible across the Zurichsee in Zurich, and there are many art galleries, and dealers’ shops.

Possible Location of IFE Apparatus in the University of Zurich

July 31, 2013

To the Munich Group

If it is still there it would be in the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry of the Irchel Campus, Winterthurestrasse, on the road to Schaffhausen and Winterthur from Zurich. I worked here as a Guest of the University of Zurich from about Oct. 1990 to about Oct 1991. I was well paid and conditions were good in Switzerland. The staff of the Dean’s office of the University of Zurich may know if Georges Wagniere still lives in retirement in Zurich. Similarly the staff of ETH might know if Richard Ernst still lives in retirement in Zurich. As you know Zurich has about eleven Nobel Laureates and is one of the eminent university cities of central Europe, capital of the Canton of Zurich. In about the mid or late nineties Wagniere and his group observed inverse magnetochiral birefringence (Phys. Lett. A) and that can be googled up easily. That was a masterly experiment. Stanislaw Wozniak worked in what is now the Kielich Institute of the University of Poznan, named after my co editor Stanislaw Kielich of “Modern Nonlinear Optics” in the Advances in Chemical Physics series ed. Prigogine and Rice (six volumes hardback, softback e book and two editions, 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2001). In the first volume of the first edition there is a review by Zawodny of the inverse Faraday effect with 150 references. As you see it is a very well developed effect and ACP will be in any good library in Munich, and also Zurich. It is strongly recommended that a thorough literature search be done before starting any experimentation, and if possible telephone calls to George Wagniere, Richard Ernst and Stanislaw Wozniak. Frank Lichtenberg of AIAS works at ETH. A triple cooperation between AIAS / Munich, Univ. Zurich and ETH would be optimal.

FOR POSTING: Essay 86 on the New ECE Theory

July 31, 2013

This essay summarizes the new type of ECE theory introduced in UFT245.

ESSAY 86.docx

FOR POSTING: ESSAY 85 on The Photon Mass

July 31, 2013

This essay summarizes the major advances made in UFT244 and UFT245, in which the ninety year old photon mass theory was subjected to due scrutiny. It was found that we know far less than we think we do about photon mass. We may summarize standard physics in the words of Oscar Wilde: “Illusion is the first of all pleasures”.

ESSAY 85.docx

The B(3) Field in Vacuo and in Material Matter

July 31, 2013

This is what Crowell thought too, and as you see he describes them as “egregious”. I looked up this Latin word and one source states that it can mean “outstandingly good” or “outstandingly bad”, meaning “anything you like”. This is obviously a very poor translation of the Latin, which means “out of the ruled region”. Crowell may have used this adjective because he confused the free space B(3) with the M(3) in any material matter, where B(3) = mu0 M(3), mu0 being the vacuum permeability in S. I. units. The magnetization of the inverse Faraday effect is very small, but measurable. Have a look at OO353 and OO355 to see the semiclassical theory of the inverse Faraday effect and inverse magnetochiral birefringence. These were two papers from the University of Zurich by George Wagniere, Stanislaw Wozniak and myself, published in “Molecular Physics”. Then the Munich group will be able to see the semi-classical structure of the hyperpolarizability tensors that mediate both effects. The first observation of IFE was made in the group of the Nobel Laureate Nicholas Bloembergen at Harvard, reported in Phys. Rev. Lett. in about 1964 by van der Ziel, Malmstrom and Pershan. van der Ziel was scathingly critical of Yassin Rajah at UNCC, and told me that he had done the experiment almost alone, since Malmstrom never turned up for work, and Pershan was a theoretician. Jan van der Ziel became a full professor in Texas I think. He is probably retired by now, but if still living could also help. He is the experimental pioneer of IFE. By now there have been great improvements in apparatus. It still requires great skill however to see the IFE. RFR is simply the IFE detected by resonance. It is not possible for IFE to exist and RFR not to exist. Similarly it is not possible for ordinary magnetization to exist and NMR or ESR not to exist. These conclusions are the same in ECE theory and the standard model, but as you know there are foundational philosophical differences between ECE and standard physics. The University of Zurich and ETH may become interested in looking for RFR. The Nobel Laureate Ernst was encouraging about my ideas about ONMR back in 1991, and in fact ONMR has been a great success. RFR has lagged many years behind due to non scientific reasons. The rewards of developing RFR will be very great: FTNMR without magnets, ultra high resolution FTNMR, a new chemical shift pattern, MRI without magnets, FTESR without magnets, both at very high resolution. Warren at Princeton more or less told me that I would share a Nobel Prize if I could develop ONMR with him. He accurately predicted the Nobel Prize to Ernst in 1991. The first predictions of RFR were made in “The Enigmatic Photon” volume three, also on the OO, in the world renowned van der Merwe series. So the Munich group would share in a Nobel Prize if it developed RFR, perhaps jointly with Zurich and ETH. This will not be easy, but significant advances are never easy.

In a message dated 30/07/2013 23:19:32 GMT Daylight Time, :

With these formulas the situation looks quite different. for a frequency of

omega = 2 pi * 1 MHz

one obtains

These B(3) fields are quite strong and should give huge effects.

Am 30.07.2013 18:28, schrieb EMyrone

Thanks for this, the correct formula to use for B(3) is given in eq. (6.3.44) of the book by Crowell and myself on the Omnia Opera:

B(3) = (e mu0 c/ h bar) I / omega squared = 5.723 ten power 17 I / omega squared

in free space. However teh important formula is eq. (1.10.103) of the book by Crowell and myself, writeen in 2001. At autoresonance:

omega sub res = 1.532 ten power 25 I / omega squared

I Am not sure what formula you have used for B(3).

In a message dated 30/07/2013 16:16:22 GMT Daylight Time, horsteck writes:

Currently we discuss RFR in our Munich group. we made a table by the formulas given in paper 84. Assuming a resonance frequency of 100 MHz we obtain (for several power densities I) a range of input frequencies of circularly polarized light beginning at 200 MHz. We are concerned that the B(3) field strength, given by B(0), is very small. Have you any experience on a minimum B(0) value above which any effect is observable? Maybe a value below the magnetic field of the earth will only be detected as noise.


Feedback and Scientometrics for, July 2013 to Date

July 31, 2013

As usual there was intense international interest in the work of AIAS, recorded at the end of the attached overview book of the 2% sector I refer to as “Universities, Institutes and Similar”. This is the preliminary feedback recorded on the last day of the month as usual before the file is overwritten. The total feedback will be give on the first day of the new month as usual. The total amount of interest from this sector is much larger, because I can only record those visits which use identifiable URL’s. There is a very large unresolved sector made up of people using private computers. July is a quiet time for universities but even so there were 75,211 hits, 50,777 page views, 14,789 distinct visits, 8.55 gigabytes downloaded, 2,733 documents read or heard from 105 countries, led by: USA, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Britain, Colombia, Russian Federation, …… So congratulations to all staff! The total feedback since 2006 is available for anyone interested, but this is a large file running to tens of thousands of pages. In the last decade, ECE theory has been read tens of millions of times in up to 163 counties, estimated from the fact that each distinct visit is about ten readings on average.


Daily Report 30/7/13

July 31, 2013

There were 2090 hits from 501 distinct visits, 46.3% spiders mainly from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and sistrix. Auto1 483; Auto2 69; CEFE 93; Code Archive 29; Englynion 21; Blog Archive 11; Auto Archive 10; Second Book of Poetry 11; Auto Sonnets 10. University of Hannover Medical School UFT25; Pat-foun_112_101 University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) UNCC Saga 4; University of Utah UFT243; Physics Yale University 2D; School of Civil Engineering Technical University of Madrid UFT166 (Sp); Paul Sabatier University Toulouse Collisions and Aggregate Reactivity Laboratory Optics Department UFT56; United States Naval Marine Command Norfolk Virginia ECE Devices, News, AIAS Staff, Civil List Pension, List of British Civil List Pensioners, Invitation to Buckingham Palace; United States National Archives general; Silesian Data Center Poland general; Completed usage file attached for July 2013. Intense interest all sectors.

Historical View of my Negative EDCL Colleagues

July 30, 2013

This is in turn negative, in an objective historical context. They did their level best to impede my career and destroy my scientific work in a completely mindless and cynical way. They did not attempt to right injustice, and ceased communication many years ago. The truth is found in the second volume of my autobiography in the blue box of the home page of They have tried for many years to cover up the truth, so were or are worthless people. The system allowed them to perpetrate a reign of terror, as in any totalitarian regime. They did not read my work, did not understand it, and would even try to stop its publication. They destroyed their own most productive and world famous group and deserve their historical oblivion. They forced me to fund myself for many very tough years while they used state funds to appoint each other in a closed shop that ultimately destroyed itself, and lived in comfort on state funds. From 1995 to very recently, things were made very difficult for me financially, but now I am in sight of pension time, and to me that will be riches. I managed to construct the Newlands Family Trust for the future. I have earned the right to think for myself, and I thank the AIAS colleagues for all their work. I can now concentrate on trying to raise funds for AIAS, with the help of AIAS, and pursue my various interest free of illegal harassment. On the whole, I come down in historical favour of my Ph. D. supervisor, Mansel Davies, but only just. The worst aspect of EDCL is that good men remained silent. Some remained silent until they died, negating all their work as teachers because they failed to fight injustice. My own group of Gareth John Evans, Colin Reid, Mauro Ferarrio and myself come out magnificently, that is not too strong a word. We come out as world record holders. So the system was and is a total failure that did not, however, corrupt the individual scholar.

Viking Ancestors

July 30, 2013

This is full of interest as usual, the Vikings were the adventurous elements of Scandinavian Society, the rest of the society was quite different think. Through the outstanding Turner-Thomas website, Celtic Royal Genealogy, all the intricate family links can be researched.

In a message dated 30/07/2013 10:33:18 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Hello Myron, my sister Gaynor, asked me to trace some Viking ancestors. Just in case you are interested, here’s my research. …… Our descendancy is through the Vaughans of Llanedi, Berkeleys, de Mowbrays, Fitz-Alans and Henry of Lancaster to Blanche d’Artois, Queen of Navarre. Blanche d’ Artois (b. circa. 1248) was the daughter of Robert l “Le Bon”, Comte d’Artois and granddaughter of King Louis Vlll “le Lion” of France (b. circa 1187). King Louis Vlll was the son of King Phillippe ll “Auguste” of France (b. circa 1165), grandson of King Louis Vll “le jeune” of France (b. circa 1120) and great grandson of King Louis Vl “le Gros” of France (b. Circa. 1078). King Louis Vl was the son of King Phillippe l of France and Anna, Agnesa Yaroslavana, Grand Duchess of Kiev, Ukraine. Anna Agnes Yaroslavana. (b. circa 1032) was the daughter of Yaroslav l, “The Wise” Grand Duke of Kiev, and Princess Ingigerd, Olafsdottir of Uppsala Sweden. Princess Ingigerd (b. circa 1003) was the daughter of King Olaf 1 of Sweden and Inegrid Olafsdottir of Sweden. King Olaf 1 (b. circa 975) was the son of King Erik VIIl Bjornsson of Sweden and Signid Storrada. King Erik Vlll (b. Circa 920) was the son of Bjorn lll, “The Old” Eriksson, King of Sweden and grandson of Erik lll Edmundsson King of Sweden. Erik lll (b. Circa 854) was the son of Edmund Erickson of Sweden, grandson of Erick ll Refilsson of Sweden and great grandson of Refill Bjornsson of Sweden. Refill Bjornsson (b circa 785 ) was the son of Bjorn Jernside Ragnarsson of Denmark, grandson of Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson of Sweden and Aslaug Sigurdsdatter of Denmark. Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson (b. circa 735) was the son of Sigurd “Ring” Randversson, King of Denmark and Sweden, and Afhild Gandolfsdottir. Sigurd “Ring” Radversson Sigurd (b. circa 705) was the son of Randver Radbartsson, of Denmark. Randver Radbartsson (b.circa 680) was the son of Radbart, King of Garderige, Russia (b. circa 655) and Aud, Ivarsdatter of Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. All for now. Vivienne.

FOR POSTING: Summary of AIAS Over the Last Decade

July 30, 2013

It has developed into an independent system of physics with a very large permanent following of scientists and engineers, thanks to the voluntary and unpaid efforts of a small number of dedicated people. All its main publications are studied regularly around the world. It has developed a new refereeing system in which material is published and made available directly to the colleagues. Its main achievement has been the development of the first unified field theory of physics (ECE theory). The “standard” physics has been refuted comprehensively. It has developed a new scientometric system based on advances in computer feedback technology. This system reveals an unprecedented impact. Its work has been archived in the national archives and it has been in receipt of major awards. All its work is included in the leading scholarly archive “Google Scholar”.