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Welsh Language Act and Rights of Welsh Speakers

October 31, 2011

PS to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, M. P.
Gower Constituency,

As Armiger, Bevanite Socialist and a poet in the Welsh and English languages I think that Mawr is a deeply tragic microcosm of the way in which the language is eroded and ultimately destroyed by over development. I have personal and detailed knowledge of how this has occurred, first by closure of the coal mines, which were entirely Welsh speaking, then by uncontrolled immigration of monoglot English language speakers, causing house price inflation and breaking up the close knit self sufficient community, in turn causing emigration of Welsh speakers who could not afford houses. If I had any power as Armiger, as did my ancestors the Princes, or my ancesrors the Cambrian Normans, I would enforce a strict immigration policy, and cap house prices, putting a complete ban on any needless development, and reviving the coal industry by imaginative modern methods, protecting the ecology as the farmers used to do for thousands of years. Yesterday I saw a coal miner suffering badly from lung trouble, and that brought back painful memories as in my autobiography in the blue box above my coat of arms. It is a stark contrast between the older generation, who gave so much to us all, and the generation of biker vandals. The latter would not last two minutes under the strong rule of a Prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, whose golden lion I have the honour to bear as the main element of my own arms. Mawr and communities like it in which the old language is still spoken should be gealtacht areas very strictly protected.

Evans Glyn Eithrym

cc Welsh Government

Letter to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton M. P.

October 31, 2011

Dear Mr Caton,

I will follow this up with a detailed written report to you at the Commons. As the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas I urgently direct the attention of the Welsh Government and yourself as M. P. for Gower to my blog on, which outlines severe ecological damage and degradation over years to Mynydd Gelliwastad by biker vandals and horses. This is a rare and unique ecology studied by botanists and zoologists. These biker vandals are aided by horse riders, who have vandalized a large area of the bridle path and also forced their way through a Council barrier near 48 Mountain Road, vandalizing the barrier and allowing biker vandals through. Having obstructed the police they must be prosecuted. Some courageous people from Craig Cefn Parc have tried to take their own counter measures by standing in the way of the bikeers with hand held phones, and so on. I urge you to act before there is a serious injury or fatality. I myself have been injured by bikers, only bruises, but they drive straight at walkers, and must be prosecuted and imprisoned. The police have been assaulted by bikers several times. My counter measures as Armiger are simple and completely effective, seal off the ecology with gates that will allow through only walkers. The horse riders have made it much easier for the bikers by using a heavy tractor to damage the ecology massively in an attempt to widen the bridle path illegally. NO motorized vehicles are allowed to use bridle paths by law, so all tractors must be stopped from accessing the ecology. This can be done by law and using gates.

Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Scientist, Scientiae Doctor,
H. M. Civil List

cc Welsh Government

Feedback for, October 2011 to Date

October 31, 2011

This is found as usual at the end of the attached file, and summarizes about 2% of the huge total interest in ECE theory worldwide. The broadcasting experiment has been a great success, so the easily understandable broadcasts dominate the feedback along with the UFT papers, which are technically at an advanced level. Significally, it is now known after seven and a half years of monitoring that all the top universities in the world follow the site routinely. So AIAS represents new physics, the universities teach the traditional physics. We have come to that agreement or equilibrium. This is the usual long term pattern in the history of physics. Similarly the new “Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” ( ) plays the role of an avant garde journal. Even after seven and a half years, new universities are still appearing in the feedback, signalling sustained and expanding interest in great depth. It is known that both staff and students study the site regularly. This month so far there have been visits from one hundred countries exactly, demonstrating the completely international nature of the site. Of special interest to Wales here, the autobiography is being read a lot and also the poetry in Welsh and English. Robert Cheshire made some excellent readings, and I read the Welsh language poetry.


FOR POSTING: Essay 54, towards a new general relativity

October 30, 2011

This is an essay on the notes for UFT 197. An orbit in this theory is described by an inverse square law of torsion, with a constant total angular momentum, both are fully relativistic in their full glory, but as usual this essay tries to keep things simple and meaningful. I intend to work the various ideas for UFT 197 into the formal paper to be co authored again with Horst Eckardt who checked the equations and concepts. Similar ideas to this were used in UFT 126, but now they are much clearer and more fully developed. In my work there is always a development of ideas, things never stand still.

ESSAY 54.pdf

FOR POSTING: Essay 53 on Simple and Clear Refutations of Einstein’s GR

October 30, 2011

This is essay 53 which summarizes the content of the special issue on the logical end of Einstein’s general relativity in all spherical spacetimes. It is the forthcoming Part Six of the bi monthly “Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” ( As with Dean Jonathan Swift of “Gulliver’s Travels”, it is intended to be understood by all those around him trapped in a mad society, in his case Georgian, in my case Dogmian. Those with mathematical training will find the special issue to be very interesting indeed. There are special subscription rates for students.

ESSAY 53.pdf

FOR POSTING: Essay 52, The False Turns in General Relativity

October 30, 2011

This essay sets the scene for the forthcoming special issue six of “Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry” ( on the collapse of Einsteinian general relativity, and gives a short account of the history leading to the papers of the special issue. The next essay fifty three will give an account of the content of the papers that refute Einstein’s theory of general relativity very simply and clearly. It was in fact refuted or made very dubious by Schwarzschild and many other eminent scientists and mathematicians such as Schroedinger, Cartan, Dirac, Levi-Civita and Vigier, but it continued to be used as useless dogma. The media are much to blame for amplifying this mathematically nonsensical dogma, and thereby doing great damage to science. The stuff of dreams on wikipedia is idolatry which can be ignored by scientists. The Greek word “idol” means a fantasy. The way in which a completely incorrect theory has been “tested with precision” is another idol of the same cave, and makes a mockery of natural philosophy.

ESSAY 52.pdf

Special Issue on the Collapse of Einstein’s General Relativity

October 29, 2011

Many thanks to Victor on behalf of us all at AIAS. The first refutation of Einstein’s theory of perihelion advance was made by Karl Schwarzschild in December 1915, but it is not really known why he was ignored.

Special Issue on the Collapse of Einstein’s General Relativity

October 29, 2011

These are good ideas by Alex Hill, in whose excellent Spanish translations and broadcasting there is great current interest. The general public would be astonished to find that the Einstein theory has been known to be wrong for nearly a century. The impact of over time matches that of a high brow newspaper, and in some cases exceeds it.

In a message dated 29/10/2011 16:33:29 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

I suggest mailing one of the 100 copies to Dennis Overbye, who overlooks all matters related to physics at the New York Times. He might not even mention it on his Science Section on Tuesdays´ edition, but it might be worth giving it a try. Perhaps the same could be done with The Economist, Le Monde, El País (Spain), Pagina 12 (Argentina), Reforma (Mexico) and equivalents in other parts of the world.


197(5): Elliptical Orbit from Spacetime Torsion

October 29, 2011

This note introduces a completely new approach to the elliptical orbit by basing it on a constant angular momentum proportional to torsion in eq. (1), which produces an inverse square law (4) for torsion. The force form is then defined as in eq. (5), and the seventeenth century idea of force of attraction replaced by the idea of spacetime torsion. The ellipse is then derived from the definition (1). Finally the classical idea of angular momentum is made compatible with the analysis by using the idea that rotation clockwise of a vector with axes fixed (the classical idea), is equivalent to keeping the vector fixed and rotating the axes anticlockwise, (the idea of the connection). The lagrangian (20) is due to the constant angular momentum, and does not have a potential energy, it is pure kinetic. The ellipse is due to the torsion of spacetime itself. This theory does not use the flawed idea of centrifugal force counterbalancing a force of attraction. It has none of the fatal flaws of Einsteinian general relativity. This is my latest thinking on general relativity. So this note gives a basis for the derivation of orbits of various kinds from torsion, a main aim of ECE theory. It tries to go beyond the mere paramaterization of an orbit and working back to a force law. The basic idea therefore is that spacetime torsion produces all orbits. The torsion is no longer constant, and gives the field equations, but the total angular momentum is constant. The angular velocity is recognized as c multiplied by a torsion magnitude. So torsion magnitude is angular velocity divided by c. The next notes will deal with non elliptical orbits, notably the precessing elliptical orbit. None of Einstein’s ideas are used any longer and none of Newton’s ideas.


Autobiography and Biography

October 29, 2011

The first volume of my autobiography is to be found in the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page of and will be published by Cambridge International Science Publishing (, as a companion volume to the excellent biography by Kerry Pendergast. The first volume deals with 1950 – 1968 and is entitled after a line of my bardic verse: “O Wraidd Ei Ddoe” (part of a line of cynghanedd: “Heddiw ddaw o wraidd ei ddoe”, literally scanned as “Today comes from the roots of its yesterday”). The title is roughly scanned as “From Yesterday’s Roots”. In the past three months the autobiography has generated 431 referrals and 659 hits, roughly equivalent to the number of times it has been read. It contains the very popular and accurately researched family history as a prolegomenon. Further printings of Kerry’s biography, “The Life of Myron Evans”, will contain a comprehensive index, and complimentary copies will be distributed to every bookshop in Wales by the publisher, Victor Riecansky, together with a book by colleagues of Alex Hill on the Welsh in Patagonia (Y Wladfa). Kerry’s biography is available from all good bookshops, including: CISP, Amazon, Ingram’s Catalogue, Waterstones, W. H. Smith, and so on.


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