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May 31, 2009

UNS Argentina, EQ Australia, Monash, Newcastle, SA Gov. Australia, Camara Gov Brazil, SP Gov. Brazil, JUS Brazil, PUC-RIO Brazil, UEL Brazil, UFMG Brazil, UNICAMP Brazil, AEI Canada, Gov. British Columbia, EICAT Canada, HDSB Canada, McMaster, Queen’s, Alberta, British Columbia, ENAP Chile, UNAL Colombia*, Shiraz University Iran, YU Jordan, Kumamoto Japan, Tohoku, UNAM Mexico*, UPM Malaysia, Victoria University Wellington New Zealand, PUCP Peru, UNAC Peru, PERN Pakistan, CHULA Thailand, NTU Taiwan.

15-30May09 : Europe to

May 31, 2009

Vienna, Liege, EKK Bulgaria, CAS Czechia, CUP Czechia, CVUT Czechia, UPC Czechia, FU Berlin, HJST-HS Germany, HMI Germany, KFA Juelich, Litef, LRZ Munich, Albert Einstein Institute, Siemens Company*, Karlsruhe, Kiel, MAgdeburg, regensburg, Unity Media Group, IOC Estonia, LOU Estonia, IFAE Spain, Ovi, Helsinki, Tontut Finland, ENS Lyon France, French particle physics lab., INIST, Poitiers, Rennes One, OTE Greece, AMIS Croatia, Rubicom Hungary, Magnet Ireland, Wizman Israel, ENEA Italy, INFN Rome One, UNFN Turin, Milan Polytechnic*, ICTP Trieste, Bari, Calabria*, Catania, Pisa*, Parma, Rome One, Turin, Laisvas Lithuania, VU Lithuania, NGN Latvia, ICE Norway, NTNU Norway, Torun* Poland, Warsaw, Lisbon, UTL Portugal, DCN Romania, SBB Russia, KHT Russia, Moscow, Su Sweden, TRE Sweden, ITU Turkey, Iyte Turkey, Metu Turkey, Thirty three British university visits durin May, for 15 – 30: Bournemouth and Poole, Newhall Cambridge, Durham, Essex, Leeds, Manchester, Christchurch Oxford, physics Oxford, Scottish Agricultural College, University College London, BBC …………….. cc PM’s Office

1-30May09 Activity Feedback for

May 31, 2009

There was the usual intense international interest in ECE theory. There were 66810 hits from 10569 visitors, reading 1621 documents, downloading 7.97 gigabytes from 90 countries. The first ten countries were: USA, Germany, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, …… All 132 ECE papers were studied, the most read being: 94, 107, 131, 99, 110, 103, 37, 67, 114, 130, 76, 104, 41, 88, 112, 116, 122, 28, 105, 127, 128, 113, 123, 63, 111, 129, 95, 5, 43, 4, 7, 102, 11, 1, 30, 75, 80, 109, 54, 6, 14, 18, 20, 98, 82, ……………… All articles and books on ECE were read, the most read were: “The Life of Myron Evans” by Kerry Pendergast”, Space Energy Devices (Sp), Johnson Magnets, Galaxies (Sp), Workshop history, Spacetime Devices (Sp), ECE and Spacetime, ECE (Dutch), ECE Engineering Model, F13(Sp), Numerical Solutions, F4, 122 (sp), ECE Second Cold Current Equation (Lindstrom), Black Hole Criticisms (Crothers), Tornado in a Petrie Dish, F3, Etherington Report, Special Relativity (Eckardt), Bruhn refutations, Space Energy, Proof One (Sp), Sapcetiem Devices, Hehl rebuttal, Mercury as Crystal Spheres, Proof One, Hehl refutations, ECE (French), GAlaxies, Edyn3, Numerical Article 3, F12, Index Summary (Spanish), Flaw in Einstein, Prrof Five (Spanish), Prrof Three (Spanish), Filtered Statistics, Proof Two, Cosmo7, Cold Current Wave Equatiosn (Lindstrom), ………….

133(7) : Various Expressions for the Engineering Model

May 31, 2009

This is a summary of the ECE engineering model after application of the antisymmetry laws. For example the magnetic field is given in eq. (9), and the electric field in eqs. (16) and (18). The scalar and vector potentials are constrained as in eqs. (19) to (21). If the vector potential is assumed to be zero, the electric field simplifies to eq. (23). There are exactly parallel results for the gravitational and gravitomagnetic fields of the ECE engineering model. The antisymmetry laws constrain the electric field, gravitational field and the orbital Cartan torsion to be shear free as pointed out yesterday by Douglas Lindstrom. On the U(1) level, antisymmetry means that B = 0 and E is static, and if A is assumed to be zero in consequence (the usual U(1) assumption for a static electric field), then E = 0. This is a complete disaster for standard electrodynamics, leaving ECE physics as the only correct theory. The U(1) commutator method itself (e.g. Ryder second edition) was used to produce the antisymmetry law as in paper 132, so twentieth U(1) gauge theory is meaningless, and there is also a complete loss of gauge freedom. Any unified field theory built on a U(1) electrodynamical sector symmetry is automatically incorrect, leaving ECE as the only correct unified field theory. These findings have been accepted at a forthcoming conference, and by feedback it is clear that they have been accepted internationally. So lavish funding of incorrect standard ideas is a great waste of public funding. bcc Prime Minister’s Office

Advance in the Understanding of Fields

May 30, 2009

The key advance being made is that the electric, magnetic, gravitational and gravitomagnetic fields are direct manifestations of the spin connection of four dimensional spacetime and are therefore manifestations of general relativity. Without the magnetic spin connection , there is no magnetic field at all, and without the electric spin connection , the electric field is static only. All the familiar aspects of electrodynamics are in the spin connections, most importantly, electromagnetic radiation. This is an advance made in a simpel way, by using the new antisymmetry law based directly on the commutator. The U(1) commutator ITSELF produces the antisymmetry law. It is astonishing how this has been overlooked.

133(6): Implications of Antisymmetry for R of the ECE Lemma

May 30, 2009

The main implication is that only the orbital part of the Cartan torsion contributes to R by antisymmetry. This is self consistent because curvature is an orbital phenomenon. The spin part of the Cartan torsion does not contribute to R by antisymmetry. The latter is therefore self consistent.

Advances in the Philosophy of Science

May 30, 2009

The major advance in the philosophy of science made during the six years of the ECE era is the elimination of any concept which cannot be tested directly by experiment. Francis Bacon could have advised this in the sixteenth century, but during the twentieth century, Bacon’s philosophy was greatly eroded by the indiscriminate introduction into natural philosophy (physics) of what I refer to as “unobservables”. Insofar as is possible, ECE theory is constructed to be free of any concept that cannot be directly tested. ECE is well known already to reduce to all the well tested equations of physics, so in this philosophical sense is a rigorously Baconian theory of nature. ECE is able to produce explanations where the standard model fails, and has changed the face of physics completely in all its sectors. It gives simple explanations where the misnamed “standard model” fails. It should be obvious that any non-Baconian theory will fail, and will not be applicable in engineering. The simple reason for this is that non-Baconian unobservables do not exist and cannot be utilized. There is a long list of unobservables in the thoroughly obsolete standard model. Any theory that is over complicated will have its unobservables and its adjustable parameters. In fact, standard physics consisted almost completely of these ideas and was not physics at all. It was a kind of twentieth century decadence. In the art world such decadence consisted of exhibiting a blank canvass and in the music world, of a performance made up of silence. The most well known unobservables include: strings, superstrings, big bang theory, dark matter theory, indeterminacy, proliferating dimensions, the Dirac sea, negative energy, virtual particles, dimensional regularization, renormalization, the Higgs mechanism, spontaneous symmetry breaking, quark confinement, approximate symmetry, dark flow, dark quanta, and many more. All are idols of the cave and are rejected in the rigorously Baconian ECE theory. bcc PM’s Office

Elimination of Heaviside's Potentials from Electrodynamics

May 30, 2009

My immediate predecessor on the British Civil List, Oliver Heaviside, is the mathematician and scientist actually responsible for the so called “Maxwell Equations”. The Maxwell equations are earlier, complicated, almost unworkable constructs based on Hamilton’s quaternions. Heaviside made many basic discoveries, and together with Gibbs, inferred vectors. Heaviside and Fitzgerald were the two scientists who first inferred relativity theory, shortly after the Michelson Morley experiment. Heaviside deserves to rank with Faraday and Newton as among the greatest of scientists of any era. He introduced the scalar and vector potentials as a mathematical method. The magnetic flux density was expressed as B = curl A, where A is the vector potential. In paper 131 it was found that the antisymmetry law means B = 0 on the U(1) level as Heaviside’s work is rather obscurely known in the dark jargon of “standard” physics. Therefore the magnetic flux density is directly proportional to the magnetic spin connection of generally covariant unified field theory (ECE). The magnetic field cannot be described at all in special relativity. This advance is again the result of elementary, student level, logic as set forth in papers 131, 132 and notes for paper 133. Heaviside expressed the electric field strength E in terms of the scalar and vector potentials. The new antisymmetry law shows that E survives on the U(1) level if and only if the vector potential A is non-zero and irrotational. If A = 0, then antisymmetry shows that E = 0, B = 0. The only way in which to express E in that case is that it be directly proportional to the electric spin connection. There is no a priori reason to assume that if B =0, then A = 0, because B = curl A, and if curl A is zero, A ir irrotational, and not necessarily zero. These are major and already acknowledged advances, made as Newton put it, “on the shoulders of giants”. bcc PM’s Office

Summary of Progress in the Past Few Months

May 30, 2009

Major progress has been made in the past few months since the discovery of the antisymmetry law in paper 122. This paper was kindly typeset and translated into Spanish by Alex Hill and subsequently expanded in proof one. By elementary arguments it made a basic discovery in Riemannian geometry, that the connection is always antisymmetric. This discovery ended the Einsteinian era of gravitational theory because in that era (twentieth century) the connection was wrongly assumed to be symmetric. The reason for this is that the Riemannian torsion was wrongly assumed to be zero. The simple logic of paper 122 shows that the Riemannian torsion is identically non zero and that the Riemannian connection is identically antisymmetric. This is simply because the commutator of covariant derivatives is identically antisymmetric by definition. There is no symmetric part to the commutator. In consequence, the symmetry law states that any object in which appears the commutator subscipts takes the antisymmetry of the commutator by definition. This discovery led to the major discovery of papers 131 and 132 (accepted for a forthcoming conference), in which new antisymmetry relations between electromagnetic and gravitational potentials were inferred. Similarly there will be antisymmetry relations in electroweak theory and in strong field theory. In the notes for paper 133, the consequencies of the antisymmetry law have been worked out in Cartan’s geometry itself, and in continuation of this work, the consequencies for Riemann geometry will bw further explored. In the series of papers 122 onwards major progress has also been made in torsion based cosmology and in the Dirac equation, which has been written for the first time in terms of 2 x 2 matrices.

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May 29, 2009

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