October 2010: Sample of University Visits

The following is a small sample of distinct visits to www.aias.us from universities to date in October 2010. The attached glossary gives the meaning of “distinct visit”.

USA 135; Britain 44; Germany 31; Spain 18; Italy 13; France 12; Netherlands 11; commensurate pattern worldwide for 101 countries this month (October 2010).

This pattern is similar to the one when I founded the European Molecular Liquids Group in 1980 at the National Physical Laboratory. I was asked to advise the US NSF on the EMLG. All 160 UFT papers posted to date are studied each month, and all books and articles on www.aias.us. This is a pattern that has established itself over six and a half years of monitoring. The visits come from both staff and students, this can be seen from the fact that the pattern keeps going when the undergraduates are on vacation.


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