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Vote of Thanks to Dave Burleigh

August 31, 2013

I propose a vote of thanks to David Burleigh, Chief Executive Officer of Annexa Inc. in Arizona, U. S. A., for all the magnificent work he has done over the years. Those of us used to computers know how difficult it can be to keep them going continuously, 24 / 7 / 365. There will be no problem in collecting the August 2013 data and if necessary extrapolating to find the totals. It should be bourne in mind that the impact of is astounding, and it is fully archived in the National Libraries. All this has been achieved against set in concrete dogmatism, and has changed the world of science much for the better, and much of the credit is due to Dave Burleigh. His company is the host company of for the foreseeable future, perhaps twenty year ahead. Also great thanks to the National Library of Wales and British Library for archiving this historical material.

I looked over the backup and I may have an answer. The backup has been remade and uploaded for restore. I don’t know when they can do the restore since it is a weekend, but will advise when I know something.

On a personal note Myron I apologize for this long disruption. I am having to depend on others for part of this process which is something I am not used to. Perhaps this is the universe teaching me a lesson. Whatever the case, I will get this going as soon as possible.


Website Rebuilt by David Burleigh, and August Feedback

August 31, 2013

The website has been rebuilt after a server crash by Annexa CEO Dave Burleigh, but there is a CMS fault at present meaning that the site is not visible yet worldwide. In the meantime the feedback for the first part of August is attached at the end of the book of feedback as usual, because today is the last day of August 2013. The feedback sites are being rebuilt so I will include as much of the feedback as possible for the second half of August from the daily reports if the usual feedback cannot be restored. Probably, Dave will be able to restore the entire feedback. I advise that also has some of the WordPress blog and the UFT papers up to UFT243. The blog also has all the UFT papers and notes on Dave does a great job and this is the first time a server crash has occurred in eleven years, and that was of course out of his control. The attached feedback book is absolutely unique to science and is in the British Library via the National Library of Wales.


LENR : Analysis of Feedback since April 30th 2004

August 31, 2013

The attached book is the most detailed assessment ever made of how a Kuhnian paradigm shift occurs in natural philosophy, it reveals the unprecedented interest in ECE theory, the new unified field theory of science. It is archived in the British Library on, Science and Technology, page 2, Alpha Institute of Advanced Study, click on latest thumbnail of . The main trend is that the ECE theory has become the new mainstream physics, and that university and professional interest in ECE is steady at an intense level. It is known to leading scholars that the old physics is obsolete. The main philosophical advance is a relatively simple unified field theory based on well known geometry. The secondary but practically important advance is that ECE has been accepted by patent offices as giving a satisfactory explanation of energy devices (, that take energy from spacetime. These have been developed into industrial plant in Mexico, and it is expected that such developments will soon reach the rest of the industrialized world, where new energy is desperately needed. Recently ECE has also given a plausible explanation of low energy nuclear reactors (LENR). The aim should be to replace wind turbines with these devices and others like them as soon as possible. Wind turbines do not work, they are a kind of cruel, cynical swindle, and many types of legal action will probably be initiated against them all over Europe following the recent ruling given in detail on following messages of this blog. EPAW currently has a case against Wind Turbines in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and that will almost certainly force the EEC to change its energy policy drastically. In fact it is already doing so.


The Universe of Myron Evans

August 31, 2013

This film is is available by using google keywords “The Universe of Myron Evans” (fifty two minutes). If there is a script writer interested in making a film or documentary of AIAS work, please get in touch. There is a lot of material on which is archived in the national archives of Wales and all Britain in the British Library at , Science and technology Section from the National Library of Wales. My unedited and original film script has been broadcast by Robert Cheshire on Keith Potter of Film Agency Wales advocates a documentary about the work of AIAS and ECE theory. The latter has been read over thirty million times in the past decade and is accepted as mainstream science. It gives a theoretical framework for new energy devices ( Such a film could be made in the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth under the overall direction of Kerry Pendergast, with Robert Cheshire as Director and perhaps script writer.

cc Keith Potter, Film Agency Wales
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, National Library of Wales

To All Anti Turbine Groups in the Countries of Britain

August 31, 2013

I kindly request that you start these injunctions as soon as possible. This is the course of action that I have been advocating for some years. Lord Carlisle might be interested in these developments as a leading barrister and leader of an anti wind turbine movement, and he might be able to bring this up in the House of Lords. So I urge immediate action by SOCME to file an injunction against the Mynydd y Gwair proposal, action to file an injunction against Pen y Cymoedd and the Cambrian Mountains proposal, and in general injunctions against all turbine proposals in Wales and the other countries of Britain to have them stopped in their tracks. Action is already under way in Ireland. Swansea Councils should be lobbied heavily to reverse their recent planning decision, which was a complete sell out. This planning decision is illegal because it ignores a 90% majority against turbines. Lobby the media, Councillors, A. M.’s. M. P.’s and E. M. P.’s by all means available: e mail, telephone, letters, and organized lobbying groups, plus new demonstrations all over Wales against wind turbines. The aim in Mawr is to stop the illegal Mynydd y Gwair development. Betws is also illegal. Now is the time to strike and keep on striking until you win.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales))
AIAS President
U. S. Dual Citizen

Sent: 30/08/2013 18:31:53 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Fwd: UN raps UK over windfarm policy

Dear all,

Further to my email of Aug. 28th on this matter, there are practical ways to give teeth to the UN findings and recommendations:

A) – at the national level: by seeking a court injunction against the UK government’s renewable energy action plan (NREAP), on the basis that it violates the laws that transpose the Aarhus Convention into the UK legal framework. As the UN said that Article 7 has been violated, it would be difficult for a UK judge to rule differently.
In the words of Pat Swords: “One can bring a case into the Courts to put an injunction on the programme going forward until Article 7 is complied with. See attached. As soon as it is subjected to proper environmental assessment and public participation it will start to fall apart.”

B) – at the local level:
– by mentioning the UN findings in your comments and objections at public enquiries;
– possibly by requesting judicial reviews of local projects, arguing that the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee of the UN has found that the UK’s renewable energy action plan violates Article 7 of the Convention. You may want to check with your lawyers which legal course is best to take.

I said in my earlier email: “Important too the ripple effects on the media, the public, lawyers and judges all over the world.”
Please do not underestimate these ripple effects. The judges can’t ignore the expert opinion of the jurists forming the UNECE’s Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee. Accordingly, don’t hesitate to use this new, formidable weapon in your fight, in the courts, with the media, etc.

Here is what James Delingpole wrote about it:

In other countries signatory to the Aarhus Convention, minus Ireland where Pat Swords has already done it with success and is now seeking an injunction from the country’s High Court, the first step would be to lodge a “communication” with the UNECE’s ACCC. I am sure Pat would be willing to guide you in this process, which does not entail any costs, save for a trip to Geneva to appear at the hearing and answer questions from the panel of expert jurists.


Mark Duchamp +34 693 643 736
Executive Director, EPAW
President, Save the Eagles International
Chairman, World Council for Nature

Modesty is not always good

August 30, 2013

Pleasure! This is exactly what I was taught by my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies, not too modest but no empty headed bragging. Compared with some academics and politicians I know you are balanced and knowledgeable. Theoretical physicists and mathematicians in particular are not known for a wild excess of modesty. The more arrogant the more silly is my motto. Confident scholarship is what should be aimed for, especially in times when the computer checks all calculations. Some physicists exist in a sublime world above all mortals, but on making chemical analysis of their feet, I found them often to be made of clay.

In a message dated 30/08/2013 15:02:40 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Enjoyed “The Ego and Oscar Wilde” very much Myron! As a person who can be very egotistical at times, I am a great believer that modesty is not always a good thing. When I was in my early career in business I was told “You must not hide your light under a bushel” and “If you want to be successful in a career in Marketing then you have to be able to market and sell yourself well which will require blowing your own trumpet”. I do not “suffer from low self-esteem” as I have “high self esteem” which to me a healthy condition so not something that people can suffer from. (If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to believe in us?). I also consider myself to be the world expert on one topic and am ready for anyone to challenge me on this topic. All for now. Vivienne, “World Expert on Vivienne Swaby”.

Blog Archive

August 30, 2013

I would like to point out that the next quarterly archive at the British Library is on 7th September, so I kindly request Michael Jackson to prepare the blog archive. Many thanks indeed in anticipation. The next quarterly archive will capture the latest live version of

The Ego and Oscar Wilde

August 30, 2013

“I greatly admire your work Mr Wilde”, “So do I Mr Shaw”. These two were witty egomaniacs but most of the ones I have known have or had wit like potato peel, bitter and boring, most do not work.

In a message dated 30/08/2013 10:21:12 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Hello again Myron. When I used to work in the media I was often amazed at how difficult some well known actors/celebrities could be:- egotistical, rude, unfairly critical of others, un-cooperative and prone to temper tantrums. I would think “Why do we put up with these people and tolerate this awful behaviour that we would not normally accept?”. Of course I soon realised that one can be a prima donna if one is bringing in the bucks! Vivienne

Support for the Views of Stephen Crothers

August 30, 2013

Diolch yn fawr i chi hefyd! In this message Vivienne Swaby expresses complete agreement. It is refreshing to have an outside view on the ramblings of the cult.

In a message dated 30/08/2013 10:11:11 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Ardderchog! Dymuniadau gorau I chi. Vivienne

British Library Archives Direct Link

August 30, 2013

OK many thanks.

Sent: 30/08/2013 08:21:31 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Server in reconstruction

For forwarding:
The direct link to the AIAS web site in the UK web archive is:

and can be used as an intermediate replacement.


Betreff: Daily Report 30/8/13

The server is being repaired at present so the feedback sites are temporarily unavailable. All these sites are excellently set up by Dave Burleigh of Annexa Inc. By now everyone knows that the astounding interest in EEC is permanent, so I expect that when this service is resumed the interest will be there at about the same level. It can be seen that Dave’s work is so completely reliable that this is the first outage in eleven years. The Elliott 4130 in student days used to crash almost every other day.