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Book Presented to National Library of Latvia

April 30, 2011

My wife Larisa presented our book to the National Library of Latvia in Riga today. It is

M. W. Evans, S. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (Cambridge International Science Publishing,

My step daughter Alina has presented a copy to the University of Wales, Swansea. A copy of the biography by Kerry Pendergast has been presented to Ystrad Gynlais Library.

Going on Strike

April 30, 2011

I am paid very highly, 2,400 pounds a year. In order to get a pension to live on I am thinking of going on strike. These are jokes in case somebody did not notice. The expenditure for the royal family is estimated to be 24 million a year, the royal wedding cost 60 million when the country is bankrupt, the cost of petrol is at a record high (80% of it taxation) and everything is being cut except the speaker’s wig. The speaker or speakeress lives in great luxury at public expense, and there is a lot of fiddling going on, all of it being denied. All these other statements are jokes too, but no one is laughing. The defence of Europe depends entirely on the United States, so it is not wise to offend the republican ideals of that nation by fantasies such as these. I really look forward to the time when my own back yard becomes a republic. If the income of the royal family is 24 million a year, why did the Queen apply for a poverty grant and why was it denied? Perhaps it was to cover the expense of the wedding. To a simple minded scientist that is madness. It was for Milton too. Was he a footballer?

Comments on Notes 181

April 30, 2011

These bring together several threads of recent thought, and give a new insight into why the Einstein de Broglie equations failed so drastically in UFT 158 ff and 171. K. G. Jacobi was one of the first to understand W. R. Hamilton’s dynamics, and the Hamilton Jacobi equation is a cornerstone of classical dynamics and relativity. It has the advantage of a well defined and constant hamiltonian. The R parameter is now well understood as:

R = (omega / c) squared – kappa squared + R0


R0 = (m0 c / h bar) squared

where m0 is the particle mass, the familiar measured mass. Whenever there is particle interaction R is not constant, so it is futile to try to measure particle mass by particle collision and all those expensive machines. I used the relativistic Hamilton Jacobi equation in chapter 12 of volume 1 of “The Enigmatic Photon”, now very popular on the open source Omnia Opera of this site,

181(2): Hamilton Jacobi Formulation, Fermion and Wave Equations

April 30, 2011

This note gives a new insight into particle collision theory, giving the fermion equations (17) and (18), the Hamilton Jacobi equation (22), the wave equation (33), and the classical equation (36) which can now be applied to the situations described in UFT 158 ff and 171.


Torsion and Curvature

April 30, 2011

Our point of view is quite similar to that of Sergei Feodosin, but in UFT 137 for example it has been shown that the commutator method leads to an antisymmetric connection, simply because the mu and nu indices of the commutator are the same as those of the connection. In papers such as UFT 102 the proof of this method is given in all detail. Torsion cannot be neglected mathematically. The proof I gave in UFT 102 gives all the details omitted by S. P. Carroll in “Spacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity” . I agree completely with Sergei Feodosin about the gravitomagnetic field and the gravitational equivalent of the Faraday Law of Induction. The connection cannot be symmetric because in that case, the commutator would be symmetric and therefore zero, in which case both torsion and curvature vanish, and there is no gravitation. Unfortunately, and in my opinion of course, the whole of twentieth century general relativity developed as a subject in which the connection was incorrectly symmetric. It must be antisymmetric. Judging by feedback this opinion of mine has been accepted by almost all intellectuals worldwide. By intellectuals I do not mean academics only. So in our recent book “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (published by Cambridge International Science Publishing, and very well received by the open minded) we used computer algebra to show that all metrics of the Einstein field equation are internally inconsistent. We base all our ECE work on the corrected geometry (due to Cartan), and this has strengthened general relativity judging by the huge amount of interest in our work.

John Milton “Paradise Lost” Book Eleven

April 30, 2011

John Milton wrote a justification for the Republic and after the Restoration was essentially in hiding then in internal exile. He is regarded as the second poet to Shakespeare in the English language, and Dylan Thomas knew reams of Milton by heart. I find him heavy going, I understand him perfectly, but unlike Dafydd ap Gwilym, he always uses a hundred words where two would do. Nevertheless I like one passage from book eleven which is an utterly blasting condemnation of the bad parts of human nature. He recited this when almost blind, and a series of aides recorded it. It is the famous Miltonian sonnet pattern (ten syllables a line, blank verse, often iambic pentameter, and rhythmical).

” ………. Let no man seek
Henceforth to be foretold, what shall befall
Him or his children, evil he may be sure,
Which neither his foreknowing can prevent;
And he the future evil shall no less
In apprehension than in substance feel,
Grievous to bear: but that care now is past,
Man is not whom to warn: those few escaped
Famine and anguish will at last consume,
Wandering that watery desert: I had hope
When violence was ceased, and war on earth,
All would have gone well; peace would have crowned
With length of happy days the race of Man;
But I was far deceived; for now I see
Peace to corrupt no less than war to waste.”

Those last two lines are among the greatest in all literature. In 1660 he went into hiding with a royalist warrant for his arrest. All his writings were burnt, and so much for royalism for all time. He was imprisoned for a while, and was described by my ancestral cousin John Aubrey in “Brief Lives”. His first two wives died in childbirth, and he married for a third time. He was a Puritan, which means simply that conscience of thought is unassailable. He was a minister under Oliver Cromwell, responsible for foreign affairs as they would be described today, and never gave up his republican ideals. Although “Paradise Lost” is about the loss of the Republic, it expresses, ultimately, an optimism for humankind.

In contemporary political worlds, idealism has essentially disappeared, so that is why I advocate strongly a campaign of sustained lobbying to try to force the politicians to yield up their ill gotten power. A lot of people feel like this today. In other words I advocate a referendum system. In Wales here, a small country with a strong radical tradition, government by referendum would be easy, especially with the electronic means at our disposal. Unfortunately, even intellectuals now either cannot understand Milton, or any poetry, or do not care about idealism. That is a dangerous state of society, not to say very boring.

Preliminary Feedback for April 2011

April 30, 2011

The preliminary feedback is recorded as usual on the last day of the month before the main file is overwritten. For April to date for there has been very intense university interest recorded at the end of the attached file as usual. There were 91,435 files downloaded (hits), 13,264 distinct visits, 57,143 pages downloaded, 7.61 gigabytes downloaded, 2061 documents read from 94 countries, led by USA, Russian Federation, Germany, France, Britain, Mexico, Australia, Canada, ……. All UFT and articles by colleagues read as usual. The talks and essays were very popular and are listed in order of popularity at the end of this file, broadcasts by Robert Cheshire and myself. There is a new article by article analysis available in the UFT section, showing very intense interest in all items over a span of four years since Dec. 12th 2006.

This is the seventh anniversary of the attached file, so happy birthday. It is a unique historical document in its own right.


Christopher Hill: “Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution”

April 29, 2011

Chritopher Hill was Master of Balliol College Oxford and a Marxist historian of Methodist origins. He died in 2003 aged 91. This book about the English Revolution is a masterly one. It makes the point that my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell strived for toleration among many factions. The Civil Wars, brutal even by the standards of the twentieth century, were brought about by an intolerant King, my distant ancestral cousin Charles 1st, also Cromwell’s distant cousin. Cromwell first came to prominence when he protested at the treatment of the Leveller leader John Lilburne (1614 – 1657) and in only four years was promoted Lieutenant General of Horse, having had no previous military training. Cromwell encouraged unorthodox factions such as the Levellers and Anabaptists within the New Model Army. It was the dithering of politicians that led him to dissolve Parliament using soldiers to throw them out. However he did not set himself up as dictator, and refused to become a king. He said that he did not want to rebuild the walls of Jericho. Hill makes the point that representative democracy is possible only when the electorate is worthy of such a system. Unfortunately, Cromwell and Ireton rejected the Leveller Constitution proposed at Putney in 1647 by the radicals of the New Model Army. It may be argued that the Republic fell apart as early as 1653 when Cromwell was offered the Protectorate, but the monarchy never regained absolute authority after the Protectorate. It still tries to pretend that it has power, but this is an unhealthy fantasy. In his last days Cromwell’s health disintegrated rapidly after his favourite daughter died, and he died of malarial disorder in 1658. Britain is not at all uniformly monarchist, it has always had a strong republican and radical tradition, which is ridden over roughshod on a day such as today. I do not think that the electorate in Britain as a whole is ready for a referendum on the monarchy, I think that mindless emotionalism would win the day. However, in Wales and Scotland, two radical countries, a vote for republics could be carried. The politicians we have today are corrupt and worthless, with few exceptions, and try to hang on to power for year after pointless year. So a movement for government by referendum should be started to give them the equivalent of Cromwell’s toe cap. Lastly, Cromwell was tolerant of the Catholics and the Jews, while a royalist Cambridge and Oxford once prohibited all but churchgoers from going there. Although this is a technologically advanced time, people can be as ignorant as in the dark ages, but a lot more apathetic.

Ymddiriedolaeth Teulu Newlands: Newlands Family Trust

April 29, 2011

This will be brought into being shortly, and in my letter of wishes as founder, the AIAS is incorporated within the Trust, so the legal position of AIAS is defined in this way in the law of England and Wales. UPITEC is legally registered in Boise, Idaho, USA, as a not for profit organization, and all AIAS Fellows are members of staff of UPITEC. I hope that the Trust will be in a position to provide limited funds for AIAS, but that will be a matter for the Trustees to decide at some point in the future. The Trust is set up under Trust Law for an initial 125 years. This house, part of the original Bryn Awel House, is also protected by the Trust. It was built by my great grandfather William Newlands, whose ancestry is now known back to the late eighteenth century to James Combe Newlands, probably of the Aberdeen area in Scotland. The Trustees are also empowered to provide funds to continue to build up the site and diary with the help of scientific colleagues. I hope to be able to work on ECE theory for at least twenty years, because I am fortunately in excellent health and life expectancy is increasing. However, it is always wise to plan for the future, quite obviously. The single greatest threat to the Welsh language is arbitrary sale of houses at vastly inflated prices. That will destroy precious heritage and language, and is in fact illegal under EEC laws. These laws should be enforced more rigorously. In fact this house was sold and I bought it back myself and renovated it.

Glyn Eithrym

bcc Welsh Assembly

Archifo’r Wefanau ECE; Archiving the ECE Sites

April 29, 2011

I Lyfrgell Cenedlaethol Cymru

Mae llawer iawn o ddiddordeb dros y byd yn o Gymru, felly byddaf yn ddiolchar i chi am archifo wefanau eraill sy’n gysylltiedig efo Mae’re wefan hwn ar yn barod. Dyma nw:


To the National Library of Wales

There is a very intense of worldwide interest in from Wales, so I would be most grateful to you if you could archive the above sites associated with The latter is on already.

Myron Evans

Athro Myron Wyn Evans
Restr Sifil (Civil List)