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Sixth Forms Chemistry Practical (1966 – 1968)

August 31, 2011

The only other notebook I have is lower and upper sixth chemistry practical (mix ’em and boil ’em). So I will scan that tomorrow. Perhaps other notebooks will turn up, the more the better. I did all the experiments in physical chemistry at third year undergraduate in 1970 / 1971 at the EDCL. My notebooks were taken by Graham Williams, and used as model books, they were never returned. He was one of those who later conspired with Howard Purnell and Jeremy Jones to destroy my career. So all of this will come out truthfully in the autobiography’s later volumes. There was none of that vindictive corruption at the Grammar School. The closest thing to corruption was the mix up in the A level chemistry syllabus when we were given an organic chemistry practical examination which was not on the syllabus. In consequence none of us got an A grade, I got an A in physics, a B in chemistry and a B in pure an applied mathematics, with a D in self taught pure mathematics. Obviously I must have earned excellent marks in the written chemistry exams to make up for that disaster in the syllabus – an incident which was covered up. That was easily enough for Aberystwyth, which was trying to attract anyone at all with two E’s, and good enough for Cambridge. I recall it asked for two A’s and a B. I majored in chemistry at Aberystwyth and earned the best undergraduate degree in the history of the College, all subjects, followed by one of the best Ph. D. degrees in 1974 and a D. Sc. degree in 1977 at the earliest age on record in Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth. My career was then deliberately destroyed by Howard Purnell and Jeremy Jones for not going to Swansea. This is terrible vindictive corruption and I would say that it was an act of ethical and professional criminality. I found out last year that the D. Sc. (Doctor in Scientia) was initiated in about 1860 in the University of London as the highest distinction. It is a higher distinction than a personal chair or full professorship. I eraned it when I was 27,  old enough for a full professor. I was awarded it early in 1978, so should without doubt have been awarded a personal chair at Aberystwyth. The ridiculous excuse of “no money” was a cynical fabrication. The University has covered up all of this and so has standing left in an ethical or moral society or civilization. Howard Purnell died a long time ago, and I have no respect for his memory. He was corrupt and vindictive, a product of Cambridge.

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More Images of Orbits by Robert Cheshire

August 31, 2011

These are works of art as well as of science, and would adorn any gallery. They did remind me in fact of the triskeles in the Book of Kells, the masterpiece of early mediaeval art probably scribed on Iona. There were four scribes in the Scriptorium on Iona, and they evidently knew geometry very well. Many thanks again to Robert Cheshire!


Pontardawe Grammar School Pure and Applied Mathematics (1967)

August 31, 2011

I have posted both extant notebooks on the blog and send them to Dave Burleigh for the source document back up of the autobiography. In 1967 the standard was as high in some problems as second year mathematics at UCW Aberystwyth. They contain all the techniques used to prove Einsteinian general relativity incorrect (UFT 193) and in fact all the techniques needed to understand Cartan geometry with the addition of the summation convention. These notebooks contain the actual source evidence of the Grammar School (Gymnasium) standard. I score ten out of ten frequently, due to hard work and practice. As early as 1971 (first year graduate) the computer began to take over the hard work of hand calculation, but in order to code the computer, I had to understand the mathematics perfectly.

Pontardawe Grammar School Source Docs, Mathematics (1967), Notebook 2, part 2

August 31, 2011

This notebook contains all the mathematical techniques needed to prove Einsteinian general relativity to be incorrect (UFT 193).


Pontardawe Grammar School Source Docs: Mathematics Notebook 2 (1967) Part 1

August 31, 2011

This is part 1 of the second extant notebook in pure and applied mathematics, reaching the standard of first or second year undergraduate in some problems.


Pontardawe Grammar School: Lower Sixth Pure and Applied Mathematics

August 31, 2011

Two notebooks from 1967 (lower sixth) are extant in pure and applied mathematics, and I have posted one in two parts on this blog (following messages). I completed the whole course in one year and obtained a B grade (next to the best A grade). The intention was to make way for pure mathematics, which I did on my own in 1968 in the upper sixth, without teachers. So I have two A level certificates: one in pure and applied mathematics, and one in pure mathematics. The standard is about the same as a master’s course at UNCC, so the education then was a lot superior. There are some tough problems, and all had to be done without any computers, resulting in a genuine grasp of mathematics. There are the usual ten out of ten, but some difficulty with the later problems, probably because I was doing the two year course in one year. I was a Prefect because of my school prize for best O level results.

Pontardawe Grammar School Source Docs.: Lower Sixh Maths Part

August 31, 2011

This is part two – dealing mainly with pure mathematics.


Pontardawe Grammar School Source Docs.: Lower Sixth Maths. Part 1

August 31, 2011

This is the first half of my notebook in pure and applied mathematics in the lower sixth, which I completed in half the prescribed time, in one year, and in which I obtained my advanced level certificate in 1967.


Is Proper Time Necessary in Cosmology?

August 31, 2011

My next step in UFT 194 is to ask the question whether proper time is necessary in cosmology, because time delay due to gravitation can be worked out non-relativistically, with lagrangian dynamics, as in UFT 193. It is clear that the standard model of physics is in a shambles, and that the academic world cannot or will not respond to the progress being made by the AIAS group. In contrast there is intense interest among individual scientists, begging the question about the need for academic physics as a subject. Many universities reduce it to support status. It was at one time the subject to be in, but it has been reduced to meaninglessness, a closed system of self funding.

Effective Police Measures Taken on Gelliwastad

August 31, 2011

The South Wales police and anti arson unit have taken effective measures against vandals and arsonists on the rare ecology of Gelliwastad. This is despite the complete lack of action and cooperation by Swansea County Council, the Gower M. P. Martin Caton, and the A. M. Edwina Hart. I take a daily walk around Gelliwastad and have done so for about eight years daily. I have frequently been grazed very dangerously at a range of about a foot or less by bikers at up to fifty miles and hour plus, throwing up stones and dirt, tearing up the topsoil. Many other walkers have been subjected to this common assault. After an absence of about thirty years in the States and elsewhere it became immediately apparent that the ecology had been heavily damaged and degraded in those years. Deep ruts have been dug in the bridle path by motor cycles, and the topsoil has washed away to such an extent that there are bare stones on the surface. During winter the bikers turn the bridle path into a sea of mud, which washes into houses. I have also observed heavy four wheel drive vehicles on the ecology. All of this is illegal and contrary to the environmental by laws of Swansea County Council. I have observed a dozen burnt out car wrecks left on the ecology after theft and arson from the Swansea area. This was a huge problem in Swansea for twenty years, and the police have now brought it under control. Swansea Council relocated the multiple murderer and petty thief Dai Morris to the peaceful and cultured village of Craig Cefn Parc and still relocates people who cannot speak Welsh and know nothing about the traditions of the village. Morris and gang initiated a reign of criminality in the village of Craig Cefn Parc and elsewhere and Morris committed four brutal murders in Clydach. He is now in prison for life.  Obviously a new County Councillor is needed, a genuine Welsh speaker and an active democrat. I was born here in this house and I am a fluent Welsh speaker. Today there was no sign of biker tracks. Bikes and arsonists are probably coordinated, and this year there has been major arson on Gelliwastad three or four times. I fought one fire myself until the brigade arrived. I am the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas, a recognition for outstanding service to Britain in science. I am descended from Tewdwr Mawr, Tywysog Deau Cymru, Tudor the Great, Prince of Southern Wales, the Queen’s Tudor Ancestor through Henry VII.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc. Wales
H. M. Civil List,

cc Welsh Government,
National Botanical Garden