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BBC4 documentary on global warming

November 30, 2007

Subject: BBC4 documentary on global warming
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:50:42 EST

I recommend again the BBC4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle. It shows the machinations of the UN’s IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) to give the impression of unanimous agreement for CO2 causing global warming. It gives evidence that the CO2 story is backwards, global warming causes CO2. It discusses other data.

This video was withdrawn from Google Video. I found it is currently here. It will be released as a DVD soon with additional materials.

If you google “Great Global Warming Swindle”, you will find strong reaction to and discussion of the documentary with both sides accusing each other of false science. I see the BBC4 view as most reasonable.

No Nobel prize shouldbe awarded for no-existent phenomenon, or one that is a routine of every day history. I think that the Santilli-Galilei Gold Medals of 2008 carry much more credibility than this.

Proof of the Hodge Dual Bianchi Identity

November 30, 2007

Subject: 100(16) : Proof of the Hodge Dual Bianchi Identity
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 09:02:43 EST

This proof results in a fundamental paradox, eq. (20), for the standard model of gravitation, and this is so important, it seems to me, that I will write it up now as paper 101. The review paper 100 will take some time to complete and the notes for it have already produced several new ideas. The paradox is that once torsion is properly considered, the Christoffel connection cannot be used. We know that the Christoffel connection produces zero torsion tensor, but we have also found in paper 93 that the RHS of eq. (2) is non-zero for the Christoffel connection. We resolved this paradox in paper 93 using two fields, e/m and gravitation, again showing the need for a unified field approach. This is big trouble for the standard model because all its results use the Christoffel connection and all neglect torsion. ECE in contrast uses the general gamma connection and spin connection and includes torsion. I think that our websites have such a huge readership now that there is no further need to submit my papers to journals. Until the dogma of the standard model is changed they will not get a fair reading. Steve has of course also uncovered many more basic faults in the standard model theory of gravitation and has shown that some major figures in the standard model of gravitation are not scientific, and do not appear to be very competent.

Attachment: a100thpapernotes16.pdf

Nov07 Feedback to

November 30, 2007

Subject: Nov07 Feedback to
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 05:52:51 EST

Up to 29 Nov there were 54,448 hits from 7,069 visitors in 76 countries, downloading 5.851 gigabytes and reading 876 documents. Leading countries were: USA, France, Italy, Czechia, Britain, Germany, Canada, …… and the leading 100 documents were:

OO591, Munich Workshop Overview, Space Energy Spanish, 2, 89, Hehl Rebuttal, 87, OO421, Galaxies Sapnish, 43, 21, 26, 63, 99, Mercury as Crystal Spheres, Johnson Magnets, 76, Filtered Stats, 23, 6, 98, Numerical Solutions, UNCC1, 8, 93, 9, Workshop history, OO108, Numerical3, Space Energy, Galaxies, 1, 67, ECE, 85, OO461, OO592, Ulrich1, 47, 44, UNCC Condemnation, 45, 83, 10, OO594, 14, 15, 17, 13, 97, 46, OO431, 28, 72, Workshop Introduction, 93PLots, 49, EVMetric, 51, 70, 91, Workshop Details, OO499, 38, 54, Indranu4, 29, ECEDutch, Tornado, OO372, OO563, Indranu8, Ulrich2, 11, 19, 65, 90, CV, 40, 77, Ulrich3, Royal Decree, 92, 18, 25, 41, 53, 96, Indranu7a, Indranu Metric Manifolds

15-30Nov07 Rest of World to

November 30, 2007

Subject: 15-30Nov07 Rest of World to
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 05:29:43 EST

Monash Australia, Gov Canada, TPL Toronto, Univ British Columbia, TIE Chile, IIP China, CEC European Community, Shiraz Iran, Tokyo*, KEK Japan, KAIST S. Korea, NU Singapore, NSOP Taiwan.

Europe to

November 30, 2007

Subject: 15-30Nov07: Europe to
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 05:18:36 EST

Here * denotes multiple visits as usual.

ARCS Austria, KU Leuven, Steorn Belgium, ADSl Switzerland, Charles Univ Prague, CVUT Czechia, Mazaryk Univ., UPC Czechia, Jacobs Univ Germany, Siemens Germany, TU Munich, Heidelberg, Cologne, UCM Spain, Univ Ovi Spain, SSP Finland, APHOP France, CNAM France, INTIALPES France, NOOS France, Poitiers, ACN Greece, AUTH Greece, SND Greece, HOL Greece, NTUA Greece, TCD irealnd, INFN Milan, Siemens Italy, Lisvas Lithuania, HHS Netherlands, RU Netherlands, Twente, Amsterdam, NTNU Norway, Gov Poland, RND Poland, Rzeszow Poland, Lisbon Portugal, Timisoara Romania, Norte Romania, Firod Russia, GJH Slovakia, Agricultural Univ Slovakia, DEU Turkey, Aberystwyth, Bristol*, Girton College Cambridge, High Energy Cambridge, Imperial* Lancaster, Manchester, Univ College London, York, Camden Council.

15-30Nov07 USA to

November 30, 2007

Subject: 15-30Nov07 USA to
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 04:55:22 EST

As usual this is a small sample of the guge monthly US interest – a sample that concentrates on the higher ed sector and similar.

Boise State, SUNY Buffalo, Colby, CSU Pomona, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Johns Hopkins, New Mexico Tech, North Dakota system, US National Radio Astronomy Lab., NY Univ., Ohio State, Purdue, Rhodes, Rutgers, Syracuse, UCLA, UC Riverside, Univ Florida, Univ Houston, UNiv Illinois Urbana Champagne, Univ Maryland, Univ Penn., Utah, U Texas, U Washington, Yale, NASA Glenn, NASA Jet Propulsion, Oak Ridge, Gov Santa Barbara, St Lucie County, Brooks AF Base, US Army Yuma Proving Ground, US Navy Marine, Ohio Information Technology Center, Semiconductor Research Corporation.

Energy FAQS and a Useful Resource in General for Engineers Experimenters

November 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Energy FAQS and a Useful Resource in General for Engineers Experimenters
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 04:15:03 EST

Dear Prof. Evans,

As an Electrical Engineer and Electronics Hobbyist, I’ve found Don Lancaster a great resource. His website in general is rich with resources for Engineers and Experimenters. He has been around for a long time, but in the remote possibility of someone on your e-mail list having never heard of him I though that I’d pass this on.

In the context of the search for renewal energy source(s), he is a real stickler for evaluating all the costs associated with the viability of a “fuel”.

My hope is that ECE Theory will lead to discovery of a cost efficient energy source (as well as lead to many other applications).

Energy Fundamentals:

His Hydrogen Energy Library:

Here is another website with an expanded version of the “Energy Density” (of Fuels) chart found in the “Energy Fundamentals” pdf link above. It’s not authored by Don Lancaster but he was reference in it:


Raymond W.J. Delaforce

Many thanks indeed to Raymond Delaforce! We are concentrating on the Bedini motor now and I think that if the guidelines of spin connection resonance theory are followed by all the visitors to our sites there will be a good chance of something happening.

Interaction of B(3) with matter

November 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: IFE : Interaction of B(3) with matter
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 04:12:15 EST

I would be most interested to hear of the results!


Unfortunatly I dont have access to vulcan or Nova. We do have a pulsed 5 megawatt few hundred millijoule 248 nm laser and a 2 kilowatt co2 laser. The 248 nm beams should make enough magnetism to pull a small paper clip near the interaction spot. The magnetism induced when the beams collide is pulsed and will only exert small forces on the metal objects. These beams have low energy so the experiments have to be carefully.


Some More Proofs

November 29, 2007

Subject: Some More Proofs
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 09:57:00 EST

In the review paper 100 I am dotting all the i’s and standardising notations etc, and will give some proofs tomorrow of the fact that if D ^ T := R ^ q then D ^ T tilde := R tilde ^ q. Looking at these identities it is already fairly obvious that the Christoffel symbol cannot be right, because it gives R ^ q = 0, T = 0, T tilde = 0, but R tilde ^ q not zero. This was overlooked by the standard model bunch because it has not been realized until now that D ^ T = R ^ q has a well defined Hodge dual. These are all fundamental advances made in pure geometry.

Flow Chart for GR Self-Inconsistency

November 29, 2007

Subject: 100(15) : Flow Chart for GR Self-Inconsistency
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 08:47:14 EST

Attachment: a100thpapernotes15.pdf

This is a flow chart to show the basic geometrical inconsistency of standard model GR. This did not show up until Maxima was used by Dr Eckardt’s group at Siemens earlier this year to work out R sup kappa sub mu sup mu nu, which is non-zero for all metrics other than Ricci flat metrics. All these metrics used the Christoffel symbol, for which the torsion tensor is zero. This is a direct self contradiction in the basic geometry of stadnard model GR, the Bianchi identity is contradicted by the Christoffel symbol except in Ricci flat metrics. The mass M is cobbled up out of thin vacuum in the Ricci flat metric as pointed out by Stephen Crothers this morning and the Schwarzschild metric is not the original Schwarzschild metric. So all black hole and Big Bang theory contradicts the Bianchi identity. So there is no dark matter. As shown in the ECE galaxies papers it is easy to explain the qualitative outline of spiral galaxies with torsion, so maps of dark matter are really maps of Cartan torsion. Neither Einstein nor Cartan detected this self contradiction becasue they did not have computers to calculate the R sup kappa sub mu sup mu nu tensor. This is horrendous to calculate by hand. The Kerr metric was found to be incorrect, apparently Kerr has not responded to this finding. So Fred Hoyle was right to dismiss Big Bang as nonsense.