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15-30Jan07 Rest of World Higher Ed and related to

January 31, 2007

Subject: 15-30Jan07 Rest of World Higher Ed and related to
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:55:27 EST

This included the Govts. of Malaysia and Rio Branco Brazil.

Australian National Univ., Griffith, MQ Australia, Melbourne, New South Wales, Gov. Rio Branco Brazil, UFPB Brazil, UNICAMP Brazil, USP Brazil, National Research Council of Canada, NS Health, Simon Fraser*, Montreal, Western Ontario, IITM India*, IUCAA India, PRL India, Tokyo, Waseda, PARFE Japan, Hanyang S. Korea, KAIST, Sejong, SNU, UM Malaysia, Government of Malaysia, Otago NZ.

Europe and Asia Minor to

January 31, 2007

Subject: 15-30Jan07 : Europe and Asia Minor to
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:41:02 EST

These included visits from the Bundestag and Parliament, and Welsh Assembly:

HIB Liebenau Austria, Charles Univ Prague, IDC Czechia, JULI Czechia, UPC Czechia, German Bundestag, DENOC Germany, German Synchrotorn Facility, DLR Germany, FGAN Germany, FU Berlin, HU Berlin*, IU bremen, Letstern, LMU Germany, MAx Planck Stuttgart, Max PLanck Dresden, TU Dresden, Augsburg, Bonn*, Cologne, Leipzig, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, UNI-C Denmark, Autonomous Univ Madrid, Ovi, Polytechnic Univ Madrid*, Helsinki, LPN CNRS France, Paris 13, Poitiers, HOL Greece, TEE Freece, BME hungary, PTE Hungary, Weizmann Institute Israel, IGI CNR Italy, IM CNR Italy, INFN Bologna, Polito Italy, RUPA Italy, Calabria, Naples, Pisa, KTU Lithuania, CWI Netherlands, I-P-D Netherlands, Leiden, Radboud, Delft, twente, Utrecht, SDSL Norway, UIO Norway, ICM Poland, PK Poland, WSE Poland, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw, Porto Portugal*, RDS Net Romania, UNCR Romania, DSI Russia, INSI Russia, IRK Russia, NSC Russia, GFF sweden, Gotland Sweden, EDUS Slovenia, Agric Univ. Slovakia, Trinity Cambridge, Applied Maths and Theroetical Physics Cambridge, Cardiff, City, Durham, Imperial, Keele, Lancaster, Leicester, leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, UWIC, Southampton*, Swasnea, Swansea College, BBC, Welsh Assembly, Parliament, NHS, jersey School, Clackmannanshire County Council in Scotland.

USA to feedback activity

January 31, 2007

Subject: 15-30Jan07: USA to feedback activity
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:06:04 EST

This is the usual half monthly summary of feedback for the higher educational and related sectors, starting with the USA, * denotes multiple visits as usual:

Auburn, Brigham Young, City Colleges of Chicago, Drexel, Georgia Tech*, Grove City College, Georgia College and Stata University, Central Pennsylvania, Harvard, Iowa State, Johns Hopkins Aplpeid Physics Lab., Miami, North Dakota, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Princeton, Penn State, Purdue, Rice, Syracuse, Texas A and M, Alabama Huntsville, UC Santa Barbara, Houston, Iowa, Indiana Urbana-Champaign, Maryland*, Michigan, Minesotta, South Florida, Texas*, Vanderbilt, Wednet, Wisconsin, Xavier, Yale, Fermilab, Hamilton County Ohio, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, National Science Foundation, New York City, Airforce AFSPC, Airforce WPAFB, Navy NMCI, NGA.

Plans for Paper 77

January 31, 2007

Subject: Plans for Paper 77
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 03:12:31 EST

Following the interesting notes from Norman Page I will read up the sites he menitoned on the plasma universe and then realte the transfer of angular momentum in the Alfven Lerner model to the constant torque of paper 76. The constant torque is related to the B(3) spin field of electrodynamics in the simplest instance by:

N(3) (joules) = (mcv / B(0)) B(3) (tesla)


B(3) = B(0) k

So it is necessary firstly to describe the Alfven Lerner model in terms of B(3) then relate the B(3) of the Alfven Lerner model to N(3) with the above equation. This would give the source of N(3) in a plasma model. As usual things will be reduced to their simplest essentials. The constant torque (mcv) introduces the observed constant v of the spiral galaxy’s rotation curve (v versus r). The angular velocity for constant v gives the hyperbolic spiral (theta = constant / r) as in paper 76.

Plasma Universe

January 31, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Plasma Universe
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 02:30:30 EST

Many thanks, I will probably schedule this as paper 79 and will read up on this. There is a general negative opinion about Big Bang and dark matter, one relies on the other and both are entirely wrong. ECE is then a straightforward alternative based directly on Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Cartan inferred torsion in 1922 (Comptes Rendues de _l’ Academie_ (mailto:l] at [Academie) des Sciences in Paris) so torsion was not available to Einstein or Hilbert in 1915. Torsion is however well defined in Riemann geometry itself, being the difference of two Christoffel symbols. Cartan geometry is essentially an elegant re-statement of Riemann geometry. For a symmetric Chistoffel symbol the torsion tensor in Riemann geometry is zero, and this is the case in EH theory. This misses most of physics. In electrodynamics the inverse Faraday effect for example signals the existence of B(3) and the fact that the electromagnetic field is spinning sapcetime. In cosmology one can clearly see the spinning spacetime via a spiral galaxy such as M101 of, I think, Ursus Major (Great Bear) – paper 76. I agree wholeheartedly that data come first, these are two examples of a fundamental theory (ECE) explaining data in the simplest manner possible (Francis Bacon and William of Ockham). The archetypical analogue for EH were of course the Eddington experiments. NASA Cassini has confirmed those in the solar system to 1 : 100,000. In the solar system the gravitational torsion is therefore negligible. In a spiral galaxy’s starry arms however, it is entirely predominant. In the Austrian / ESA experiment it describes the gravitational analogue of Faraday’s Law of induction.

Misleading Articles in the Journalistic Press

January 31, 2007

Subject: Misleading Articles in the Journalistic Press
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 01:45:54 EST

To John Austen-Brown:

I would agree. It is unlikely that articles on ECE theory will be allowed past the censors and thought police of the journalistic press in science at present, but I would encourage one or two of the AIAS staff members to write such an expose for the home page of _www.aias.us_ ( . The latter has as much impact as any journalistic rag. Stephen Crothers has made many protests to the Australian authorities about the waste of tens of millions of public funding looking for Idols of the Cave.

Civil List Scientist


I received my Febraury ‘ 07 Scientific American and sat down to it after reading your Paper 76 The front page title was “The cosmic grip of dark energy” with lurid illustration for the article.

One will recall the Scientific American article (Jan 15 1905) rediculing the Wright brothers first flight Dec 17 1903. It is amazing that after a hundred years they should make another enormous blunder.

If you have time it would be nice to see an expose’e of this trash article especially from the point of viev of deluding the public to obtain government funds. Congratulations on the paper (and you timing).


Pressures to Conform

January 30, 2007

Subject: Pressures to Conform
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 01:35:07 EST

Pleasure! I agree that there are severe pressures to conform in the academic community, so I protect colleagues with anonymity via BCC until the ECE theory becomes the “new standard model”.

The British Civil List Scientist

76th Paper

January 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: [AIAS] Fwd: 76th Paper
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:38:29 EST

It does perhaps have that kind of “resonance” about it – the artwork by Dr Horst Eckardt helps a lot to put it across. Many thanks for your appreciation!

One of your most important top ten papers Myron ? Best, Gareth

–Forwarded Message Attachment– This is the completed 76th paper of the ECE series (2003 to present) explaining the structure and dynamics of spiral galaxies with Cartan torsion. I would be most grateful if this could be posted on the website. _________________________________________________________________ Live Search: Better results, fast

EM extended equations

January 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: EM extended equations
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 01:54:49 EST

Thanks for this e mail – that was Bill Evans. I agree fundamentally with teh idea of longitudunal components of electromagnetic radiation, but could not comment on the details of your theory. There is certainly a longitudinal component of electromagnetic radiation – observable in the magnetization of matter by circularly polarized radiation (the inverse Faraday effect). In ECE theory this field originates in the spinning of spacetime as described by the spin connection. The same type of spinning of spacetime is responsible for the sructure and dynamics of spiral galaxies (paper 76 on _www.aias.us_ ( ). The theory is undlerlined by the differential geometry of Cartan, which allows the electromagnetic and gravitational fields to be described in a unified manner. Quantization occurs through the ECE wave equation, which is derived from the tetrad postulate. Then electron / positron collision is described by exchange of momentum.

British Civil List Scientist.

New IPCC Report on Climate Change due out on Friday

January 29, 2007

Subject: Fwd: New IPCC Report on Climate Change due out on Friday
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:42:50 EST

We will have to wait until Friday for a full copy of the IPCC report Myron but have found a pre-publication summary in the Belfast Telegraph. Obviously I can’t comment on how good the reporting / analysis is. Best, Gareth _________________________________________________________________ Live Search: New search found

OK many thanks again! Can you give me a one or two paragraph summary of this report – does it say anything new in particular?