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Invitation from Queen Elizabeth

February 28, 2010

This follows two recent high honours from the British Government, appointment to the Civil List in February 2005, and coat of arms in July 2008. These were both for distinguished services to Britain in science, notably ECE theory, but also other contributions. It is really a recognition the AIAS group of colleagues, one of the leading groups in theoretical physics and other subjects such as chemistry and engineering. We are all working hard towards finding new sources of energy, and we have recently started the ECE Technologies Ltd Company of which I am Chairman. Details of this may be found on the Companies House website. I am the company chairman, its directors are Horst Eckardt, Simon Clifford, Robert Fell, Gareth Evans, Franklin Amador, Charles Kellum, Alwyn van der Merwe, and John Austen-Brown. Its Venture Partner is ET3M ( under the management of Alex Hill. We have appointed two advisors: Douglas Lindstrom and Jeff Cook. We aim to develop a range of new energy products already available at ET3M and based on ECE theory.

Preliminary Feedback for this site for February 2010

February 28, 2010

This is preliminary feedback for February 2010 for, at the end of this 150 page overview file of feedback over seven years. It shows about 1 – 5 % of the total interest, selected for quality feedback. The complete feedback for February 2010 will be available tomorrow, showing intense worldwide interest in ECE theory as usual.


Earth’s Gravitational Effect on the Ring Laser Gyro

February 27, 2010

For the earth the effect is very small (eq. (3)), but it has been observed in the well known Pound Rebka experiment. In note 145(7) eq. (3) superscript half is missing, and is reinstated in eq. (2) of the present note. It may be that the Pound Rebka experiment can be combined with the rink laser gyro.


Effect of Gravity on the Sagnac Interferometer

February 26, 2010

The result is that the photon’s angular frequency in deep space where there is no gravitational influence, is red shifted by the earth’s mass. So the frequency we see every day is in fact this red shifted frequency. There are many potential practical applications because the ring laser gyro is so accurate.


Derivation of the Sagnac Effect from the Thomas Precession

February 26, 2010

This is a derivation of the Sagnac effect from the Thomas precession, showing that the latter is the effect of a Lorentz boost on angle.


Return to Baconian Physics

February 25, 2010

The acceptance of ECE theory worldwide signals a return to Baconian physics in my opinion. The standard model is erroneous and impractical and has been rejected. The calculation in the following note for example could not be done at all with string theory, the latter is just playing around with loose parameters given names like “dimension”. Note carefully that the following calculation does not use the failed Einstein field equation at all. In ECE theory all phase effects such as the Thomas precession are effects of spin connection. Words such as “recognition” do not mean anything in Baconian science, but ECE is as recognized now as the standard model. The ECE theory is inherently simple and is constrained at the outset to the four basic equations of differential geometry. The ECE orbital theorem is an example of the Frobenius Theorem for spherically symmetric spacetimes, and gives precise results as in the following note without using the incorrect Einstein field equation. It has been shown in papers such as 108, 110, 111 and 114 that the orbital theorem gives all that the Einstein equation can give and more. The gradual acceptance of all 144 ECE papers signals the emergence of a new physics among leading thinkers. These are not in particular academics, but include many academics. String theorists essentially talk to themselves, as do journals which prohibit new thought and restrict publication to the obsolete standard model.

Effect of the Sun’s Gravitation on the Earth’s Thomas Precession

February 25, 2010

This calculation is the same as one previously given in paper 114, and is used here to calculate the effect of the sun’s gravitation on the Thomas precession. The result is 0.01277 arc seconds in a 360 degree revolution, one day. This is just about within instrumental possibility with a Gravity Probe B type instrument. In ECE theory, any phase is a spin connection, and here the result is due to a spin connection calculated form the ECE theorem of orbits.


Invitation by Queen Elizabeth

February 25, 2010

My wife and I have received a gracious invitation by my distant cousin Queen Elizabeth II to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. This means that our intellectual circle is regarded highly all over the world. I am now fully recovered from the illness that afflicted me from 1998 to about 2005 or so, this was reactive or single event major severe depression caused by loss of my first wife. This illness does not affect intellectual capacity, as can be seen from the papers and books I produced in those years. I will be pleased to do anything can to help people who suffer from this illness. This is really an invitation to all the colleagues in the ECE intellectual circle. One may or may not agree with ECE, but it has arrived on the scene.

Control of Wikipedia and Interference in Royal Society Matters

February 21, 2010

It goes without saying that the clique around the known e mail harasser A. Lakhtakia controls the ECE entry on wikipedia, something which distorts ECE unrecognizably, again citing the same people: Rodrigues, Bruhn , Hehl who have been refuted many times (see following postings and paper 89 for example). Wikipedia’s incredibly sordid entry on myself was finally removed after it became the most controversial in the world, scientists coming to my defence. Attached is some of Lakhtakia’s well known gutter harassment, for which he has been reported to the South Wales police and is on record there. This was traced using our computer feedback software. Recently there was a case in New York City where such harassment was prosecuted as a felony. I pointed this out to the Pennsylvania District Attorney for Centre County in Pennsylvania. The old spelling “Centre” is still used for this county, in which Penn State University Park is situated. The Royal Society nominated me for the Civil List Pension, so this was a slap in the face for these bile ridden foreign nationals. They have posted some old rubbish (still visible in caches) about this unique nomination being “extraordinary”. It is, but not in the way they mean it. It is about the only nomination for a chemical physicist since Michael Faraday, so I am happy to be in such company. With this nomination there is no need of an F.R.S., because the nomination carries more weight than an F.R.S. and perhaps more weight than a Nobel Prize This posting is again interference in British internal affairs and moves should be taken against such known harassers.


The Use of the Tetrad in ECE Theory

February 21, 2010

This is based on the recent extension of the Helmholtz Theorem to show that any vector field in three dimensions can be expanded as

V = V(1) + V(2) + V(3)

so the a index in ECE theory can be a = (1), (2), (3). This is explained in recent papers. Despite or perhaps because of his arrogance, ‘t Hooft did not grasp even this basic fact. The rules of differential geometry are applied to the tetrad thus defined to find, for example, the Maxwell Heaviside equations in a spacetime with torsion and curvature both present. These facts are well understood by now (after seven years) by many scholars and colleagues. So as far as ‘t Hooft and friends are concerned, an empty vessel makes most noise. Since they have chosen to attack me personally I have chosen to defend myself as anyone is entitled to do.