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Development of the Unified Field in SU(2) Rep Space

July 31, 2009

Attached is note 136(1) which gives a new relation between four momentum and the curvature of the ECE Lemma, and develops the unified field in SU(2) representation space. This means that any component of the unified field may be fermionic. The development may be extended to SU(n). For example, the photon has fermionic properties if electromagnetism is expressed in SU(2).


First Complete year of Feedback

July 29, 2009

This is from 30th April 2004 to 30th April 2005, and lists about 1 – 5 % of the total feedback. It shows intense high quality interest in ECE, with sustained and repeated visits. This reflects the fact that the standard model is obsolete. This level has been sustained to present.

British Civil List Scientist.


Paper 135 : SU(2) Quantum Electrodynamics

July 27, 2009

This paper gives the simplest format of the ECE equation of the fermion developed in paper 130, and develops SU(2) quantum electrodynamics on the basis of this equation. The theory is illustrated with the interaction of the electron and photon to give ESR, NMR and MRI.


High Quality Feedback 30th April 04 to 28th Feb 05

July 26, 2009

This document shows the intense worldwide interest in this site up the date of my appointment to the Civil List, 28th Feb., 2005. This is the selected best quality feedback only, about 1 – 5 % of the total. I am writing up this log to present as a book, with commentary.


Policy towards Systematic Harassers

July 25, 2009

The AIAS / TGA policy towards systematic harassers is to ignore them and block them electronically. These have been identified as retired or near to retirement individuals who are corrupting science with fraud. After five and a half years of feedback data have accumulated, it has become clear that the overwhelming majority has rejected them outright. They are no longer regarded as scientists, but are suspected to be felons. There is no need to study their material or rebut the material, because it is fraudulent mathematics. When this systematic harassment first started some years ago I gave many rebuttals, for example paper 89. The latter has been intensely studied for more than two years, and I have received no objection to paper 89. The harassers are able to use corrupt editors to force some of their stuff into print, these papers should be just ignored. For example one such paper claims that a frame of reference is not Lorentz covariant. This nonsense was forced into print in “Physica Scripta”. If any reader is still concerned with any point of Cartan geometry or ECE, please feel free to e mail me. The harassment shows how corrupt the standard system of physics became. This has been realized recently, and B(3) nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. So things are slowly but surely recovering, and science is free discussion again. Th eworst aspect of all this is that harassers are allowed to work at univeristies, and allowed to draw salaries for suspected criminal activity. Cynical editors who cited these harassers for their own obscure purposes may be dismissed historically.

ECE and Standard Model

July 24, 2009

By feedback data it is known that the two most read theories of physics are ECE and the obsolete physics. The attempted censorship of ECE has failed completely, as it was bound to do. The profession thinks that ECE deserves a Nobel Prize, and the precursor B(3) theory has been nominated, probably several times, for a Nobel Prize. The standard protagonists are no longer influential, it is widely known that they turn out wild propaganda in lieu of science. An undergraduate could use our programme to show that there are books full of incorrect metrics. Some of these are string theory metrics which are known even to undergraduates to be incorrect. I think that the development of RFR (high resolution magnetless ESR, NMR and MRI using B(3) theory) should lead to an experimental Nobel Prize.

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July 24, 2009

I was appointed 28th February 2005.

Selected High Quality Feedback

July 24, 2009

In the months leading up to my appointment to the British Civil List on 28th February 2008 the high quality feedback to began to break record after record as the interest in ECE grew rapidly. This interest has been sustained to present, and only last month we set a new record again. This means that ECE has been accepted as the leading avant guarde theory of physics. These feedback data are unique, and are a detailed historical record of the emergence of a new theory. From 2006 onwards we began to keep a record of the entire feedback, which runs to tens of millions of hits and we are in the process of making this record more detailed than ever. This record is backed up on off web hardware and from mid 2006 the selected feedback is recorded every two weeks on this blog. The selected feedback records the top 1 – 5 % of what I judge to be the best quality feedback. All leading universities regularly study ECE. Set against this there are only three active harassers, all of whom have been cautioned and disciplined. It will take me some time to complete the book of feedback, and it will be a unique document. For the selected feedback for the year 2004 see a recent posting on this blog

Harasser "Arthur Dent" Cautioned by South Wales Police

July 24, 2009

A harasser alias “Arthur Dent”, whom we traced to Barry near Cardiff, has been identified by the South Wales police and formally cautioned. He was found to be a retired academic. The police know his identity and address now and he is on file. Normally such a caution would result in dismissal for academic misconduct. It is well known that systematic harassment of scientists who do not agree with standard physics occurs by e mail. The harasser “Arthur Dent” used the same dirty box of tricks as other known harassers who gave also been formally cautioned, for example a retired person called Gerhard Bruhn, who is still allowed to use facilities at TU Darmstadt. This box of tricks includes making complaints of “pseudoscience” to employers, and these same harassers are responsible for the wikipedia entries on ECE. These entries are therefore worthless and unobjective, as is well known. A person called Akhlesh Lakhtakia of Penn State University Park is known to be in regular contact with Bruhn. In view of the South Wales police action, a strong complaint against Lakhtakia was sent to the District Attorney of Centre County Pennsylvania yesterday, and copied to the South Wales Police. Therefore a clean up of the web has been initiated. Any scientist associated with such harassers compounds a felony and has no professional credibility.

Selected High Quality Feedback for 2004

July 22, 2009

This is the selected feedback for 2004, concentrating on highest quality only, about 1 – 5 % of the total. The final book will record all the interest 2004 to 2009, showing beyond doubt that ECE is the leading avant guarde theory of physics.