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Human Dignity

January 31, 2013

Human dignity is the most precious freedom we have. The passing of one person renders the greatest theories meaningless and human thought helpless. The beatitudes are great poetry which express this dignity, whatever your origin or outlook. So blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Gwyn ei byd y rhai addfwyn, canys hwy a etifeddant y ddaear. If the machine tramples over the dignity of the most humble being on earth, it tramples over all of humankind. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Rotation Curves of Galaxies

January 31, 2013

PS : It should be possible to develop UFT198 along the lines of the new dynamics, which are more general than Hooke Newton because any force law and orbit can be described. The new dynamics also give the precessing conical sections and fractal conical sections and can be extended to three dimensions. They tie in pure kinematics with lagrangian dynamics.

Galactic Rotation Curves

January 31, 2013

Nice to hear from you! We have given a few explanations for rotation curves in the UFT papers, but lately I have been thinking more deeply about Hooke / Newton dynamics and a lot of things have clarified. I should think that a clear explanation will emerge soon.

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Myron – it will be most exciting if you can use your new force laws to explain the rotation curves of actual galaxies. There is a mass of data on galactic rotation curves on the web Here’s one link for starters – just scroll down to the data section.
Best Regards Norman Page.


January 31, 2013

At least our my good friend Ceinwen did not live to see this desecration of the countryside around her. I think that these turbines are unstable, they are top heavy and will cause great damage if they collapse of if a blade flies off as they often do. They also catch fire due to gearbox design.

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Another blow for the specialists !!!! 50mph is not even dangerous if foundations are correctly calculated and costructed.

Ceinwen Procter

January 31, 2013

The poet and editor Ceinwen Procter has died after a long illness caused by kidney failure. She was a fine poet and for twelve years had to attend dialysis twice a week at Morriston Hospital. She was highly intelligent and worked for a while as an editor of journals of Pergamon Press in London as an editor for Robert Maxwell. She bore her long and painful illness with great courage and it is fortunate that she recorded some poetry at the studio run by Mary Hopkin’s daughter. She also recorded some poetry for Samuel Hinton. For some years she had been getting weaker and thinner as the illness took hold, so found it increasingly difficult to walk. A few weeks ago she was taken to Morriston Hospital but died of an infection. She saw a copy of my autobiography just before she died. I am glad of this because she looked forward to the publication of each new book. I suggest a memorial event in Llan Giwg with readings of her poetry. She was born in Treforys (Morriston) and could understand the Welsh language well. She could read fluently in it, and the readings of her own poetry are of the finest quality. She read with great sensitivity with perfect instinctive intonation. Life is as a river that flows eternally, those who are gone are still with us in memory, the waters are transient, the river eternal. This is an englyn in memory of Ceinwen, a small offering.

Yr Afon

Sw^n y dwfr, sain a dofrwydd – ar y graig,
Ar grugiau, bodlonrwydd.
Haul o naid fel y nodwydd,
Rhed afon ar faen yn rwydd.

The River

Sound of water, a gentle music – on the rock
On the hills, contentment.
The sun leaps needle like,
A river flows easy on the stone.

In her younger days she was very fond of walking the beautiful country around the village of Craig Cefn Parc, and was a most sensitive messenger of nature, being the gentlest and most noble of ladies.

Gwyn ei byd y rhai pur o galon, canys hwy a welant Dduw.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

236(4): General Kinematic Theory of all Planar Orbits

January 31, 2013

This note proves the complete self consistency of the work in the latest few papers, based on pure kinematics, and also shows that it is rigorously consistent with lagrangian dynamics. Force laws are given for the precessing and fractal conical sections and the static conical sections. All planar orbits are due to the Cartan spin connection, now known to be the angular velocity vector omega. There are many new insights given in this novel, purely kinematic, analysis. For example, the centrifugal acceleration of all planar orbits is always contained within the force equation, and the Coriolis acceleration of all planar orbits always vanishes. It should now be possible to develop a purely knematic analysis of velocity, and to try to forge a novel explanation for the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy, for which both the Newton and Einstein theories fail qualitatively.


236(3): Some results for acceleration

January 31, 2013

This is very interesting as usual! This equation is in fact the same as the lagrangian result, Marion and Thornton, third edition, equation (7.21). I will prove that today and it can be checked by computer. This is a nice result that shows that the entire kinematic analysis is self consistent from beginning to end. When v is parallel to r the object m falls directly into M and there is no spin connection. When v is not parallel to r it is in an orbit and as soon as v is not parallel to r there is a spin connection and an angular momentum. If a stone is dropped it falls with v parallel to r, but if thrown sideways starts with v perpendicular to r and if it does not have sufficient velocity, falls into a trajectory with v becoming parallel to r. If thrown fast enough it goes into orbit. A goal of this co authored paper, UFT236, should be to explain the velocity curve of a spiral galaxy, i.e v becomes constant with increasing r. Computer algebra is ideal for this. The angular momentum L, if defined in k, is parallel to the spin connection vector omega, which is also the angular velocity vector. Coriolis and centrifugal forces are of course real and measurable, and are due to the spin connection. This new analysis is fully and correctly relativistic with none of the errors of Einsteinian analysis. All orbits are due to the Cartan spin connection, which defines the Cartan torsion and curvature. Finally the Frenet analysis is a special case of the Cartan analysis. The Frenet frame is the Cartan tangent frame.

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Subj: Re: 236(3): Some results for acceleration

These are some results for the acceleration eq.(67). Could be checked with results of previous papers. One has to observe that the inverse function theta(r) has to be inserted into dr/dtheta in order to obtain the correct derivative
d/dr (dr/dtheta).
All results for the spirals contain the negative centrifugal term 1/r^3. For the hyperbolic spiral this comes out directly, which is identical to
omega x (omega x r),
indicating that spiral galaxies are dominated by the rotating frame alone. Newtonian attraction has completely disappeared.

I still have to check the equations of the note.


Am 30.01.2013 12:41, schrieb EMyrone

This note gives a clear and easily understandable review of the way in which the ellipse is derived from the inverse square law incorrectly attributed to Isaac Newton, and in fact inferred by Robert Hooke as in John Aubrey “Brief Lives” (an online classic of literature). Newton takes the credit for fluxions, and the first part of this note is his original method in modern vector notation (see “Vector Analysis Problem Solver”). It is checked that the Hooke / Newton equation (23) is the same as eq. (28), derived in recent papers from pure kinematics. It is shown very clearly that the Hooke Newton method is exactly what it was intended to be, a proof that a particular force law and equation of motion gives a ellipse. It does not explain why the ellipse exists, while ECE theory clearly explains the ellipse as the motion of axes, i.e. of space itself, with a spin connection now known to be the angular velocity of the axes. This is a correctly relativistic explanation given by a generally covariant unified field theory (ECE theory). The correctly relativistic equation of all planar orbits is eq. (64). It is shown finally that this reduces to Hooke Newton for an elliptical orbit, QED or quod erat demonstrandum. This is Latin for “that which was intended to show”. It would be very interesting to apply computer algebra now to find the acceleration for any orbit from eq. (67). This also replaces the Einstein theory of orbits and is a simple and powerful new equation. It is also shown why Hooke Newton is a very successful empirical description of space and aerospace dynamics. The reason is that it defines the ellipse in the form of E = T + V (eq. (75) of the attached note). In other words it just rewrites the ellipse in terms of E, T and V, with the concept of force defines as minus the derivative of potential energy with respect to r. It is very important to understand that the new eq. (67) applies to any planar orbit of any kind observable by astronomy, and it is correctly relativistic as well. Hooke Newton fails spectacularly outside the solar system, or vanishingly tiny corner of the universe.


Overall Activity Report for January 2013

January 31, 2013

To give this inner circle e mail listing an idea of the vast amount of interest in I attach the complete overall activity report from which I filter out the overview file by hand every two weeks. This file does not appear on the blog and is confidential to prevent link spamming. This interest will continue indefinitely at this level, maybe for the next hundred years or so if the institutional archives properly conserve It is archived in the British web archives from the National Library of Wales at the British Library, and in the Library of Congress from UC San Diego Supercomputer Center. The papers are all archived on google scholar, and there are many other archives building up all the time, e.g. AHRefs, baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, yandex, sistrix and so on. There have been very many complete downloads of the site by individuals and organizations worldwide. So ECE will not be going away. It is in fact the new physics, existing alongside the old physics. This is as it should be, and always has been. The value of the feedback is now absolutely clear to all. For the first time in history, the emergence of a new school of thought has been observed in all detail as it occurs, in real time. The old physics cannot pretend that this has not happened, they cannot stop the march of ideas. In fact only one or two bigots ever tried, for obscure anthropomorphic reasons known only to themselves.

Feedback for, January 2013 to Date

January 31, 2013

As usual this is found at the end of the attached 233 page book of feedback since April 2004, recording the unprecedented worldwide interest in ECE theory for the sector consisting of universities, institutes and similar. This is only 2% of the vast total, which is recorded on computer. The complete returns will be in tomorrow as usual (last day of the month) and will be supplemented by an estimated 50% with returns from and to give the final total as usual. In the last week or so of December, and the first week or so of January, most universities, institutes and similar were closed, but the interest continued unabated, so the total is about the same.


Daily Report 30/1/13

January 31, 2013

There were 2258 hits from 542 distinct visits, 32.3% spiders from baidu, google, MSN and yandex. CEFE85, CEFEL84, BI25, LMEP(Sp)17, LMEP15. University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; Northrop Grumman Corporation ECE popular, space energy, levitron, essay59, essay50. Siemens Company ECE Article German; California Institute of Technology UFT126, UFT214; Massachusetts Institute of Technology rebuttal of ‘t Hooft by Gareth Evans; Stanford University UFT170; University of Chicago Light Deflection by Gravitation; Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics University of California Santa Barbara UFT235; University of Maryland UFT25; University of Valencia Spain UFT166(Sp); Ecole Publique d’Ingenieurs Rouen France UFT4; University of Poitiers general; India Railway UFT43; Indian Institute of Mathematical Sciences UFT15, UFT88, UFT112, UFT102; Physics Leiden University UFT42; United States National Archives general; University of Malakand Pakistan UFT54; Mateja Bela University Slovakia UFT25, UFT81; York University Essay27, UFT57. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.