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Big Prizes for Energy from Spacetime and LENR

April 30, 2013

I should think that this kind of initiative by large companies may be a good idea. Again, UPITEC and AIAS are pioneers.

GSK plans $1 million prize to jump-start electroceuticals | Reuters

April 30, 2013

This is great news, UPITEC / AIAS may like to apply as pioneers of this technique.

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Subj: Fw: GSK plans $1 million prize to jump-start electroceuticals | Reuters

Well, this is the largest pharmaceutical lab in the UK, and they finally accept this kind of therapy is worth exploring…

Summary of April 2013 to Date for Nine Year Mark

April 30, 2013

Many thanks, much appreciated from all of us at AIAS!.

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What a significant, outstanding achievement! Congratulations to you and your colleagues. Vivienne

The M.B.E.

April 30, 2013

Many thanks! He mentioned that he knew Robin WIlliams, the former Principal at Swansea, and another boozer.

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Subj: Re: The MBE

I don’t know if there was more than one M.B.E at Craig-y-Nos, but the only one I knew was my first cousin who was there with his wife Sandra.His name is Bernard Mallows.His mother was Hannah Mary Elizabeth, The daughter of Daniel John Potter, son of William and Hannah Potter.The reference to the drinking specialist was because he was a real boozer who treated his wife Sophia badly. ,

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> Date: Friday, 26 April, 2013, 9:16
> I think I did, he mentioned that he was a Powell of
> Rice Davies Powell and
> that his grandfather specialized in drinking.
> In a message dated 26/04/2013 08:07:37 GMT Daylight
> Time,
> :
> We
> talked to the wife of the MBE. We did not meet her
> husband. She was a Potter
> but had married and we can’t remember her married
> name. There were a group of
> them there with this different surname. If you said the
> surname to us we think
> we would remember it. The lady’s husband had been an
> industrial chemist and he
> got his MBE for Health and Safety. Think he had been in
> industry, in
> manufacturing. Vivienne. P. S. Did you meet the gentleman
> who had been in the
> Morriston Orpheus choir? He was wearing the choir tie and
> badge.

Note 214(4): Solution for r as a function of t

April 30, 2013

This is really excellent, and exactly what is needed! The solution r(t) can be animated and there may be a way of finding theta(t).

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Subj: Re: 241(4) : Calculation of x from the Minkowski Force and Animation

I just had a bit time to check the note. The term for x^2 is correct. gamma can a bit simplified, see %o5. Surprisingly the integral for t can be solved analytically, giving expression %o17. For the inverse function r(t) a polynome of 4th order has to be solved. The only real and non-trivial solution is shown at the end, %o22.


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Betreff: Fwd: 241(4) : Calculation of x from the Minkowski Force and Animation

It could be that the latest animation software can deal with this. If not, a fitting program can be used to interpolate and then animate. I will have a look at the relativistic momentum.

To: EMyrone
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Subj: Re: 241(4) : Calculation of x from the Minkowski Force and Animation

A problem for animation may be that time steps are not uniform but come out from the calculation. For a precise animation the pairs (t_n, r_n) would have to be interpolated for a uniform time grid. Perhaps the r grid can be defined in a way so that t comes out nearly equidistant (for example by appying Kepler’s law).

An alternative would be to write the equation in 3 D for the relativistic momentum with cartesian coordinates. This would describe the most general case and could certainly be solved easier numerically than for the polar coordinates. Of course a projection to 2D would be sufficient in the cases that we are considering currently.


Verschickt: Mo, 29 Apr 2013 10:39 am
Betreff: 241(4) : Calculation of x from the Minkowski Force and Animation

This is a method of calculating x from the Minkowski force equation for nearly circular orbits, and it is given by eqs. (11) and (12). The orbit may be animated from eq. (26) as shown. The integral has to be evaluated numerically. I suggest something like Simpson’s rule from the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Library or a contemporary package such as Mathematica, Maple or MOTECC or ESSL. I can also evaluate x for all orbits, from eq. (1), but that will be more complicated. Another method would be to integrate eq. (1) directly, and an even simpler method would integrate the relativistic momentum directly. I will explore these ideas in further notes.


Publishing too Much

April 30, 2013

Too many notes. I think it must have been one of the envious ones. The real reason is that John Thomas was using all the funding to build up his group. Eurwyn Evans, J. O. Williams, David Parry and a few others were all awarded tenure without advert and competition from 1969 to 1978, when Thomas abruptly left for Cambridge. The obvious weakness of the system is that there was no way of applying for tenure from post graduate and no objective measure of who should get tenure. So I use a measure based on prestigious post doctorals and on the Scientiae Doctor degree, a distinction higher than a tenured full professor as intended in 1860 by University College London. By 1978 I had already won six post prestigious post doctoral fellowships: SRC, ICI European, NRCC, JRF of Wolfson College Oxford, Ramsay Memorial Fellowship of University College London (won by a furlong at a canter) and SERC Advanced Fellowship. I won two prestigious Medals in 1978 and 1979, and earned the D. Sc. in 1977 / 1978. I had been offered lectureships in Swansea and Trinity College Dublin. So I was far ahead of the EDCL competition, who were awarded tenure arbitrarily and without any objectivity or chance for any competition. David Parry told me that he was just hauled in to John Thomas’s office and awarded tenure. The system was so completely corrupt that Purnell could force Jeremy Jones into wrecking a large part of British chemical physics and in to wrecking the EDCL. The system was completely cynical and died from within. I was a Welsh speaker who wanted to work at Aberystwyth.

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Subj: Re: Question for Gareth Evans

Agreed about distorting facts. It is easy to get carried away in all walks of life and if we all saw things in the same way then we would all be arriving at the same conclusions. Academic freedom is about having and developing your own viewpoint. Had you been locked into the system would the otcome and contributions have been the same? Who knows – but you should have been given the chance and allowed to develop your work in the way and directions that were obvious and natural to you. “Publishing too much” – whoever first coined that phrase was the person that did most damage to you because the rest latched on to it and followed like sheep. Look at all the ECE papers. Each one tells a story. That is not publishing too much – that is how thought at the forefront of knowledge evolves.

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Subject: Re: Question for Gareth Evans

Much appreciated. I think that tenure was and is the weak point of the system because it could be misused for the purposes of careerism, or misused as in the case of Purnell. The system never offered an explanation, it started with “no money”, which went on for about twenty years while hundreds were awarded tenure, then lapsed into silence. The important thing is not to distort any facts, because that defeats the purpose of history.

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You have a great writing gift Myron – one of many talents. I think you must write an autobiography as you see it. You are an objective scientist and writing facts as you see them is is what comes natural to you. Others may have seen things differently from their perspectives but that is for them to explain. Simple fact is, you are the greatest living scientist and should have had tenure years ago. Who can now argue againgst that?

— Original Message : Question for Gareth Evans

What do you think of the second volume of the autobiography so far? From 1971 onwards you were an undergraduate at the EDCL, and a graduate from 1974 onwards, so you can remember many of the events. I think it is important to write accurate history, nearly all the histories written by those in power are distortions. The autobiography is in a belles lettres style as you can see, but is intended to be truthful and accurate. It cross refers to the Omnia Opera, which of course gives the science.

Protest Against Cutting Down Trees near Craig y Nos Castle

April 30, 2013

The trees were on land opposite to Craig y Nos Castle, and had been there for well over a hundred years. I was parking my car when I was told to move on by a long haired yob encased in a yellow, carrying a battle axe, sorry a saw, because I might be crushed by a falling tree. I think that a strong formal protest should be sent to CADW and to the Brecon Beacons National Park. Even worse is that Tony Hibbert told me that some of the trees in the unique arboreum would also be cut down. These are irreplaceable. As you can see all those in authority evade responsibilty. When Gelliwastad was burnt to charcoal no one took responsibilty, and there was not even an enquiry. This is why I advocate the rereferendum system, because anything might happen at any time, some infinitely stupid rule might result in half of Pontardawe being knocked down. It is not quite as bad as that, but very early on in academia I found that the people there were completely cynical. If one mentioned the Welsh language they would react by not reacting. It is a society in the last stages of decadence, and hardly a society at all.

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Subj: RE: Protest Against Cutting Down Trees near Craig y Nos Castle

Dear Myrone,
Yes, I was there on Saturday and it is a dreadful sight. Whose land is this, and who gave the authority? It seems an endless protest against lunacy . I am trying to save St. Peter’s Schoolroom in Pontardawe which the P.C.C. have allowed to rot for too many years.
Where is the church? Where is their vast stock of money kept?
Life is not as I imagined it would be.
Battle on!

Summary of April 2013 to Date for Nine Year Mark

April 30, 2013

This is found as usual at the end of the attached book of feedback for universities, institutes and similar. This is about 2% of the vast readership of ECE theory. Today is the ninth anniversary of daily recording of this type, giving a unique record which is archived on both sides of the Atlantic: at the British library from the National Library of Wales, and in the U. S. National Archives. It is seen that the theory has been studied very intensely for nine years by readers in all the best universities, institutes, corporations, government departments, organizations, and so on around the world. This means that standard physics is entirely obsolete. The ECE theory is the first successful unified field theory of natural philosophy and has applications in the search for new energy. Many congratulations to all AIAS staff and others who have helped build AIAS. This is a historic achievement by any measure. The final returns for April 2013 will be ready tomorrow, when they will be prepared in pdf for posting on and archiving. This message posts them on the blog of


Daily Report 29/4/13

April 30, 2013

There were 2,108 hits from 542 distinct visits, 45.9% spiders from google, MSN and yandex. Auto1 115, Auto2 28, CEFE 33. Charles University Prague UFT109; Physics Carnegie Mellon University UFT18; United States National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University UFT18; Spanish Ministry of Railways (RENFE) F3(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Division of Electrical Engineering National Autonomous University of Mexico Circuit Simulation (Sp); University of Manchester UFT 150-B; Institute of Physics Montevideo Uruguay UFT166 (Sp). Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for April 2013.

Reply to Enquiry by AM for South West Wales

April 29, 2013

I have been a fierce opponent of the wind turbine fiasco for fifteen years as recorded on my blog on I am opposed to the EEC policy on wind turbines and it well turn out to be illegal, in which case the turbines on Betws and Mynydd y Gwair would have to be demolished. Betws is a forced development pushed through illegally against an 80% majority in violation of human rights and the United Nations Aarhus Convention. Mynydd y Gwair is opposed by a 95% majority and twenty groups. Swansea Council sold out and represents no one in Mawr, in which I am the only Armiger. I am a U. S. dual citizen, and therefore a republican. This area of Mawr has a Leveller tradition gong back to the time of Cromwell, who surveyed it in 1650. The main points against turbines are well known. They include the following.

1) They need back up by conventional power stations and disrupt the grid at huge expense.
2) They are grossly inefficient. In the past two weeks I have observed the ugly turbines on Betws and they have been switched off for long intervals of time due to high wind and calm conditions. It is clear already that they are useless.
3) Carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, by now that is well known. Experimentally there has been no global warming for fifteen years or so. We are entering upon a cold interval in climatology. That is also well known. All this is explained on my blog in comprehensive detail.
4) Wind turbines emit carbon dioxide during the course of manufacture and through the fact that they need conventional back up.
5) They kill wildlife, and may kill human beings. By now this is well known, and of course it is illegal, a form of manslaughter.
6) They completely destroy the unique beauty of Wales.
7) The California experience has shown that once they become uneconomical, they are abandoned, so become rusting monuments to grotesque folly.
8) Without subsidies they are grossly uneconomical.
9) Their input to the grid is still negligible.
10) Their actual capacity is far below advertized capacity.
11) They use democracy as a doormat.

Mawr has many serious problems of crime, notably the problem of biker and horse riding vandalism on Mynydd Gelliwastad. I have been working with the police for two years trying to get gates and fencing constructed. This is easily done. At present a great amount of public resource is wasted because the police are obliged to chase bikers and horse riders all over the mountain. Recently Gelliwastad was completely destroyed by arson, so I call for a public enquiry. The Somerset Trust, Council and Martin Caton have failed to govern Mawr and have failed to control arson and vandalism for many years. As Armiger I have tried to combat these vandals myself, sometimes in situations of personal danger. The police are frequently assaulted by bikers, and horse riders roam illegally all over Gelliwastad despite many warnings. In my opinion all off road bikes should be destroyed immediately, circumstantial evidence such as tracks and hoof marks used to prosecute vandals, arsonists imprisoned for up to twenty years with hard labour, and local stables shut down for hundreds of offences of trespass. All of this is recorded on the blog of, with about a hundred photographs of horrendous damage to Gelliwastad. I have asked the Ramblers Wales to campaign for gates and fencing. In my opinion the Welsh language is in serious danger of becoming extinct in Mawr due to grotesque and indiscriminate over development, and there should be a stop to house trading in Welsh speaking areas. Broydd Iaith should be set up to protect the language, and houses made available to young Welsh speaking families at very low prices so that the Welsh language has a chance of survival against a tide of mindless materialism. Grossly inflated house prices should be reduced by law and a Welsh language test applied to all monoglot immigrants. Electronic referenda should be introduced, with proportional representation and compulsory voting, on national, regional and local levels. A referendum in South West Wales (Deheubarth) would sweep away the Betws and Mynydd y Gwair turbines by an almost unanimous majority against. None of the Councillors of Swansea Councils are elected by a majority of the register, some get as low as 20%. There should be term restrictions of a maximum of five years for all representatives. Some remain there for fifty years on 20% of the vote. The Somerset Trust should be nationalized immediately and a Welsh Land Act introduced along the lines of Gladstone, Balfour and Parnell for Ireland.

As a U. S. dual citizen I an appalled at the deterioration in the Mawr of my youth, after many years away. There is also the problem of cars being parked indiscriminately on narrow roads, speeding cars, cars being parked on junctions and pavements. Special car parks are needed to get them off the roads. This is again very easy to do. As a U. S. dual citizen it is inappropriate for me to stand as a Councillor. Many people have urged me not to become involved in politics, especially in the system as it is today. Recently in Mawr a forced housing development was rejected with intense anger, and a referendum promised. The local Councillor came in for very heavy criticism. Although he has opposed turbines, he has failed to stop them.

Yn Gywir,

Myron Evans

Evans of Glyn Eithrym, Armiger of Mawr,
Civil List Pensioner,,

(Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger (or Squire), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)).