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Feedback for to May 30th 2011, NEW RECORD

May 31, 2011

There was the usual very intense international interest recorded at the end of the attached file. There were 107,792 hits, 71,845 page views, 15,800 visits, 13.38 gigabytes downloaded (a new seven year record), 2,117 files read, from 98 countries, led by US, Germany, Russian Federation, Czechia, France, Italy, Britain, Australia, ….. All papers, articles and essays read, all talks heard. Many visits from Oxford and Cambridge and all the best universities worldwide. The semester has finished in the US so these are visits from staff and post graduates. Also intense undergraduate interest all over the world.


Some Remarks on Essay 39

May 30, 2011

This one is intended to show that the idea of B(3) is little more than common sense, something that overturns the old dogma and which paves the way for a unified field theory and nonlinearization of electrodynamics. The important work being done by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom originated in an antisymmetry theory that showed in UFT 131 ff that the old U(1) sector is obsolete. That will be the subject of essay forty.

FOR POSTING: Essay 39, B(3) and Finite Photon Mass

May 30, 2011

This is an essay on the importance of B(3) to finite photon mass theory, Vigier has spent a distinguished lifetime’s work in pursuit of photon mass, and realized in January 1993 that B(3) is definitive evidence for the existence of photon mass through the inverse Faraday effect. He invited a paper on it form me to Physics Letters A, of which he was an editor.

ESSAY 39.doc

Cordoba Diesel Plant

May 30, 2011

Spanish Government,

As discoverer of the B(3) field mentioned by Dr Taishi Kurata as the basis of his technology, I would be most interested if you could kindly provide us with information about the Cordoba plant that produces clean burning diesel from waste oil and olive oil. Writing in a personal capacity, I would be happy to see such a development here in Wales. Would you Government welcome a visit to the plant by technical assessors of the British Embassy? This is my personal idea, and I am not acting in any official capacity. I think that this is a very important industrial development and that the Spanish Government is to be congratulated on it.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans

Prof. M. W. Evans, D. Sc. (Wales),
British Civil List Pensioner and Armiger,
Sometime Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford,
Sometime Ramsay Memorial Fellow, University College London.

Manchester Metropolitan and Cordoba Plant

May 30, 2011

The contact information I have is: (from Gari Owen)

Minsham House, 47 Charlton Street, M1 3FY , telephone +44 (0) 161 247 3850 , admin

and innospace (Manchester Metropolitan University Innospace) I invited the review from

Dr. John Hindley, Head of Environment, MMU, 0161 247 1408.

Usually Manchester people are friendly and helpful. I doubt whether this is a plant, it is more likely to be an office, perhaps with plant elsewhere. Charlton street can be found on comunicacion (tel. 91 456 49 00).

Unfortunately the deep and chronic political crisis in Britain (caused by expenses scandals) makes it difficult to work with politicians, but it is possible to work with the Civil Service and industrialist and good academics. I was also advised by Xenos to steer clear of politicians unless they are proven not to have fiddled expenses. I have a Gentleman’s agreement not to reveal anything about Kurata / B(3) with the exception of information already in the public domain. So I suggest that the British Embassy in Madrid simply phone up the Spanish Government for information.

FOR POSTING: Essay 38 on RFR

May 30, 2011

This is essay 38 on another very useful technology based on B(3), RFR or radiatively induced fermion resonance.

ESSAY 38.doc

Sovereign Debt Crisis

May 30, 2011

This is not limited to Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. There is also a debt crisis in Japan, Britain and Germany and it is debatable whether there is one on the U.S. too. This was brought about by bankers who lent irresponsibly and then fed themselves huge bonuses. Politicians were busy fiddling expenses to renovate flats. In consequence the SP 500 is forecast to fall steadily ( throughout 2011. A simple minded reduction of Government spending is not the way out. The market indicators show a lack of confidence in Governments who take this action. It is not possible to have any confidence in representative politicians, there is outrage throughout Britain and that is why I advocate the quick acting electronic referendum, based on computers. In the latest scandal it has emerged that three Prime Ministers fiddled expenses for flat renovations and tried to prevent this from becoming public knowledge until a High Court judge ruled that the information must be made available. So sovereign states have become corrupt circles within circles. Using the electronic referendum it is possible to eliminate corrupt politicians from doing too much damage.

Latest Revelations about Expenses Fiddling

May 30, 2011

In view of these revelations, and also concern about Councillors fiddling huge amounts of travel and dinner expenses, I have decided not to work with politicians to bring B(3) technology to Britain. That would mean having to work with people who are likely to be crooks. The only honest thing to do is scientific work on B(3), bringing it directly to scientists all over the world. One is forced to pay taxes, that is about all the modern state means to most people. So in many ways the modern state does not exist, and it is individual thought that counts.

My Relation to Prince Llewelyn ap Gruffudd

May 30, 2011

He is a distant ancestral cousin and as far as I know did not fiddle expenses or pretend to be elected. It is generally regarded that the invasion of his territory by Edward 1st was illegal, so Llewelyn stood up for his own people, something that no assembly member has learnt to do, or has the courage to do. As can be seen his descendants include Lord Harlech. David, the fifth Baron Harlech, was a great friend of John Kennedy and helped start the nuclear test ban treaties. There is intense dislike of modern politicians but the people only have themselves to blame for not throwing them out by referendum. None are welcome in my house. I do not like people who set themselves up as scientists and know no science. Edward 1st committed many atrocities, including murder one day of one of his own retinue. So he must have been unbalanced. I advocate rule by electronic referendum, that is easy and is pure democracy. The intent is to do an Oliver Cromwell and get rid of politicians. Kerry Pendergast asked me who was that Prince who got his head chopped off and stuck on a pike. It was Llewelyn and it was indeed murder.


Anabaptism from Thomas More

May 29, 2011

Thomas More’s “Utopia” was in some way the foundation of anabaptism and the Levellers of Cromwell’s time. In view of the corruption in politics in contemporary Britain we need to reject representative democracy in favour of utopia, rule by the people itself. This is a practical method with the electronic means at our disposal. The latest expenses scandal shows that even Prime Ministers were involved, so there can be no trust in any of them. In fact I rejected democracy by representatives when I was a six or seven year old and never voted for any poor fool who struts an hour on the soap box. The descendants of the Princes are closer to the people and more worthy to advise and to lead with honour. The unelected Edwina Hart for example has set herself up as a so called “minister” of science, but knows nothing about science or the Welsh language. You can forget about socialist principles too. So no worthy utopian will accept her rule. One of her campaign advisors recently abused a colleague of mine for speaking Welsh. So much for human rights. Until there is rule by referendum, no representative should be recognized because they are corrupt and there only for power. They are held in deep contempt by the electorate, which must take power. “You have sat there too long for all the good you have done, for God’s sake go.” I write in English as a matter of courtesy.