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Researching the Ynys Cedwyn Estate Papers

June 30, 2012

These have been researched by many scholars, and I had a look at them myself. They were originally in legal Latin, but have been translated. The Welsh place given name and place name spelling is terrible, but from my knowledge of not only Welsh but the Swansea valley dialect (my own dialect) I can unravel them without much trouble. The Ynys Cedwyn Estate was a vast and powerful industrialized estate and there are many entries on the Ynys Cedwyn gentry. The lands were granted to Dr. William Aubrey by Elizabeth 1st. For some reason the family managed to lose the entire estate and Ynys Cedwyn Hall was demolished. Although the only Armiger on merit, and possibly the only Armiger, in that once all poweful family now, I come from a very poor branch of the family and did not know of its existence until a few years ago when told of it by Stuart Davies. I certainly did not inherit anything from my father, who was very intelligent but earned a dangerous living as a coal miner. Yesterday I gave the entries relevant to one of my lines of descent to Prince Tewdwr Mawr and the Norman Aubreys. The titles are arranged by rank as Squire or Gent., and Yeoman. I have found one more entry of relevance, it is DDYc61, a bond of 200 pounds of 20th Feb., 1596/97. In it is mentioned Morgan ap Richard Aubrey gent., and his son John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey (born about 1530). I also found evidence for his son Morgan ap John ap Morgan (born about 1570) in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers. I also found evidence for his son Thomas ap Morgan ap John in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers, and that he was born before 1610. So his dates are <1610 – 26/6/1689, there is burial record for him at Callwen on 27/6/1689 given to us by the Vicar. His son Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan died in 1749. I will ask the Vicar if there are parish entries for him to make his dates more precise. His son was Thomas ap Morgan ap Thomas (1690 – 1761). Evidence for him was found by Sir Arthur Turner Thomas from an original copperscript document. Also a lot more evidence for this line has been put together by the late Leonid Morgan and deposited as a large roll in the West Glamorgan Archives, but Leonid Morgan does not seem to have given his sources. Now all the sources have been found. Finally his son was Morgan ap Thomas y Garth (1735 – 1805) who married Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall (1734 – 1825), his distant cousin, and from there on there is plentiful modern evidence all put together in my genealogy. So I have two proven lines back to Bleddyn ap Maenarch and his father in law, Tewdwr Mawr. I also found that one document referred to Neuadd Owain Gethin, one of my direct ancestors Owain Gethin was one of a long line of Lords of Glyn Tawe. His daughter Nest (born 1304) was married to the Cambrian Norman Tomos Awbrey Cwnstabl Coch (born 1299). From his name we know he spoke Welsh. Neither he or she had any choice in the matter, marriages were always arranged for alliance, prestige and power.

Document on Elizabeth Portrey Discovered

June 30, 2012

This is found by google keywords “Elizabeth Portrey Crime and Punishment”, and is in the National Library of Wales, Document 32 of “Crime and Punishment”, dated 9th April 1753, when Elizabeth Portrey was 19, and described as “spinster” of Ystrad Gynlais. She married Morgan Evans two years later. It is file number 4/380/6 with deposition, confession and recognisance. The prosecution was brought by Elizabeth Portrey (presumably acting as a kind of magistrate) against Mary Beynon accused of theft of apparel belonging to Gwenllian John, both of Ystrad Gynlais. Recall that there was no police force in those days, so the Gentry kept order. Theft could result in the death sentence or transporation, even theft of a loaf of bread by starving children. In Ystrad Gynlais however I doubt whether these harsh sentences were ever enacted, the more lenient and tolerant Welsh and local law still applied more or less. I have never heard of anyone from Glyn Tawe and Cwm Tawe (upper Swansea valley) being executed or transported. This is the first source document extant ever discovered about Elizabeth Portrey, apart from church records at St. Cynog. So she was, of course, a Portrey and descended from the Princes and Normans. This is a major discovery in the genealogy of the Morgan Aubrey Family of the Royal Celtic line of Tewdwr Mawr, also the ancestor of Elizabeth II. If he is interested Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas might wish to put these recent discoveries on his site, and complete the lines down to Stuart Davies and myself. Every generation back to Coel Hen (fourth / fifth century) has been proven. Our combined genealogy is proving very popular and has been copied all over the place. So I feel like a tomato in a glasshouse and search for all source documents.

Feedback Activity for, Summary of June 2012 to Date

June 30, 2012

In June 2012 to date there have been 77,584 hits from 15,617 distinct visits, 50,671 page views, 8.33 gigabytes downloaded, 2,564 documents read form 101 countries, led by US, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Argentina, …. All material read off the site as usual, the essay broadcasts being the most popular, the most popular of all essays being on the definitive refutation of Einsteinian general relativity, quietly and surely changing the entire subect of modern physics in the post Einsteinian paradigm shift as it has become known (a term coined by Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe). For newcomers this overview file summarizes about 2% of the unprecedented total interest in Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory (ECE theory), focusing on universities, institutes and similar. Every year there are about 1.7 million hits to the ECE sites:,, and The flaship site is archived at the British Library on behalf of the National Library of Wales on It is also archived in the Library of Congress in Washington by the US Web Archive system. Thre have been about seventeen million hits for ECE theory in the last nine years or so. The current twelve month running total of hits for is 1.048 million. The WordPress blog of has 13,187 postings from 2006, since 1st Jan. 2010 it has been read 97,217 times from 116 or more countries, all spam and self readings excluded automatically by askimet. I refer to this vast readership as the “invisible college” after the original founded by my distant ancestral cousin by marriage, Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, Marquis St. Alban’s.


Daily Report 29/6/12

June 30, 2012

There were 2,636 hits from 525 distinct visits, 50.6% spiders, CEFE read 39 times since 6/6/12. National Institute of Industrial Technology Argentina UFT152, 155 (Sp); Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zurich UFT84; Technical University of Berlin UFT142, 168; New York University UFT88; engineering Southern Illinois University UFT178; University of Barcelona general; University of Poitiers general; Mathematics Trinity College Dublin UFT25; National Autonomous University of Mexico Felker10(Sp); National Nuclear Research University Moscow UFT166. Intense interst all sectors.

Original Documents Found

June 29, 2012

To Stuart Davies and Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas:

I have found original documents from D / D Yc Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers which prove that Leonid Morgan is accurate without however quoting his sources. These sources have been found now by googling “John Morgan Richard Aubrey” last site. I refer you to my Aubrey line from Tudor times part two on and in my autobiography volume one.

1) 28th July 1564, conveyance from Ieuan (Gwyn ap) Morgan ap Richard to his brother John ap Morgan ap Richard (born about 1530) of Gwern y Gefeile (sic) (should be Gefail, the smithy, Gwern y Gefail means swampy land near the smithy) between Tir y Garth (enclosed land) and Gwaun yr Afar (Heathland of Sorrow). Therefore “Y Garth” was passed down in the family to Morgan ap Thomas y Garth (1735 – 1805) who married Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall (1734 – 1825), his distant cousin .

2) Conveyance of 29th May 1577 from Richard ap Morgan ap Richard (Aubrey) to his brother John ap Morgan ap Richard (born about 1530).

3) Conveyance of 5th Nov. 1610 from John Morgan Prichard (John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey) and son Morgan John (Morgan ap John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey), Gentlemen, to son Thomas John (Thomas ap Morgan ap John buried at Callwen 27/6/1689). This proves that Thomas ap Morgan ap John was born before 1610. They are both recorded as Gentlemen, but this is not the Armiger rank of Gentleman because they did not have coats of arms. The patronymic system begins to give way to the modern system, but for clarity I give the accurate patronymic with the Norman Aubrey (or Awbrey) at the end. The names are given in several different ways in these very old documents, carefully preserved.

4) Quitclaim of 7th Nov. 1610 Morgan John of Ystradynlais to Thomas John. (i.e. Morgan ap John ap Morgan Aubrey to Thomas ap Morgan ap John Aubrey).

This is definitive proof of the line in part two of the Aubrey line and was probably studied by Leonid Morgan. I see that my work is being quoted verbatim on other sites.

223(3): Summary of Errors in EGR

June 29, 2012

You are welcome any time, and it will be a pleasure to see you. These are very interesting thoughts and I think I will return to the subject from the classical limit (x theory), which gave such rich results. The constrained Minkowski metric seems like a good candidate. Our invisible college has rejected EGR without any doubt, one can see that mainly from the essay feedback, but also in several other ways. If people can find the courage to face up to intimidation and come out into the open, then that will be a very refereshing thing in science. As with all bullies, face up to them and they slink away. This is why SOTT has done such a great job in exposing scientific fraud. There is a lot of interest in papers by Horst and yourself, and in your 2D paper. Also there is a lot of interest in the resonance paper by Franklin and Horst. In EGR dogma is very close to becoming fraud, a great pity for natural philosophy.

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I wish you a very successful meeting on Monday. I was hoipng I could find a way to get there, but not this year. So that you are aware of what I am doing, I mentioned this to Horst but I think I forgot to copy you – with the failure of the metric in spherically symmetric space-times, we need a substitute that will work for the antisymmetric connection so that the Hodge dual and hence electromagnetic theory fall easily from geometry. It seems to me that although the metric gives a means of calculating distance in any frame of reference, when twisting or torsion become involved, this distance no longer represents a single physical or geometric state (there are an infinite number of twisted states that are represented by a single distance scalar). At the moment I am adapting some old theory developed by Love, Rayleigh, Kirchoff, and others for the twisting of a curved slender rod. I think when I get my head around the four dimensional version of this, that a a scalar function direction cosines will come to play and important role, and we will end up with two expressions, a metric expression for distance, and a similar expression for accumulated twist, both of which must be satisfied when jumping from one coordinate system to the next (or perhaps some combination of the two).


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As revision, this note gives a summary of errors in Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), and shows it to be a completely self inconsistent theory. The constrained Minkowski method results in eq. (31), and does not have the effective potential of EGR. The constraint is the observed orbit, which gives eq. (32). In the classical limit v << c the observed orbit is given by the new universal force law (20). This force law gives a precessing ellipse (19). Obviously, the force law of EGR, eq. (16), can never give a precessing ellipse. No amount of dogma can change elementary mathematics.

Cornish Anthem “Trelawney”

June 29, 2012

This is in honour of Sir Jonathan Trewlaney, born in Trelawne, Pelynt, Kernow (Cernyw, Cornwall). He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church Oxford and was arrested for seditious libel by James II. He was acquited to great celebration in Pelynt. He became Bishop of Winchester, died in Chelsea and buried in Pelynt. James II was deposed in the glorious revolution of 1688 by WIlliam and Mary. The twenty thousand men seems to refer to the 15,000 Cornish men who engaged my ancestarl cousin Henry VII in 1497 and were defeated. That is very sad because the Cornish were fighting against heavy taxation by Henry Tudor, who impoverished Cornwall, showing a weak side to his character. The famous Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick was born in Tregajorran and built the world’s first steam powered locomotive, which ran along the tramway at Pen y Darren ironworks in on 21st February 1804 in Merthyr Tydfil. Devon comes from Dyfnaint – land of deep streams. And Somerset comes from Gwlad yr Haf, land of summer. There seems to be a crazy tax planned for Cornish pasties. They never learn – the Cornish are not a People to be played with.

223(3): Summary of Errors in EGR

June 29, 2012

As revision, this note gives a summary of errors in Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), and shows it to be a completely self inconsistent theory. The constrained Minkowski method results in eq. (31), and does not have the effective potential of EGR. The constraint is the observed orbit, which gives eq. (32). In the classical limit v << c the observed orbit is given by the new universal force law (20). This force law gives a precessing ellipse (19). Obviously, the force law of EGR, eq. (16), can never give a precessing ellipse. No amount of dogma can change elementary mathematics.


Special Issue

June 29, 2012

Many thanks, this is great news! I will distribute some copies on July 4th to Simon Clifford, Robert Cheshire and Kerry Pendergast, and reserve copies for Gareth Evans.

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No.5 and Special issue will be dispatched to you today so you should have them for Monday


Victor Riecansky


Cambridge International Science Publishing

223(2): The Basic Relativistic and Classical Hamiltonians, Free Particle

June 29, 2012

This gives some elementary revision of the basics of special relativity, stressing the fact that the hamiltonian and lagrangian for a free particle in special relativity are defined differently from those in classical theory. In classical theory the concept of rest energy, m c squared, does not exist. The classical limit is obtained from special relativity by v << c. The velocity v for planets in the solar system is much smaller than c, so the classical x theory applies to an excellent approximation. In the next note I will revise the effective potential method of Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), showing that it gives a completely erroneous result. It does not produce a precessing conical section at all. That alone should have resulted in the abandonment of EGR nearly a century ago. Finally the effective potential method of EGR will be adapted for the new theory: constrained Minkowski theory, whose classical limit is x theory. Very often in the multiply cross checked scholarship of AIAS we find that the basics have not been understood because they are not explained very well in textbooks. The UFT and background notes give voluminous and comprehensive detail not found elsewhere. I would not say that EGR is fraud, but it is meaningless dogma.