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Vacuum Polarization in m Theory

January 31, 2019

This will be the last note for UFT430, the vacuum polarization is an effect that is calculated with QED in the standard model of physics. This is a very long drawn out and dubious calculation, described as "dippy" by Feynman and as "ugly" by Dirac. In m theory, vacuum polarization is given immediately as:

phi = – m(r) power 1/2 e / (4 pi eps0 r)

where phi is the potential of a point charge in a vacuum, regarded as a dielectric material. QED calculates m(r) power half in a highly complicated way, through virtual pair production which is supposed to generate a vacuum polarization and magnetization. However these have never been observed. The m theory gives vacuum polarization immediately as m(r) power half, and m(r) can be tuned to give exactly the experimental result. It is claimed in standard physics that part of the Lamb shift is due to vacuum polarization. If this claim can be taken seriously it is given by m(r) power half in the above expression. On the classical level the vacuum polarization is developed through a vacuum current density and charge density.

1) M. W Evans and J. P. Vigier "The Enigmatic Photon" (Kluwer, in five volumes, 1994 to 1999).
2) M.W. Evans and L. B. Crowell, "Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics" (World Scientific, 2001).

The vacuum polarization was first calculated by Dirac and Heisenberg in 1934, but was already plagued with infinities. QED attempts to remove these with renormalization and regularization. These methods were rejected by Dirac and Feynman. The m theory successfully removes all these problems by realizing that radiative corrections are all due to m space itself.

Book of Scientometrics Updated to 29th January 2019

January 31, 2019

There was the usual intense interest from the world’s best universities, institutes and similar. This interest has been sustained daily since records of this type began on April 30th 2004, and the scientometrics show that there is sustained and intense international interest in all my work back to early post graduate days in 1971. The scientometrics are accurate and of course objective. The work of AIAS / UPITEC and myself is read in two hundred countries and territories worldwide from, and the blog, which appears on both sites.  There are 193 Member States of the United Nations, and two Observer States. The other countries and territories are not U. N. members. For example Taiwan, which is blocked by China. U. N. Membership for Wales and Scotland is blocked by the London Government. The blog is read in 194 countries. The powerful website publishing method blows away journal publishing. Our work has been read for fifteen years in all of the world’s top twenty universities. These are listed in the attached. In terms of page views per month per author we are by orders of magnitude the best institute in the world.


Daily Weblogs Report 29/1/19

January 31, 2019

The equivalent of 195,172 printed pages was downloaded (711.598 megabytes) from 2,885 downloaded memory files (hits) and 458 distinct visits each averaging 5.2 memory pages and 6 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 67.65, top referrals total 2,630,513, 48.7% spiders mainly from Amazon, Baidu, Google and MSN. Ruhr University Bochum UFT33; University of California Irvine UFT142; Martiniere- Monplaisir College Lyon levitron; The Association for Digital Freedom and Rights Sweden general. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Obituary for Huw Griffiths of Pontardawe Grammar School

January 30, 2019

I posted this in both languages on the blog. Huw is third on my right, looking at the attached school photograph of 1964, kindly sent on by Frank Snape, who is sitting right next to the teachers. I am sitting in the row below Frank Snape. I will add Huw to my memorial file and John Davies may like to send the news to his group. Unfortunately Huw died of cancer because he was a heavy smoker. His older brother Ceri (also at Pontardawe) is still alive.

Er Cof am Huw Griffiths Craig Cefn Parc

January 30, 2019

Bu farw Huw Griffiths Craig Cefn Parc o gancr. Roedd yn byw drws nesaf i ffarm “Pant y Bedw”. Yr oedd y ddau o ni yn mynd i Gapel y Bedyddwyr Elim ac Ysgol Craig Cefn Parc. Roedd y ddau o ni yn Ysgol Rhamadeg Pontardawe o 1961 i 1968, yn yr un dosbarth. Mae Huw yn eistedd y trydydd i’r dde o mi yn y darlun o Ysgol Pontardawe ar y blog. ‘R oedd Ceri ei frawd hefyd yn Ysgol Rhamadeg Pontardawe. Ar ol yr arholiad Unarddeg Plus (Eleven Plus), anfonodd y Prifathro (Mr Jenkins) Huw a mi adref i rhoi y newyddion i’m rhieni. Yn anffodus, lladdwyd ei dad mewn damwain beic modur. Roedd Huw yn hanfod y pentre, yn medru siarad y tafodiaeth. Roedd yr Ysgol Rhamadeg yn le mawr dieithr i ni’n dau. Cafodd Huw trafferth arbenig gyda algebra and yn anffodus aeth i Loegr i chwylio am waith. Gwyn ei byd y rahi addfwyn, canys hwy a etifeddant y ddaear (Mathew 5.5). Huw Griffths Craig Cefn Parc has died of cancer. He lived next door to us in the small farm “Pant y Bedw”, (Autobiography volume one). Both of us went to Elim Baptist Chapel and Craig Cefn Parc primary school, when both were still almost entirely Welsh speaking. Both of us where in the same class in Pontardawe Grammar School from 1961 onwards. Huw is sitting third on my right in the school photograph on my blog, kindly sent by Frank Snape. I am sitting below Frank Snape who is just next to the teachers. Ceri his brother was also at the school, and had his leg in iron because of polio. After the eleven plus, the headmaster Mr Jenkins sent us home to give the results to our parents. Sadly, Huw’s father was killed in a motorbike accident. Huw was the essence of the village, able to speak the dialect fluently. The Grammar School was a big, strange place to us both. Huw had a particular trouble with algebra, and unfortunately had to go to find work in England, where he died. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (Mathew 5.5).

I will enter him into the memorial file of those who are no longer with us. John Davies may like to send this obituary to his group and I am posting it on my blog.



430(4): m Theory of all the Radiative Corrections

January 30, 2019

The powerful m theory gives all the radiative corrections to experimental precision without the use of quantum electrodynamics, regularization and renormalization. The radiative corrections are understood with precision in terms of m space itself. This is a major advance in understanding. The Casimir force in m theory gives the spin connection, and can be quantized to the Casimir force quantum levels for all atoms, molecules and material matter. This is a new subject area of computational quantum chemistry using supercomputers.


More Material for Nominators

January 30, 2019

This can be used for nominations in future. The world record that gives me most pleasure is the number of prestigious Fellowships won in intense and clean open competition at the age when competition is at its fiercest, the post doctoral. The BBC Hall of Fame Group which I led at the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories in Aberystwyth, also won a team world record of twenty Fellowships (Gareth Evans, Mauro Ferrario and myself). These are listed in the attached. These individual and team world records are unlikely ever be matched, because one such Fellowship is enough for tenure. Also attached is an impact analysis that shows that the Hall of Fame Group blew away the impact of those who ultimately destroyed the EDCL through corruption. The impact analysis also compares my conventional h and g indices with the great physicists and chemists. My website impact blows away my journal impact. This means that once science is democratized and freed of the tyranny of dogmatism, it generates orders of magnitude more interest among the brightest around the world. That is a very good argument for not having systems of physics or systems of chemistry, and for the demolition of smoke filled rooms.



The Team Nomination Document

January 30, 2019

This is the updated team nomination document for any institutional assessor that accepts team nominations. It nominates AIAS / UPITEC for many major advances acknowledged in two hundred countries and territories, in other words all around the world. Again, the standard modellers of physics will try to block this because we are radically new intellectuals. If they continue their blocking tactics they will evaporate in the heat of new ideas. The fringe elements of the standard physics have been ignored and forgotten. I think that teams should be allowed to apply for all the prizes, including the Nobel Prize. The blocking tactics of the standard modellers are akin to a filibuster in Congress or Parliament.


Updated Support Document for Nominations

January 30, 2019

This is the updated support document which can be found in the nominations section of my page “Myron Evans” on If possible this should be pointed out to the assessors. This is an important update because it includes m theory. Essay123 (attached) should also be submitted because it describes things in words for the non specialist. I am a triple world record holder: largest number of publications; largest number of prestigious Fellowships in open international competition; youngest recipient of the D. Sc. under modern rules. One could add to that a world record impact using modern website scientometrics instead of the obsolete journal citations system. In the old citations system my h is 50 and g is 100, easily enough for F. R. S. and Membership of the United States Academy. Using modern scientometrics my impact is easily a world record. The standard model assessors are presented with a problem because I am not a standard modeller. In other words their reputation for fairness is under scrutiny. In some senses the award of a Civil List Pension in 2005, without F. R. S., makes the latter superfluous. Similarly Sir William Rowan Hamilton was appointed a Civil List Pensioner without an F. R. S. He never became an F. R. S.



Weblogs Report 28/1/19

January 30, 2019

The equivalent of 221,095 printed pages was downloaded (806.114 megabytes) from 3,160 memory files downloaded and 572 distinct visits each averaging 3.8 memory pages and 5 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 69.97, top referrals total 2,630,224, 36.6% spiders mainly from Amazon, Baidu, Google and MSN. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) UFT276; Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) UFT2; Polytechnic University of Catalonia UFT158 and UFT158(Sp); Hennen Hosting Radio Program North Dakota general. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.