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Section 3 Onwards of Paper 150

May 31, 2010

This is the section where the Einstein calculation of light deflection by mass is shown to be incorrect by six orders of magnitude. The computation was carried out by my co author Dr Horst Eckardt and checked with two different packages. The correct calculation is based on a possible solution of the Orbital Theorem of UFT 111 on this website ( and gives the first estimate of photon mass from light deflection. The final paper 150 will now be assembled and posted. It has already been described as a brilliant paper by Kerry Pendergast, one of Britain’s leading astronomers. Einstein was capable of making severe errors, as is well known to the initiated, and so was easily capable of having used the wrong connection symmetry in his field equation, as is being slowly realized. I am posting this section on the blog to give an early view to scientists. Since Einstein’s own equation was used, there is no way out of this disaster for standard physics unless new thinkers are allowed their fair credit. This has always been the case in science in the past. I am going to write an essay on this result, and then record it as a talk to be posted on and other ECE sites. Along with my late friend Vigier, I have the utmost respect for Einstein’s work. Ultimately, the emergence of ECE will strengthen his basic ideas. Vigier was invited to work with Einstein.


Activity Feedback May 2010 to Date

May 31, 2010

As usual the feedback is taken on the last day of the month before the main feedback file is overwritten. For for May 2010 there was the usual very intense worldwide interest, and as usual details are found at the end of the main overview file (attached). The latter filters out the top few percent of best quality interest from the huge amount of total interest. Tomorrow the complete returns will be in as usual, consisting of returns for the three main ECE sites: (in the British National archives,, and, a new site that has just started. Additionally, ECE is featured on

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Summary of May 2010 to Date

May 31, 2010

For there have been 72,689 hits from 12,322 visitors, reading 1,700 documents, downloading 7.186 gigabytes with 43,126 previews from 99 countries, led by: USA, Russian Federation, France, Austria, Germany, Britain, Australia, …….. I will post the detailed returns shortly as usual.

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Plan for Lectures

May 30, 2010

I advise a plan where interested ECE scientists record series of lectures and post them simultaneously on all the ECE sites and also youtube. Where possible the lectures can be video taped with use of overhead projector slides or power point slides. The students liked the method I used as a Professor of Physics at University of North Carolina Charlotte : overhead projector slides typeset in easily readable format. US lectures are 1 hour 25 minutes,and I lectured from freshman to postgraduate level. Student assessments each seminar were very good to excellent. There are no time limits or limits on number of lectures. Judging by the huge worldwide interest in the ECE sites, the lecturers would have a very big lecture theatre at their disposal. I advise buying quality equipment of the type recommended by Dr Timothy Davies. Good sound quality and visual quality is important. Animations must be computer generated from ECE equations, not arbitrary animations made just for effect. These lectures must be about ECE theory or its applications. We should get down to some hard work in a coordinated manner.

Third Talk

May 30, 2010

I also wish to record a talk using the introductory essay of UFT 139 as the script. UFT 139 shows in a very simple way that the connection in general relativity takes the symmetry of the commutator, and is therefore antisymmetric. Einstein’s use of a symmetric connection is plainly wrong. The uncritical repetition of this error is an example of arbitrary and unscientific dogma. These essays are meant to be comprehensible to the general public, and are the equivalents of radio talks unconstrained by time restrictions, attitudes of programme producers, or by establishment dogma.

Esssay / Lecture on the Failure of Einstein’s General Relativity

May 30, 2010

I plan to write this essay out as the first in a series which I intend to record as the second talk of a series. The first talk will be the original script for the film “The Universe of Myron Evans”. These talks will be sent over to David Burleigh for posting on this website, and thus directly into the National Website Archives. In paper 150 it was reported that Einstein’s claim to have produced the value of light deflection by the sun is incorrect by an order of about a million. This was found by computing the same integral as used by Einstein himself. He therefore approximated the integral in an incorrect manner entirely. There can no longer be any confidence in the dogmatists who saturate the media with propaganda about the Einstein theory while at the same time attempting to censor valid new results by acknowledged intellectuals of natural philosophy.

The Principle of Orbits

May 30, 2010

This Principle is that any orbit can be expressed in the format of a Minkowski metric. In this note, the general orbit from the Orbital Theorem is expressed in terms of a Minkowski format (10). This note will be generalized still further in the next note, where any observed orbit is reduced to the format of a Minkowski metric without even assuming the Orbital Theroem. The result (18) of this note generalizes and simplifies the Eddington isotropic metrical format of the gravitational metric. The Einstein field equation is nowhere used, because it is incorrect due to the use of an incorrect connection symmetry. One of the consequences of this is incorrectness of the field equation is the spectacular implosion of Einstein’s method of calculating light deflection in paper 150. The major error by Einstein is neglect of Cartan torsion.


FOR POSTING : Relation to Blayney Family

May 28, 2010


This is my distant relation by marriage to the Blayney Family, Patrons of the University of Wales Gregynog Hall’s Blayney Room. There are two relevant marriages, the first to Elizabeth Vaughan and the second to Tangwystl ferch Rhys ap Hywel, the great grand daughter of the great Prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, whose golden lion rampant is the main element of my own arms on the site.


Light Deflection for the General Planar Orbit

May 28, 2010

This note derives the general and fully relativistic equation of the planar orbit as eq. (48). This has a very simple structure, the orbit depends only on v, omega and r, where v is the orbital linear velocity, omega the angular velocity and r the radial coordinate. Therefore the light deflection can be expressed as a function of v and omega for the general orbit.



May 27, 2010

In note 151(2) eq. (15), (18), (19) a factor 1 /r should be present in the integrand.