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Activity Feedback for Aug. 2009

August 31, 2009

This is summarized at the end of this feedback book, which represents only about 1 – 5 % of the total interest in ECE theory on alone. These data are selected for hightest quality, adn show clearly that ECE is the new physics.


Fiasco to Farce: Collapse of Standard Physics

August 30, 2009

The farcical failure of the Frascati experiment to observe virtual particles means the need of quantum electrodynamics, with its unscientific contrivances and the end of standard physics. This is the latest in a string of hyperexpensive failed experiments: Gravity Probe B, LIGO, CERN and the attempt to observe the so called background radiation.The conduct of the old standard modellers has also been appalling in its intolerance of new ideas and failure to admit glaring errors in the old theory, its corruption and abuse of the refereeing process, and its illegal harassment of scientists of the new school, its rigging of prizes and careers. The ECE vacuum is self consistent and defined in a new and powerful paper by Eckardt and Lindstrom (attached) that gives rise to many new concepts and brings together ideas coherently. This paper finally dispels with virtual particles, which have not been found in the Frascati experiment. I predicted that there are no virtual particles at no expense to the tax payer. A previous claim at Frascati has been retracted in a farcical manner (see posting of yesterday on this blog). ECE now dominates theoretical physics as anyone who can play around with google keywords will see. Therefore the standard model has collapsed into pseudoscience kept alive by the need to generate public funding to keep alive sinecures, soft jobs with no purpose.


Torus Analysis File Three

August 29, 2009


Torus Analysis File Two

August 29, 2009


Torus Analysis File One

August 29, 2009


Papers by Eckardt and Lindstrom and by Lichtenberg

August 29, 2009

These are important new ECE papers that have been posted on this blog and will eventually appear in the main part of this site. The paper by Lichtenberg is unfinished as yet but its first sections are important. The first paper by Eckardt and Lindstrom makes several important discoveries about the properties of the electromagnetic potential in the absence of fields. The ECE vacuum is filled with a primordial electric voltage cA(0) and this is the source of Tesla resonance via spin connection resonance. As the CNRS Frascati experiment (next posting) shows, there are no virtual particles, these do not exist in nature. In ECE I reject all unobservables as non-Baconian, and one by one, these icons of the obsolete twentieth physics are being refuted by new experiments, or theoretical advances such as ECE. Standard physics is so ossified that it takes half a century to reject these old ideas by direct experiment, often at huge expense. QED has been replaced by ECE paper 85, which heavily criticises QED and its offshoot, QCD. Dirac is well known to have rejected renormalization long ago.

Experimental Refutation of the Heisenberg Principle and Virtual Particles

August 29, 2009

These unobservables of the obsolete physics have recently been refuted yet again by the PVLAS collaboration at Frascati National Laboratory in

arXiv: 0706.3419v3, 22nd Nov. 2007

an experiment which directly refutes the claims made by

W. Heisenberg and H. Euler, Z. Phys. 98, 718 (1936).

This is a terrible fiasco for the obsolete standard model of physics, and another failed experiment to add to a long string of failed experiments which consume tens of billions. The CERN experiment has already failed, because its theory is obsolete, but whole national budgets are tied in to this useless white elephant.

In view of the fact that the B(3) field has been recognized by the unique high honour this century of the Civil List pension, (see later blog postings), and has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, as reliably advised yet again this year, I should point out once again that I BASED B(3) on experimental data, the magnetization of matter by circularly polarized radiation (the inverse Faraday effect). The resonance equivalent of the IFE (RFR) has also been observed, as long ago as 1982 by Barrett in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm. using inverse Raman scattering This is why B(3) has received so many nominations, as far back as 1992 it was thought worthy of a Nobel Prize by Mansel Davies, Jean – Pierre Vigier, John Wheeler and Stanislaw Kielich, and accepted by these eminent scientists and many others (see attached file of unprecedented interest in ECE). A paper on B(3) was accepted by the holy grail of physics, Phys. Rev., in 1992, but was suppressed, a well known scandal by now. It turns out that B(3) like theories were formulated by Barrett, Lehnert et al., Horwitz et al., and Harmuth et al. This makes the UNCC incident a major scandal of the twentieth century in physics.

All kinds of attempts have been made to suppress B(3) and ECE theory, the most vulgar being on wikipedia. There has been harassment, there have been fraud sites, and there have been hyper expensive failed experiments. So physics has a subject has lost nearly all credibility. I think that funding should be switched to chemistry, engineering and allied subjects. On this blog I have posted many anti wiki’s putting the record straight.


Harassments, Animosities and Lock outs

August 27, 2009

In view of the preceding posting I think that these will go into the dustbin of history, they send missives of zero intellectual content and insult both Queen and Parliament. They do not affect the logic of geometry and do not affect the progress of my work. I have been locked out of the so called “University of Wales” because in 1977 I refused to take up a job at Swansea, I job that I did not want. I won a SERC Advanced Fellowship in open competition and stayed at Aberystwyth, where for five years the utmost pressure was applied to me to leave. The person responsible for that, Jeremy Jones, lost his department only three years or so after I left. By some obscure behind the scenes machinations, he was allowed to “transfer tenure” to Swansea, where a few years later his department again closed. He has apparently disappeared. That was the most mindless episode I have ever seen, even worse than UNCC if that is possible.The notorious Swansea job was corruptly offered, and I loathed that corruption. The person responsible for that corruption was the late Howard Purnell, whose characteristics were the familiar ones of ruthless personal careerism. Since then every application I have made for tenure in the UW has been rejected, even though I am a fluent Welsh speaker and now the only Civil List Pensioner and the scientist from Wales who is making the greatest impact (attached data). This impact is known in great detail and is very accurately measured. The harasser “Arthur Dent” was warned by the police and identified as an imported UW academic of the type that cares nothing about the Welsh language. A lot of trouble is caused by people like that.


Official Description of the Civil List Pension

August 27, 2009

The official description is that it is an appointment and high honour akin to Order of Merit or Companion of Honour given for distinguished service to Great Britain in the arts, literature and science. It is paid at the discretion of the Queen and voted in by Parliament.

Unified field equations in SU(3)

August 27, 2009

These are the unified field equations in SU(3) rep space, with many possibilities for new resonance phenomena.