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Shostakovich String Quartet Number Eight

April 30, 2014

This is a most inspiring piece of work, written with great courage under the insane, yellow eyed, grubby fingered Stalin, as the poet Mandelstam put it. The site is something like Mandelstam’s poem criticising Stalin, for which Mandelstam was murdered along with millions. I certainly hope for a peaceful solution in the Ukraine, if ever there is a country that suffered, it is the Ukraine. If ever there was an artist who struggled for his freedom, it was Shostakovich, within a telephone call of oblivion. Landau also received one of those telephone calls as he became too famous for Stalin’s liking. There are little stalins all over the place at any time, I ran into many of them ,they are present in this village, ready to denounce the innocent. They are present in any village at any time. It is lunatic stupidity for NATO to get into a conflict with Russia over the Ukraine. Have they learned nothing from history? I think that the fascists in Latvia and the Ukraine should be expelled form the EEC, if not then Britain should leave the EEC and look after the refugees once more. NATO should be in alliance with Russia against tyrants, and crush them.


Tidal Power

April 30, 2014

Many thanks to Mr Rajpal. I am all in favour of tidal power. This is what Gethin ap Gruffudd, Sia^n Ifan and myself have been advocating for many years. It shows that wind turbines are greed driven madness. So are nuclear power stations. The tide in the Bristol Channel is about 35 feet, so that would generate enough power for all of Wales, showing that full independence is perfectly feasible. Wind turbines are due to colonialism. As Gwynfor Evans wrote: Wales is the last colony.

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Subj: Going Under the Sea for Clean Energy

Siemens is working on turbines almost double the size of SeaGen that the company plans to install in a group of five off the Welsh coast.
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Going Under the Sea for Clean Energy


An underwater turbine in Northern Ireland is harnessing tidal power that generates enough electricity to power more than 1,000 homes.

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Tenth Anniversary of the Book of Scientometrics

April 30, 2014

Attached is the Book of Scientometrics up to 28th April 2014. The final two days of April will be recorded shortly. The Book was started on 30th April 2004, and is a unique record of the vast interest in ECE theory. It shows that ECE theory is mainstream and that the standard model of physics is obsolete. It would be interesting if a member of the British Government could analyze the book in various ways, for example to trace the history of readership of each item. This book analyzes the 2% sector to which I refer as “universities, institutes and similar”. The vast total interest has just been posted on this blog in the form of a referring URL’s file from Dec. 2006 which is several thousand pages long. There is intense and sustained interest in every item on, so many congratulations to the staff.


Daily Report 28/4/14

April 30, 2014

There were 2628 hits from 487 distinct visits spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Auto1 252, Auto2 81, UFT85 200, UFT88 131, CEFE 72, “Llais” 70, Engineering Model 67, Evans Equations 83, numerous (Spanish), Englynion 36, Animations 24 in April 2014. Physics Melbourne University UFT201; National Capital Freenet Ottawa Canada Spacetime Devices; University of Karlsruhe UFT170; Arizona State University UFT4; College of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University UFT133; University of California San Diego UFT177; University of Nevada Las Vegas general; University of Pennsylvania UFT155; Government of Virginia Johnson Magnets; International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste UFT42; Mesh Company Tokyo extensive; Government of Mexico Secretariat of Health Essay 73; Science Museum Autonomous National University of Mexico UFT145 (Sp); University of Auckland New Zealand Student e mail system UFT175; Silesian Data Center Poland general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for April 2014

Contributions of Poincare to Special Relativity

April 29, 2014

Henri Poincare (1854 – 1912) was born in Nancy, Meurthe et Moselle, and studied mathematics with Charles Hermite. His contributions to special relativity included the constancy of c in order to give theories their simplest form, the principle of relativity in 1904 and the invariance of ds squared = dr squared – c squared dt squared in 1906. He corresponded constantly with Lorentz and these two proved the covariance of the Maxwell Heaviside equations under the Lorentz transform. Their general covariance was discovered by myself during the course of development of ECE theory, via the Cartan identity of differential geometry and my own identity of differential geometry, discovered in about 2003 / 2004, the Evans identity. Poincare was professor at the Sorbonne for many years. Louis de Broglie, Proca, Vigier and others worked at the Institut Henri Poincare. Many historians think that special relativity was discovered by Lorentz and Poincare, not by Einstein. The latter made important contributions but the principles were known before Einstein’s paper of 1905. Poincare advocated finite photon mass, which was taken up by de Broglie, Proca, Vigier many others and myself. This is an entirely different physics from the standard model.

Chapter Four Part Three

April 29, 2014

This is chapter four part three of the book, dealing with measurements of photon mass by Compton scattering and light deflection by gravitation.


FOR POSTING : Complete Statistics since 2006

April 29, 2014

Many thanks again to Steve Bannister, greatly valued. This pdf file can now be posted on and archived at the British Library to prove the vast amount of interest in ECE theory.

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Subj: Referring URL report

Hello Myron. This is a large file, so I’ve used this link to provide access as most email servers limit attachment size. Steve

I’ve linked 1 file to this email:
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Daily Report Sunday 27/4/14

April 29, 2014

There were 1608 hits from 456 distinct visits, spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex, sistrix and yahoo. Auto1 238, Auto2 78, UFT85 196, UFT88 128, Book of Scientometrics 95, CEFE 71, “Llais” 69, Engineering Model 67, Evans Equations 81, numerous (Spanish), Englynion 35, Animation 24 to date in April 2014. Physics State University of Rio de Janeiro UFT172(Sp); Physics McMaster University LCR Resonant; Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology LCR Resonant; Max Planck Heidelberg extensive and UFT31; California Institute of Technology UFT215; Instructional Computing Service University of Illinois general; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences UFT177; Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University UFT142; College of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University Antisymmetry of Cartan Geometry; University of Poitiers general; Mathematics University of Rennes 1 UFT88, UFT89; Indian National Physical Research Laboratory UFT50, UFT116; Silesian Data Center Poland general; University of Cambridge UFT214; Leeds University UFT104. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for April 2014.

FOR POSTING AND ARCHIVING : Overall Activity Report

April 29, 2014

Many thanks indeed to Steve Bannister! This looks excellent and I can ask Dave Burleigh to post it if OK with him. Then it will be archived from the National Library of Wales at the British Library. The file in which I am most interested is the referring URL’s report which I will send over next by image. That is thousands of pages long.

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Subj: Re: Making pdf files out of the feedback sites

Hello Myron. I don’t know if anyone has yet responded, but this report was straightforward to produce. I use PDF Creator. I can help out if this is what you were asking for. Steve
On 4/28/2014 9:49 AM, EMyrone wrote:

I would like to ask if there is a way of making pdf files out of the feedback site sections, these pdf’s could then be archived for conservation in the same way as the blog and Book of Scientometrics.

Overall Activity Report: AIAS


Chapter Four Part Two

April 28, 2014

This is chapter four part two.