About Dr. Evans


University College of Wales Aberystwyth: B. Sc. (1st Class 1971), Ph. D. 1974, D. Sc. (1977, youngest recipient recorded of the D. Sc. Degree in Britain and the Commonwealth ).


Appointed by the Crown and Parliament as Civil List Pensioner 2005 in recognition of distinguished service to Great Britain and the Commonwealth in science. Armorial Bearings 2008, Armiger with rank of Gentleman. Several times nominated knighthood, C.H. and O.M.. Several times nominated Wolf Prize and Faisal Prize. Nominated for Civil List Pension by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society 2004, appointed Pensioner 2005.


Numerous honours, prizes, medals and awards, selected in chronological order as follows. Pontardawe Grammar School Prize for best O level results, 1966; School Prefect 1966. University College of Wales Aberystwyth Mathews Prize for best freshman results, 1969. Dr Samuel Williams post graduate studentship for best undergraduate degree results, 1971. Harrison Memorial Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry 1978. Meldoda Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry 1979. Honorary Fellowship University of London 1988. Honorary Fellowship University of Lancaster 1988, Sigma Pi Sigma of the American Institute of Physics 1995. TGA Gold Medal 2008, Numerous other medals, honours and awards.


Science Research Council Fellowship 1974. National Research Council of Canada Fellowship 1974. Imperial Chemical Industries European Fellowship 1974. Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College Oxford 1975. British Ramsay Memorial Fellowship of University College London 1976. Science and Engineering Research Council Advanced Fellowship 1978. Two University of Wales Fellowships 1983. University of Wales Picher Senior Fellowship 1985. Humboldt Fellowship 1985. IBM British Fellowship 1985. Two Leverhulme Trust Fellowships 1985 and 1990.


Visiting Academic Trinity College Dublin 1986. Visiting Professor IBM Kingston, New York, USA, 1986. Visiting Academic Cornell University 1988 – 1992. Visiting Academic University of Zurich Switzerland 1990. Visiting Academic Pennsylvania State University 1991. Visiting Academic York University Toronto Canada 1995. Visiting Academic Indian Statistical Institute 1995.


SRC Fellow Physical Chemistry Laboratory University of Oxford with Prof. Sir John Rowlinson F.R.S., 1974 to 1976. Junior Research Fellow Wolfson College Oxford 1975 to present. British Ramsay Memorial Fellow 1986 to 1988 Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories (EDCL), UCW Aberystwyth. SERC Advanced Fellow at the EDCL 1978 to 1983. Founder and First Scientific Coordinator of the European Molecular Liquids Group 1980. University of Wales Fellow University College of North Wales Bangor 1983 to 1985. University of Wales Pilcher Senior Fellow at University College of Wales Swansea 1985 to 1986. IBM Visiting Professor Clementi Environment Kingston New York USA 1986 to 1987. IBM Project leader 1988. Visiting Academic Cornell Theory Center 1988 to 1992. Visiting Academic Institute of Physical Chemistry University of Zurich 1990 to 1991. Professor of Physics University of North Carolina at Charlotte 1992 to 1995. Director Alpha Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS) 1998. President of AIAS 2007. Director of Steriwave Plc. 2008. Director of Global Energy Technologies Ltd. 2008. Director of ECE Institute Ltd. 2008. Director of the Telesio-Galilei Association 2008. Rector of the Maxwell Einstein University (MEU 2009).


Over eight hundred publications in chemistry and physics, most of which can be read on the Omnia Opera section of http://www.aias.us. First generally accepted explanation of the far infra red region of the electromagnetic spectrum in terms of statistical mechanics and computer simulation. Pioneer and developer of computer simulation and animation, especially with application to molecular motion. Pioneer and coordinator of the multi technical investigation of molecular dynamics within the EMLG founded at the British National Physical Laboratory. Many original discoveries in molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics. Development of field applied molecular dynamics computer simulation with applications to non-linear optics, ESR and NMR. Discovery of the fundamental longitudinal magnetic field of electromagnetic radiation, the B(3) field. Development of higher topology electromagnetic gauge theory, O(3) electrodynamics. Development of generally covariant unified field theory, generally accepted as the leading theory of its type at present. Industrial development of environment friendly devices such as new energy devices which have no carbon footprint and produce no emissions and counter gravitational device research.


Over fifty books authored, co-authored and edited. About twenty five volumes to date as series editor for World Scientific. “Molecular Dynamics” (Wiley, New York, 1982). Molecular Diffusion (Wiley, NewYork, 1984). Several special topical issues of “Advances in Chemical Physics” for Wiley of New York, notably volumes 62, 62, 81, 85(1) to 85(3) and 119(1) to 119(3). “The Enigmatic Photon” (Kluwer 1994 to 2002 in five volumes with Jean-Pierre Vigier). “Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics and the B(3) Field” (World Scientific, 2001, with Lawrence Crowell). “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis Academic of Suffolk 2005 to present in five volumes to date, the sixth under preparation).

One Response to “About Dr. Evans”

  1. Charles Bovey Says:


    Remarkable work!

    Have you examined the work of the Iranian MT Keshe of http://www.keshefoundation.com in Belgium? He claims it is validated by a number of organizations but he is “boxed out” due to the ramifications.

    All the same, he is trying to bring certain devices to market with his own resources.


    Charles Bovey

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