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Summary of Feedback Activity for April 07

April 30, 2007

Subject: Summary of Feedback Activity for April 07
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 04:40:01 EDT

This shows the usual intense and sustained interest in all aspects of Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory. The most popular items are as follows:

Lar Felker’s book, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”, which is always very popular and which is to be published by Abramis in softback, the Felker Eckardt popular article, paper 15, 16, the Munich workshop overview slides by Horst Eckardt, the Eckardt Space Energy article, the Hehl rebuttal (unanimous support internationally for ECE, no support for Hehl), 17, 19, 11, 76, summary of feedback statistics, 81, 6, 9, Indranu article, Munich Workshop history slides, 8, 2, 13, 12, 77, Pendergast article, 10, 23, 7, 4, 83, 50, …………… Visits from sixty eight countries: USA, Canada, France, Britain, Australia, Belgium, Russia, ……….

This year interest has been steady following the removal of link spamming interference by David Burleigh, President of Annexa, who does an excellent job of feedback. This is why the feedback sites are now password protected, link spammers broke into them and used them for advertising. This very through three year feedback study shows that ECE is mainstream physics by worldwide and sustained usage.

Month Visitors Files Downloaded

Jan 07 8558 84,660 Feb 07 7972 76,453 Mar 07 8709 72,118 Apr 07 8075 64, 419

I have been monitoring this feedback in great detail every day for three years and it shows worldwide acceptance and usage of ECE theory. The one individual (Hehl) who has criticised the ECE theory has been completely ignored, while my rebuttal has been read over two hundred times in about a month without criticism of any of my remarks. There have been plenty of personal attack and much personal animosity from two individuals, who have disqualifie dthemsleves from further scientific respect by the colleagues worldwide. Dr Hehl is not in this category, but Hehl has made no impact on ECE, his article containing several basic misunderstandings corrected in the rebuttal.

So a new School of Thought has emerged in physics, following the usual historical pattern of debate and gradual acceptance.

The British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist

16-29April07, Rest of World to

April 30, 2007

Subject: 16-29April07, Rest of World to
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 04:11:32 EDT

These are filtered out visits from the higher ed and similar sector exluding USA and Europe.

Govt. New South Wales, UFSJ Brazil, UFSC Brazil, UNICAMP Brazil, USP Brazil, New Brunswick Canada, Biobio Chile, AMT China, IITM India, Oita Univ Japan, Waseda, Chiba, BUAP Mexico, UAM Mexico, MAssey Univ New Zealand, Otago.

16to29April07; Europe to

April 30, 2007

Subject: 16to20April07; Europe to
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 03:57:20 EDT

As usual there is intense intrest in ECE theory in the European Higher ed sector and similar:

Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland, Charles Univ Prague, Masaryk Univ., Unet Czechia, Palacky Univ., VUTBR Czechia, German Areospace Centre (DLR), Lower Saxony Parliament, Student Village Bonn, Bonn, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich, Oldenburg, Paderborn, Stuttgart, Danish Technical Knowledge Centre, Barcelona, Complutensian Madrid, Lleida, Polytechnic Univ Valencia, UTU Finland, Paris Diderot, Poitiers, Forthnet Greece, Iskon Croatia, Riteh Croatia, FOO Iceland, INFN Bologna, Iunet Italy, AO Pisa, Padua, Sardinia, EPO Netherlands, TNO Netherlands, Twente, Utrecht, NYNU Norway, Crowley Poland, Technical Univ Lisbon Portugal, Astral Romania, Corbina Romania, Balkarian State Univ Russia, Tigric Russia, VNIITF Russia, IRFU Sweden, KTH Sweden, UMU Sweden, UU Sweden, Anatolu Turkey, Ege, Metu, NTU-KPI Kiev Ukraine, Bristol, Trinity College Cambridge, Particle Physics Cambridge, Cradiff, Durham, Heriot Watt, Imperial*, Kent, Jesus College Oxford, York, BBC, Welsh Assembly*, Ceredigion County Council, Parliament, Belgrade.

USA Higher Ed and Similar Feedback Activity for

April 30, 2007

Subject: 16-29April: USA Higher Ed and Similar Feedback Activity for
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 03:20:45 EDT

As usual this list filters out the leading higher educational US interest in ECE theory in teh past two weeks, * denotes multiple visits.

Berkeley*, Biola, Buffalo, Brigham Young, Catholic Healthcare West, Cornell, Denison, Harvard, North Carolina State, Oregon State, Roberts, Penn State, Purdue, Reed, Rice, South Florida State, Stanford, Houston, Illinois Urbana Champaign, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Puget Sound, South Florida, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, West Virginia Net, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., Oak Ridge, Scoliosis (Spinal Deformity) Research Society.

Chemical Shift in RFR

April 29, 2007

Subject: Chemical Shift in RFR
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 08:22:44 EDT

If the root mean sqaure power density of a beam is used, , then there is no need for the special wave form and an ordinary CPRF beam will produce the spectrum. The most important result of the calculation is that the resolution i smuch higher than that in ESR and NMR without the use of magnets.

Another Derivation of the RFR Chemical Shift

April 29, 2007

Subject: 84(4) : Another Derivation of the RFR Chemical Shift
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 04:59:18 EDT

This is another derivation of the RFR chemical shift which uses a root mean sqaure hamiltonian and a pump beam wave form of the type sketched in Fig. (1). This wave form would be synthesized electronically using radio frequency apparatus. The pump beam also has to be circularly poalrized. The resulting RFR spectrum has the following major advantages:

1) Greatly increased resolution over ESR and NMR. 2) Site specific chemical shifts giving a spectrum. 3) No need for magnets. 4) Resolved fine and hyperfine structure because of the increased spacing between chemically shifted lines.

The calculation is entirely classical in the SU(2) basis. A probe beam photon (e.g. of an infra red interferometer) is absorbed between the two energy levels of the interaction hamiltonian given in eqs. (14) and (15).

Attachment: a84thpapernotes4.pdf

Cross Checking the RFR Chemical Shift Calculation

April 29, 2007

Subject: Cross Checking the RFR Chemical Shift Calculation
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 03:27:54 EDT

I am proceeding with the usual cross checking method, applying it at present to the RFR chemical shift. This is the main spectral feature of RFR, as in ESR or NMR. The fine and hyperfine detail are also present and due to various spin spin interaactions as is well known. They will also be present in RFR. As Gareth points out the main advantage of RFR is its resolution. So overlapping lines in ESR or NMR will be resolved by RFR. Tom Kennedy and his group at NRL have demonstrated such high resolution in a hybrid technique where a circularly polarized laser is used to align spins (see references in the book by Crowell and myself on the Omnia Opera of _www.aias.us_ ( ). RFR would take this a step further and dispense with magnets entirely, while also giving a much higher resolution. Teh entirely new feature of RFR is that the resoannce lines can be understood on the classical level uwing the Pauli matrix in the pump beam hamiltonian:

H = – i (e squared / (2m)) sigma dot A x A*

A photon is absorbed from the probe beam and resonance occurs between the states of sigma. The chemical shift hamiltonian is:

H (shift) = – i (e squared /(2m) sigma dot (A + A sub N) x (A* + A sub N)

where A sub N is due to dipole dipole interaction as in chemical shift theory in ESR or NMR. Here A is complex valued (e.e. plane wave) while A sub N is real valued. These hamiltonians are the result of the minimal prescription:

p goes to p + A + A sub N

and Clifford algebra, given in full detail in paper 83. The A sub N is site specific, i.e. different for each nucleus as in the ethanol and propanol examples given in previous notes. In ethanol there are three chemically shifted lines and in propanol four.

Sir John Havard m. Anne Aubrey

April 28, 2007

Subject: Sir John Havard m. Anne Aubrey
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 08:16:28 EDT

He was Sir Walter Havard who married the daughter of another Norman Knight, Sir Reginald Aubrey.

Mryon this is not possible. Walter and Reginald both born abt 1055. Sir Walter Havard son John Havard m’d Anne Awbrey born abt 1080 daughter of Sir Reginald Aubrey.

Sir Reginald Aubrey. I think was married twice first unknown had Anne and Joan

Joan born 1085 married Sir Peter Gunter the son of Sir Peter Gunter

Sir Peter Gunter must been born near the same age of Walter Havard and Reginald Awbrey to be with

Remember Sir Peter Gunter came with Sir Walter Havard and Sir Reginal Aubery so he would be abt the same age they are

‘History of Brecknockshire,’ by Mr. Theophilus Jones,

mention is made of twelve Norman knights, and the names of the manors they each received.

“and to Sir Peter Gunter, Gunterstone”

Peter Gaunt (Gunter) came over to Wales with Bernard de Neufmarche, a Norman

Knight. He in turn was one of William the Conqueror’s Knights..

Sir Reginald Aubrey 2nd wife was Isabel de Clare born 1094 (she was 15) son William Awbrey born abt 1209. Now William Awbrey married Joan Gunter

Who is she?

what think of this Could Joan Gunter be the daughter of the First Sir Peter Gunter. The dates will not work

There folks what her to granddaughter of Sir Peter Gunter and Joan Awbrey

Did they married like this?

This would make Joan Gunter daughter of William Gunter and Jennet Bois

William Gunter is son of Sir Peter and Joan Awbrey Gunter

Joan Awbrey is 1/2 brother to William.

Grandmother to William Did they do things like this back then.

I know William Awbrey wife was Joan Gunter daughter of William so guess they did


Many thanks to my Aubrey cousing for this! I agree with most of it, Aubrey, Havard and Gunter were one of about twelve Knights. This contains a new piece of information in that Havard and Aubrey were born about 1055. Bernard de Neufmarche in about 1050. So none could have played any part in 1066 and all that, being too young (eleven and sixteen). The Normans clearly inter-married a lot. Isabel de Clare was probably of the Richard FitzGilbert de Clare family. He was known as Strongbow. It is true that Bernard became a prominent member of the Court of William 1st., but was not one of the Knights at Hastings and is not mentioned in Doomsday. In fact he rebelled agiainst William II Rufus and for some reason was not punished for treason. William 1st was known for his savagery in dealing with treason (as was his father Robert) and would not have tolerated any rebellion like this. I think that a special dispensation from the Church would have been needed for first cousins to marry, second cousins would not need one. Marriage closer than first cousin would not hav been allowed by the Church. Also, as in the case of Sibyl de Neufmarche – the permission of the King was needed to marry for Normans of high enough rank. As in the case of Nest ferch Osbourne FitzRichard, inter-marriage with the Welsh families of high rank took place. The Normans were a strange mixture of outright brutality and piety, I suppose that this was typical of the times. Certainly in Wales one or two of them behaved with such savagery that they are remembered to this day. Others were very pious and learned.

Aspirations for the Welsh Nation – Assembly Elections

April 28, 2007

Subject: Aspirations for the Welsh Nation – Assembly Elections
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 07:51:27 EDT

In the absence of a Welsh Republican Candidate in any particular constituency I advovate voting for Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Nationalist Party. My personal aspirations are for an independent Welsh Republic within the EEC. These have always been my views because I come from a Leveller / Baptist / Dissenter background, which is of course Republican. My second choice would be Labour, because it is the only party that still has some elements of the Socialist philosophy of the great Aneurin Bevan. I have no interest at all in the other parties, because they do not represent anything of relevance to Wales. For example two Liberal Democrat AM’s told me not to send them e mail – presumably abdicating basic responsibility as public servants. The First Ministerial and Prime Ministeial Offices receive my e mail every day as do leading Governmental Depts. worldwide (feedback activity to _www.aias.us_ ( ). My major concern is and always has been the magnificent Welsh language and culture, without which Wales would be devastated intellectually. As Auden put it “Intellectual disgrace / Stares from every human face” if we lose the language. The latter is one of the oldest continuously spoken languages in all Europe, and the National Eisteddfod is now the largest cultural festival in all Europe, taking place entirely in this ancient Celtic language. There is a very urgent need for a New University in which the Welsh language is used exclusively, as in the Eisteddfod. The Welsh medium secondary schools should be greatly strengthened because they are the only thing keeping the language alive. I am an agnostic but greatly saddened to see Chapels for sale – this really shocks me deeply. This activity should be prohibited and the Chapels protected by CADW. Would the Greeks sell the Parthenon? The University of Wales has been heavily and repeatedly criticised for failing the People of Wales at a basic level and in my presonal experience this criticism is wholly justified. The small Welsh Republican Party advocates that the Welsh language be the first language of Wales, and of course I support this. Indeed, all Assembly Members should be PERSONALLY fluent in the Welsh language as a basic requirement for election or re-election. A similar rule should be introduced for M.P.’s and E.M.P.’s, and senior civil servants in Wales, gradually extended to all civil servants by education. In scientific matters I advocate the transfer of all Welsh research funding from London to Cardiff, for example EPSRC and all similar research councils. A much fairer deal for native Welsh scholars is needed and a solid scientific research base for Wales is needed.

Civil List Scientist.

Sybil de Neufmarche

April 28, 2007

Subject: Sybil de Neufmarche
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 04:23:35 EDT

Yes this is right. Henry 1st was the younger brother of William II Rufus against whom there was a rebellion involving Bernard de Neufmarche, John de Montgomery and others. This led to the battle of Brecon in Easter 1093 and about four hundred years of warfare between the Welsh and the Normans, the Welsh finally being victorious at Bosworth in 1485 when Henry VII Tudor became King and established a lasting peace. This did the ordinary Welsh People no good at all though, and we had to wait until 1964 for the Welsh Language Act, and about 2000 for the Assembly. The Welsh language is still under great pressure, as are all small languages and nations. All of this bloodshed and suffering should have been avoided by diplomacy and alliance with the Scots and French. The one thing that history teaches us is that one must ALWAYS have an overwhelmingly strong defence, which is why I advocate a NATO / Russia Alliance. The Chinese are far too irresponsible at present to be trusted in such an Alliance. Einstein also wrestled with this question of defence (defense) before writing his letter to FDR. All in all the history of ordinary People is far more significant than that of a bunch of adolescent aristocrats. A. J. P. Taylor of Oxford for example, was a historian of the working classes. His wife, Margaret Taylor, rented the Boathouse to Dylan Thomas.

Bernard de Neufmarche

The Military Organization of Norman England – Page 69

by Charles Warren Hollister – 1965 – 319 pages

…. to be found in a royal charter of 1121 in which Henry I consented to the

marriage of Miles of Gloucester and Sibyl, daughter of Bernard de Neufmarche..