Protest against Chinese Policy

China has been kicking Tibet around for a long time, this is typical of their uneducated barbarity. This is in blatant contravention of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, and so sanctions should be imposed against China. No more selling of industry to that ruthless undemocratic government known to sell missiles to enemies of NATO. As the British Civil List Scientist I condemn China unreservedly. This again illustrates the need for a NATO / Russian Federation super alliance, allied with nations such as India, Taiwan and Japan. In Britain there is freedom for people in Wales to declare themselves an independent nation. This is what I advocate very strongly. Unless this is done all that will be left is a materialistic nothingness, one big Tesco. In order to create Welsh speaking communities again the internet can be used to create a culture. This is what I had to do in the face of grotesque prejudice of the Chinese type, happening inside Wales. In this case the London Government supported my efforts and my efforts were illegally destroyed in contravention of the European Declaration on Human Rights. This was done by a colonialist faction inside Wales, a faction which is actually hostile to Welsh National aspirations for purely selfish gain. Their one brilliant achievement is to destroy the language, if we let them. I for one am not going to let them, and urge others to learn the language, the ancient language of all Britain. The pathetic, money driven, panic of this minority London Government contrasts painfully with the Elizabethan era, that of my distant ancestral cousin Elizabeth 1st Tudor. The Henry Morgan Bible for example, was produced under the patronage of the Gentlewoman Blanche Parry, a member of the Queen’s Court. The present government would sell culture cut price. In fact it has already sold Buckingham Palace and the Ark Royal – to pay for expenses fiddling.

cc Welsh Assembly Government

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