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406(5) Light Deflection due to Gravitation and Vacuum Fluctuations

April 26, 2018

This note gives the ECE2 force equation (6) from which light deflection due to gravitation is calculated to be exactly twice the Newton value, which is exactly the experimental result (e.g. UFT324). This result is a simple and direct consequence of the definition of relativistic velocity in ECE2 covariant general relativity. Nothing could be simpler and nothing could be more powerful. The claims of the elaborate and incorrect Einstein theory, in the context of light deflection, are well known to have been refuted in several ways in UFT150 to UFT155 and similar papers, all of which have become famous classics. The next note will calculate the spin connection and vacuum fluctuation associated with light deflection due to gravitation. In previous notes for this paper, UFT406, the Einstein theory of precession has been refuted completely in very simple ways. So all the tests of the Einstein theory have failed: planetary precession, Lense Thirring and geodetic precessions and light deflection due to gravitation. This was bound to happen sooner or later because the geometry of the Einstein theory is totally wrong (e.g the famous UFT88). There is one more claim for the Einstein theory, gravitational radiation, but that has been refuted completely by Stephen Crothers and by Horst and myself. See "Principles of ECE Volumes One and Two" in the blue box above my coat of arms on These volumes also show that the Einstein theory fails completely in a whirlpool galaxy, while ECE2 succeeds. The avant garde ECE2 theory is relatively simple, and so far has succeeded in describing all the data. By now this is very well known internationally.


UFT88 Read at the National University of Singapore

April 26, 2018

NUS is ranked 15 in the world by QS, 22 by Times, 50 by Webometrics and 91 by Shanghai, so it is one of the world’s leading universities, which regularly consults ECE theory. It was founded in 1905 and has about 38,000 students. UFT88 (see blue box above my coat of arms on has been read and accepted by ECE schools of thought in several hundred of the world’s top twenty and other leading universities, and this month is on a new record high. It refutes the Einstein field equation by correctly considering torsion in the second Bianchi identity The ECE2 series of papers (UFT313 – UFT405 to date) are also on a new record high as is "Principles of ECE, Volumes One and Two" (see blue box).

Daily Report 23 and 24 /4 /18

April 26, 2018

For the two days the equivalent of 518,376 printed pages was downloaded (1.89 gigabytes) from 6,841 downloaded memory files (hits) and 1,290 distinct visits distinct distinct visits. On 24/4/18 averaging 4. 5 memory pages and 8 minutes, top referrals total 2,421,126, 46.5% spiders on 24/4/18 mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 3323, Top ten 1236, Collected Evans / Morris 792, Principles of ECE 456, Collected scientometrics 406, Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 298, F3(Sp) 286, Autobiography volumes one and two 223, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 201, UFT88 177, MJE 135, Collected Proofs 123, PECE 113, PECE2 108, Evans Equations 85, Llais 70, Engineering Model 61, CV 61, UFT311 43, UFT321 37, SCI 34, CEFE 33, ADD 28, PLENR 26, UFT313 44, UFT315 29, UFT316 33, UFT317 42, UFT318 37, UFT319 38, UFT320 33, UFT322 44, UFT323 39, UFT324 43, UFT325 40, UFT326 31, UFT327 40, UFT328, UFT329 38, UFT330 28, UFT331 38, UFT332 48, UFT333 26, UFT334 32, UFT335 46, UFT336 38, UFT337 34, UFT338 34, UFT339 23, UFT340 28, UFT341 30, UFT342 34, UFT343 33, UFT344 27, UFT345 50, UFT346 38, UFT347 35, UFT348 41, UFT349 27, UFT351 37, UFT352 37, UFT353 26, UFT354 47, UFT355 26, UFT356 29, UFT357 26, UFT358 27, UFT359 24, UFT360 25, UFT361 22, UFT362 37, UFT363 38, UFT364 28, UFT365 21, UFT366 108, UFT367 36, UFT368 37, UFT369 34, UFT370 34, UFT371 25, UFT372 33, UFT373 22, UFT374 30, UFT375 21, UFT376 28, UFT377 21, UFT378 28, UFT379 16, UFT380 15, UFT381 33, UFT382 42, UFT383 43, UFT384 15, UFT385 31, UFT386 25, UFT387 25, UFT388 34, UFT389 33, UFT390 33, UFT391 36, UFT392 49, UFT393 34, UFT394 41, UFT395 41, UFT396 91, UFT397 50, UFT398 42, UFT399 116, UFT400 71, UFT401 49, UFT402 47, UFT403 47, UFT404 43, UFT405 17 to date in April 2018. University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFTY396 – UFT405; Engineering University of Windsor UFT399, UFT400; Appalachian State University MJE; Mechanical Engineering University of Texas Austin UFT175; Johnson Space Center U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) UFT35; Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico UFT166(Sp); University of the Punjab general; National University of Singapore UFT88; University of Edinburgh spidering; Newcastle University general. Intense interest all sectors, updated webalizer file attached.

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April 25, 2018

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406(4): Criticisms of Standard Model Precession Theory

April 25, 2018

This note summarizes some severe criticisms of standard precession theory and brings into question the very existence of Einsteinian, geodetic and Lense Thirring precessions. The only thing that can ever be observed in astronomy is their sum. So I propose abandoning the ideas of the standard model and to express all precessions in terms of vacuum fluctuations as in Eq. (19). It is worth drawing up a table for all the planets, a table that gives the separate contributions (20) to (22) and their sum. This sum is always greater than the Einsteinian component. The standard model of planetary precession ignores the geodetic and Lense Thirring contributions of the standard model itself and attributes everything to the Einsteinian component. There are so many fallacies and basic errors in the Einstein theory that it should be abandoned completely in favour of ECE theory.


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April 25, 2018

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Derivation of Planetary Geodetic Precession

April 24, 2018

This note gives another straightforward refutation of Einsteinian general relativity, showing that the precession predicted by EGR must be the sum of the Einsteinian, geodetic and Lense Thirring precessions. This sum is more than fifty percent larger than the experimental claims for Mercury, Venus and Earth. The experimental claims are also very dubious in the solar system as argued by Miles Mathis and ourselves, and by many others for more than a century. The precessional method can only be applied in a clean system of one m orbiting one M, and the results interpreted in terms of vacuum fluctuations. The true theoretical result of the standard model itself should be Eq. (25), and this can be tabulated for all the planets using Maxima. I think that rational members of the ECE school in leading universities around the world will forget about EGR and develop other avenues of thought. The dogmatists will ignore the refutations and ask for more money from the taxpayer and more student fees. There is another way of considering the geodetic precession, and this will be developed next using ECE2 gravitomagnetism, developing UFT344 and UFT345.


Protest against Detention of Alexander Gaponenko

April 24, 2018

Amnesty International,
I would like to ask Amnesty International to make a strong protest against the detention of Alexander Gaponenko by the Latvian Government. This is a severe violation of human rights, the right to speak a language, guaranteed by law. In this case Gaponenko protested against the closure of Russian speaking schools, was arrested, badly mistreated, and imprisoned. There are fears that he may have been subjected to abuse such as beatings. As one of the leading theoretical physicists in the world I would like to request Amnesty International and other organizations to intervene and secure the immediate release of Gaponenko. If Latvia continues to harass its linguistic minorities, sanctions should be applied against it by the United Nations. Linguistic minorities in Latvia are sometimes kept stateless for thirty years or more, and recently Latvia has forced the closure of Russian speaking schools. I used to be a volunteer for Amnesty International, work aimed at saving the lives of political prisoners in Argentina for example. I know of many other violations of human rights in Latvia. I also call for the restoration of normal diplomatic relations between Britain and the Russian Federation and for intense diplomatic activity to restore normal relations. As EMLG Coordinator I was successful in obtaining the release from prison of Edward Kluk, Director of the Physics Institute in Katovice. KIuk was arrested, badly mistreated, and imprisoned for joining EMLG. I have spent much of my life working for world peace and all effort should be made to resume diplomatic relations between Britain and the Russian Federation. The Leader of the Opposition in Britain has my full support in heavily criticising the Government for catalysing a needless crisis. A resurgence of the arms race will bring humankind very close to extinction.


Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Uchelwr, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
Co President Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS))

Daily Report Sunday 22/4/18

April 24, 2018

The equivalent of 218,728 printed pages was downloaded (797.483 megabytes) from 3,207 downloaded memory files (hits) and 732 distinct visits each averaging 3.4 memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 68.20, top referrals total 2,420,304, 45.6% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 3061, Top ten 1140, Collected Evans / Morris 726(est), Principles of ECE 425, Collected scientometrics 361(est); Barddoniaeth (Collected Poetry) 292, F3(Sp) 261, Autobiography volumes one and two 202, Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom 185, UFT88 170, MJE122, Collected Proofs 113, PECE 108, PECE2 100, Evans Equations 80, Engineering Model 60, CV 55, UFT311 40, UFT321 36, CEFE 31, SCI 31, ADD 25, PLENR 24, UFT313 44, UFT314 25, UFT315 28, UFT316 30, UFT317 42, UFT318 35, UFT319 37, UFT320 31, UFT322 41, UFT323 38, UFT324 39, UFT325 39, UFT326 27, UFT327 37, UFT328 32, UFT329 36, UFT330 27, UFT331 37, UFT333 25, UFT334 32, UFT335 43, UFT336 44, UFT337 32, UFT338 31, UFT339 20, UFT340 27, UFT341 29, UFT342 29, UFT343 29, UFT344 26, UFT345 47, UFT346 35, UFT347 33, UFT348 38, UFT349 26, UFT351 36, UFT352 34, UFT353 25, UFT354 44, UFT355 25, UFT356 27, UFT357 24, UFT358 24, UFT359 21, UFT360 25, UFT361 19, UFT362 36, UFT363 35, UFT364 27, UFT365 17, UFT366 100, UFT367 34, UFT368 34, UFT369 31, UFT370 31, UFT371 25, UFT372 29, UFT373 20, UFT374 28, UFT375 21, UFT376 27, UFT377 25, UFT378 26, UFT379 15, UFT380 13, UFT381 31, UFT382 39, UFT383 40, UFT384 14, UFT385 40, UFT386 25, UFT387 25, UFT388 33, UFT389 32, UFT390 32, UFT391 36, UFT392 44, UFT393 33, UFT394 41, UFT395 35, UFT396 80, UFT397 42, UFT398 37, UFT399 103, UFT400 41, UFT402 42, UFT403 42, UFT404 38, UFT405 6 to date in April 2018. University of Queensland UFT17; Cornell University UFT85; Ateneo de Manila University Philippines My page; University of Edinburgh spidering. Intense interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.

Effect of the Geodetic Precession

April 24, 2018

I will report this calculation shortly. The result is that the consideration of the standard model’s own de Sitter precession changes the overall result to

delta phi = 6 pi MG / (a c squared (( 1 – eps squared) + 1 /2))

which is much larger than the observed. This is the result of the standard model itself. They forgot to include the de Sitter precession, which is the rotation of the Schwarzschild metric, and considered only the familiar Einstein precession, obtained from the unrotated Schwarzschild metric. The correct theoretical result, using their own methods, is more than 50% higher than the experimental result. So this dispels more than a century of mythology.