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Question for SOCME

December 31, 2010

Can you please inform me what has been the outcome of the July public enquiry into the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco? The sequence of cold winters shows that there is no global warming, and that turbines are useless in the type of weather we have experienced recently, weeks of sub zero temperatures with little wind. Local, clean burning, anthracite is available in abundance and the coal mining industry is very much alive here in South Wales. I have been fighting this proposal for years and have objected formally several times, many hundreds of times on my diary here. I showed a long time ago that the mathematics of global warming are ludicrously simplistic at best, incorrect at worst. When one goes into the mathematics and physics of the previous century (, they have a tendency to fall apart. Have you a line of defence in place based on a series of legal injunctions to stop the development and its illegal destruction of environment? This should be organized along the lines of a US class action, possibly with a lawyer willing to provide services free of charge. There should be a Land Act to evict the Duke of Beaufort and to eliminate absentee ownership of land in Wales and to restrict private ownership to say no more than five hundred acres. The huge Trawsgoed Estate in mid Wales (45,000 acres) has just fallen apart, and with it the vestiges of mediaeval despotism. The Council is failing at present even to keep local roads open, pleading no money despite savage taxation, and is failing to collect refuse. This means a danger of epidemic in summer weather, vermin infestation and so on. The London Government has evaporated into pseudo-fascism, Cameron’s class ridden pipe dream.

Myron Evans
Prof. Myron Wyn Evans, Gent., of Glyn Eithrym,
H. M. Civil List

Some Comments on Returns for the ECE Sites

December 31, 2010

The distribution impact of is much higher than any publisher would achieve because we have found a successful formula over the past few years, a formula that denies the intrusion of raw capitalism into education. Occasionally we publish in book format in the traditional way, but the book will cost money, whereas the site material is free. There is constant quality control of the material on the ECE sites. Very few scholars adhere now to the obsolete standard model of physics, those that still advocate it do so for money, jobs, career and power, the usual strings in which humanity embroils itself and wastes its intellect. These have nothing to do with science, which is the simple study of nature.

Activity Feedback for, 2010

December 31, 2010

The returns for December 2010 to date for are found at the end of the attached file as usual. There were 12,118 distinct visits for December 2010, 67,139 page views, 102,344 files downloaded (hits), 6.511 gigabytes downloaded, 2,037 documents read from 98 countries, led by USA, Russia, Britain, Sweden, France, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, ……. The running twelve month total of hits today is 1,125,922. In the past twelve months there have been 26,923 viewings of the diary or blog to date. I will give the completed returns tomorrow as usual. So anything published on is read avidly worldwide, both mainĀ site and diary (blog). This is the site with the highest and most immediate impact in the world of theoretical physics, and has been for about eight years at least. It gives education free of charge.


The Role of the Gravitomagnetic Field Strength (h) in Counter Gravitation

December 30, 2010

The curl h term might be important in counter gravitation, the general equation for the mass current density being:

curl h – partial d / partial t = J sub M

so in general:

g dot (curl h – partial d / partial t) = g dot J sub M


E dot J = g dot J sub M

These are completely new ideas so must be tested carefully by the engineers at each stage, e..g Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, BAE, European Space Agency, various NASA laboratories, etc. All have been following and ECE sites for years. Even a very small counter gravitational effect in a spacecraft would have a cumulative effect. I advocate working into the circuit design a conventional resonance device, so the change of g may be amplified by resonance.

No Taxation Without Representation

December 30, 2010

This is a good comment, I have never voted in an election myself because of the fact that the attempted 1647 Leveller Constitution was overthrown by Cromwell, so there has never been true representation. So there should be no taxation, notably no council tax, because this goes up every year and the Council does less and less. Currently there are mountains of rotting garbage all over the streets. Councillors are a breed of pseudo representatives, they stay there forever, being elected by a small minority vote. In some areas no one knows who they are.

Breakdown of London Government

December 30, 2010

It has become clear over the past few weeks that there has been a breakdown of the London Government due to inexperience, crass opportunism, complete violation of election promises, fiddling of expenses, and catastrophic errors in basic economics. This is clear from the fact that the Government was unable to provide basic services such as transport, gritting, ploughing of snow, rubbish collection or even road repair. In this village there are large piles of rotting rubbish uncollected for several weeks as the Council workers take any excuse not to work. There has been a landslide which has gone unrepaired for months. There are no gritting facilities, so that is used as an excuse to refuse to drive rubbish vehicles. Bus services came to a halt. From experience in New York State (where conditions every winter are much worse for much longer times), the weather is monitored in advance of a storm, the plows (ploughs) are out quickly to clear roads and airfields, and all roads are gritted. Even street lighting is being dimmed at night. A Republican (or any kind of) Government in Cardiff would take emergency measures to restore basic services. Politicians and Councillors are no longer representatives, none has been seen here during the whole of the recent crisis. Also there is a new breed of aristocrat – the pseudo-representative. For example the so called President of the EEC is entirely unelected. If these people truly cared for a country , and not themselves alone, they would be concerned by the dangers of epidemic form uncollected rubbish, and would be concerned with the introduction of compulsory voting and proportional representation. Of course this is the last thing that a modern aristocrat, sorry democrat, wants. Even the US has failed to bring in these reforms in over two hundred years of existence (1788 to present). They were the reforms demanded in 1647 by The Agreement of the People. So anything that the Government hoped to save by mindless cuts has already been lost in a paralysed economy.

cc Welsh Assembly

170(1): Circuit Equation for Energy from Spacetime based on the Lamb Shift

December 30, 2010

This is eq. (24), in which the scalar potential of the Coulomb law can be developed into a general circuit potential and developed with spin connection resonance. The note introduces a relatively simple new approach to electric power form spacetime, and discards QED as unworkable and based on the adjustment of ad hoc parameters (renormalization). Feynman admitted that QED is not a fundamental theory, and does not predict anything with precision because of its use of renormalization and other assumptions. This is why QED has been discarded as useless by chemists and engineers, and all those physicists who do not use QED simply as a self perpetuating exercise. This situation is all too typical of the old standard model.


UFT 168 Immediately Popular

December 30, 2010

UFT on the gravitational Poynting Theorem is immediately popular, despite the fact that it is very prolonged holiday time with a large and severe flu epidemic over here, with people having been frozen to their circuits for a long time. In UFT 170 I will have a new look at the theory of the Lamb shift without using the hocus pocus of renormalization, the kind of dippy stuff that standard model physics started to push out in the mid twentieth century. “Hocus pocus” and “dippy” are words of one Richard Feynman, not mine. Hans Albrecht Bethe was at Cornell, and did the first renormalization calculation. Feynman was at Cornell for a while then moved to California. Horst Eckardt and I first criticised QED in UFT 85, but I wish to develop a simpler way of dealing with the Lamb shift, and use thatĀ observable of nature to see exactly how a man made circuit could trap the electric and magnetic fields of the vacuum. Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom have been doing great work on the ECE vacuum potential.

UFT170: Resonant Amplification of the Lamb Shift

December 29, 2010

The Lamb shift and other effects are definite evidence of the fact that there are electric and magnetic fields associated with the vacuum. These fluctuations perturb the Coulomb potential in an atom. So in theory they can be amplified by spin connection resonance to such a degree that the electron escapes from the atom, giving a source of current. I think that it is easier and more productive to use the original theory than quantum electrodynamics. For the Lamb shift quantum electrodynamics needs renormalization, which Feynman himself described as “hocus pocus” and a “dippy process”. What is needed for engineering purposes is understand how an atom or molecule may be dissociated with spin connection resonance. The Lamb shift is definitive evidence that there electric power is obtainable from the vacuum, so I will start UFT170 with a new look at the effect. It is a very small effect so needs to be amplified by spin connection resonance.


December 29, 2010

I am resending my letter to Donald Cameron, the British Prime Minister, with updates in an attempt have him read it and will eventually record it as essay 18. The last time it just went to CERN advisors who naturally advocated continuation of lavish self funding. I believe that the US Government just cut its contribution to CERN by 50%. The US Government is known to follow ECE theory and our sites regularly.

The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron.doc