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220(6): Interrelation of Angles, Three Particle Problem

May 31, 2012

This note explains how the three particle problem perturbs the two particle problem by considering a sun earth Mars system for example, in one plane. The earth Mars orbit is given to a rough first approximation in eq. (21) in terms of the time dependence of the polar angle theta3 of the orbit expressed in terms of the earth sun and Mars sun orbits. The next note will extend this analysis.


Interest in the Spanish Speaking World

May 31, 2012

There is intense interest in ECE theory all over the Spanish speaking world, and also the Portuguese speaking world. This is due to the translation work and broadcasts of Alex Hill. All the ancient universities of Spain and Portugal study the theory regularly, as do those of Italy. The main interest in mid and South America is: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. I do not know of there is a centralized website archive for mid and south America, but that would be a good idea in my opinon. Archiving is very important, the old physics establishment still tries to ignore the new physics, even though it is extensively archived and well known to students and progressive physics staffs everywhere. In Wales itself of course, I still have no recognition, but that is all too typical of the people who think they govern Wales – not as well as Owain Glyndw^r. The real people of Wales know good scholarship when they see it. Obviously therefore the University of Wales physics departments are irrelevant and prejudiced against Wales. This should be tested with human rights laws, it makes a mockery of equality of opportunity despite all those adverts. The Spanish and the countries that developed from Spain keep up their language, and also the Portuguese. I am quite willing for the Welsh books Council to translate the entire output of my work to Welsh, the language is perfectly capable of handling science. That would create work for many translators for years.

CISP Book on the New Cosmology

May 31, 2012

This is a spectacular discovery and development in cosmology as is entirely self evident to any rational mind. I suggest as optimal author group for this second CISP book: Horst Eckardt, Robert Cheshire, Raymond Delaforce, Gareth Evans and myself. The first three would produce extensive graphics and animations of key importance, and my old friend Gareth Evans, my former doctoral student and post doc on behalf of Mansel Davies would describe the theory. We co authored “Molecular Dynamics” for Wiley in 1982 with Coffey and Grigolini. That was an 880 page monograph produced at the EDCL in Aberystwyth. It is OO108 on the Omnia Opera. It was kindly described as a “magnificent volume” by Prof. Sir John Rowlinson, my boss from 1974 to 1976 at the PCL in Oxford. If anyone else would like to co author this book, please let me know. Horst Eckardt, Robert Cheshire, Ray Delaforce and Gareth Evans have also been invited to produce reviews for the journal. The work being done now is making a far bigger impact than even that work of that era, which netted many awards and so on. At present the old physics politburo is desperately trying to find ways of not recognizing ECE theory as they all come up for retirement.

Feedback Activity for May 2012 to Date,

May 31, 2012

This is found at the end of the attached file as usual, a file which summarizes only about 2% of the unprecedented total interest in the site. This 2% sector is confined to universities, institutes and similar. This shows that several professions prefer ECE physics and AIAS to the obsolete twentieth century physics. This is by far the biggest impact being made worldwide by any physics department of any university. AIAS is in fact much smaller than the average physics department. In May 2012 to date there have been 88,508 hits from 17,809 distinct visits, 12.41 gigabytes downloaded, 55,530 page views from 99 countries, led by US, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, ……… Each distinct visit may indicate a large number of actual visits. This is the site of the British Civil List Scientist Myron Evans, and of AIAS, and it is archived quarterly in the National Library of Wales and British Library on, science and technology section. This month the US Archives and Library of Congress made an extensive download of the site. By extrapolation it is easily seen that this massive impact is permanent, it has been described by the eminent editor Alwyn van der Merwe as the post Einsteinian Paradigm, initiating the era of post Einsteinian physics. It is very similar to the impact made by Dylan Thomas in literature, he is now the most read poet of the twentieth century. My predecessor on the Civil List for Wales was his friend, the poet Vernon Watkins, who was selected as Poet Laureate and who read modern languages at Cambridge. Dylan read the newspaper, and needed no education.


Daily Report 30/5/12

May 31, 2012

There were 3,260 hits from 628 distinct visits, 30.7% spiders. National University of La Plata Argentina general; ETH Zurich 2D paper; University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland general; University of Bern UFT88; Center for Scientific Studies Chile UFT104; Fraunhofer Foundation* general; University of Illinois Urbana Champaign LCR resonant; Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries UFT175 (Spanish); Polytechnic University of Valencia UFT44, F15(Sp); University of Santiago de Compostela general; University of Valencia UFT153 (Sp); University of Poitiers* general; Center for Scientific Investigation Yucatan Mexico UFT167 (Sp); Duchess County Board of Cooperative Educational Service Poughkeepsie Hudson Valley Foundations of Physics Leaflet; Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences UFT110; University of Porto Portugal black holes rebuttal; Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research Dubna UFT9; Physics Uppsala University Essay36; Students University of Manchester UFT43; Government of Uruguay Felker13 (Sp); Rhodes University South Africa UFT41. Intense interest all sectors.

220(5): Orbital Elapsed Time for a Precessing Ellipse

May 30, 2012

This is given by eq. (11). It will be very interesting to plot t sub 1 against theta from this equation and compare it with a plot of t against theta from eq. (7). Eq. (11) will give the vast array of new patterns recently discovered by AIAS. The two graphs can be inverted automatically by computer to give plots of theta against t and theta against t sub 1. Then t sub 1 – t is a measure of precession. This method is easily extended to the N particle problem because time is additive. Horst Eckardt and Ray Delaforce could produce very interesting plots and work with Robert Cheshire on the graphics. I am sure that the code packages available now can invert a function of any kind to machine precision, and Maxima may be able to do this automatically. The actual observables in astronomy are tau and epsilon of eqs. (7) and (11). We are getting close now to the first correct computation of the precession of Mercury, assuming that it is indeed 43 arcseconds a century. Miles Mathis thinks that even this figure is completely wrong. However, the old confusion evaporates when we come to consider this wonderful new cosmology, all generated by just one parameter, x. One could never produce this cosmology without mathematics. I understand colleagues who have no training in the subject and say so openly. That is perfectly honest, but I do not understand people who repeat dogma that is dismissed by the entire profesions as incorrect, or people who pretend to know mathematics. That is like pretending to be a concert pianist when they are tone deaf. The test is to sit them before a grand piano and ask them to play the Mozart B flat piano concerto number 15, technically the most difficult of all the Mozartian piano concerti. Then what a howling would ensue. I suspect that global warming alarmists are pretenders like this, and should be condemned out of hand as very harmful quacks. Any Ph. D. in the natural sciences and engineering must know mathematics, otherwise they would never have graduated or even got through a Grammar School.


Daily Report 29/5/12

May 30, 2012

There were 2,790 hits from 621 distinct visits, 29.6% spiders. National University of La Plata Argentina general; Physics Monash University Australia general; University of Melbourne UFT38; University of Sydney UFT37; York Catholic District School Board Canada UFT25; MAN transport related engineering UFT43; Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics UFT80; Physics University of Hamburg general; Florida Atlantic University UFT54; Oberlin University UFT18; Engineering Ohio State University UFT107; Santa Rosa Junior College California UFT43; Stanford University UFT4; University of California Santa Cruz UFT203; University of Houston UFT177; University of Aragon general; Spanish Parliament UFT177 (Sp); University of Poitiers UFT219; NASA Langley Research Center awards won by Aberystwyth group; Physics Aristotle University Thesalonika UFT88; University of Guanajuato Mexico Felker5 (Spanish); Science Free University of Amsterdam esay 24, UFT38, UFT172; Otago University New Zealand UFT218; University of Silesia in Katowice refutation of Heisenberg; Polytechnic University of Bucharest UFT168; Lund University UFT61; Uppsala University UFT57; Kocaeli University Turkey UFT21, intense interest all sectors.

Hopkin Genealogy

May 29, 2012

Both Mary Hopkin and I descend from William Hopkin Cwm Nant y Moel (born 1823) as in the attached.


Cutting about Mary Hopkin

May 29, 2012

This was kindly sent by David Daniels, see following posting.


Seeking Legal Advice for Anti Turbine Injunctions

May 29, 2012

In my opinion all anti turbine groups should seek legal advice from a firm which will take a class action on a contingency basis (no win no fee), or even waive charges completely. A class action means that costs are shared out. If one googles “Section 38 2006 Act injunction”, some of my articles come up, because my blog is so influential, but the seventh entry describes precisely what I have been pointing out today – Sections 38 and 41 of the 2006 Commonland Act. The Welsh Governemnt adopted this Act on 1st April, and is committed to it. It diametrically opposes wind turbines. The site is by the Open Spaces Society, 25a Bell Street, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 2BA, tel. 01491 573535, hq. It will advise on class actions. I have been advising a class action against Betws and Mynydd y Gwair for years on this blog. No development of any kind on any registered commonland can take place without the consent of the Welsh Ministers. Swansea County Council initially objected on three major grounds, which had nothing to do with peat (see this blog past messages) and all these grounds must now be reopened and reconsidered against N Power and in seeking injunctions against N Power. I have advised this on this blog, past messages. Hopefully the company will go bankrupt as subsidies are dropped or wind turbine production prohibited on the mainland. Under Section 41 of the Commonland Act it can be obliged by a County Court injunction to dismantle all its damage at its own expense, and in addition can be sued for millions in damages to the environment in violation of by laws. That will not bring back the fauna and flora that it has already killed, but I think that there is a strong case in law. In order to make sure, a lawyer should be found and I think that a search for one should start without delay. I have been advising a Land Act on this blog for years, to take away all of the Beaufort Estates in Wales, and the Land Act petition is now online. Google “Land Act for Wales” and it is the first site that comes up. Please sign the petition if you value your freedom and value democracy or any of your basic human rights.