Theory of Raman Scattering

Raman spectra involve the inelastic scattering of a photon (Peter Atkins, “Molecular Quantum Mechanics”, 2nd ed., pp. 288 ff). In Stokes scattering a photon collides with a molecule and loses energy. The molecule accepts energy in quantized amounts. The photons in the scattered spectrum have different frequencies (energies) determined by how much energy they have lost. If the molecule is in an excited state before the collision it may transfer energy to the photon in anti Stokes scattering. It can be seen that this theory is going to fall apart completely when momentum is considered, as is the theory of inelastic neutron scattering. So this will be note 162(3). Then there are Thompson, Rutherford and Rayleigh scattering to revise and consider in the light of the October postulates. These need not be published in Physical Review Letters, with its quirky refereeing system, their importance is obvious to all.

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